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The fallout from the Marshall trade (incl. contract)

First, I want to congratulate the Miami Dolphins for doing the dynamic thing, the difficult thing, the courageous thing in acquiring Brandon Marshall today. Only time will tell if it is the right thing but we'll get to that in a bit.

Marshall is scheduled to arrive in Fort Lauderdale this afternoon. The Dolphins finally announced the trade was made at approximately 11:22 a.m. They are saying the trade is for undisclosed draft picks. Those picks are a second-rounder this year and a second next year.

[Update: The Denver Broncos also confirmed the trade and confirmed the parameters. It is indeed for two second round picks, one in 2010 and one in 2011.]

"I'd like to welcome my new teammate to Miami," receiver Brian Hartline said on his twitter earlier.

This is on, its face, a big-time get for the Dolphins. Frankly, there is no second-round pick this year that would have brought the instant productivity that Marshall is going to bring. Did the Dolphins pay a steep price? Sure.

But Ferraris are expensive, folks.

You will learn just how expensive when Marshall agrees to the details of an already set five-year contract worth $50 million. Details of that deal are not yet available but I'm told they've been agreed to.

The basis for the contract talks that happened the last two days between Marshall's agent and the Dolphins was simple: Marshall wants to be the highest paid WR in the NFL. This contract probably accomplishes that.

[Update: Adam Shefter of ESPN.com reports the deal is a four-year extension added to the one-year restricted free agent tender Marshall signed Tuesday and includes $24 million in guaranteed money. The deal is indeed for five years and $50 million.]

Marshall is not a speed receiver and has averaged only 12.1 yards per catch over his career. But he is dependable, he forces defenses to account for him, and he is a huge target for young quarterback Chad Henne. He is a red zone nightmare to match up with. He opens things up for other receivers on the field.

In short, Marshall on the field does everything the Dolphins offense has lacked in a wide receiver for many, many years.

Does Marshall make the Dolphins the favorite to win the AFC East? No.

Remember the team still has significant and worriesome holes to fill at outside linebacker, nose tackle, free safety and left guard. Also remember the Broncos never made the playoffs despite having Marshall on their team the past four years.

So don't buy your tickets to Dallas, site of the next Super Bowl, just yet.

But this does give the Dolphins a chance to be competitive in a division where the Jets will have Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards, and the Patriots offense comes with Randy Moss. Do the Dolphins now go into games versus the Jets believing at least one of their WRs can get open against Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie?


This trade gives Fins Nation hope.

This trade will have a bigtime ripple effect on the Miami receiver corps -- you know, the one coach Tony Sparano said he was pleased with.

The Dolphins keep five wide receivers. And they now have 10 wide receivers on the roster. Somebody is going to go. Ted Ginn Jr. is on the trade block. He may have played his final game for the Dolphins. Second-year wideout Patrick Turner was billed as a Marshall clone at 6-5 and 220 pounds. But he has not produced and unless he has a very good training camp, he may never play a game for the Dolphins

Marshall is estatic with this trade, according to one former teammate. He wanted three things this offseason: He wanted to marry his fiancee, he wanted to sign a contract that paid him what he believed he's worth, and he wanted, if possible, to play closer to his home state of Florida.

Marshall was willing to live anywhere and play for anyone to accomplish the first two goals. He hit the jackpot in that the Dolphins wanted him and now he's coming back to Florida, a rich, married man.

This moves comes with responsibility. He must continue to produce at a high level. He's going to be paid like the best wide receiver in the NFL, the Dolphins expect him to play like it.

He also has to stay out of trouble. Marshall has a long record of arrests and run-ins with the law. There are multiple handfuls of domestic violence and other violence incidents and reports in which he was involved.

He has already been suspended by the NFL once for breaking the league's conduct policy. The next offense would bring him a four-game suspension or more.

In that regard, Marshall is a risk. He cannot be a great player if he's not on the field. He cannot be on the field if he's suspended or in some sort of trouble. So the risk exists.

But the rewards? The Dolphins are banking those will be fabulous.

[BLOG NOTE: I will be on here live starting at 1 p.m. for a live chat with you. Be here at 1 p.m. and we'll break this thing down.]


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OK...1st of all.....great trade, a little steep with 2 2nd rd picks, but you want a diamond, you pay for it! On the rest of the draft, if we can trade down with someone interested in #12 spot, we can grab value in the late first rd with an OLB and secure the 2nd rd pick we lost and grab a safety or vice versa. With picks in the 3rd, 4th, 6th, & 7th, we can secure a NT, OG, LB, TE, and more. Remember, many hall of famers were picked in rds 4-7 and we have 7 picks in those rds!

How is going Armando? Thanks for coming on the blog today.
Based on this contract and the one signed by Dansby, Miami has a ton of doe tied up with a small number of players... Do you believe that fact will effect who they look to bring in as their fist pick? Seeing as some positions are higher in the pay scale then others. Or do you see Miami perhaps pressing the salary cap a bit seeing as how they will/can not be penalized for doing so until a agreement is reached? I know our O-line is expensive... add in our two new additions and we are starting to really see the money get spent here. Thanks for any reply possible...

Mando, do you think everyone is overlooking the benefit of Marshall's impact on OUR defense? Lining up against arguably the best WR in the league day in and day out has to merit some type of attention. This guy will take our TEAM to the next level. Now for some OLB and FS help.

BTW....we should keep JT for 2 more seasons! He will produce what Michael Strahan did for the unexpected SB 42 Champs a few years back! JT still has a motor!

I hear that Seattle still in the mix for Smiley and Ted Ginn...


96 Million for two players...
150+ million on the OL...

If the cap comes back into the NFL.. will the Phins have a problem???????????????????

Original, I don't know enough about Tsoumpas to have a good opinion. Gotta be honest.

Now they need to trade down in the 1st round to pick up another 2nd or 3rd round pick.

IUPATI can start IMMEDIATELY and will help the passing and running game. He'll keep Henne (or other QB) off their back and give them more time to complete their passes.

Looking at some old video, what I like best about Marshall is how he always went for the ball aggressively. Great instincts.

we need defensive playmakers now. Dansby was good pick up, I'm not convinced Crowder is the answer.

Orlando, Crowder is a former Gay-Turd...no wonder he kinda sux

Canes 4 Life

Redskins, I missed the Eagles scenario. Typing fast, can't see all the comments as they post. Please restate.

Armando (@ 1:36 PM)

So...wait.....you mean he
be attending the Heat game with Brandon Marshall tonight??

Dolphins4life, I hope to know the answer to your question later today and when I know, I'll post it.

Armando, what are your thoughts on how Marshall's signing will help our secondary, especially Vontae and Sean?


Do you think that Henne will have any excuse for a bad season now that he has a #1 receiver?

I'm not part of the trifecta? By the way, why do you guys call it a trifecta?


96 Million for two players...
150+ million on the OL...

If the cap comes back into the NFL.. will the Phins have a problem???????????????????

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/04/the-fallout-from-the-brandon-marshall-trade/comments/page/5/#comments#ixzz0l685iv00

Bad, the Dolphins will not pick Tim Tebow at No. 12. Too high.

I love the guy, though.

keep ginn. his speed with marshall and either bess or hartline will create major headaches and mismatches no matter who they play. this trade will open up an offense long bogged down and i think ginn should be the biggest benefactor. cant wait to see this team shred defenses all day long. "chunk" yds should no longer be a problem.


Thanks for the response. I'm looking forward to reading all of the articles about how Marshall is ready to grow up and put his past behind him over the next few weeks. I'm a little skeptical...

So I am guessing the only thing that could put this on hold is Marshall passing a physical before everything is finalized?

Im about an hr south of Boston. Full time Patriot hater!

Mando I'm starting to like that kid Robert Johnson from Utah. Hell of a good "center fielder" with real good balls skills. He's big and has that ball hawk mentality. Can also hit. From what I've seen hes not a great man coverage guy, but maybe he can be that deep ball hawking safety we need to compliment Yeremiah. It seems he's been rising up some draft boards and I was thinking maybe a 5th rounder, but we have no 5th rounder and not sure if he'll be there in the 6th and 4 may be a little high. We seemed to find a gem out of Utah last year so maybe we can do it again. Just a thought.

THREE guys... Parcells, Ireland, Sparano equals a "Trifecta" Mando !


They should call them the TRINITY not trifecta since most of the people on your blog believe they walk on water.

Ask Bill, what up my brother?

Interesting question. I think Parcells has been and will continue to be wise in how he spends money on players, but not when it comes to quality players. In other words, if the Dolphins have a higher grade on a player that plays a big money position than on a player that doesn't, they won't worry about the price. They'll get the better player.

Mando--- Has anyone had a chance to talk to Henne? to get his reaction?

He must be one of the happiest QB's today...

This was a great move.

And it's always good to be able to watch the NFL Network turn into the Fins Network for a day.

Armando, what are your thoughts on how Marshall's signing will help our secondary, especially Vontae and Sean?

Mando, do you believe than Dolphins will pick a RB or TE in the first 3 rounds of draft ? Thanks


Greetings from NYC. Thank God we did this because the Jets fans were becoming unbearable. What is our ultimate "must fill" position at this point? Because I think it has to be free safety and we consequently have to revolve our draft strategy around that.

Armando, I'm new to the blog, but a fins fan since 93'. Quick question: Now that the trade is done, do you think the league will take note of this for primetime games or is the schedule in stone?

Any chance we go for a running back and another receiver like Eric Decker in the draft?

A big I told you soo!! Denver was never going to get a first, I said this years 2nd and next years 3rd but meh close enough. W00t!!!! Big day for fin fans, this is great beers on me!!! Hahaha.

386, the benefit to the defense is there but it is not as great as one might think.

During training camp the goods go against goods about 20 percent of an average practice. So Vontae and Sean Smith will see Marshall but not a ton.

During regular season, the defense does most of its work against the scout team. Marshall will not be on the scout team.

Remember, the denver defense struggled at the end of last year and the Broncos have not been to the playoffs in any year Marshall was there.

This just in: Brandon Marshall has already beaten up a Dolphins cheerleader. Luckily, Ronnie Brown was at a nearby bar and drove her to the hospital.

Jim in NYC... hard to stand those puke green fans huh lol

I agree Tom NFL net. All Fins for the day w00t!

Mando, I need to buy a new Jersery this year, who do you see being the most consistent long term player for us?


Thanks for the reply Armando... and I agree. Good to see you on here today... its been a troubling few days in Dolphanland... Keep up the good work!

Image, it all depends on what the salary cap number is. I think they'll be fine.

Ginn is a kick returner or a slot reciever at best but with Marshall here now I think he can be very productive and the dolphins better take rbrown off of the trading block why are gonna trade our best running back plus he is the wildcat I don't want to get rid of the wildcat we don't need it every play but every now and then would be good and I know he may be injury prone but give him another year and if he gets hurt again release or trade him then.bcuz if we trade him now it will end up hurting us plus we don't need to create another need in the draft!!!

Ginn sucks but we need to keep him for 10 fly patterns a game....then sit him back down

or draft CJ and really make this offense hummmmmmm

I say we go CJ Spiller at 12. After that, use the rest on LB's and D-line. Sign JT and Sharper.

When #7 throws a TD pass to our newest WR would you refer to it as a Henne Marshall Production?

If #10 throws a TD pass to our newest WR could you refer to it as a Penne Marshall Production?

Pittsburgh, total agree on the Utah kid. But not before Saturday.

Funny, swamy!

First of all I cannot believe they pulled the trigger!!!

The Fins already had a receiver that kicked Revis' BUTT, and as much as we hate to admit his name is Ted Ginn... I think this pick up will make Miami's existing receiving corp a force to be reckoned with. Now TG gets all the teams #2 corners as well as very little double teams and that doesn't even mention what it does for Bess and Hartline since they will now be going against CB's that are even deeper into the opposing teams benches. All of a sudden the Fins 3 #2 receivers will become very dangerous!!

How about taking a look at what this acquisition means to the Fins receivers!!

What! Henne wasn't answering his cell this morning.

being from california and im a die hard phins fan but i knew we get Marshall just waited for the right time. woke up to the best news all offseason cause i really think Mike Nolan is the big addition rather than dansby which i like but lets see if he comes through with all that money maybe it make him play like how much he got paid.

Good job Shane Falco!

Who do you think will start with the #15 jersey?

How can this be a bad trade for the Dolphins I mean look at some of their second round picks. They basically trade Phillip Merling and Pat White for Brandon Marshall. I'll take that any time.

Dolfan, welcome to the blog!

the NFL schedule is still being adjusted. It will be announced Tuesday. But primarily it is complete already.


Thanks I will be watching out for that on your post later today.

Also dont get me wrong, I'm happy about having a all pro WR that has had three 100 catches his first three years, I just wish he didn't have that wife beater baggage that came along with him. I hope he stays focused and clean while here in Miami. We shall see...

By the way a second rounder this year and next is a steal for us, we get a go to all pro WR, but its only a steal if he stays on the field!

Bess can take 19 when they trade Ginn Jr for a Rooser. At least you can count on that to wake up for in the morning. More than Ginn's worth.

ah I didn't know that!

@JerseyPhins let's not even talk about it. Nothing was worse than the playoffs when the entire city of NYC pretend to have been Jets fans the whole time.

Roman, Jake Long. Not sexy. But you asked about long term and consistent.


Henne got a pass last year because it was his first year starting and because he didn't have a #1 WR.

He won't have those excuses this year. Let's see if progresses or if he continues with more interceptions than TDs.

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