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Jets acquire Santonio Holmes: The fallout

This thing with the Jets adding players almost every week is starting to get a little irritating.

Rex Ryan's team is limited by the "Final Four Rule" that says they cannot add a free agent unless they lose a free agent and cannot pay that player more than the player they lost gets from his new team. And despite this limitation the Jets have added LaDanian Tomlinson, Antonio Cromartie and on Sunday night Santonio Holmes.

Cromartie and Holmes both came via trade, with Holmes being added for a modest fifth-round selection.

There is little doubt Holmes brings trouble with him. It is no secret league-wide that he will be suspended for four games in 2010 for violating the league's substance abuse policy. He also has some legal issues to clear up in connection with him allegedly throwing a glass at a women at an Orlando club.

But have you heard? He was also the Super Bowl MVP in 2008-09, and caught 79 passes for 1,248 yards with five TDs in 2009. When he's playing football, he's pretty darn good.

Obviously, the Dolphins must have been aware of Holmes being available and didn't pull the trigger. No, they don't have a fifth-round pick this year anyway, but they have three sixth-rounders and they have their fifth for next year. Obviously, it could be argued the Dolphins shy away from troubled players that are about to be suspended and this was no exception.

But the fact of the matter is Holmes will be suspended for four fewer games than the league suspension Miami's Jason Ferguson will serve for violating the league's performance enhancing drug policy. And the Dolphins re-signed Ferguson this year, knowing he was going to serve the 8-game term.

So what gives with the double standard?

A fifth-round pick is nothing. Statistics prove players selected in that round rarely factor much in the NFL and rarely play more than three years. (Spare me the Zach Thomas reminders. That was almost a generation ago.)

Miami's fifth rounders the past decade were John Nalbone and Chris Clemons in 2009, none in 2008, none in 2007, Manny Wright (supplemental) in 2006, Anthony Alabi in 2005, Tony Bua in 2004, J.R. Tolver in 2003, Omar Lowe and Sam Simmons in 2002, Shawn Draper in 2001 and Arturo Freeman in 2000. In other words, Nalbone and Clemons have to be golden for Miami to show anything for a decade of fifth round picks.

So if the Jets lose on this gamble for Holmes, what have they really lost? A fifth-round selection that probably wasn't long for the league anyway? It's a good gamble for them. And for others, I suspect.

There are interesting side notes to this trade that affect Miami:

The Steelers are now in the market for a wide receiver and their need probably extends early in the draft. They have the 18th overall selection in round one, and that could mean one fewer WR will be available to Miami when the Dolphins pick in round two. The Steelers also have the 20th pick in round two (52nd overall), meaning one less WR might be available to Miami in the third round.

In other words, Pittsburgh now-obvious need for a wide receiver could decrease the Dolphins' choices by one player after Miami's first pick.

Another interesting side note to this is whether the news of the Jets acquiring a weapon that could help their playoff cause would sway Jason Taylor with his pending decision about going to the New Yorkers or not.

Finally, the hope here is that Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland wake from their wide receiver slumber and realize it is a passing league. They need to find a star wide receiver, maybe even two, in this draft. Dez Bryant, Golden Tate and Demaryious Thomas are good places to start.

I hope they've done their homework and are ready to go hard after a receiver.

Everyone else is.

[Update: Holmes is flying to New York for a physical today. Am I the only one that is rooting he fails the physical because they find drugs in his system?]


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With Dez and let's say a defensive player int he 2nd in the mix, do you think the Fins can contend for the AFC East?

Robert, I don't think there are any guarantees. What if Dez Bryant gets picked before the Dolphins select?

1. Jason Ferguson is suspended for using Performance enhancers so he can get back on the field and play.

2. Santonio Holmes is suspended because he likes to smoke weed. Next time he is caught he will be suspended for a year.

See the difference? Everything is not black and white Mando. What is you intentions? Fergie's was to heal fast and get back to play. Holmes intentions are to get high. Meaning he loves weed more than football. He knows he will be tested, yet he chooses to smoke anyway. Trading draft picks for drug users has not brought any championships to Miami... No wonder he thinks so much of Ted Ginn Jr.... HE WAS HIGH!!!!!!

if he gets picked before then he is gone in my scenario im saying if hes there my friend! hey i want everyone here to follow me on twitter including u mando!

Armando, what do you think of Vicent Jackson being on the trade block. Does he fit the Tuna Prototype?

Nice article. Wake up, all of the NFL players have questionable off the field problems, who cares? Meanwhile, your nemesis is being aggressive and will go down swinging. Most of us on this site are Season Tix holder, or at least subscribe to Sunday Ticket (ain't cheap) to watch you win TODAY not 3 years from now. Cut the cost of tix by 1/3 if you are building for the future. This is symptomatic of the Fins for years and years, not aggressive off or on the field.

Dying, what Jets history are you talking about? The 1970s and 80s?

I don't give a crap about those years. The Dolphins aren't going to play those teams.

They're playing a team that has a nucleus of a team that went to the AFC title game last year and has added some good, albeit troubled, players. That is what worries me.


PHINSPHAN1013 is my name so follow me every1

Do you think drafting Dez is a better move that getting a top NT, FS or OLB in round 1? Seems to me, those positions are bigger weaknesses than the wr, even if the lack of a playmaking wr is an issue.

why even play the season. You should Just give the Jets the superbowl trophy Mando


Smiley trade?

We should like I suggested before trade up now and get DEZ we need a weapon that stretches the field. If this draft is so DEEP in Defensive talent then we can afford to use our first on a "ALPHA" WR that we desperately need.

but dez is an alpha dog reciever mike mayock who is the best says he is better than calvin johnson but not speed wise n reminds him of andre johnson look at houston on how they kill us PHINSPHAN1013 follow me on twitter! im mandos best friend lol!

Waterboy, I love Vincent Jackson. But I don't know for a fact he's on the trade block. And if he is, he won't come cheap.

Let me ask you a question: Was that you ripping me about my Jason Taylor column on another website last week?


Even though he's from Division II, I think Joique Bell will be far and away the best rb to come from this draft. His fourty time sucked at the combine, so did Walter Payton, who also by the way was a Divison II phenom.

Still I believe he maybe the greatest steal of the entire draft, where most mocks have him 5th rd. I believe consecutive 2000yd rushing seasons are phenominal on any level.

What's the rap against him besides average fourty time?

You're echoing the fans' sentiments; We're all extremely frustrated here. Unfortunately we don't have a voice to be heard. We can complaing till we're blue in the face, but to no avail.
It has become apparent that the dolphins need to make a major statement on offense to compete with the Jets. To me it's either DEZ BRYANT or CJ SPILLER. Those are the two most electrifying players in the draft, period. We have to take whoever's available at 12.
Other than that, we can kiss the season goodbye again with the marginal talent we have on offense.
Thanks again Armando.

Marcus, you are smarter than me if you can get into the heart and mind of Santonio Holmes and know what he's thinking and feeling.

All I know is Ferg will be out eight games and is getting $1.65 million from Miami this year at 36 years old.

Holmes will be out four games and at 26 years old is costing the Jets $755,000 plus a fifth-round draft pick.

You tell me which is the better deal.

10 days till draft hey mando where will u be draft day sun life stadium? or at ur house ? follow me on twitter PHINSPHAN1013

Mando -

do you usually see eye to eye with Jeff Darlington on the Fins or do you miss Jason Coles?


ANy chance JT waits until after the draft to see how things pan out with Miami?

Armando...how many first round bust's have there been? We know of two, at least. The value lost of being wrong with a first rounder is far more than any other round selection...both in cost and time. I'm concerned that you believe that a player that has proven himself on the field isn't worth his salary but a rookie drafted is? If the Dolphins select Bryant with the 12th pick, it will cost them appx 5 mil a season...so why is it not a better investment to pay a proven receiver 8 mil? Could not the Dolphins place conditions on a contract to a player like Marshall...so if he produces and stay's out of trouble it helps both sides?

Dandolfan, JT might still wait until after the draft to make a decision. No one has said he will not.

But your other assumption about the Jets is wrong. You say they will still offer him a contract after the draft. Well, what if they draft an OLB? Maybe then they won't want JT. So he has to think about that because right now it's his only opportunity.

mando if i bash u will u follow me on twitter??

Armando - Are you planning a live blog during the draft? At least until the Fins pick in the 1st round or will you be too busy with coverage?

I thought I ripped you here, with regards to a column about 10 days ago, one about some draft guys coming for a visit.
I post on the SS and PBP but I dont recall calling you on anything in particular.

Speaking of last season:

Armando I know you remember the Jets wouldnt have even been in the playoffs if the Colts hadnt decided to "rest" thier starters. So for all the talent they had last season they only backed thier way into the playoff and were "swept" by a lesser 7-9 Dolphin team. Those are the historical type of implosions I speak of.

Hadnt the Colts decided to pull thier starters you would now be agreeing with me at least 99%, lol.

The whole Jason Taylor stuff is sickening... Ok.. He has done alot for Miami... God Bless him... Regime wants to see what happens in the draft before looking to him as a starter this year... Fine. Because they are being patient... We got the media with fire and pitch forks.... Its stupid. Just last year they played two rookies at corner, it was tough but it worked out in the end. Going into the season with two young OLBs can work too. And we will be better off for it.

Que pasa Carlito?

No word on Smiley. I think something will happen by draft Friday or Saturday.

Dez? I hope, but as I just said, no guarantees. He might not be there, especially if Denver trade Marshall to Seattle.


Parcells got lucky that the Jets cut Pennington otherwise no playoffs for us.

Armando, I dont think the fins will have to pay Fergie for the 8 games he is suspended...
Isnt there a chance for an appeal or this a done deal?

but denver is getting rid of a guy with characters n diva attitude n besides mcdaniels thinks hes bill belichek and he hes not even close hes a JV belicheck dez to fins im starting the campaign follow me in twitter PHINSPHAN1013

JOe, I think the Dolphins will contend in the AFC East. They contended last year -- beat the Jets twice and beat NE once.

I have much faith in the Miami coaching staff.

But the personnel dept. has to do a better job to make sure the coaching staff isn't always trying to make chicken salad out of chicken *&(%$@-.

What's the matter Mando,

Did I hit a nerve ?


Do you think Ricky is done after this year or does he re up like he has done the past two years with a 1 year extension?

at the begining i thought we never could get dez but since the suspension i want him now more than ever lets get him miami so jim mandich can say awwwright miami!

Mando - "But the personnel dept. has to do a better job to make sure the coaching staff isn't always trying to make chicken salad out of chicken *&(%$@-."

Isn't that Parcell's main job?


Todo tranquilo... thanks for the response... I like Dez Bryant and I am rooting for the kid, but I will not be destroyed if he is not the pick. There are so many holes on defense that I would be happy with Earl Thomas or Dan Williams as well... The interesting part about that is, Tuna has never selected any of those 3 positions in the first round

Mando do you really think JT can't find another team to give him 3.5 million over 2 years after the draft? He has nothing to lose by waiting. Signing with the Jets will ruin his legacy in Miami and is a slap in the face of Miami fans

*&(%$@-. translation dez to miami a done deal in alien lingo lol! maybe jeff ireland understands this!


GLH, I don't care where the Dolphins find their WR. All I care is that they find the guy.

Mark Clayton was a seventh or eighth round pick.

Like I said, I don't care where they find him. Just get him!

Mando, I'm not saying I am in Holmes head. You have an opportunity to make alot of money playing a game. And you have to NOT buy and use ILLEGAL drugs in order to continue this. So if you fail a drug test, what does that mean? Making a lot of money for playing a game is not as important to you. If it was, you wouldn't smoke. This isn't like slipping up and eating a donut while you are on a diet. This is going out and purchasing illegal drugs and then using them. Which is a crime. Its not about what is the better deal. Its about who loves the game more. You tell me who wants to play more?

I have no idea what you're talking about westernfin.


Would it be nice to see Incognito manhandle Mr. JT?

I love chicken salad, except for the kind with the friggin raisins in it! Which players make the best chicken salad and which players are the raisins?

Boulder, I don't think that's the attitude. The Dolphins will add talent in the draft. All is not lost. Hang in there.

go to profootballtalk there is a new story on dez heres the link:
that mike florio never quits he is a level below mando!!

we signed richie incognito with character issues; why not santonio holmes? nfl guys all have their own issues. we aren't running father flanigans camp for boys! rex isnt afraid of everyone;he knows he can straighten them out and he never gives away too much! got holmes for nada while we sit on our hands. the future is now!

That guy dez is looks like a race horse man

Robert, Dez Bryant is not anything close to Andre Johnson.

Johnson is 6-3 and 225 pounds and runs 4.4s. He also never has been in any trouble and is super quiet, humble dude.

Bryant isn't as big, not as strong, not as fast and has a strange history.

He will never be as good as Andre Johnson. I guarantee you that.

Santonio Holmes is 5'10... not the answer as a number 1 receiver, give it up

How many games is Ingocnito from Golfito suspended for?

The Jets made a great deal. But I don't fault Miami for not wanting him. Just like I don't fault them for not wanting Brayland Edwards who continues to let balls hit him off the facemask. They would rather see what the draft brings them. They are patient and do not operate as if they are desperate. Did we see enough of that with Wannstedt? Their restrain will build a team that will be a threat for a long time. The Jets at their pace will implode.


You just saying that about Andre Johnson cuz he's from the U :P

There you go Amandito. There you go.

That's the Mando we all know and love!

Dear Armando, Id like to suggest a pre draft blog entry where you make 10 predictions regarding the fins draft choices, trades etc.

I think it will be fun to see if any of the garbage weve been talking about on this blog for the past 60 days comes true.

look thats what mike mayock said reminds him of i know anout the speed maybe we get de n trade him for andre johnson aha breaking news it just happened in my mind n we won the superbowl becuz of it!haha dmn im bored hurry up draft thank god i work at the marlins games!

Mando -

If you guarantee Dez will never be Andre Johnson, why invest in him? I know you don't like Marshall because the cost - but doesn't the productivity out way the cost - especially in an uncapped year????

Image, yes, that's his main job.

mando r u gunna b watching the draft at home and if so will u have a live chat or tweet athone with us please!!!!!!

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