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Jets acquire Santonio Holmes: The fallout

This thing with the Jets adding players almost every week is starting to get a little irritating.

Rex Ryan's team is limited by the "Final Four Rule" that says they cannot add a free agent unless they lose a free agent and cannot pay that player more than the player they lost gets from his new team. And despite this limitation the Jets have added LaDanian Tomlinson, Antonio Cromartie and on Sunday night Santonio Holmes.

Cromartie and Holmes both came via trade, with Holmes being added for a modest fifth-round selection.

There is little doubt Holmes brings trouble with him. It is no secret league-wide that he will be suspended for four games in 2010 for violating the league's substance abuse policy. He also has some legal issues to clear up in connection with him allegedly throwing a glass at a women at an Orlando club.

But have you heard? He was also the Super Bowl MVP in 2008-09, and caught 79 passes for 1,248 yards with five TDs in 2009. When he's playing football, he's pretty darn good.

Obviously, the Dolphins must have been aware of Holmes being available and didn't pull the trigger. No, they don't have a fifth-round pick this year anyway, but they have three sixth-rounders and they have their fifth for next year. Obviously, it could be argued the Dolphins shy away from troubled players that are about to be suspended and this was no exception.

But the fact of the matter is Holmes will be suspended for four fewer games than the league suspension Miami's Jason Ferguson will serve for violating the league's performance enhancing drug policy. And the Dolphins re-signed Ferguson this year, knowing he was going to serve the 8-game term.

So what gives with the double standard?

A fifth-round pick is nothing. Statistics prove players selected in that round rarely factor much in the NFL and rarely play more than three years. (Spare me the Zach Thomas reminders. That was almost a generation ago.)

Miami's fifth rounders the past decade were John Nalbone and Chris Clemons in 2009, none in 2008, none in 2007, Manny Wright (supplemental) in 2006, Anthony Alabi in 2005, Tony Bua in 2004, J.R. Tolver in 2003, Omar Lowe and Sam Simmons in 2002, Shawn Draper in 2001 and Arturo Freeman in 2000. In other words, Nalbone and Clemons have to be golden for Miami to show anything for a decade of fifth round picks.

So if the Jets lose on this gamble for Holmes, what have they really lost? A fifth-round selection that probably wasn't long for the league anyway? It's a good gamble for them. And for others, I suspect.

There are interesting side notes to this trade that affect Miami:

The Steelers are now in the market for a wide receiver and their need probably extends early in the draft. They have the 18th overall selection in round one, and that could mean one fewer WR will be available to Miami when the Dolphins pick in round two. The Steelers also have the 20th pick in round two (52nd overall), meaning one less WR might be available to Miami in the third round.

In other words, Pittsburgh now-obvious need for a wide receiver could decrease the Dolphins' choices by one player after Miami's first pick.

Another interesting side note to this is whether the news of the Jets acquiring a weapon that could help their playoff cause would sway Jason Taylor with his pending decision about going to the New Yorkers or not.

Finally, the hope here is that Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland wake from their wide receiver slumber and realize it is a passing league. They need to find a star wide receiver, maybe even two, in this draft. Dez Bryant, Golden Tate and Demaryious Thomas are good places to start.

I hope they've done their homework and are ready to go hard after a receiver.

Everyone else is.

[Update: Holmes is flying to New York for a physical today. Am I the only one that is rooting he fails the physical because they find drugs in his system?]


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Holmes' contract is done in a year, so basically, they got Holmes for 12 games in exchange for a 5th - that explains why he came cheap. Pitt doesn't want to pay for him and would rather get something now because next year, he will have no value.

If Miami used the same approach, they would have trade Roth last Spring, instead of releasing him when he had no value.

Anyway, I would be surprised if the players picked up by the Jets have great numbers..

Hey Donna, I'm not too happy with what you're doing to the U football program. Either pay Randy Shannon or get somebody better!

Stop your dithering, lady.

Holmes might not be a superstar but he is very good. and he's definitely better than any WR on the Fish's roster. he makes them a more dangerous team.

and Donte Whitner is more of a Strong Safety than Free Safety. He's talented, but would be miscast at FS.

Cuba, I'm not down on Dez. All I've said is he's not as good as Andre Johnson. That also hold true for about 98 percent of the WRs in the universe.

CubaPhin, what part of Parcells will NEVER trade for Brandon Marshall don't you get??? Ur one of the last guys on this blog that just isn't getting it...NOT going to happen

Dying, Bell is a solid 4-yard a pop guy. Good size, OK speed. Big playmaker? No. Solid? Yes.

His approach is that of a pro also, from what one scout just texted me.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | April 12, 2010 at 02:26 PM

Armando I think your scout maybe wrong. Look at some game changing plays Joique Bell makes in this video, there are more than one. He clearly shows "game changing" ability in this limiyed video alone Please watch it for yourself:


bobby, I started putting together a mock two weeks ago and got frustrated, got a headache and gave up. I'll get back to it. Don't worry.

If Holmes were a former Giants/Cowboys player, Parcells would have signed him in a second..................

No charges for Pittsburgh Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger in Georgia case - http://tinyurl.com/yanyb9o

What you think Mando? Drug testing for life for Big Ben?

Thk Armando!! Look forward to ut take on the draft

Hey Armando, have you seen Mr Bungle's mock draft?
Its a good starting point.

Lipsin, great point on Roth.

It's the difference between the Steelers having foresight and the Dolphins not in that instance.

I eagerly await Armando's preseason picks for the AFC. I'm sure he has the Jets winning the SB in 2010. LOL

You would think that someone who has followed the NFL as much as him would know that you can't buy a SB. Why do you think a team like the Steelers are in the playoff hunt every year and the Jets bounce back and forth between good and bad years like a ping pong ball? Long term stability is not something you can buy, it's something that is built year in and year out.

Hey Mando, great info. Have you heard any more about Otagwe? Is he still on the radar, have they pushed that decision until after the draft, are the Rams keeping him? Any news on that front?

DC, nothing on Otogwe right now.

Armando: (@ 1:39PM)

Gotta respectfully disagree
with your comparison of Holmes and Ferguson

BOTH positions are keys to their respective units.

But Ferguson has had a proven impact on this defense (and others.)
...While Holmes has a much shorter track record. (He's only become good recently.)

To me, that accounts for the cost difference.

As far as the 'Substance' issue...
Holmes behavior suggests that he is a 'habitual' Pot smoker (He might be one of those people whose entire lifestyle is built around the drug.) So playing near South Beach almost guarantees recidivism.

Ferguson has used HIS type of substance before and also has a chance to also be a repeat offender.

Based on that...
I'd call the two an even risk with Ferg getting the Contract nod because he's a "Parcels Guy."

They need the 'right 53 guys'. The more variable characters that you bring on board, the higher your 'Cumulative Risk Index' climbs.

Also, what does it say when nobody in the league was that interested in Holmes according to PFT? It says the Steelers called everybody in the league looking for kool-aid and a ham sandwich... And because Rex as on a diet, the Jets had what the Steelers wanted...

Uglyaqua, one thing about Parcells guys, they love the game. L. Coles is a former player and you see he is still in the soup line... Just because Parcells drafted them doesn't make them a Parcells guy.

Armando will you please watch the video, lol?

Bill, you are really stretching it when you contend the Steelers built long-term stability by drafting Santonio Holmes in the first round and traded him a few years later for a fifth round pick.

Because Parcells Guys "love" the game, does not necessarily make them good players.

Za Za, you have every right to think about cumulative risk index.

I think I have a right to think about cumulative wins and losses.


What do you think of Ryan Grice-Mullen? Think he makes the team?

The Steelers build stability with the "culture", not by any one player. Six Super Bowls will attest to that.

The Roth issue is about the only thing that got questioning Parcells and Co... That was a bad move because they could be looking at one less whole on the squad but you can't win them all. Alot of people get upset about the FA, you come to the team with no players... You can supplement your roster with players that other teams don't want... 2 or 3 years later, why would you be upset if those players are replaced? That is how its done... Go back and look at the 2001 Patriots. Belicheck signed every veteran available and fielded a squad that one the Super Bowl. That team wasn't built for the long haul... Eventually every veteran on that team got let go or not resigned or replaced by a draft pick. Thats how its done. Now, if you bring in a FA and he is mediocre and 4 years later he is still starting for your team, you have a problem.

its not impressive why do you keep posting jet crap0 this is the (miami) herald

I'm out, good top of the day to all.

all be it 1987, but Tuna drafted Mark Ingram in the 1st round

Dying, he looked good on the youtube video. I'm searching for his stats. What did he do against bigtime teams? That's what I want to know.

I don't think the Fins will use #12 on DB. They worked out Mike Williams (Sryacuse) and am hoping that they can land him. Dude has all of the tools to be a #1 WR. The only red flag was suspension for bad grades.

I've been reading an article by Joe Collier.(early pioneer of 3-4 defense) He states that the most important 3 players in the 3-4 without a doubt, are the nose, and inside backers. Now that we have signed Dansby, would it be totally out of the question that we draft a Nt. in the first round? I know this would not be popular, but would it be the right move? Collier also goes onto to say about weak side pass rush Olb. "We look for undersized guys who may not fit into a 4-3.
Quickness, ability to rush the passer, and make tackles are paramount to this position. Kind of described B. Graham.

Jersey, I have not seen Grice-Mullen on the field as the offseason conditioning program is closed to the media. Will be able to say something on the topic after I see him in training camp.

Mannyjuanero, the Dolphins play in the AFC East. They have to beat the Jets, Pats and Bills to succeed. Perhaps you are not, but many Dolphins fans are interested in what those other teams are up to so I write about it here.

OK, I'm out guys. I always appreciate all your comments and opinions.


What do you think of my line-up and possiblities of it?:

his is the most logical and "cost effective" way to build without losing a step and being competetive this season.

Depth Chart:
Pennington (best backup in the league; valuable insurance)
White (keep working on his throwing stricktly wildcat plays 1 to 4 snaps per game)
Thigpen (trade for 5th round)

RB (deepest group on the team, maybe in league):
Ronnie Brown
Ricky Williams
Patrick Cobbs
Lex Hilliard

Polite (most under-rated, pro bowl caliber)

5th Round rookie/free agent receiving TE (possibly Martin?)

T.O./Dez Bryant/Coles/Holt (in that order)
Hartline - #2, 55% of snaps
Bess - slot
Camarillo - #2 100% of snaps on 3rd down
Ginn - situational plug in (Punt returns, kick returns, reverses, wr screens and bombs. With a #1 Receiver, he will have 8+ TDs)

Smiley (keep for depth, better value than trade)
6th round rookie

3rd round NT or 2nd rnd rookie - Cody?

Torber (pay cut)
3rd rnd rookie
4th rnd rookie

Davis (will continue improving)
Smith (will have 5 INts)
W. Allen
J. Allen
Free Agent
6th rnd rookie

Bell (tackle machine his way to another pro bowl)

1st rnd rookie - Earl Thomas/Sharper/OJ Atogwe (in that order)

K - Carpenter
P - Fields
KR - Ginn

If you are a moron (most of you), stop posting garbage! The tri know what they are doing, evidenced by how BP has done at every stop. Most rebuildings take 3 years, ours will take 4 because we had NO ONE (except Bell, Brown, Ricky, and Matt Roth who got cut) 3 years ago. Now, we have a QB, 2 CBs, stud OTs (3 of 4 premium spots all found by tri), good SS, decent #2 WRs, and decent role players throughout. We need four positions, but who doesnt. I dont care who they get in the draft, just get a stud in round 1, find two more starters and 2 role players, who cares the position! Obviously, you want them at need spots, but who here is going to say no to a Tony Gonzalez, a Vince Wolfork, an Ed Reed, or a Larry Fitz? Even a Patrick Willis, Richard Seymor or Joey Porter of 8 years ago? Just find players that will be around for years. And stop posting Basura!

Armando: (@ 2:40PM)

That's true...
For what its worth, I believe that they're already making more progress than they did during all of the Wannstedt years...at least, so far, from a 'Blueprint and Operation's' standpoint.
(I can't really make a fair assessment of Sparano for at least 4 Seasons.)

We should all see a difference between this season and last.

As you might have guessed....I'm a fan of 'Long Term' vs 'Short term' goals. That's how Dynasties are built.

I don't see what all the fuss is about with the Jets. They got a broken down running back, a talented corner that hasn't lived up to his reputation the last few years, a talented but unfocused WR with the dropsies in Braylon Edwards last year, and a legit player in Holmes who probably has more problems than we know about if the Steelers were willing to give him away, and almost let him go for nothing if the report out of Pittsburgh is accurate.

It all could work out but I don't think the Jets should get fitted for their rings yet. For a team with a dominant defense and offensive line, they were still pretty average and got some breaks at the end of the year. Don Shula collected some talented/broken down risks in his last year too. Look how that worked out.

work a trade to get Ginn out of here!!! for another 2nd round pick!!!

Great post Justin

I am not impressed with the Jets moves. They added an over the hill RB that will need to be kept happy, a disgruntled DB whose play has dwindled, and a pair of WR's who will be competing for the football in a contract year. The moves may succeed but they could also implode bringing down the team with them...And if players can't behave in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, or San Diego then they sure as well will not behave in New York..

The Jets will dominate this season..We are a powerhouse on both sides of the ball..Not that we need JT, but he can come along for the ride..It's about time that big baby had a ring..

I`ve read that Haynesworth would be avalable for a second day pick. Can he be our nose tackle. Would you pay him all that dough if you could get him for a third?

I really hope we don't lose jason taylor..

Haynesworth doesn't want to be a 3/4 nose tackle. That's one of the problems he has with the new regime in Washington. He ain't coming here.

This sucks!!!

I'm sick of the frekin Jets. What is Parcells, Ireland and Sparano doing???

Do we have a hope in hell????

No, unless we have a damn good draft.

No playmaker at WR, Need an OLB, NT, FS, TE and What else???

I'm sick, please prove me wrong the Trifecta.

The Dolphins are gitting left in the dust. Look when you only sign players with completely clean backgrounds, you are limiting yourself. With the pats and jets loading up om talent, we got no chance. Get off your butts Miami!


I guess you weigh his cost more than his value--

He is the last piece to our offense, and he could be the bridge to allow henne to be cemented as a future great QB, with success being garunteed next year with a player of that caliber as a weapon---

Between his value as a WR production and Henne devolpment--considering QB is the biggest priority n a football team---i think his value has NO CIELING----

"I'll give you a 6th round pick for Ginn. Without him you'll never beat us!"

Why would you want a former drug dealer that is from the area back in town?

The same guy who has already failed a drug test?

Seriously people...USE YOUR BRAINS!!!!!!!

The trifecta should be arrested for being imposters of actual good NFL GM'ing...Jeez how is it the jets get holmes for a 5th!!!??? A 5th!!?!????? come onnnnn....I'm serious if JT signs with the Jets, pigs will fly, that would be the last straw to the world turning upside down as far the NFL goes, the ultimate betrayal, the ultimate weapon for the jets D, and the ultimate reason why another regime has failed the fins once again....Take your F'n first round pick bill and jeff, go out and sign brandon marshall and get it over with...You guys really just don't get it...Oh I know what they would think of me saying that...That I don't get it....dumbasses realize the league has changed and you have to make moves, not everything is the draft, those players are not proven and most of them will be busts, going after proven players is the way to go, not redskins style, but really when there is something available for a more than reasonable price (MARSHALL!!!!!!) you must go after it for the sake of this team, for the sake of the fans, put your ego aside and build for now, not just the future, take a note from pat riley dummy's

Armando quote:

"Finally, the hope here is that Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland wake from their wide receiver slumber and realize it is a passing league."

Great job, Armando!! Sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword!

Look at Mancheese trying to stir it up. You arent even a jets fan. Faker.

OMG...what a bunch of paranoid FINS FANS!!

Calm down people...no one knows HOW GOOD or HOW BAD a team is going to be....the Wets have acquired a lot of has-beens...some real question marks, etc....

Remember one thing...last year's Dolphin team, even with the modest talent that we had, was in EVERY SINGLE GAME...no blowouts, not one...

The Fins are building for the future...the Wets are doing what most NY teams do...spending a lot of money on players to try to win RIGHT AWAY....it USUALLY doesn't work out.

Chill, fellow Fins fans...we'll be fine.

Juck the Fets!!

Not sure how the heck we got onto trading for ?Marshall again....wow!! I just can't see any chance that a team is going to take a chance on a guy who's been nothing but trouble and is very close to being suspended. I think Denver is out to lunch if they think they will get a first for this guy.

Now Bryant on the other hand makes a lot more sense. He's got a clean slate as far as the league is concerned and if he's in the right environment with the right controls, will flourish!!


How am I going to give up a 2nd round pick for Ginn when I was able to get Holmes who's a much better player for a 5th round pick?

I'll offer you a 6th or a 7th round pick and then I'll turn him into Dolphin kryptonite!

You guys heard it here first - the Dolphins will win more games than the Jets this year - mark it down.

Get TE DORIN DICKERSON who's 6'2" and convert him into a WR. He's faster tha Bryant and can be picked in the 3rd round.


Keep dreaming.

We've been waiting for a Superbowl longer than you. 2010 will be our year. We're just tweeking our #1 defense, our #1 running offense and now our passing offense has a SB MVP receiver.

You guys are still rebuilding. You might make it to the playoffs but you won't make it to the big dance. You'll always be a contender.


Ravens re-signed restricted free agent QB John Beck to a one-year, $1.101 million contract.
Beck, 29 in August, hasn't appeared in an NFL game since looking totally outmatched in four starts during his 2007 rookie season in Miami. The former second-round pick is buried in Baltimore behind Joe Flacco and Troy Smith.


The best move, or two, Parcel can do, drum role please......................next year's number one to Denver for Marshall, Dez Bryant, IF AVAILABLE, with their 12 pick this year equals three more wins this season just because those two moves.
Good teams will score points on your defense regarless of how good it is, scoring more than the opposition is the wave of the present.
The days of winning with just defense are gone.

Stop dreaming about Bryant.

On Draft day I plan to trade Holmes for a 1st round pick to snatch him away from you.

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