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Ted Ginn perhaps not so classy after all

Well, that didn't take long. Approximately two hours after I wrote a post that said Ted Ginn Jr. went out with class upon being traded from the Dolphins to 49'ers, Ginn did something he did quite often with the Dolphins.

He dropped the ball.

Responding to a follower on his twitter feed who told Ginn he was happy "you are gone!" the receiver responded with an expletive-laced response that would make anyone pause. He used the F-word. He used the N-word. He used the B-word that rhymes with ditch.

My man Mike Marchant, a producer and board op at 790 The Ticket, retweeted to me the Ginn tweet. I will not quote it here. But if you wish to see it (why would you?) you can check out Marchant's twitter page and see it for yourself.

Look, Ginn has the been the target of a lot of derision. He's been the object of many jokes and much criticism. Guess what? It comes with the territory.

It wasn't the man's fault he was picked No. 9 overall in 2007. But I don't remember him giving back any of $19.6 million that draft status brought to him. And it was his fault he failed to become anything more than a kick returner in three years with the Dolphins.

So the criticism was warranted.

Does that mean hatred was warranted? No. But criticism? Yes.

There is a difference.

Ginn was unprofessional in the manner he responded to a former fan in this one instance. He is human. And he is young -- only 25 years old. But he is a public personality. And he should have known better.

Too bad.


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JT also scored a TD vs the JETS, which we wouldnt have won without....

sign him and let that man retire a dolphin! again i say, you can come up with 8 mil guaranteed for gerbil but you cant find 2-3 mil for a yr or two to keep one of the greatest fins of all time when we have NO ONE ready to take his place.....what are they thinking?

Too many NFL teams think they are way smarter than their college peers.

There was a darn good reason why Ginn wasn't one of the top receivers on his college team but Cam, (with all his wisdom) thought he could change all of that.

Ginn isn't to blame for his inability as much as Cam was for drafting him!

Patrick Turner could very well be the next wasted wide receiver pick to go.

Gone. But not forgotten. (all his dropped passes and scores that is)

Best of luck, TED Oops I dropped it a GINN

we came to work today and cant find jr. anybody seen him?

Ted Ginn Jr. was traded so Ted Ginn Sr. takes over the kick returner role.

hey, where did my buddy go?

I really hope Ronnie stays, but if he is shipped out, I understand...

Armando Salguero

is this a slow day you have to post trash talk on twitter? your low man!!!!

i am so glad to have teddy with us. none of my assistants could go get me coffee fast enough....lets put that 40 time to good use

no teddy! f***, i told you not to drop the creamers!

If he had only faced the corners like he faces the Twitters!

Come on, it's just that time of month for Teddy. He's getting a vist from his friend and he's all bloated and retaining water, give him a break.It's Spring time when a young girls heart turns to love and he'll be in San Francisco, I'm sayin it the way Mad Dog does, he'll meet a young man and she'll be fine.

Ok. I think we can all stop with the Ginn hate now after this thread. He is gone. I will admit that I didnt like him as a player. I also thought he was kind of lazy.I dont believe he realy worked that hard. Having said that I have been much more angry with Cam CAmeron and Randy Mueller. These idiots are paid millions of dollars as well. They drafted Tedd at number 9. They made completely horrible personel decisions and destroyed the team and they were certainly not 25! I think the anger should always focus more on them. I dont like Tedd but lets leave him alone now. Let him have his fresh start there. He is the Niners Problem now along with his contract.

I don't blame Ted Ginn. First of all, everybody has a vocabulary like that because we all know what it means. Second, Ted replied and spoke his mind to just another lame Dolphins fan (as much as I love the Dolphins, I know we have some stupid-butt fans). Sure, Ted probably lost his temper momentarily when he responded, but he was a guy who stayed out of trouble and did his best to improve his play. I'll always be thankful for the major role he played in SWEEPING the hated Wets in the 2009 season. Thanks, Ted, and best wishes to you!!!!

Ginn is never going to be worthy of his first round draft status or the money that was paid to him and I am glad he is no longer a Dolphin. Picking on him over a twitter is kind of silly though.

Ted Ginn was not a returner (kick or punt) for the same reason he had all those dropped balls. He's scared to get hit. On returns if anyone was near him he hit the ground like a coward. Good riddens to Ginn and his family. At 5'11" and 190lbs soaking wet holding a brick I would say it to his face and dare him to do something about it.

You know what... Ur the fuckin idiot..... Say something to me.... Ur too classy.. By ur writing, besides the story on ur mom RIP ur the unhumble ass... You should get fired for not leaving the guy alone... I hope he has a good season next year prick! Thanx alot to for making him the animal that he is...


Ginn have a good season. What a joke. Maybe he will only drop 15 balls next season. That would be a good season for him. I don't hate the man as a person I dislike him as a player and being the 9th pick overall. He didn't do diddly squat. Is it Ginns fault Cam was an idiot. No, but he needed to try to live up to that contract and expectations of being 9th. He did not. I don't know how many times it was 3rd down and all he needed was one more yard for the 1st and he run out of bounds. If you don't want to take the hit then run the route far enough for the 1st. Common sense. I don't wish him any ill will, but I am glad he's gone. Hit the road jack and don't you come back no more. Your family either.

I was wondering when you'd change your stance on this Armando.

Have a good weekend.

I'm getting horrible Freddie Solomon flash backs...


To all those who say "it's silly" for picking on him over his tweet needs step back and realize one thing, professionalism. THIS ALL COMES WITH THE TERRITORY. If your going to be in the media, making x amount of millions, you have to think before you speak--let alone actually sit and type that out; COMEON MAN! Think about it like this, if someone made a comment as light as the on directed towards Ted Ginn Jr to you in the workplace, do you think you could use the same response? And Yes he's Always in the workplace when addressing his fans/opponents.

Ted, if you are reading this I assume you are safe in San Fran now. Pray for the rest of your teammmates now! Brandon Marshall might get them killed like he did Darrent Williams.

Who cares... first you're too good to talk about a cell phone video of Jerry Jones, but it's fine to talk about someone for their twitter which is set to private? Hypocrite. I must of accidently typed tmz.com eh Mando ^_~

Either way, he responded in a moment of anger, he's young, he cussed at somebody on twitter. Oh no you mean he's not a saint incapable of being provoked by people being insanely rude to him?

Ya I saw that tweet... I was surprised Teddy Bear Ginn could have such a colorful vocabulary, being that he can't take a hit anymore than a two year can. Ted, your not tough. Congratulations to whomever tweeted him that. I had hope Ginn would become an elite reciever. Now, not so much.

Did his family get traded wiith him or are they staying?

It wasn't Ted Ginn Jr's fault that he was the 9th overall draft pick by a former coach who deserved to get fired for just that and knew his daddy. Unfortunately for Ginn and the Dolphins, he showed that he didn't know how to run a route and get separation (even with his world-class track speed), heard footsteps and developed alligator arms, and lacked heart by running out of bounds instead of getting the team the RAC yards that could mean first down or touchdown. The Tuna, Ireland, and Sparano basically got an inherited albatross off their necks.

Why was my post deleted, because I criticized the thread?

I'm gonna give this one to him. He was bashed so much he deserves one good lash out

Stop piling on this guy. I read much worst on this blog everyday M@ther Fn day from many of Armandos most faithful Bi@tch @ss bloggers. Dont be hypocrites.

ted gin is a class act,what he said is no thing compare to other football players do and say .

Armando what happened to "This aint TMZ so were not going to criticize Jerry Jones" Why is Ginn fair game. This is like the bully who only picks on the kids who wont fight back.

Whoever thinks any NFL player is full of peaches and berries and doesn't swear, or doesn't do bad stiff off the field or away from cameras you are FOOLING yourself. Plain and simple...it had nothing to do with teddy's draft position...I had to do with this...he didn't have the skills at the NFL level to produce like he did in college. He is a scared wimp with horrible hands and a love for the out of bounds line period. He has NO NFL skills, ad he will be just as horrible in SF. I don't wish him good luck..I wish him the same bad play he gave us for $19mil...remember we as fans and product buyers paid for it out of our pockets

790AM reporting Lions are attempting to trade for Ronnie Brown...if we can get their second pick, he will be gone

Ted "I dropped it" AGinn is just pissed that he is going to have to move his "entire" family out to looneyville California. I wonder if Singletary gave Ginn's family a contract too????

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Ginn did something he did quite often with the Dolphins.

He dropped the ball."

I havn't had my morning coffee and my usual wake and bake (if ya know what I mean...nudge nudge, wink,wink)

But here goes...Just showing the new team he's in NFL shape already.

Just showing Mike Singletary that there will be no drop in production(pun intended)

Blahh blahh blahh

I need coffee

Soiled :)


if that's true, that would be the only way to trade Brown....for a high number 2....I like ronnnie, but a high two i could live wioth & actually welcome.....a three or a low 2, h/ever? Nope.

Ronnie Brown, Justin Smiley, Reggie Torbor, and Jason Allen to the Lions for their 2nd rounder and Cliff Avril.

I flew down from Indy for the Monday Night game last year and saw that one drop at the end of the game against the Colts. It almost ruined the trip. Goodbye Wilson, Porter & Ginn. Anthony Fasano sucked that game too! I'll be back this year to see the Henne to Marshall show!

who cares it wasnt directed to the dolfins and if I had a stupid A?? fan twitting me and tell me thank god your gone and I twitted him back with a f bomb who cares.

Is anyone elses jersey on sale? Brown for a second and late pick is fair although i dont like losing Brown. No more wildcat.

I'm just glad he's gone. He dropped passes, ran out of bounds to avoid contact and was a pansy in football terms. Just like "J Peezy" - good riddance and glad to move on. We go from a featherweight like Ginn to a "beast" like Marshall. I'll take that trade. The Dolphins were making me feel like they didn't even want to compete with the Jets but this one move changes everything.

who cares about a third string special teams scrub!

I am not a big Ginn fan but I think your cute little video was pretty low, unprofessional and completely biased. I don't suppose you remember any first down catches, TD returns or game winning TD catch.

I find your video petty, and unprofessional after saying what you did about Ginn don't you see this as slightly hypocritical?

You can and should do better


He is an athletic freak and would have done wonders for our offense when on the field with Marshall. he spread the field perfectly, was a monster on reverses and would be covered by the second best corner on each team now. he definitely would have had a better year this time with us and could have been traded next year for a better pick, or even kept if he performed better without the pressure on him. I am sad to see him go, but at least hes outta the division

If he uses that kind of language to his new coach, Mikey's liable to tear him a new one!

b... I hope you are kidding!!! He couldn't catch a pass no matter who is covering him... Athletic freak??!! You can't be serious?! You must never watch a game... 2 reverses in his career were successful and 5 TD receptions in three years... Yeah let's keep that guy!!! UFB!!! Wonders for our offense?! Hahahah... ya he is a beast that is scared of his own shadow... Glad you're sad to see him go because 99.9% of us are celebrating!!! You CAN NOT be serious I hope...LOL

Mando, that video was AWESOME! It captured in two minutes the three years of frustration Ginn caused fans and the team and shows why he was traded for nothing more than a bag of nuts and bolts.

Thank you for posting that video Armando. I hope that proves to all of the apologists just how useless he was. The funny thing is that there were more drops than that.

And I would have loved to see all of the times that he couldn't get seperation and/or was manhandled at the line of scrimmage.

Like I said yesterday, great guy but terrible receiver. Armandos line here,
"And it was his fault he failed to become anything more than a kick returner in three years with the Dolphins" is very true. People need to stop blaming the Dolphins coaching staff for "misusing him" because it's false. They gave him every chance in the world to become an elite receiver and he quite literally dropped the ball.

Also I would be interested to know how many of the Ginn people out there are actually fans of his from his college days in Ohio. It would explain the blind devotion because the kid WAS awesome in college. Sorry folks but it didn't translate to the NFL and probably never will.

The "puppy had no bite"... I wish no ill will to Ginn jr. -- just glad he's gonna be someone elses overpaid underperforming player. The way I see it it was an exchange of Ted Ginn jr for Brandon Marshall -- does anything else need to be said?

LOVE the video!!

this post should be, come on dolphin fans stay classy, here is a guy who went out every week and played hard and loved playing for the dolphins.....he worked his tail off to get better and when he gets traded folks take shots at him on his twitter account....his outburst shows how much it hurts him to leave and this is how we say goodbye to guy who was drafted to high but never said or did anything wrong on or off the field.....stay classy dolphins and dont act like the NY media and Jet fans.

"He used the B-word that rhymes with ditch."


John, your Ted ginn aren't you? Because he was a horrible player, and he's a millionaire for sucking at his job, and he was trashy when e shouldve taken the highroad. Or should I say, you were trashy when u shouldve taken the high road john (ginn) lol

Nice video it is amazing he lasted as long as he did. I should have played defense.


Unprecendented offseason of wideout trades, with 3 just this past week......not a good week for Ohio State, both Buckeyes traded for a 5th...one for off-field issues, and the other for lack of productivity....I think Miami would have selected Bryant if they didn't make the move for Marshall; however, I think it became clear he might not have lasted 'til pick 12...and if Denver traded Marshall elsewhere, then Miami would have really been in a conundrum.....

What everyone needs to remember is the reason for implementing the Wildcat in the first place. That reason is to hide their offensive weaknesses not to be innovative and create the next new offensive scheme in NFL.
No quarterback plus no quality WRs= poor offense= one dimensional offense= need to control the clock= offense from 30 years ago= no chance of winning superbowl.
You mean to tell me if Trifecta had a choice of offense used last two seasons, or new generation offense(i.e. Colts, west coast) they would choose an offense with no QB and poor WRs? Of course not.
Wildcat generated out of necessity
Now that we have a promising stud QB and perhaps best WR in the game, we are catching up with quality offenses in the league. There will be little to no productive wildcat without Ronnie Brown, and considering he may be traded, then thankfully we say adios to the bandaid Wildcat. Say hello to more passing attack something missing since Marinos departure.
I would have loved to see the Dolphins also given up a 5th and 3rd for A Boldin & Santonio Holmes. Could you imagine going from the worst NFL passing attack to the best 3 starting WRs in the league for 3 mid to late draft picks?
Hope Phins move from 12 to 24 with Philly and recoup second rounder and trade injury proned Ronnie Brown for perhaps second rounder. When Ronnie is 100% healthy, he is as good a RB in the league, and my opinion no one runs harder when healthy. But being that he has had only one season in six where he played all 16 games, it's fair to say he is injury prone. Ricky Williams has avoided father time on the field by retiring, suspensions, and stint in CFL. Being that he is about to turn 60 on his next bday, RB is a strong need.

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