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The fallout from the Marshall trade (incl. contract)

First, I want to congratulate the Miami Dolphins for doing the dynamic thing, the difficult thing, the courageous thing in acquiring Brandon Marshall today. Only time will tell if it is the right thing but we'll get to that in a bit.

Marshall is scheduled to arrive in Fort Lauderdale this afternoon. The Dolphins finally announced the trade was made at approximately 11:22 a.m. They are saying the trade is for undisclosed draft picks. Those picks are a second-rounder this year and a second next year.

[Update: The Denver Broncos also confirmed the trade and confirmed the parameters. It is indeed for two second round picks, one in 2010 and one in 2011.]

"I'd like to welcome my new teammate to Miami," receiver Brian Hartline said on his twitter earlier.

This is on, its face, a big-time get for the Dolphins. Frankly, there is no second-round pick this year that would have brought the instant productivity that Marshall is going to bring. Did the Dolphins pay a steep price? Sure.

But Ferraris are expensive, folks.

You will learn just how expensive when Marshall agrees to the details of an already set five-year contract worth $50 million. Details of that deal are not yet available but I'm told they've been agreed to.

The basis for the contract talks that happened the last two days between Marshall's agent and the Dolphins was simple: Marshall wants to be the highest paid WR in the NFL. This contract probably accomplishes that.

[Update: Adam Shefter of ESPN.com reports the deal is a four-year extension added to the one-year restricted free agent tender Marshall signed Tuesday and includes $24 million in guaranteed money. The deal is indeed for five years and $50 million.]

Marshall is not a speed receiver and has averaged only 12.1 yards per catch over his career. But he is dependable, he forces defenses to account for him, and he is a huge target for young quarterback Chad Henne. He is a red zone nightmare to match up with. He opens things up for other receivers on the field.

In short, Marshall on the field does everything the Dolphins offense has lacked in a wide receiver for many, many years.

Does Marshall make the Dolphins the favorite to win the AFC East? No.

Remember the team still has significant and worriesome holes to fill at outside linebacker, nose tackle, free safety and left guard. Also remember the Broncos never made the playoffs despite having Marshall on their team the past four years.

So don't buy your tickets to Dallas, site of the next Super Bowl, just yet.

But this does give the Dolphins a chance to be competitive in a division where the Jets will have Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards, and the Patriots offense comes with Randy Moss. Do the Dolphins now go into games versus the Jets believing at least one of their WRs can get open against Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie?


This trade gives Fins Nation hope.

This trade will have a bigtime ripple effect on the Miami receiver corps -- you know, the one coach Tony Sparano said he was pleased with.

The Dolphins keep five wide receivers. And they now have 10 wide receivers on the roster. Somebody is going to go. Ted Ginn Jr. is on the trade block. He may have played his final game for the Dolphins. Second-year wideout Patrick Turner was billed as a Marshall clone at 6-5 and 220 pounds. But he has not produced and unless he has a very good training camp, he may never play a game for the Dolphins

Marshall is estatic with this trade, according to one former teammate. He wanted three things this offseason: He wanted to marry his fiancee, he wanted to sign a contract that paid him what he believed he's worth, and he wanted, if possible, to play closer to his home state of Florida.

Marshall was willing to live anywhere and play for anyone to accomplish the first two goals. He hit the jackpot in that the Dolphins wanted him and now he's coming back to Florida, a rich, married man.

This moves comes with responsibility. He must continue to produce at a high level. He's going to be paid like the best wide receiver in the NFL, the Dolphins expect him to play like it.

He also has to stay out of trouble. Marshall has a long record of arrests and run-ins with the law. There are multiple handfuls of domestic violence and other violence incidents and reports in which he was involved.

He has already been suspended by the NFL once for breaking the league's conduct policy. The next offense would bring him a four-game suspension or more.

In that regard, Marshall is a risk. He cannot be a great player if he's not on the field. He cannot be on the field if he's suspended or in some sort of trouble. So the risk exists.

But the rewards? The Dolphins are banking those will be fabulous.

[BLOG NOTE: I will be on here live starting at 1 p.m. for a live chat with you. Be here at 1 p.m. and we'll break this thing down.]


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Any chance the phins would consider drafting me to play nose since Coach Rectal decided to lop me off? Just wondering.

How about the winning thing? This is a good trade. Proven player for a number 2. If we remember our number 2 last year was Pat White.

Yippee and he ain't afraid of the cold either.

The Jets are building a one year hit or miss team while we are building for the longrun!! What a beautiful move!! In the draft a 6th round pass catching TE and a late OL pick, other than that DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE!! I would love to keep Ginn now, and my point will be proven!! But I really doubt we keep him unless no one else wants him for a suitable pick. Defenses will now have to worry about Marshall, Bess, Hartline, Fasano, Ricky and Ronnie are pass catching backs too and then you throw Ginn in the mix!!! The guy will have plenty of room to use his blazing speed! Our offense will be fun to watch!! I have no doubt we will take care of our HUGE Defensive holes through the draft!! This pick puts us in the top 10 or top 5 offenses in the league!!!! B. Marshall's double coverage demand will not only open the field for the rest of our WRs but open huge holes for our already great Running game!!!! Let's build the best Defense in the NFL in this 2010 Draft!!

WR# 2 – Hartline (60%, all Redzone situations)
Camarillo (30%, all 3rd down situations)
Ginn (situational – reverses, bombs, WR screens)
Slot – BESS
WR# 4 & 5 – Camarillo & Ginn



For all of the people who still want to take Dez. Bryant instead of Drafting defence with the first pick, I ask that you only look to the past. Dan M. only made one superbowl because Miami did not have a defence. His teams scored alot of points but it did not get them to the promised land. If we want to be a superbowl team we have to address the defence not Dez in the draft with the first pick.

Bobbyd12 - props to you brother, and to all those that insisted this would never happen that have already come forward, but props mostly to Bobby for he shouted the LOUDEST - but also manned up the quickest!

Much respect, MY Dolphin brother from another mother!

OMG, I so apologize to everyone who's balls I've busted for sooo long about Marshall...I never believed this would EVER happen!! I was soooo wrong

Posted by: bobbyd12 | April 14, 2010 at 07:58 AM

bobby was always saying also dont deal picks for players. and the jets arent building a team for just one year, one of the youngest defenses in the nfl and have young wrs, te, rb, and qb

I cant believe crying about this move. Its not your money, its Ross.... if you are so worried go back some tickets to help the bro out.




Great post on Jim Mandich at 2:35!!

I read several posters mention all the OLB types available in the draft. The question is who's for real. In my opinion its Graham based on productivity. I know BP likes prototypes but I remember one prototypical RB named Sammy Smith who didn't hold a candle to another Smith named Emmitt who ran for almost 4000 yards while he was a Gator. I don't think we have the luxery to take a chance on JPP. I'm lovin the Marshall addition and can't wait for the draft. BTW I'm not to keen on dealing my man Ronnie Brown but we'll see what happens.


solid deal. makes us better. but lets calm down here. we are still only the third best team in our own division.

From Miamidolphins.com

"Tight ends Anthony Fasano, Joey Haynos, John Nalbone and Kory Sperry also stand to benefit from the addition of Marshall as the middle of the field should open up more, and Miami’s strong running game behind Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams, Lousaka Polite, Patrick Cobbs and Lex Hilliard also will be impacted in a positive fashion. "

Joey Haynos and Nalboner??? Please lets draft a pass catching TE..... Please

So does bess give up his number 15 ? Or does Marshall change his number

I say draft Dez Bryant and we have perhaps the best two wide receivers in the NFL for years to come.

Marshall should put the #1 jersey on.

This looks pretty good. After all the noise has settled down, one fact will remain. In the entire offseason, the Phins only traded for 2 veterans - but boy, oh, boy, what a pair. We now have the big receiver we need and the run-stuffing, QB sacking linebacker we need. I would venture to say that each aquisition added two wins each. And, if Henne really is the real deal, he should be good for one more win. That's five more wins before the draft. It's still too early to tell, and there is always the threat of injuries, but if this team stays healthy we are in really good shape.

Dont Draft Dez!!! We need my name is Earl Thomas

Get Julio Jones Next year

Am not sure how to take this trade. I love that we did something crazy, but that love can sour quickly if the downside goes from being a risk to a reality. But I would rather we take a few risks than appear to be asleep at the wheel.

Please Mr. Highest Paid WR - Stay out of trouble.


oh yeah

Yes Waterboy is in the House!! Yes!!

My name is Earl Thomas is right on brotha!

What number do you think Marshall will wear? 15 and Bess #11?

Nicknamed “The Beast, Marshall is known for his ability to break and dodge tackles. He led all NFL wide receivers in yards after first contact for the 2007 NFL season.

Regarding Marshall’s breakaway ability, Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers said, “Brandon Marshall is a defensive lineman playing wide receiver. He wants to inflict punishment on you. He wants you to try to tackle him so he can shove you off of him and get more yards.”

Oakland Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha said Marshall is “the toughest guy to bring down, one-on-one.”
(Now that's what I'm talkin about!)

On December 13, 2009, Marshall set an NFL record for receptions in a game with 21, and that is with Kyle Orton throwing the ball on the road against a Super Bowl team at Indy.
He is also only one of five players in NFL history to catch at least 100 passes in three consecutive seasons.

The Boom/Bust meter on him is soo heavily in favor of BOOOOMMM!

I think this deal could actually let Ginn do some damage - along with Bess, Camrillo and Hartline. Having Marshall on the field is going to let Ginn run one on one with other DBs and he will win most of those battles - he was drafted as a number 1 receiver - which he never was and shouldn't have been expected to play as a number 1 receiver. I really think he can do some serious damage now - I'd hang onto him at least for one more year. What do you guys think?

Hei Lips, Thks...and yes, I hope he stays out of trouble too!!! My best advice would be not to get married now but, what the hell do I know!!! LOL

Marshall should wear # 1.. get a fresh start. Let Bess keep # 15

Id like to see us dump a lot of the 6th and 7th rd pick to move up in RD 3 for a NT

Wish we could get either Earl Thomas or Spillers with first pick. Doubt either will be there at 12. If not trade down and get a #2 from someone.

I seriously just made a cream pie!!!!!

No we need my name is Dan Williams (that way Starks can play DE all the time) Starks made a difference last year rushing the QB. That all stopped after he had to play NT. We need a NT that can start or even backup so Starks is not put in a position when he cannot get to the QB. Yes I know he played DE all year but his production dropped after he had to share time at NT.

Jimbo you are right on point with the Ginn assesment! I agree, let the guy retunr kicks, punts and let him strecth the field and you will see an 8td year from him!!

He's a playmaker not a #1 reciever. Now that we have our guy, he can FINALLY be let loose to be a Play maker!!!

Wheres NJphinfan and all his socalled expertise

I hereby declare the starting Offensive Lineup for the Fins

C- Grove
LG- Incognito
LT- Long
RG- Gardner
LG- Carey
QB- Henne
TE- Fasano
RB- Williams
FB- Polite
KR/PR- Ginn
WR 1- Marshall
WR 2 - Hartline
Slot- Bess
WR 3- Camarillo

Cleat guy-Pat White

You think Ricky will start over Ronnie?

I know hes coming off the foot injury but he should be 100% come fall

Ronnie will be dealt or injured in Training Camp

soulution for the rest of the offseason now that marshall wears teal and orange !!!

1) trade ted ginn to ravens for antwan barnes (olb pass rusher solved & barnes jus happened to sign his tender today hummmmm....coinsidence?!?!?)

2) somehow get o.j. atowge from the rams...FS solved

3) resign jason taylor (other olb pass rusher solved)

4) draft rolando mcclain with the 12th pick (have dansby crowder and mcclain all on the field on run downs ... LB run defensE solved)

5) draft best nose tackle available in 3rd round (jeff owens, cam thomas??)

6) fill all ther "needs" with our later picks in draft



On a side Note, what will JT's agent gonna do now??? LMAO

Defense starting lineup

NT- Solai
DE- Merling
DE- Starks
ILB- Dansby
ILB- Señor Clam Chowder
OLB- Wake
OLB- Draft Pick
CB- Davis
CB- Smith
SS- Bell
FS- Culver

Now if we can have a good draft and bring back Taylor, we have a legit chance. Not just the division, but the Big Game!


That Defense looks soft water boy, lets add my name is Earl Thomas to that lineup and NT that will contend with Solai.

I love how you will be working along side Pat White cleat guy and water boy lmao hahaha

every report has miami trying hard to move down, kc front runner for ginn

I'd posted this morning but for some reason it didn't post (don't think my lanuage was off)....

Great, great move by the 'Phins today. Very exciting!! Here's some of the spinoffs of this:

I believe this means the Broncos will pick Bryant ahead of us. They got rid of one playmaker/headache and now they need to replace him with another playmaker/headache.

No way the Dolphins pick Bryant if for some strange reason he doesn't get picked by the Broncos. Great to add a playmaker guys but let's not forget our defence was atrocious last year! Time to go back to the draft to help the defence.

I think this deal spells the end of Camarillo. His skills are too similar to Hartline, who is younger, more dynamic and more affordable. There is no market for Camarillo, so don't start saying 'let's trade him for a fifth' or whatever. No market!!

I think the trifecta will try to trade back in the draft to get another pick. I'm not convinced they will be able to do it.

I think Ronnie Brown will likely be traded for a second rounder. I think we will use that second round pick to draft his replacement. So I'm saying, defence in the first, running back in the second, and a NT/TE in the third and fourth. FS will be added through FA.

I believe, contrary to what Aramando says, that this will have a positive effect on JT returning to the team. We were going to take a WR in the draft and now we likely won't, plus we will have one less pick in the draft. Hence, bring JT back and use the pick somewhere else.

Kudos to BP and company for doing a great job in, number one decoying this move so well, and number two, realizing that there was a void on this team of this type of player. He/they went against their ways and bit the bullet. They also kept real quiet about this and didn't show their cards at any point, waiting instead until the price came down. So for all you guys that slam them (and there's a lot of you on here), that fellas is how you run a team.

Kudos also to Bobby and Bill and a few others for admitting their mistakes and for welcoming this guy to OUR team. You guys are TRUE fans, unlike many who do nothing but whine and complain. Time for some others on here to take a long look in the mirror and find out if you really are TRUE Dolphins fans.

And my apologies for such a long post. Exciting day and I had a lot to say...

Cheers guys!!

Trade Ginn. Having Marshall won't stop Ginn from dropping passes.

mel...you're a moron

Who wears number 15 now?

Where's NJ????????????

nj is drowning his sorrows.. or should I say digesting his crow. I have to admit I wanted this to happen but did not believe it.

bill.. where are you getting your info Ginn to chiefs?

Oh you can bet NJPhinFan is here reading these blogs. He just hasn't answered or posted yet until he figures out a way to man up...LMAO!

Again, my sources tell me Ginn and Smiley are likely to go to Seattle.


I would like my name is Earl Thomas to start from Game 1 but I think they give the nod to Culver initially. Same goes for the NT in RD 3.

and who would your sources be waterboy?

the kitchen sink is his source :)

My magic eight ball and a guy named Gupta from an online Indian betting site.

So it'll be Marshall, Camarillo and ...Ginn? Turner?...Hartline?...Bess?...or maybe even Bryant...Can't wait to see the shape it takes. Has Henne said anything? ...He has to be doing summersaults...LOL...

waterboy if you said a Chinese betting site I might believe you.

810 sports radio, kansas city

Sorry guys, I still think we go OLB in the first round. I like Thomas a lot but as things stand right now if we take Thomas and have no second round pick it means we can't address OLB until at leat the third round. I want to see a premier OLB earlier than that. Has to be!

Crow taste awful!I was wrong about Dansby and now Marshall what's next?Turner or White?

Will all make mistake NJ.....not a problem. It's OK to be wrong once in a while....

Really, you were wrong on Dansby too? I thought you might have gotten that one right.

Marshall hartline bess and maybe ginn??? I can deal with that

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