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The fallout from the Marshall trade (incl. contract)

First, I want to congratulate the Miami Dolphins for doing the dynamic thing, the difficult thing, the courageous thing in acquiring Brandon Marshall today. Only time will tell if it is the right thing but we'll get to that in a bit.

Marshall is scheduled to arrive in Fort Lauderdale this afternoon. The Dolphins finally announced the trade was made at approximately 11:22 a.m. They are saying the trade is for undisclosed draft picks. Those picks are a second-rounder this year and a second next year.

[Update: The Denver Broncos also confirmed the trade and confirmed the parameters. It is indeed for two second round picks, one in 2010 and one in 2011.]

"I'd like to welcome my new teammate to Miami," receiver Brian Hartline said on his twitter earlier.

This is on, its face, a big-time get for the Dolphins. Frankly, there is no second-round pick this year that would have brought the instant productivity that Marshall is going to bring. Did the Dolphins pay a steep price? Sure.

But Ferraris are expensive, folks.

You will learn just how expensive when Marshall agrees to the details of an already set five-year contract worth $50 million. Details of that deal are not yet available but I'm told they've been agreed to.

The basis for the contract talks that happened the last two days between Marshall's agent and the Dolphins was simple: Marshall wants to be the highest paid WR in the NFL. This contract probably accomplishes that.

[Update: Adam Shefter of ESPN.com reports the deal is a four-year extension added to the one-year restricted free agent tender Marshall signed Tuesday and includes $24 million in guaranteed money. The deal is indeed for five years and $50 million.]

Marshall is not a speed receiver and has averaged only 12.1 yards per catch over his career. But he is dependable, he forces defenses to account for him, and he is a huge target for young quarterback Chad Henne. He is a red zone nightmare to match up with. He opens things up for other receivers on the field.

In short, Marshall on the field does everything the Dolphins offense has lacked in a wide receiver for many, many years.

Does Marshall make the Dolphins the favorite to win the AFC East? No.

Remember the team still has significant and worriesome holes to fill at outside linebacker, nose tackle, free safety and left guard. Also remember the Broncos never made the playoffs despite having Marshall on their team the past four years.

So don't buy your tickets to Dallas, site of the next Super Bowl, just yet.

But this does give the Dolphins a chance to be competitive in a division where the Jets will have Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards, and the Patriots offense comes with Randy Moss. Do the Dolphins now go into games versus the Jets believing at least one of their WRs can get open against Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie?


This trade gives Fins Nation hope.

This trade will have a bigtime ripple effect on the Miami receiver corps -- you know, the one coach Tony Sparano said he was pleased with.

The Dolphins keep five wide receivers. And they now have 10 wide receivers on the roster. Somebody is going to go. Ted Ginn Jr. is on the trade block. He may have played his final game for the Dolphins. Second-year wideout Patrick Turner was billed as a Marshall clone at 6-5 and 220 pounds. But he has not produced and unless he has a very good training camp, he may never play a game for the Dolphins

Marshall is estatic with this trade, according to one former teammate. He wanted three things this offseason: He wanted to marry his fiancee, he wanted to sign a contract that paid him what he believed he's worth, and he wanted, if possible, to play closer to his home state of Florida.

Marshall was willing to live anywhere and play for anyone to accomplish the first two goals. He hit the jackpot in that the Dolphins wanted him and now he's coming back to Florida, a rich, married man.

This moves comes with responsibility. He must continue to produce at a high level. He's going to be paid like the best wide receiver in the NFL, the Dolphins expect him to play like it.

He also has to stay out of trouble. Marshall has a long record of arrests and run-ins with the law. There are multiple handfuls of domestic violence and other violence incidents and reports in which he was involved.

He has already been suspended by the NFL once for breaking the league's conduct policy. The next offense would bring him a four-game suspension or more.

In that regard, Marshall is a risk. He cannot be a great player if he's not on the field. He cannot be on the field if he's suspended or in some sort of trouble. So the risk exists.

But the rewards? The Dolphins are banking those will be fabulous.

[BLOG NOTE: I will be on here live starting at 1 p.m. for a live chat with you. Be here at 1 p.m. and we'll break this thing down.]


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Regular season schedule to be announced Tues. April 20th....I imagine we gonna have a few prime time games huh???

1) I applaud the effort. Thanks for taking the chance.
2) Make sure you have a lawyer on retainer 24/7
3) Do not room him with Richie Icognito.
4) This now upgrades us to 8-8 next season based on the wicked road opponents we have.
5) There is NO Number 5.
6) The Trifecta-umverate will address other holes in the Draft.
7) 2011. That's the year we will be true SB contenders. Of course, that will also be The Year Without a Santa Claus, er, Football.

camarillo much better than garbage ginn

Fred is right!

His post:
Great trade, terrible contract. As a Dolphin season ticket holder I know the cost of this contract will have to be paid by people like me. I am disgusted that this guy gets a contract like this, especially when us ticketholders are suffering in a recession.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/04/the-fallout-from-the-brandon-marshall-trade.html#ixzz0l6wnXq1j

Draft: Has anyone given the consideration to the possibility of the Dolphins selecting Joe Haden at 12.....before everyone flips out. What if Sean Smith Shifts to Safty-he is a big CB who at one point was being considered as a safty during the draft last year. So coonsider this Haden and Davis at CB and Smith at safty.

I Understand you guys in south Fla. acquired a guy by the name of Brandon Marshall??? Is this true??? Has he11 finally frozen???? What does NJ Phin fan say about the trade???

prime time games?? maybe one at best.

Everybody complained that Ginn was a great #2 receiver. Well now that Marshall is here why should we trade a great #2?

bobbyd, they were talking on the radio up here in DC, that since they got Donovan McNabb, they should have at least 3 nationally-televised games (for a 4-12 team). I think that's absolutely crazy. By that standard half our games should be nationally-televised. But I think realistically we should get 3-4. Our prime time games last year were probably some of the best games of the season (not for us, we didn't win them all), so the networks won't be scared off. If we don't have at least 3, then something's wrong with the NFL.

josephus | April 14, 2010 at 05:08 PM

Good one with triumvirate. been calling them that since they got here. Trifecta sounds effeminate.

I guess the re-building phase in Miami is officially over????

Sure they have holes but a team that no aspiration of winning later rather than sooner makes a move like this. They were under no pressure whatsoever to do it either. I'm still shocked.

Hypnotoad, I think we complained that Ginn isn't a #1 receiver and never will be (not that he would make a great #2). I'm with you, I think we should keep Ginn (he can at least return kicks) and see what he can do as maybe a #3 or part-time #2, but that's because I doubt we get anything for him. His speed makes him a threat, but as you've seen in the past, it's not that much of a threat. I won't cry if he leaves honestly (he's outstayed his welcome). But you're kidding yourself if you think he'll ever be great at anything but running quickly to the sidelines.

"The Dolphins waited to get their man and, in the final analysis, got a WR bettern thant the Ravens got in Boldin and better than the Jets got in either Holmes or Edwards. You don't win titles making panic, headline grabbing moves. You need to be smart and cautious. And then pounce when opportunity for real value knocks"
*TRUE that!! Shark .. your comment is straight on the head my friend! Just have to feel good about acquiring Marshall .. a long time in waiting for a receiver of his caliber!

So now we have a younger Moss(Marshall) to go deep along with Ginn, and two wrs to go int and short, Bess and Camarillo. The other WR's should pick up some pointers from Marshall as well by watching him daily. If their YAC can improve, Henne will look like Danny13Marino is back.

This crow tastes better than usual... its spicy!

Keep Ginn, Or trade him for a (2 & 3) or a (3 & 4)! Package (Camarillo and Smiley) for a 2 or 3; then rebuild the Defense.


As a Red Sox fan, I feel the same way as when the Sox got Manny Ramirez. You just thought there was no way in the world that would ever happen, then is does. Awesome!

I love this trade, that makes Bess and Hartline that much better and that much more open. If we can get trade value for Ginn I say make the trade but if not keep him as a deep threat and to do returns. Other than guard the offense is set. Now we just need to work on the D with our 9 picks and I see no reason why we aren't winning the division or at least a wild card position.


mrmjohnson, you're a Red Sox fan but not a Pats fan? How did that one come about?

YEAHHHHHH WE GOT MARSHALL! Okay got that out of the way. Good God now the wildcat do not have to carry this team but be a true scary weapon. We will a treat on third an long, we will have a answer when teams stack the line.

Several posts here have said it takes 3to 4 years for a WR to develop. If Ginn falls into that category , A 4 WR set with Marshall, Ginn, Bess, and either Camarillo or Hartline suddenly sounds pretty good. Especially with what will probably be one of the best O-Lines in the league. This trade just made virtually everyone on the offense..better.

The Dolphons are not going to draft Dez Bryant after trading for Marshall, get a clue. I do think, however that they should hold onto Ginn and rid of Turner a really Slooooowwwwwww size only version of Marshall

Great move. Now use Ginn for punt returns and put him in the rotation as the second WR and see if he can succeed with single coverage. I agree with the other writers who think Ginn has the chance to improve by working with a superior WR.

Wow ! what a great day to be a DOLFAN.. Big Tuna had me worried for a bit. And we still got thee draft to look forward to, the best receiver we ever had since the Marks bros. I wish the season started this weekend.. Jets n Pats gotta be hatin . GO DOLPHINS!!

Miami WILL be the odd team left out of the playoffs from the east. GO JETS!!!!!!

Think we should add one more receiver with pick 173.. Jordan Shipley Wes Welkers younger/Bigger brother.. Think this guy will be a steal like Wes was.. Also think he could replace one of the existing receivers and be another great weapon for the team..

Hey post by JETS you guys have improved your team on paper no doubt. We have improved our team as well. We have a much improved defensive coach calling the shots this season plus, we have a new Lb thats much better then what you faced last year.. We also have a huge catching machine that u havent had to deal with in the past..Point is, we beat you guys twice last season and you guys were way better then us on paper. With Marshall we could have won at least 3 of the games we lost. For a team with no passing game we still won some games so dont count us out just yet.. I think your worried about us thats the only reason your on this Blog.

Why not Santonio Holmes? Could have saved 2 second rounders (this year's draft is so deep that second is basically a first), would have only had to pay 700k, and could have gotten a one-year (albeit only 12 games) trial period to test out the character issues. Instead 2 high picks are gone, had to dish out 48 mil, and had to sign a guy with huge character problems to a long-term contract. This just seems very reactionary to the Jets deal for Santonio. The best part of this risk is that JT probably stays in a Dolphins uniform. Should have just picked Santonio up.

LOL, the trifecta sucks......lol, we can easily move around in the draft with this move. I could go on and on about how this helps us in ever way, but they real thing everyone is forgetting is that we have built our team thru the O and D lines when i comes to the draft (the stats say thats the right move) and will continue to do so.

PS- all the trading talking is easy to talk about, but has been proven hard to pull off in recent years

dolphins will trade their 12 pick and ronnie brown... move up the draft to get CJ spillers.......

the stars may have almost aligned. now no thigpen trade and we are almost gold. trust, if, god forbid henne was injured, we only have a injury gamble in penne, then there's stick boy white. tyler and marshall? please!

I love the trade as long as it doesn't blow up in our face, however that is the same risk if the dolphins had picked Bryant or some other unproven talent in the draft. Marshall has the experience and much more to give to a team willing to risk taking him.

From here I don't know if we lose Ginn and thus lose a playmaker on special teams or just pick a playmaker up in the draft and hopefully Turner will make a roster spot on the team, though even that looks doubtful now.

I love that we get a top notch WR and steal some thunder from the jets. Henne didn't only get a go-to-guy, He got arguably the best WR in the league and If Ricky and Ronnie can stay healthy our run game will be dominant because just the fact that Marshall is on the field will make the D think twice about stacking the box. I'm not sold on keeping Ginn like some of you guys however. Yes, Marshall will help open things up for Ginn, But Ginn will still be terrified to get hit and Marshall can't catch the balls or run routes for him. I think if we can a get a 4th for Ginn I say we take it. Maybe we can packege Ginn,Smiley and Thigpen for 2nd? I dont know. Getting Dansby and Marshall shows that the Trifecta realises that our time is now. The foundation is layed, now they are bringing in the players to take us to the next level. Man, Remember at the begining of the offseason when we had holes on top of holes to fill? Well, now we can finish off our roster with one more big draft with our only glaring needs at FS,OLB and NT(a TE wouldn't hurt though). We will be LOADED with young talent, and will be a contender for years to come. Things have not looked this good for Fins fans since the Marino days.

The best part of our pick is that you were ALL wrong, including me who said LB.

the worst part is we STILL have no OLB's...

Sorry JT

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