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Jets acquire Santonio Holmes: The fallout

This thing with the Jets adding players almost every week is starting to get a little irritating.

Rex Ryan's team is limited by the "Final Four Rule" that says they cannot add a free agent unless they lose a free agent and cannot pay that player more than the player they lost gets from his new team. And despite this limitation the Jets have added LaDanian Tomlinson, Antonio Cromartie and on Sunday night Santonio Holmes.

Cromartie and Holmes both came via trade, with Holmes being added for a modest fifth-round selection.

There is little doubt Holmes brings trouble with him. It is no secret league-wide that he will be suspended for four games in 2010 for violating the league's substance abuse policy. He also has some legal issues to clear up in connection with him allegedly throwing a glass at a women at an Orlando club.

But have you heard? He was also the Super Bowl MVP in 2008-09, and caught 79 passes for 1,248 yards with five TDs in 2009. When he's playing football, he's pretty darn good.

Obviously, the Dolphins must have been aware of Holmes being available and didn't pull the trigger. No, they don't have a fifth-round pick this year anyway, but they have three sixth-rounders and they have their fifth for next year. Obviously, it could be argued the Dolphins shy away from troubled players that are about to be suspended and this was no exception.

But the fact of the matter is Holmes will be suspended for four fewer games than the league suspension Miami's Jason Ferguson will serve for violating the league's performance enhancing drug policy. And the Dolphins re-signed Ferguson this year, knowing he was going to serve the 8-game term.

So what gives with the double standard?

A fifth-round pick is nothing. Statistics prove players selected in that round rarely factor much in the NFL and rarely play more than three years. (Spare me the Zach Thomas reminders. That was almost a generation ago.)

Miami's fifth rounders the past decade were John Nalbone and Chris Clemons in 2009, none in 2008, none in 2007, Manny Wright (supplemental) in 2006, Anthony Alabi in 2005, Tony Bua in 2004, J.R. Tolver in 2003, Omar Lowe and Sam Simmons in 2002, Shawn Draper in 2001 and Arturo Freeman in 2000. In other words, Nalbone and Clemons have to be golden for Miami to show anything for a decade of fifth round picks.

So if the Jets lose on this gamble for Holmes, what have they really lost? A fifth-round selection that probably wasn't long for the league anyway? It's a good gamble for them. And for others, I suspect.

There are interesting side notes to this trade that affect Miami:

The Steelers are now in the market for a wide receiver and their need probably extends early in the draft. They have the 18th overall selection in round one, and that could mean one fewer WR will be available to Miami when the Dolphins pick in round two. The Steelers also have the 20th pick in round two (52nd overall), meaning one less WR might be available to Miami in the third round.

In other words, Pittsburgh now-obvious need for a wide receiver could decrease the Dolphins' choices by one player after Miami's first pick.

Another interesting side note to this is whether the news of the Jets acquiring a weapon that could help their playoff cause would sway Jason Taylor with his pending decision about going to the New Yorkers or not.

Finally, the hope here is that Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland wake from their wide receiver slumber and realize it is a passing league. They need to find a star wide receiver, maybe even two, in this draft. Dez Bryant, Golden Tate and Demaryious Thomas are good places to start.

I hope they've done their homework and are ready to go hard after a receiver.

Everyone else is.

[Update: Holmes is flying to New York for a physical today. Am I the only one that is rooting he fails the physical because they find drugs in his system?]


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WOW...it just keeps getting worse.

The tuna sits by and watches the jets get Cromartie (pro bowl caliber corner) Holmes (super bowl mvp) and if he keeps being stupid JT will sign with the jets, he doesnt go after Boldin, Doesnt go after Marshall, wont sign T.O. (as much as i dislike him hes head and shoulders better than any WR we have)

I was on the Tuna bandwagon but not anymore, hes proven to me hes to stubborn and arrogant to make the right moves and thinks all his draft picks hes chosen are golden.....WAKE UP TUNA YOUR STARTING TO STINK!!!

All these moves the Jets make look good on the surface in Apri, but wait until Holmes has another incident in October or Cromartie makes another bone head decision that cost his team. Point is the Jets are taking star players that other teams couldn't wait to get rid of. There is a reason these guys were available. The Dolphins are getting better each year and developing their own talent.

If one of the top 2 WRs is not on the board in Round 2, the Phins will go to plan B and trade for Brandon M. They know what they are doing. The Jets are only interested in big names and media drama.

too bad we couldnt of traded him for Santonio Holmes and a 5th. Then drafted Spiller in the 1st and Mt. Cody in the 2nd
The Jets sure are trying to improve. I dont know if its been good move or the 2nd coming of Dan Snider and the Skins but S holmes for a 5th is kinda crazy

STILL.......... Sign T...... O.... for one year now... PLEASE

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Zack Attack.
How right you are. The Jets have and will always be The Giants little bit*h. Somebody said it here the other day, Jets fans are Giants fans that couldn't get tickets! They were right on the money. With the new stadium, the jets are trying to field a team that will try and steal some of that Giant thunder. Good luck. The Jets are a second rate franchise, in a first rate city. Always have been, always will be.

Our offense is one great WR away from having a really good offense... Our defense is more than one really good player away from having a great defense... Go WR in first round or get TO or Marshall and let the rest of draft concentrate on filling holes in the Defense... I'd rather have atleast a really good offense rather than a subpar offense AND defense.

You guys who think parcels has done a bad job are freaking idiots. In one year he made this team a playoff contender. Even with all our injuries we were contending for a playoff spot, just didn't get lucky like the jets did. Jets can spend all that money and still may not be better than us. Hell there is a question that thy were not better than us last year.

I would much rather have Mike Nolan drawing up the plans than Paul P to combat these clowns...say what you want about the Trifecta, I'm withholding my judgement until after the draft (it wouldn't be great right now), but let's give Nolan some room to make it happen!


Always so negative RE receiver pics...

I imagine the Steelers feel like, after dealing Holmes, they are one big play WR from contending for a Superbowl shot!! They have HineS Ward to mentor a young WR. Rather than the Steelers being able to grab receivers prior to the Fins picks in 2nd and 3rd. I think the Steelers, with the 18th pick, are now the obvious trading partner for the Fins to trade down with, if Bryant is available at 12????

That would be a great move for the Fins if they could pull it off.

Are there any good GM's available in the upcoming draft? Maybe we could trade Parcells and move up to snatch one.

I have an interesting suggestion for a trade option.

If Dez Bryant is on the board at 12, we trade that pick to the Cowboys and a 3rd rounder for the Cowboys first round pick and Miles Austin. (Rumor was out there for this trade). Then with the 1st rounder we swapped with the Cowboys, we send it to Denver for Brandon Marshall.

Can you imagine, Marshall and Austin???
2 Stud # 1 receivers for a 1st and a third.

I should be GM.

Then Defense the rest of the draft, maybe a TE somewhere in there. Henne would be all PRO.

I've been known to get hammered....hell one time I got so drunk I awoke on Pricemasters couch.

I've also lost track of time...day or two at the most but did I black out the entire Dolphins season ?

Just wondering

Soiled :)

Posted by: SoiledBottom | April 12, 2010 at 12:10 PM

another great post by soiled............

The Jets are a worse team than last year. Use your brain people. T jones or LT. Ill take T Jones 1400 yds last year. Cromartie so freaking what. The locker room divided because of T jones not resigned. Now S Holmes one strike away from 1 year suspension. What if he lights one up in midseason? Gone. I trust Parcells and company. We will destroy the Jets this year and for many years after. You can't build a team because of what the Jets do. As Jimmy Johnson would say Pleeeeeeease!

Stay the course and build through the draft is the best way to go. Short term the Jets will field a better team, but long term this slow steady approach will yield a stronger team that will be able to compete for championships for many years to come. The race is not to the swift...

You're tired of watching the Jets improve while we do nothing? We signed the best FA (Dansby) and tried to get Rolle & Clark. What exactly have the Jets done?

1) Downgraded at TB, cutting Thomas Jones and replacing him with OLD LT.

2) Cut two average corners, then traded for Cromartie, who had three times as many illegitimate children as he did INTs last year.

3) Traded for a talented thug WR who will be suspended at the start of the season. Do you really believe that he'll keep his nose clean in NYC?

4) Signed a couple of bad kickers.

The Jets are crap.

If the Dolphins had traded for Santonio Holmes all you would hear about is how they went for another bad character guy who is suspended for 4 games and what a bad move it was and how they should have gone after Brandon Marshall or drafted a receiver instead... there is no winning with some of you crybabies

Lets all hope we never wake up on Pricemaster's couch!

Good call carlito! The sky is falling the sky is falling!


Didn't this guy used to sell drugs nearby and already get suspended four games this season? That is NOT the kind of guy you want coming back "home." Can you imagine him on his off days? Ridiculous

Not to mention his next suspension will be for a year...which WILL happen. The dude loves to puff, has said so on many occassions, even tweated that he was going to "wake and bake."

NOT the guy you want on your team.

Why can't you people see they are BUILDING a team?

I swear, some of you are worse than Broncos fans.

Post of the day nominee

"If the Dolphins had traded for Santonio Holmes all you would hear about is how they went for another bad character guy who is suspended for 4 games and what a bad move it was and how they should have gone after Brandon Marshall or drafted a receiver instead... there is no winning with some of you crybabies"

The Brass Monkey hit it on the head with that post.........

the jets are a team trying to win..the phins, I have no idea what our management thinks the object of the game is.

BTW, everyone should know by now that bobbyd12 has such a hard on for Parcells because he grew up a GIANTS fans, back when Parcells actually did something. Think about all the teams that he inheireted a good WR(Keysahwn), or got overruled (TO). Those were pro bowl WR's and those teams would not have been nearly as succesful without them! Parcells sucks...THE END

Most you are in "panick mode". This only means Davis and Smith really have to step up thier cb game. Also Mike Nolan's "attacking style" defense.

I would only be in panick mode if we were still playing Pasqualoni's "laid back , hit us in the mouth, then react" cotton candy defense.

Jets are notorious for shooting themselves in the foot no matter the talent level. By season's end we may all be saying, "the same 'ole damned Jets!"

Not to mention Santonio Holmes does not fit the physical attributes of the receiver the Dolphins need... Another WR under 6'0 is not the answer.... The Jets got a good deal, but it doesn't really bother me...

The guy will be suspended for 4 games and there is no guarantee he will not pull some other bone head maneuver and be suspended the whole season...

I would not want this guy on the team

Thank you waterboy... I think...

You guys also need to remember Mark Sanchez, not Peyton Manning is the Jets qb.

Waterboy's options to improve pass attack. In order of preference

1) Draft an elite pass catching TE in RD 2 or 3, dump Haynos

2) Stay the course, with fewer injuries and a better defense, maybe try to go for the Wildcard spot.

3) Draft best receiver in the draft: Dez Bryant

4) Sign up Vet: TO, Coles only if you have traded a current starter (ginn, camarillo or bess)

5) Draft 2nd Tier WR : Bay Bay, Golden Boy Tate

6) Make a trade for elite TE NFL Starter.

7) Trade for Marshall

8) Take 3 WR in RD 6 and 1 in RD 7 and see if one sticks.

Only thing that concerns me about the Jets is most likely Ryan may take Jerry Hughes with thier 29th pick. That can be scary with the pass rush they already have.

Just wait till Holmes meets up with Burress for a good reunion in NYC!

Again, our division rivals require us to address the FS as the most important cog of the team.

Either Earl Thomas or Sign up Superbowl Champ Sharper.

Any other scrub will cost us games a la gebril.

Hey Armando looks as if though you and most in here have already declared the Jets "paper champions!"

The Jets dont have a true elite pass rushers,
they just send safeties to the box because they have Revis to lockdown a WR. But we have the antidote = Ted Ginn

I now declare the Jets as 2010 unsisputed "super chump" favorites!

The Trifecta is certainly getting their butts kicked this offseason.

Jets are making splashes before their great plunge into last place of the division!

Its true the Jets are the Pre-Draft Super Bowl Champions, which beats last year's record of OTA Super Bowl Champions

Obviously the trifecta must be afraid of guys with character issues..oh wait..we have Will Allen, Ronnie Brown, and Tony McDaniel well if they don't find a way to pull a draft day trade for Brandon Marshall its going to get ugly in South Fl. because as of now we don't have a FS and this is a passing league..and last time i checked we are not a good passing team

we wont go offense with 1st round pick, with the abilty to pick a top notch pass rusher, However, i think the jets have pushed our hand in going after Marshall.

If we gen get a deal like washington, trade our 2nd and a future 3rd, YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN

I'm here guys and I will answer some of the questions and comments directed at me.

Waterboy I see you get it, Jet are only masters of implosion.

Cowboys wasted alot of money paying experts to bring down the old stadium when they could have sent over a couple Jets over to do the job much cheaper.

"[Update: Holmes is flying to New York for a physical today. Am I the only one that is rooting he fails the physical because they find drugs in his system?]"

We can finally agree on something lol.

Lets look at this way Armando...the Jets lose another draft pick for a player that will be not able to play for at least 4 weeks...perhaps more...so do we blame the Dolphins for not going after him? Another thought, just how much does Bryant fall into the steelers plans? Has he visited them...do they like him? To move up from 18 to 12 would cost them a third and a fifth rounder...could that 5th rounder be part payment...if so, the Jets have helped the Dolphins more than we may know. I believe there will be more trades this draft than usual...because teams will have time in between rounds to think.

Dying, I haven't declared the Jets anything. What I did declare is that them stockpiling talent is bothersome to me. "Irritating," I believe I wrote.

Mando -

you still against trading for proven talent in Marshall and giving Dez Bryant a chance to proove his behavior and skill are worthy of #12 overall?

If Miami trades down, who do you foresee them taking?


Why the big fuss over the Jets when historically they've only proven themselves to be masters of implosion no matter thier talent level?

Why should 2010 be any different?

hey mando does this gaurantee that if bryant is there miami will take him? chris mortensen said on on the clock that the organization is looking at getting an alpha dog reciver dez is that if hes there n they dont take him it will be a cam cameron and tedd ginn family type of booing! but quinn wasnt woth it though!

Image, I am against the Brandon Marshall idea because of the cost. I am FOR Dez Bryant or Golden Tate or somebody to help the WR corps.

Armando, which of my 8 option plan to improve the pass attack do you prefer?

Armandito do you think Parcells has done a good job with this team? I think he lucked into Pennington and Romo, without them he's in trouble.

fishey, NFL teams act like fifth round picks are really important. The statistics prove quite the opposite. Fifth round picks work out about 20 percent of the time.


Whats up buddy? Any news on the Smiley trade? Possible destinations or compensation?

Dez the Dolphin? Could it be? I think so....

Thanks for the response Mando -

Are you getting any feeling on any surprising moves coming out of south Florida prior to the draft?


WHy wouldnt JT just wait until after the draft to see if MIami resigns him? IF the Jets want him so bad they will want him after the draft as well. I still dont get Miami dragging their heels on it but I dont get alot of what the Trifecta does.

You guys are forgetting the Tuna drafted Henne in the second rd and finally found a decent QB after a decade of playing the QB roulette here in Miami

Eric, I think this regime has done a good job with the Dolphins. I don't think they've done an excellent job so far.

Good. Not great. Not terrible.

Uhhh Parcells drafted Pennington, thats not really "lucking in to him"

carlito i agree with u dez should be our guy if not begin the parcells firing chants!

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