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Ted Ginn perhaps not so classy after all

Well, that didn't take long. Approximately two hours after I wrote a post that said Ted Ginn Jr. went out with class upon being traded from the Dolphins to 49'ers, Ginn did something he did quite often with the Dolphins.

He dropped the ball.

Responding to a follower on his twitter feed who told Ginn he was happy "you are gone!" the receiver responded with an expletive-laced response that would make anyone pause. He used the F-word. He used the N-word. He used the B-word that rhymes with ditch.

My man Mike Marchant, a producer and board op at 790 The Ticket, retweeted to me the Ginn tweet. I will not quote it here. But if you wish to see it (why would you?) you can check out Marchant's twitter page and see it for yourself.

Look, Ginn has the been the target of a lot of derision. He's been the object of many jokes and much criticism. Guess what? It comes with the territory.

It wasn't the man's fault he was picked No. 9 overall in 2007. But I don't remember him giving back any of $19.6 million that draft status brought to him. And it was his fault he failed to become anything more than a kick returner in three years with the Dolphins.

So the criticism was warranted.

Does that mean hatred was warranted? No. But criticism? Yes.

There is a difference.

Ginn was unprofessional in the manner he responded to a former fan in this one instance. He is human. And he is young -- only 25 years old. But he is a public personality. And he should have known better.

Too bad.


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Samantha, excellent post, though I have to say that just because coarse urban slang is accepted in today's PC world, doesn't make it right.

Would you accept YOUR daughter using that sort of language?
(I have 2 teenage daughters, you'd better believe I see some stuff Facebooked to them. Scary.

I 100% agree with you that internet/anonymous bullies are all to common.
Again, it's what you get with a permissive society.
Apologizing for Ted's use of the "N'" word, and as far as that goes the F and B words as "par for the course" is just another reason to worry about where our priorities lie.
Besides, If Ted is living by the sword (Twitter) then he should suck it up and die by the sword, but he failed, just as he did on the field.

Oh teddy, nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, good byeeeee!

nobody is afraid to say anything to that bum's face, what is he talking about? he would just run away and hide from a confrontation like he always was afraid of being hit.
teddy is also as dumb as a box of rocks. watching him being interviewed is painful. he uses wrong words, stutters, mumbles, and makes absolutely no sense.
good riddance, ted. by any measure you are a failure. bye - bye!

That video rules!!!!!

That was funny on Darlington's twitter someone is wondering if Teddy will be able to catch his first flight out of Miami. LOL, yeah, the guy couldn't catch a cold if his life depended on it I wonder if he can catch flights?

DolfanDave I would not want to be on the same plane as that fool. It would either drop out of the sky or run off the runway.

LOL!!! That video is great! I always laugh at the reaction Porter gives when Ginn drops a pass. video time frame 1:04

Ted Gin was underated!
Who else could drop a pass like him?!? Or run faster to the sideline!? I guess if I was as big as a over weight girl, I'd be that awesome too!! Thank you San Fran!......

For the first time since probably the early 90's, I FEEL the power coming out of Miami. I am electrified with the vibe I feel for my team. And for the first time in a very long long time, I FEEL the Dolphins!

First of all, lame article. What do you expect him to do? Smile and say 'god-bless'? Media insults hurt the player and his family. To feign ignorance is just a cop out.

Well your personal 2 year campaign to turn the hearts and minds against Tedd Ginn and family has finally been realized. And no this wasn't about just wanting the dolphins to get better, this was a personal grudge against Tedd Ginn that everybody saw in your writing.

What a proud moment this must be for you!

Make sure that your heart has been right. Because in the paraphrased words of T-Pain 'everything you send out homie you gone to make back'

All that this article did was prove that Ted Ginn is a person.

God forbid.

I thought the video was pretty funny at first, but by the end I realized that it's really just sad. The poor guy came in amid such high expectations and didn't even come close. At least he has millions of dollars to console him and his family on his long, lonely trip to San Fran.

Terrible trade.
At best, we now need a kick returner and we don't have a deep threat.

Marshall is a fantastic young pro-bowler, but two 2nds was too steep a price.

Should have kept Ginn for a season to see if he could make amends. we don't need to make up one of the 2nds we have ditched until next year.

I'm not a Ginn fan but I understand that the police blotter is zilch, compare that with a 26 year old we just got to play wide out. Ginn swears so what? who does'nt swear in a football field? or off of it? Specially if some one is calling you names and you don't even know the individual.
Ginn is gone...good riddance...God Bless...good bye...End it!

Love the video. Maybe he'll do better in San Francisco where the cheerleaders don't wear miniskirts cause their balls hang down. Maybe that's why they feel this coward won't run for the sideline there.

Y'all need to look at how fins didnt use him correctlyno, 5 yrd curl pattern they run screen pass for the slow guys, first Chad P. Would not throw deep, then Chad H. Was not allowed to go deep. Unless given ok from the staff.
He never had proplem holding to the ball untill this yr.
If wasn't for all the holding call he would of won more games with his return skills.
How the reverse that was the only play they like to run for him 2 of them were called back cause of holding. If they would of used him like Denver use eddy Royal it would work.
On wildcat plays they take him off the field instead of having deep threat in there.
It wasn't his fault the trifecta never want him n neither did most. Fin fan

Immature comments from a 25 year old football player after being provoked. I'm shocked!! Shocked!!

Personally I would have liked to see us keep him as kick returner and to see if he could succeed when not the lead WR but watching the film reminded me that he did have stone hands and that success was unlikely.

Meanwhile, no way we should trade Ronnie Brown now. Not an every down back but great when healthy and essential to the Wildcat. We should draft CJ Spiller (also not an every down back) as a partner to Brown.

He was NOT a good receiver!! He wasn't a good returner ! I've followed football and the fins my whole life he was explosive at all the kick returns he had I coulda ran was called great blocking ! Andby far the worst dolphin ever I've never hated a player more ! I want them to draft spinner this year then you'll see a real kick returner and explosive player

Tedd Ginn Jr.: a real classless act. goodbye and good ridden!

By refusing to work with Dolphin legend Mark Duper on route running, hands drills and reading coverages. Ted Ginn showed no class whatsoever. If he had any class he would have done right by his teammates, the Dolphins organization, his fans AND EVEN HIS FAMILY. He was a slob who didn't put the necessary work in to improve his game...and Kooch was right, he was a coward who played scared. Is there anyone here who would want this guy in a foxhole next to you ? Good riddence.

Much ado about nothing. Ginn was a disappointment but as you have said the expectations were made too high by his early draft status. I agree that he could have been more professional but then again so could all of the people that pinned the blame on Ginn for every loss of a game in which he dropped a pass. I think he will eventually become a very decent WR but he was drafted to be another Hester. Same on Cam for picking a kick returner in the first round and shame on Parcells and Co. for thinking he was more than a return man.

Another worthless Buckeye being produced. Like I have said forever Buckeyes produce sh*t, The U produces quality.

Great Video....made me feel bad for Henne....I can imagine what was going thru his head each time Ginn dropped the ball.....

He would never sign autograghs, even turned 10yr old children down. he is a piece of Sh*t, hope he never does well again, glad he is gone!!!!!!!!!!!

With all do respect Mando, I disagree.

Ginny has as much right to deliver a response laced with the same attitude and r-rated material as any one of us would on this forum or his twitter, facebook or what have you. Yes he is in the public eye, but that doesn't mean he has no right to respond. Let's be honest most of us are ballsy enough in the first place because we hide behind these made up names on a forum. Most of us would not walk up to an athlete on the street and tell them to take a flying leap.

If you're going to be ballsy you should take the same kinda heat you are dishing out like a man!

Armanda, I recall reading your re-tweets of the childish Ginn-bashes and thinking how horribly unprofessional that was of YOU as a professional communicator. Ginn is a young football player, who plays and practices professionally if sometimes uneffectively. I don't think you're qualified to throw stones at Ginn'd professionalism.

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