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The fallout from the Marshall trade (incl. contract)

First, I want to congratulate the Miami Dolphins for doing the dynamic thing, the difficult thing, the courageous thing in acquiring Brandon Marshall today. Only time will tell if it is the right thing but we'll get to that in a bit.

Marshall is scheduled to arrive in Fort Lauderdale this afternoon. The Dolphins finally announced the trade was made at approximately 11:22 a.m. They are saying the trade is for undisclosed draft picks. Those picks are a second-rounder this year and a second next year.

[Update: The Denver Broncos also confirmed the trade and confirmed the parameters. It is indeed for two second round picks, one in 2010 and one in 2011.]

"I'd like to welcome my new teammate to Miami," receiver Brian Hartline said on his twitter earlier.

This is on, its face, a big-time get for the Dolphins. Frankly, there is no second-round pick this year that would have brought the instant productivity that Marshall is going to bring. Did the Dolphins pay a steep price? Sure.

But Ferraris are expensive, folks.

You will learn just how expensive when Marshall agrees to the details of an already set five-year contract worth $50 million. Details of that deal are not yet available but I'm told they've been agreed to.

The basis for the contract talks that happened the last two days between Marshall's agent and the Dolphins was simple: Marshall wants to be the highest paid WR in the NFL. This contract probably accomplishes that.

[Update: Adam Shefter of ESPN.com reports the deal is a four-year extension added to the one-year restricted free agent tender Marshall signed Tuesday and includes $24 million in guaranteed money. The deal is indeed for five years and $50 million.]

Marshall is not a speed receiver and has averaged only 12.1 yards per catch over his career. But he is dependable, he forces defenses to account for him, and he is a huge target for young quarterback Chad Henne. He is a red zone nightmare to match up with. He opens things up for other receivers on the field.

In short, Marshall on the field does everything the Dolphins offense has lacked in a wide receiver for many, many years.

Does Marshall make the Dolphins the favorite to win the AFC East? No.

Remember the team still has significant and worriesome holes to fill at outside linebacker, nose tackle, free safety and left guard. Also remember the Broncos never made the playoffs despite having Marshall on their team the past four years.

So don't buy your tickets to Dallas, site of the next Super Bowl, just yet.

But this does give the Dolphins a chance to be competitive in a division where the Jets will have Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards, and the Patriots offense comes with Randy Moss. Do the Dolphins now go into games versus the Jets believing at least one of their WRs can get open against Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie?


This trade gives Fins Nation hope.

This trade will have a bigtime ripple effect on the Miami receiver corps -- you know, the one coach Tony Sparano said he was pleased with.

The Dolphins keep five wide receivers. And they now have 10 wide receivers on the roster. Somebody is going to go. Ted Ginn Jr. is on the trade block. He may have played his final game for the Dolphins. Second-year wideout Patrick Turner was billed as a Marshall clone at 6-5 and 220 pounds. But he has not produced and unless he has a very good training camp, he may never play a game for the Dolphins

Marshall is estatic with this trade, according to one former teammate. He wanted three things this offseason: He wanted to marry his fiancee, he wanted to sign a contract that paid him what he believed he's worth, and he wanted, if possible, to play closer to his home state of Florida.

Marshall was willing to live anywhere and play for anyone to accomplish the first two goals. He hit the jackpot in that the Dolphins wanted him and now he's coming back to Florida, a rich, married man.

This moves comes with responsibility. He must continue to produce at a high level. He's going to be paid like the best wide receiver in the NFL, the Dolphins expect him to play like it.

He also has to stay out of trouble. Marshall has a long record of arrests and run-ins with the law. There are multiple handfuls of domestic violence and other violence incidents and reports in which he was involved.

He has already been suspended by the NFL once for breaking the league's conduct policy. The next offense would bring him a four-game suspension or more.

In that regard, Marshall is a risk. He cannot be a great player if he's not on the field. He cannot be on the field if he's suspended or in some sort of trouble. So the risk exists.

But the rewards? The Dolphins are banking those will be fabulous.

[BLOG NOTE: I will be on here live starting at 1 p.m. for a live chat with you. Be here at 1 p.m. and we'll break this thing down.]


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With Marshall what does this do to the qb position. White or Thigpen stays? If both stay , there is no room at wr for White - scat back/slash man?

Best of all and I mean best - this is going to be sick good is what happens to the wildcat when Marshall is on the field.

You called this last nite Mando. You've done a great job on this Brandon Marshall stuff.

Eres un pinguo!

Where does this leave us for the draft in 2 weeks...

We wont go for DEZ now right?

this will also help Vontae Davis and Sean Smith in Practice, the bonuses keep coming!

Good point Waterboy -

LG or RG is not a void.

Pick 2 to play. Add another with the Smiley Trade...

Holes are
NT X 1
S x 1
TE x 1

Derrick Morgan with the 1st pick fills one OLB void, maybe Wake fills the other. Plenty of 3rd prospects at NT who can help Soliai out until Fergy returns.

Safety is tough to fill and may be a weak spot. TE, we can "get by" with what we have for this year.

Mando, I'll be here for the live blog. Glad you're doing it because when you come here the little trolls that rip you behind your back but are afraid to face you even on the website will scatter.

I love when that happens. Makes me laugh. I see people like that every day. They like to piss their pants while riding in the back seat of my cruiser.

This Awfulins prove they are desparate $50 mil for a troublemaker and twenty four million Guaranteed?? Major mistake, Because of the guaranteed money he can still be a troublemaker.
They gave up thier future with two second rounders, one maybe, two ridiculous! I thought he would sign for a 3rd rounder.
The awfulins will be awful this year which means next years 2cnd will be very high. They've switched thier mindset from the future to now.
They've done it twice, it's a bad idea.
Matbe too much pressure from ross to improve now. Owners have a way of screwing up a gm's plans. Immediate gratification at all cost.
Is 85 million for two players going to boost fannies in the stands? NO, Now if it was andre johnson or wayne, yes, Marshall is a diva loser.

I love how NONE of the guys who said it was a waste of time and we would never get Marshall ARENT TALKING NOW! I'm calling you out bobbyd12 and Cuban menace. Just admit how wrong you were and how excited you are that hes coming! Also, I don't like hearing the ginn talks. He has to go. He was never seen as a threat by defenses, and it will be the same this year. Draft bryant in the first or trade down for Cody, and let's be dominant!

Cmon Fred, this is what it was going to take to sign this guy...we gave up 2 second rounders...this is the LAST thing u should be complaining about....u want a winning team or not???

Awesome!!! Wake up NJ... this is not a dream. Time will tell who will eat crow on Marshall deal.

That said, we get best available OLB/NT or FS at 12 or trade down for more picks.

My draft is made regardless of who they pick. Dansby and Marshall will prove to be excellent moves.

Unless you so-called experts are expecting Nate Garner to be the answer at LG, then LG is definitely a concern.

Incognito and Thomas have NEVER played LG. We'll see what Mando says when he comes on here live.

I guess they would not take Ginn in the process huh?

Marshall is married, home and paid. He is gonna be great for the Dolphins.

Mando, can you get these live chats at 12:00 so us who are on lunch can injoy also. Move em to noon!

Camarillo for a 5th or 6th rounder?

Marshall has made a average QB look like a Pro Bowler. I m excited to see what he can do with Henne.

Insmounts, I was one of the first posters on this morning at 7:58 why don't u read what I said instead of jumping on and talking shyt

Dolphins sign Brandon Marshall and alot fans saying, don't trade Tedd Ginn. Someone pinch me, because I truley must be dreaming?

I like that plan now, Derrick Morgan in the 1st, hope one of the NT's you like makes it to the 3rd. As of June 1 make a strong push for Atogwe. 4th round TE. Hopefully we can trade back up into maybe at least the 3rd, or maybe acquire another 2nd or 3rd through trading back in the 1st. Then maybe we can grab a FS too. Getting the WR now certainly opens up the draft.

Great Day!!!! This also opens the middle of the field for everybody. Now we will trade down a couple of spots and pick Mike Iupati LG and pickup another pick.

I admitted I was wrong amd manned up, but if u think I'm going to kiss ur ass all day ur sadly mistaken

95 catches or more for Marshal
80 catches for Bess
70 catches for Ginn

Now trade Ronnie Brown and recoup the lost 2nd round pick for Marshall. In the first round, draft Spiller if available, or the best defensive player available. The new 2nd round pick could be used in many directions. Our running backs would be comprised of R. Williams, Patrick Cobbs, Lex Hilliard, and a draft pick. I could live with that.

Gross Green.... If Your team has any sense... they will not be worried about Miami and their future... they should worry about why they have not been able to beat Miami in 3 attempts... We sent ya packing out of the Play-offs in 08 and you back in via the Colts stunt last year... I would also be worried about the implosion heading your teams way. Every prognosticator on the networks has applauded the trade from Miami's stand point... you are the only idiot who sees it ant other way... "Jests fans are just Football fans who live in NY and are pissed they couldn't get Giant Tickets"....Losers.

If you trade Brown you must draft Spiller

At least Marshall will be playing the first four games...enough said.

Inimounts... I have already seen were most of the guys who thought this was impossible have said they were wrong... including myself and Bobbyd12. I am waiting for all the idiots who wanted to jump on the deal 4 weeks ago and give up our first round pick to say how stupid THEY were and that THEY were wrong.....

So far everyone, including myself that was wrong about Marshall has fessed up! This isn't about us, these are our opinions. If the Phins brass listened to even 1/4 of the solutions that we argue about on this blog, We would be the Raiders. Hopefully everyone is fired up today. The Phins made a good trade that will benifit the team, not our egos. So congrats to those who got this one correct, and for all of us who were wrong, we shall never give our opinions again

If we trade Brown,then my guess is that we are trying to shy away from the wild cat.He was the man in that kind of offense and I just don't see P White capable of taking over the reigns on that front.BTW....bobbyd12,even though you called that wrong,I still enjoy your insight.Keep up the good work.

If we could just bring in one more Free Agent,i'd feel awhole lot happier going into the Draft. If we were to sign Atogwe or Sharper,then i think trading down would'nt be that much of a priority cus we could still grab Kindle/McClain or Morgan at #12,then go NT in the 3rd and maybe LG or another Linebacker in the 4th

Well said...Darryl... Huurrrrrumph!!! Hurrrrumph!!!!

Way to make some noise! Finally. We needed a WR more than anything else and we got ourselves 26 year old Brandon Marshall. Nothing less. Now take the WR out of the equation, during draft. Relieving. The later rounds will offer some interesting alternatives.

Gang Green (I'm betting the nic refers more to how badly you stink) you are clueless and hipocritical to refer to Marshall as a diva and a troublemaker while chirping about Holmes. Marshall MAY get a 4 game suspension if he gets into trouble again, but Holmes already starts the season on a 4 game suspension! Holmes will never be the receiver that Marshall is. You are GREEN with envy as is the rest of your "gang"

Ok, one thing for sure, the AFC East is now the toughest going...

Very nice. Way to go, trifecta!

So we gave up the 43rd pick this year, and the 64th next year....... not bad!!!!!

Watch the Eagles...they need a top corner, if Haden is around the 12th pick...they will trade with the Dolphins. The Dolphins would get the Eagles 24th pick and their 55th pick along with a 5th rounder. At 24, the Dolphins could have many directions...Hughes, Cody, Paul and even Bryant. With the 55th pick they could go Allen, Houston, Graham, Worilds, L. Joseph. With the 73rd pick I can see them selecting Tate,

So now WTF do all you dudes that were saying we weren't gonna ever get Marshall have to say now? Huh? Huh? (Crickets chirping..) yeh that's what I thought. Don't doubt the trifecta. I believe. LET'S GO MIAMI!!!!

Inimounts- Maybe People will say they were wrong when you apologize to all the bashing you have done to the Trifecta over and over? Lead by example?
Boulder what has parcells done? Seriously. Is there any doubt that last year was a flop? That pat white and most likely Patrick turner are flops? That the jets are making all the right moves and we are making all the wrong ones? If they have an answer at wide receiver and olb and free safety that they have yet to share then I'll admit being wrong. Until them, I never thought I'd see the day that Rex and co. Would see the need for offensive weapons more than us. He hates offense. Our leading receiver averaged 1.5 tds a year. There is no excuse for that.

Posted by: Inimounts | April 13, 2010 at 09:21 AM

Waterboy time for a name change for you if memory serves me right...

Christmas in south Florida for Phins fans!!!!! Just a curious question. Is the chick he married to the same one he got into trouble with the domestic charges? If he's beatin her when there just dating he's gonna murder the girl when there married. Just sayin!!! Love you Brandon!!! Welcome to Miami!!!

I will be the first to admit that i didnt want Marshall and i said many times that it would never happen. That being said he is now a dolphin so h e ll yeah Brandon Marshall.

YESSSS!!!! finally a #1 WR in Miami! I love it

this also makes the draft much much more interesting....

I just heard guys, at first I was YEAH!

But then I remebered, Marshall? Isnt he a wife beater or something like that? Does'nt he have trouble with the law? What?

I then knew Parcells didnt pull off the trade, but most likley, Ireland pulled it off. Yes Parcells sigend off on it, but he was pursueded by Irleand and that he would recop the second round pick some how, stay tuned...
It's very interesting and gonna be even more as Irleand will try to recop the second round pick. Question is how?

Good for you WestVaFins!!

Gotta tell you all, that today is a great day for sports. Dolphins got Marshall and then UK predicted to sign #1 player in the nation for this year and next, Rich Rod is being investigated again!! Been walking around all day with a sports woody!

What's good people. I'm here. It's a good day to be a Fins fan.

Could we get Sheffler as well???? He would help our offense as well...Henne's new best friend if they got him....

Ginn will not be a Dolphin. Ryan Grice-Mullen will take over return duties. Watch...

Okay, Mando, if Marshall can put up 1000+ yards with Kyle Orton tossing him the rock, what do you expect of Henne? I feel Henne is a much better QB than Orton, with more skills. Even with Henne sometimes losing track of his receivers, doesn't Marshall's reach and talent overcome some of that?

What's the word , Mando! Did you read the article of what Jerry Jones said about Parcells

Armando, who do you got the dolphins drafting at #12 now? Or do you think they trade down?

are there any solid FA's out there to fill any of the holes at NT, OLB or FS - or are we solely dependent on the draft to find starters at these 3 positions?

Mando... whats good my brother?! you once mentioned getting your pom poms out if Miami drafted a WR at #12, does this count??

Nothing's changed...

My opinion was never

Brandon Marshall makes the Dolphins instantly better....
IF... he stays on the FIELD and out of PRISON!

Great! Now trade Brown and Ginn (and his family) for a 2nd to replace the one we just lost....

1st-CJ Spiller
2nd-NT or OLB
3rd-Jimmy Graham (TE)

Mando your buddy Darlington is on NFL Network saying safety is the pick with #12

Mando--- How does this affect the dolphins draft and specificly the #12 pick?

Do they still consider Dez Bryant? trade up, trade down? take defense??? whats your thinking of the draft now??

Paul, the Dolphins have a lot of options. This is a very deep draft and there will be much talent at No. 12 that some teams will covet. I've been told the Dolphins would love to trade back in the first round and get back the second round pick they just gave up or a high third rounder. Obviously they need a willing partner and that won't be decided until they are on the clock.

if we can't trade down...who is your pick at 12: Thomas? Williams? Morgan? Can't wait!

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