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The fallout from the Marshall trade (incl. contract)

First, I want to congratulate the Miami Dolphins for doing the dynamic thing, the difficult thing, the courageous thing in acquiring Brandon Marshall today. Only time will tell if it is the right thing but we'll get to that in a bit.

Marshall is scheduled to arrive in Fort Lauderdale this afternoon. The Dolphins finally announced the trade was made at approximately 11:22 a.m. They are saying the trade is for undisclosed draft picks. Those picks are a second-rounder this year and a second next year.

[Update: The Denver Broncos also confirmed the trade and confirmed the parameters. It is indeed for two second round picks, one in 2010 and one in 2011.]

"I'd like to welcome my new teammate to Miami," receiver Brian Hartline said on his twitter earlier.

This is on, its face, a big-time get for the Dolphins. Frankly, there is no second-round pick this year that would have brought the instant productivity that Marshall is going to bring. Did the Dolphins pay a steep price? Sure.

But Ferraris are expensive, folks.

You will learn just how expensive when Marshall agrees to the details of an already set five-year contract worth $50 million. Details of that deal are not yet available but I'm told they've been agreed to.

The basis for the contract talks that happened the last two days between Marshall's agent and the Dolphins was simple: Marshall wants to be the highest paid WR in the NFL. This contract probably accomplishes that.

[Update: Adam Shefter of ESPN.com reports the deal is a four-year extension added to the one-year restricted free agent tender Marshall signed Tuesday and includes $24 million in guaranteed money. The deal is indeed for five years and $50 million.]

Marshall is not a speed receiver and has averaged only 12.1 yards per catch over his career. But he is dependable, he forces defenses to account for him, and he is a huge target for young quarterback Chad Henne. He is a red zone nightmare to match up with. He opens things up for other receivers on the field.

In short, Marshall on the field does everything the Dolphins offense has lacked in a wide receiver for many, many years.

Does Marshall make the Dolphins the favorite to win the AFC East? No.

Remember the team still has significant and worriesome holes to fill at outside linebacker, nose tackle, free safety and left guard. Also remember the Broncos never made the playoffs despite having Marshall on their team the past four years.

So don't buy your tickets to Dallas, site of the next Super Bowl, just yet.

But this does give the Dolphins a chance to be competitive in a division where the Jets will have Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards, and the Patriots offense comes with Randy Moss. Do the Dolphins now go into games versus the Jets believing at least one of their WRs can get open against Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie?


This trade gives Fins Nation hope.

This trade will have a bigtime ripple effect on the Miami receiver corps -- you know, the one coach Tony Sparano said he was pleased with.

The Dolphins keep five wide receivers. And they now have 10 wide receivers on the roster. Somebody is going to go. Ted Ginn Jr. is on the trade block. He may have played his final game for the Dolphins. Second-year wideout Patrick Turner was billed as a Marshall clone at 6-5 and 220 pounds. But he has not produced and unless he has a very good training camp, he may never play a game for the Dolphins

Marshall is estatic with this trade, according to one former teammate. He wanted three things this offseason: He wanted to marry his fiancee, he wanted to sign a contract that paid him what he believed he's worth, and he wanted, if possible, to play closer to his home state of Florida.

Marshall was willing to live anywhere and play for anyone to accomplish the first two goals. He hit the jackpot in that the Dolphins wanted him and now he's coming back to Florida, a rich, married man.

This moves comes with responsibility. He must continue to produce at a high level. He's going to be paid like the best wide receiver in the NFL, the Dolphins expect him to play like it.

He also has to stay out of trouble. Marshall has a long record of arrests and run-ins with the law. There are multiple handfuls of domestic violence and other violence incidents and reports in which he was involved.

He has already been suspended by the NFL once for breaking the league's conduct policy. The next offense would bring him a four-game suspension or more.

In that regard, Marshall is a risk. He cannot be a great player if he's not on the field. He cannot be on the field if he's suspended or in some sort of trouble. So the risk exists.

But the rewards? The Dolphins are banking those will be fabulous.

[BLOG NOTE: I will be on here live starting at 1 p.m. for a live chat with you. Be here at 1 p.m. and we'll break this thing down.]


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Amazingly good trade! Long live the Trifecta!

Never lost faith in the trifecta

After all your rants, you've got no right to say anything but positive, on your knees, love talk. You lost any right to point out any slight problem with all your hysterical rants.I hope you're man enough to leave this response up but I doubt it.

Its a good day! but i dont see why we dont hang on to ginn however to help stretch that field while teams focus on marshall...

I have mixed feelings about this trade; excited about the big play potential and scared about the off field isssues. Receivers in general are a pain in the a##. Drafting a receiver these days means that in most cases there is no immediate return, it takes two to three years for a receiver to come into his own (Moss the exception) and most top five recievers have attitudes and issues
that make them divas (Larry Fitzgerald the exception). Randy Moss, Brandon Marshall, Terril Owens, Steve Smith, Plaxico Burgess and Santonio Holmes all have had their issues.


Great deal for the Fish. Plus 9 more draft picks next week. The arrow is pointing up finally!

Only half of the 50 mill is guaranteed. Its a fair price for the talented WR.

Now, I say keep Ginn. Dump Turner and other scrubs after Training.

We need Ginn to return punts and Kicks and on 4-5 WR sets


It's going to be an interesting year...if I'm not mistaken, Miami was the league's number one team in rushing prior to Ronnie going out to injury. This was despite lacking a true number one receiver in the lineup. Adding Marshall opens up the offense on so many levels. We can now concentrate on defense and look forward to what Mike Nolan can bring to the table! My only hope is Marshall grows up off the field, but there's no doubt to what he brings on it.

I think Ginn just became more valuable because he may be able to go deep aainst single coverage since Marshall has to be accounted for.

Also - postions like NG, OLB, and LG can be filled successfully by a rookie- much easier than WR which often takes several seasons to master

Third- now we need to accumulate anotehr pick or two to keep drafting young guys.

THE BEAST!!! Most physical WR in NFL. Gonna be a fun year.


richie "i'll smash your face--In"cognito


LT (downgrade from jones)
Cromartie (7 kids-6 women-five states, only travis henry makes him seem like a decent dad)
Holmes (where there's smoke there's fire-- something tells me four games wont be last of his suspensions

if anyone is the training camp champion, its us not the new york half-way house for the nfl

go fins!

Keep Ginn and use him properly. In the slot with mismatches. Running deep routes with B Marsh across the middle and Hartline on the out patterns along with Bess or Turner.

Who do we draft? Or do we trade down? What if we happened to take Dez Bryant? Now we line up Dez next to Brandon...Two huge WR's. Ginn would be traded for maybe a fifth. The third WR would be Bess and then Hartline. That would be a great WR group along with a great running game. Then the res of the draft is defense....thoguhts?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Ginn BURNED Revis.

LG or RG is not a void.

Pick 2 to play. Add another with the Smiley Trade...

Holes are
NT X 1
S x 1
TE x 1

Trading for Marshall wasn't courageous. This is a no-brainer. What WAS courageous was being patient while people in the media and the fans were going crazy about what other teams were doing.

The Dolphins waited to get their man and, in the final analysis, got a WR bettern thant the Ravens got in Boldin and better than the Jets got in either Holmes or Edwards. You don't win titles making panic, headline grabbing moves. You need to be smart and cautious. And then pounce when opportunity for real value knocks.

Dansby and Marshall have made this team much, much better. Parcells has brought in a QB (Henne), and Pro-Bowl LT (Long), two young stud CBs, and some excellent role players. These players are young and will form the foundation for a competitive team over a long period of time.

Meanwhile, the Jets gave up a 3rd, a 5th, and two players for Edwards, and then had to trade for Holmes because Edwards may not be worth all that. They will not have both Holmes and Edwards next year. Who has better management? We do.

GREAT TRADE ..... now here are my latest final thoughts for the draft.

Trde 1-12 for 1-22 with Dallas (they would love to get Dez Bryant) .. and get 2-22 in the trade. Also, trade Sweeny for a 4th round pick and Thigpen for 5th round.

1-22 One of the following 10 players will still be there at 1-22 B.Graham, JPP, Morgan, Kindle (OLBs),McClain,ILB, Dan Williams or T.Cody,NT, Earl Thomas,FS, Mays,SS, CJ Spiller,RB

Our second round pick is dependent on who we take in first round ....

Assume that we get one of the OLBs in first round ......

2-22 R.JONES,FS from Georgia

3rd round ... CAM THOMAS or T.TROUP,NT

4 .. DEXTER, RB/WR ole miss (like Percy Harvin)

4 (the Sweeny trade) J.JERRY,OL ole miss

5. (Thigpen trade) J.GRAHAM,TE from the U

6 & 7 (6 picks) OLB ILB, I also like Kafka,QB from NW or Barnes, WR from Bowling green

ALSO .... keep JT for one more year

I think kepping Ginn is a great idea, He can be completly North/South routes with little fear of getting clocked. Need to sign JT so we have at least on complete OLB. I agree that it is scary bringin this guy to South Beach... PLEASE stay out of trouble.


Need to keep GINN... NOW, Ginn has a better chance to do well. Stretch the Def. and Brandon Marshall will eat the Stinkin' Jets for lunch.

Go Phins...

Thanks BP

Welcome to Miami Brandon!! We're thrilled to have you!! Just take the Tuna's advice and stay out of the clubs. Please.

Marshall signed for 4 years for 46 million, half guaranteed

The dolphins have never made the playoffs with JT in the last 5 years....

How about that one?

Great job of tremendous patient and mature news reporting, Armando. You are such a douche and an embarrassment to whatever university gave you a journalism degree. Typical -- you offer faint praise after weeks of trashing the team? Why? Because they manage to conduct their business without leaking info like this trade to you so you can get a scoop. Leave town and get a job with the New York Post covering the Jets. Loser.


anyone hear about jets fans suing over fraud and racketeering for the patsies "spygate"?

i think rule #1 is to not buy season tickets for wets. if you want to watch football head south.

BM helps the running game too. The Beast!

Great Job Bill! Now lets get DEZ in the draft and give chad the tools to succeed. What a high poer offence it would be DEZ,Brandon and Ginn might even now get open!

Betcha the Jets step up the pressure on JT to sign quickly, just so they can p**s on our parade.

Eff 'em!!!

Mando--well done on the mea culpa front, and for being out front of the lauderdale crew on this story!!! I ow YOU an apology, since you have now graciously stepped up to the plate & given Tuna & co. their props on this deal.

If you want to watch football head south, buying tickets for the Jets is an excellent idea.

Now if we can get Bryant @ #12?!?!?!? Can you imagine the other teams trying to stop this offense?!!? Ronnie, Ricky, Cobbs, Hilliard etc...This offense would be a MAJOR headache for the opponents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO DOLPHINS Get Bryant!!!!!!!!!!!

Long record of arrest's? Really Armando? Never been convicted of anything. Just the facts Armando. Parcells isn't done...watch. I see a trade with the Eagles...they get the Dolphins 12th pick and the Dolphins get their 24th and their 37th pick. Plus the Dolphins trade Ginn and Smiley for additional picks later in the draft. With the 24th pick the Dolphins select Mount Cody.

Of course Ginn is gone...you don't pay a guy like him mil's to do returns.

There is absolutely no way we're drafting Dez Bryant guys...stop it.

Mike...Never say Never.

First off, let me start by saying congrats to the Phins. This was a deal that I did not think was going to happen. Secondly, I'm here to take my lumps. I said yesterday "no way will Marshall be a Phin" Well what do I know. So here is a big apology to all of you who had the correct foresight into this trade. I do think Armando is correct when he said, that there isn't a 2nd rounder that would have come here and made an immediate difference.
Cuban, I guess this voids our bet. Would you like to re-structure another one. Or call this a push?

Its about time you get on board Mando!!!!
That was one of my off-season wishes: getting dansby, rolle, Wilfork and Marshall... Even I thought I was stupid for wishing it. But the trifecta made 2/4 happen.
Now we need to find a trade partner that's willing to go up and get the 12th spot so that we can get te 2nd rounder that we lost.

the Miami Dolphins reached agreement Wednesday, April 14, with WR Brandon Marshall on a four-year, $47.5 million contract that includes $24 million in guaranteed money, according to a league source. The deal includes close to $29 million in the first three years of the contract and makes Marshall the highest paid receiver in NFL history

keep ginn for one more year. marshall changes all the rules. one year with our current crew (no dez) and see who is expendable for next year's offseason.

draft defense

This is much better than Dez B because the team would be nothing but inexperienced WRs.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Ginn BURNED Revis.

Posted by: ufcane03 | April 14, 2010 at 11:40 AM

There were 3 jets trying to chase Ginn on that long TD against the WETS. I am tired of people stating are WR's going to get open against Revis and Cromartie. First off, Cromartie is overrated and out of his prime I believe. Revis is good, but definitely beatable. I can't wait to see Revis go up against Marshall and then Ginn (if he's still here) run past Cromartie.

I can't believe they pulled the trigger - wow!! We have the best in the business now. So I assume we trade down now to make up for the loss of a 2nd. Hopefully this knucklehead cleans up his act, and JT is around to keep him in line!

Would love to see Spiller added, but our defense needs work.

must draft c.j.spiller!!!!!


I had wanted this trade from the moment Denver put a first round tender on him. As time went on I really believed the Front Office was going to stick with the guys they had and pick up a great pass catching TE in the draft (I still think they will) and never pick up anything but pedestrian WRs. I also criticized the FO for a number of other things (the JT issue being just one). I am so very happy to be eating my words. Elated. How quickly they have turned this devoted fan around.

Thank you Trifecta!

p.s. I do not believe (as PFT suggests) that Ginn will be the odd man out, despite the trade rumors. I have been very critical of him and I stand behind those criticisms but I believe they need his speed and I believe that Marshall makes Ginn a much better WR. The odd man out is probably Camarillo, despite the fact that I think he is better than Bess (I like Bess too). Then again, they could get a pick for Bess. Most likely, they go to camp with all the receivers they currently have. Turner is gone for sure, though, IMO.

I was thinking the same think tpw63

There is no way we are drafting Bryant people. I would take Ginn, Hartline and Bess (Camirillo may be odd man out) over an unproven 18 year old, Dez Bryant, any day of the week!!

Our running game will improve as well since the corners and safties will not be able to sneak to the line of scrimmage!! Breakout year for Ronnie!

Cam and Ginn are gone.

Fins r trading down on 1st round and getting that 2nd rounder right back!!!! Woooo-hoooo!!! Man I hope Brandon doesn't F up!!!

This will keep the Jets from playing single coverage outside and 9 in the box.

Marshall, Hartline, Bess and Turner. I wouldn't doubt that the Dolphins take a speedy receiver later in the draft as a returner.

I do not think we will get rid of Ginn. Why wouldn't we keep him for what he is worth, his speed? We all know Ginn is not a #1, but I think he can do well with a true #1 on the team. He won't get double teamed much and will be able to run past any DB in the league. This trade also will make our young corners better since they get to go up against Masrhall every day in practice!!

Don't listen to these people that give you a hard time Armando,you're doing a great job reporting for the Dolphin faithful.Even if I don't agree with everything you write,I still read your columns because you have a real knack for telling it like it is.You can't please everyone.

sign JT for 1-2 yrs and let that man retire a dolphin.

no way you can explain giving gerbil 8 mil guaranteed and you cant find 1.5 mil to keep the face of the franchise when there is NO ONE better as a back up.....come on bill, do what's right.

Fins should trade down and pick up Cody later

Well i will be the first one to say I CANT BELIEVE it. I wrote to weeks ago that i wouls judt ONCE love to wake up and see the Fins did something that wouls amaze me. Well i must be dyeing because today was that day. Thank you BP and group you finally after 20 yrs finally amazed me..

Mike.... No offense and I think it would be really fun... But Dez Bryant is going to want a ton of cash... and will hold out to get it (he has same agent as Crabtree) Miami has spent all they will all WR's... its now time to address last season true issue and that is our defense who was unable to stop anyone when the game was on the line. I am stoked we got Marshall like everyone else.... but it does not relieve us of the major Defensive issues our team has. Get a NT and OLB as high on the totem as possible... those guys will help our new offensive tools get and keep leads.

DO NOT TRADE GINN, HE Will Be Better with Marshall!!! GINN might have a future after by learning from the BEAST that Marshall is. Let Marshall lead by example on the field and slowly Ginn will catch up to speed. DO NOT Trade him we gave up a first round pick for him and if we have carried him for 3 years now that we have a tru #1 receiver he might just become a True #2 . Do not Trade him give him one more year to prove he can be #2

Unless you can get a 4th rd pick for him (and that is VERY unlikely), I think you have to keep Ginn. We know he drops balls on crossing routes, we know he runs out of bounds ... but there is no way you could evaluate him as a consistent deep threat without a number one receiver, because defenses just rolled the safety to his side and none of the other receivers were a threat under or over. Now you find out what you've got. We'll know by game 4. The numbers game might not let us keep him though.

Great trade, terrible contract. As a Dolphin season ticket holder I know the cost of this contract will have to be paid by people like me. I am disgusted that this guy gets a contract like this, especially when us ticketholders are suffering in a recession.

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