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Jets acquire Santonio Holmes: The fallout

This thing with the Jets adding players almost every week is starting to get a little irritating.

Rex Ryan's team is limited by the "Final Four Rule" that says they cannot add a free agent unless they lose a free agent and cannot pay that player more than the player they lost gets from his new team. And despite this limitation the Jets have added LaDanian Tomlinson, Antonio Cromartie and on Sunday night Santonio Holmes.

Cromartie and Holmes both came via trade, with Holmes being added for a modest fifth-round selection.

There is little doubt Holmes brings trouble with him. It is no secret league-wide that he will be suspended for four games in 2010 for violating the league's substance abuse policy. He also has some legal issues to clear up in connection with him allegedly throwing a glass at a women at an Orlando club.

But have you heard? He was also the Super Bowl MVP in 2008-09, and caught 79 passes for 1,248 yards with five TDs in 2009. When he's playing football, he's pretty darn good.

Obviously, the Dolphins must have been aware of Holmes being available and didn't pull the trigger. No, they don't have a fifth-round pick this year anyway, but they have three sixth-rounders and they have their fifth for next year. Obviously, it could be argued the Dolphins shy away from troubled players that are about to be suspended and this was no exception.

But the fact of the matter is Holmes will be suspended for four fewer games than the league suspension Miami's Jason Ferguson will serve for violating the league's performance enhancing drug policy. And the Dolphins re-signed Ferguson this year, knowing he was going to serve the 8-game term.

So what gives with the double standard?

A fifth-round pick is nothing. Statistics prove players selected in that round rarely factor much in the NFL and rarely play more than three years. (Spare me the Zach Thomas reminders. That was almost a generation ago.)

Miami's fifth rounders the past decade were John Nalbone and Chris Clemons in 2009, none in 2008, none in 2007, Manny Wright (supplemental) in 2006, Anthony Alabi in 2005, Tony Bua in 2004, J.R. Tolver in 2003, Omar Lowe and Sam Simmons in 2002, Shawn Draper in 2001 and Arturo Freeman in 2000. In other words, Nalbone and Clemons have to be golden for Miami to show anything for a decade of fifth round picks.

So if the Jets lose on this gamble for Holmes, what have they really lost? A fifth-round selection that probably wasn't long for the league anyway? It's a good gamble for them. And for others, I suspect.

There are interesting side notes to this trade that affect Miami:

The Steelers are now in the market for a wide receiver and their need probably extends early in the draft. They have the 18th overall selection in round one, and that could mean one fewer WR will be available to Miami when the Dolphins pick in round two. The Steelers also have the 20th pick in round two (52nd overall), meaning one less WR might be available to Miami in the third round.

In other words, Pittsburgh now-obvious need for a wide receiver could decrease the Dolphins' choices by one player after Miami's first pick.

Another interesting side note to this is whether the news of the Jets acquiring a weapon that could help their playoff cause would sway Jason Taylor with his pending decision about going to the New Yorkers or not.

Finally, the hope here is that Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland wake from their wide receiver slumber and realize it is a passing league. They need to find a star wide receiver, maybe even two, in this draft. Dez Bryant, Golden Tate and Demaryious Thomas are good places to start.

I hope they've done their homework and are ready to go hard after a receiver.

Everyone else is.

[Update: Holmes is flying to New York for a physical today. Am I the only one that is rooting he fails the physical because they find drugs in his system?]


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Love it Mando, love it

Im tired of hearing thoughs stinkin Wets upgrading their team, and the Trifecta still not doing anything.

I bet we don't get a big WR and instead stubbornly trudge along into the new NFL decade at 7 yds/offensive play.. I'll still watch every game so whatever :P

I'll say this: We've seen the Dolphins (with the trifecta) when they were active in FA two seasons ago, and they went 11-5, and we've seen them when they weren't, like last season, one that amounted to seven wins, nine losses.

This offseason, they've grabbed Karlos Dansby. Obviously, top three quality FA this offseason. But name me more. And it scares me that we can't, because the Jets certainly can.

Maybe it's time to look into TO.

What about A. Benn? He might be a little raw, but he's a playmaker.

I am really starting to get frustrated with the Dolphins. The Jets are making moves and creating a very good team while the Dolphins just sit around. Last time I checked, the Dolphins have 3 players that have been charged with a DUI and one suspended 8 games for substance abuse.

Forget about all of the no-trouble players BS and start to put together a FOOTBALL team (like the Jets are doing).

the jest are going all in for this season, man I hate this team

Interesting. When I think of 5th round success stories, I think of Tom Brady. But I get the point that it's a rare thing.

The Steelers are a much better run organization than the Jets, and frankly than the Dolphins. They punted Holmes and Porter out of town. And they keep getter good receivers (Burress and Holmes) and replacing them easily. Perhaps we can learn from their drafting techniques rather than the Jets' foolish trading style (which no team has won with, btw).

The Dolphins will find a WR. And are building a foundation of young players, which is what wins in the NFL.

The Jets are collecting a lot of has-beens and parole players. It will be fun watching them choke this year.

Get off your knees Parcells, you're blowing the game....

brandon u said exactly what im thinking

Nice article Armando!

shark how many dolphin games did u watch last year? i watched every game and im tired of hearing about building for the future.

if dez bryant goes passed us then the farther the other receivers will fall so dez could go to pittsburgh maybe arrelius

we where worried bay bay wasnt goin to be there in the second cuz the jets would pull the trigger on him first so it could be a good thing for us

the farhter dez falls the better it is for us

Like almost everyone I am frustrated too. The trifecta really needs to open their eyes and realize we need more talent!! All I keep hearing are rumors that we are about to part with our best players! Like WTF is that?? Wake up Miami I'm gunna b screaming at my tv all season long at this rate I know the draft is coming up but I could only see us passing on Dez at this point....I hope I'm wrong we need playmakers flat out

I have been saying it from day one DEZ is our guy it would explain why they have not moved on any WR thus far. I just hope they even consider moving up to ensure they get Dez alot of teams are after WR's especially now the Steelers being one to watch to try and move ahead of us.

dont leave us out of the loop for the brandon hunt

hopefully were more aggressive on draft day

Great post. Let's hope the Dolphins management get their head out of the sand and find some talented WR's.

We dont need a WR.

We have a lot of offensive firepower players on the rise:

Pat White
Pat Turner
John Nalboner
Joey Haynos

Dont forget all those 6th RD picks!! we will be plugging holes left and right.

In Tuna we Trust

Please trade Ted Ginn to the Steelers. Please

great article n this makes me think more and more that dez will be the pick at 12 given hes there n a report at PFT says the browns dont want him so that is one less team that dez goes to. come on parcells get ur act together n draft him and another wr like ford as a returner n fast slot guy!

Can we please wait till after the draft to blast 3-6 Mafia (Parcells & Ireland & Sparano).

They must have something planed, because there's no way we can compete in the AFC East with the team we have now.

Lets wait and see what happens and if things don't get WAY better then blast them.

We go through this every year. Other teams get really good players and we just sit around. Armando why? are we forced to sit and wait why are the dolphins just sitting around? Let's all remember the Ginn draft dissapointment.

It's getting ridiculous now. Who the hell are the Trifecta waiting for? How is it that a team in our own division can make all these moves with aims of improvement meanwhile the Phins plod along like we don't need anybody good. Nope sorry, the Trifecta says we're good over here and don't need to worry about the other teams. Such bullcrap!!!!


I was watching a WR and QB drill on TV that was held at FAU or FIU (I forget).

Point is Shipley from Texas won the competition. Bryant, Gilyard and other were there. He had a slow 40 time at the combine but he seems to play fast and has great hands.

In what round do you think he'll be picked?

The Fins could trade Bess since he's faster and same type of WR.

Dolphins management right now really sucks..

Wonder if their missing big -- expensively big - on several free agent bombs like Ernest Wilford, Gibril Wilson, etc. has them with zero confidence right now or is Ireland A) a stubborn fool, b) not working the way he should with Parcells..c) just stupid.

The Jets are going all out to win the SB,but the fact remains that they still have to play the games and have everyone on the same page,which is easier said than done.I won't be too surprised if JT signs with the Jets now.Beating the Jets twice this year will be even more rewarding.

Patience, Patience... folks. Yes, the Trifecta have pulled some blunders, Wilford, Green, etc. in free agency. The Pat White thing really disappoints me as well.
However, they inherited a team that was 1 and 15 and was getting worse every season. They have now made a lot of progress building a young strong foundation after just two years. Just look at the O and D lines of scrimage and compare it to three years ago. Receivers usually take about two to three years to break out, so who knows maybe we'll see that this year with our young guys ( Turner maybe). Maybe they'll take a receiver high this year, but there's no guarantee that rookie won't bust. Just look back at all the other first round receiver busts. I'd say more busts than gems over the past five years.
Nevertheless, the Trifecta are experts and they spend countless hours working to make the best decisions. Rely on that and not what the jets are doing for crying out loud. So, the jets are looking to take over Washington's role in trying to buy a championship with FA; well, just look at how that has worked out for the skins.
No thanks. Build your foundation through the draft and sparingly add FA when the right guy is there. We're getting there.

One thing to say..........bye bye Bill(Parcells) great carrer (2 rings with The Giants) Great football guy until you suffered brain damage.........please get help you are mentally unstable and a detriment to the phins. this will be YOUR LAST YEAR BUDDY ENJOY IT! Jeff.YOU TOO

Couldn't of said it better Mando. Seems like many fans of this blog are also fans of the 1990's method of winning football games (good defense, limited offense). But regardless of their opinions, the league HAS moved on. Even the Steelers throw more than run. If we don't hop on the bus, it might be too late, and all we'll have are those 4,5, 6th-round picks the Trifecta are trying to attain. By the way, what's the use of acquiring picks if you use them on Pat White? Just a question.

Here is an interesting point. DID or DID Rex call Tuna this past season crying to him for help????????????????????????

DID or DID the Tuna offer him the help??????

It seems that Rex is buying everyone and anyone that we all know is Great such as Holmes and some that were great BUT can STILL be great again.

I smell a rat and it smells like Tuna.

If he passess on Dez we may as well raise the white flag now as the pats or the Jets will want him.

if we landed holmes, we would have a michigan QB throwing to 3 ohio st players! (ginn and hartline being the others) i think henne put the stop to this trade because he didnt want hell to freeze over.....

while i would like to see us land a couple other defensive players (JT and vet DB would be a good start...), i am not stressing over what the wets are doing because if that offseason strategy worked, the redskins would have won the super bowl every year since snyder took the reins.

colts, steelers, giants, saints, even the f*ing patriots all won super bowls by drafting smart and having good coaching, not free agent moves...

mark my words, the biggest move the fins did this year is to bring in nolan for the DC job.

With everyone saying the steelers would most likely draft a WR in round 1, I highly doubt it. They still have huge question marks at CB. From the start, they were projecting to draft a CB, most likely Kyle Wilson, or maybe try earl thomas (if he is around) at CB).

They would most likely look towards WR in round 2, maybe Mike Williams? I doubt they wait till wait third round to address WR, but after round 2, everyone left are too much of a project.

"f we landed holmes, we would have a michigan QB throwing to 3 ohio st players! (ginn and hartline being the others) i think henne put the stop to this trade because he didnt want hell to freeze over....."


Know what? I'm a lifelong diehard Dolfan but I don't hate the Jets. What I do hate are Jets fans. They have some very good players some of which I wish the Dolphins had and now with all the bold moves they have been making the past couple of years and especially lately, I have become a big fan of the Jets front office


in your opinion, does this drop the value of B Marhsall? NO WAY a team gives up a #1 for him now. In your opinion, what is he worth? I would love to hear your thoughts on if you think the Trifecta would give up a #3 or even a #2 for Marshall

Parcells only does business with his family and former employees.

The Jets are improved, The Pats have a bounty of draft picks. Sounds (very) bad.

To quote Clam Chowder "Jets r the SuperBowl champs of spring training"

For Braylon Edwards, the move could be costly.

Edwards, like Holmes, is heading into a contract year. Adding Holmes will further divide up a relatively limited passing game pie, no matter how much Mark Sanchez improves.

More damning for Edwards is that Holmes is a similar player, but better. Sure, Edwards is more physical. But ultimately they are both vertical threats fighting for similar passes. Holmes has better hands and makes more plays after the catch.

Throw in Jerricho Cotchery and Dustin Keller to catch passes over the middle, and it's hard to see Edwards breaking 1,000 yards in 2010 for the second time in his career. 800 might be lucky.

There is also the matter of a possible long-term extension. The Jets can likely only afford to keep Holmes or Edwards. We think Holmes is the superior player, and now the Jets could play the two against each other for leverage.

Add it all up, and the chances of Edwards' modeling opportunities in NYC lasting past 2010 decreased last night.


Again, If Sanchito goes down, who is there backup QB?

At Least we got PigPen and strong armed Penne.....

Yeah I think we need to make a splash and give T.O. a 1 year Deal... Shoot we need some big name so we can win NOW. I'm all for building a future, but I am also all for winning now. A trade, a pick-up of some big name that shows me that the Dolphins are looking at the SuperBowl as their goal, not just the playoffs.

Please don't crucify me for saying this, as I am a huge dolphins fan, dating back to the marino & parmalee days, but

The jets and pats are stronger teams than us. Anyone who says the jets are buyin any old has-beens to fill their rosters have to say the same about the Pats... look who the pats got past the age 30 ... Seau, harrison, fred taylor. They get these old guys, so they do not have to fill them with rookies. If noone that they really want is on the board, they trade that pick for a better pick in the next draft. That is how they seem to always have 5-6 picks within the first 2-3 rounds.

Sorry to say this, but the trifecta isn't doing anywhere as good a job as the pats or jets front office.

As much as I don't like Dez Bryant's off the field stuff, I think we gotta take him if he is available at #12.

If not, I think we gotta go with Golden Tate if he is still there for our second pick.

Or...Brandon Marshall would be nice.

PS-The Jets have apparently decided to move "All-In" for the 2010 season.

31 other teams passed on Santonio Holmes trade - why is everyone singling out Parcells at fault? Nobody likes a back seat driver. 2 years ago we won the division - last year, playing the toughest NFL schedule we were in it right until the final week. Who cares what the Jets do.

I have a new blog post about long snappers and tea LEAFS.

why do the dolphins sit around and take their time. while teams like the jets go for it it's simple it's your fault delusional dolfans. when 50,000 of the other team fans are at every home game at sun life stadium. 2/3 of the fans at the games are for the visiting team. the other 1/3 absurdly is of dolfans. you passive wussies start demanding instead of wishing then maybe mr.ross will start putting pressure on parcells. you people are too damn passive as sports fans like rosenberg says about you fans in s.florida. BANDWAGON FANS to be honest with you you guys all suck period as a fanbase !!!!

... Oh and JT is closeR to done deal. Really. No, for real.

Three days ago it was close. Now it is closeR. Tomorrow we will report it will be closeR STILL.

Im an 16 year old boy from la and I read ths blog every single day,but this is what I think dolphins should do, trade #12 pick too dallas for there #27 pick,#53 pick,(I think,if im wrong about that 2nd pick for dallas,my bad) the trade the #27 pick for brandon marshall & a 3rd round pick

Wow, people are impatient. We haven't traded everyone on the team yet for the 1st through 10th pick in the draft. Oh no, season's over already. Jets have chosen an approach, it's wrong but makes lots of noise and attracts the "look, a shiny object!" crowd. Parcells is using his approach, why would he change now.

Lets concede that LT over Thomas Jones was a bad move. The rest show us a team that is trying to get better. The Dolphins? We lie to ourselves and say we are "quite pleased" with a bunch of fifth-raters, several of who are terrifically playing well above their talent levels (Camarillo, Bess) and many of who play to their talent level (e.g. Fasano).

That is probably the reason that a Parcells team hasn't won a playoff game since the year this year's graduating 8th graders were born! And if he keeps on judging talent for competing in the NFL of the year he last won a Super Bowl (1990) we are very screwed.


Dear Mr. Salguero

So I have been reading peoples posts and I get the feeling that the Jets have already won.

So I went through my trailer to see if any of my TV's had bullet holes in them....nope not a one had been disabled.

Usualy my TV's get shot when when there's a fumble, interception, dropped pass and so on and so forth.

Also my attorney usualy calls on monday mornings after a Dolphin loss to see if I need assistance.

I've been known to get hammered....hell one time I got so drunk I awoke on Pricemasters couch.

I've also lost track of time...day or two at the most but did I black out the entire Dolphins season ?

Just wondering

Soiled :)

Holmes has been suspended for the first 4 games. Maybe it was his character that came into play as to why the trifecta wasn't interested. The guy has already been suspended for the weed pipe once, and tested positive another time. We already have our resident hippie on this team, I don't think the trifecta want's to build a commune.

So what kind of team do you want the Fins to be like. A world class organization like the Steelers or a non-championship team like the Jets?

The Dolphins coaches and Manangement are playing checkers in a chess game..You build to beat teams in your division and even before the draft the Jets have solidified their offense at the skill positions...speed at wr te and rb and decent depth....they are free to draft what ever they want now...mean while Parcells and his "do boys" are sitting on their hands doing background checks trying not to pick up so called bad players. Holmes would have solved a need...he is a chunk player..imagine holmes plus resigning JT..then we could really trade down and get more players..losing nate jones to fa is gonna hurt..we dont have depth at cb...we need a free safety and we overpayed dasby...how are u gonna give the biggest LB contract in the league to a player with ZERO probowls..they are creating holes instead of plugging them

The Dolphins aren't going after Brandon Marshall and they're not going to take Dez Bryant. We are stupid if we dream that dream.

They will pick a defensive player in the first round. And then maybe take a WR in the second round. That receiver will take two or three years to develop.

That is the way Bill Parcells operates and he doesn't give a crap what we think. He'll be long gone before the players he drafted get good. That is his history and history is repeating.

I'm not saying its good or bad. It just is. Accept it or don't.

I'm sorry, how many Super Bowl appearances have the jets had in the last 40 years?

And lets not forget the Patriots passed on Holmes as well...its not like they couldn't use another WR; I think that in itself says a lot about Holmes.

I'm still on board with Parcell's and company and think that they are nailing this teams design as intended.

I agree they have made some bad decisions but I also believe that the goods out weigh the bad.

The draft is in coming up and I coundn't be any more excited...go PHINS

swedish, you're wrong, PERIOD!

Didn't the reigning superbowl winners TRADE or SIGN Brees AND Shockey AND Vilma AND Ellis, and Sharper?


To add to my previous post...our issue IS defense.... how many games did we give up 20+ points?

Too many times we lost games where we scored 20+ points, the issue is D and I'm glad they have parted ways with the majority of tards that made up our D last year. JT and Porter included

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