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Jets acquire Santonio Holmes: The fallout

This thing with the Jets adding players almost every week is starting to get a little irritating.

Rex Ryan's team is limited by the "Final Four Rule" that says they cannot add a free agent unless they lose a free agent and cannot pay that player more than the player they lost gets from his new team. And despite this limitation the Jets have added LaDanian Tomlinson, Antonio Cromartie and on Sunday night Santonio Holmes.

Cromartie and Holmes both came via trade, with Holmes being added for a modest fifth-round selection.

There is little doubt Holmes brings trouble with him. It is no secret league-wide that he will be suspended for four games in 2010 for violating the league's substance abuse policy. He also has some legal issues to clear up in connection with him allegedly throwing a glass at a women at an Orlando club.

But have you heard? He was also the Super Bowl MVP in 2008-09, and caught 79 passes for 1,248 yards with five TDs in 2009. When he's playing football, he's pretty darn good.

Obviously, the Dolphins must have been aware of Holmes being available and didn't pull the trigger. No, they don't have a fifth-round pick this year anyway, but they have three sixth-rounders and they have their fifth for next year. Obviously, it could be argued the Dolphins shy away from troubled players that are about to be suspended and this was no exception.

But the fact of the matter is Holmes will be suspended for four fewer games than the league suspension Miami's Jason Ferguson will serve for violating the league's performance enhancing drug policy. And the Dolphins re-signed Ferguson this year, knowing he was going to serve the 8-game term.

So what gives with the double standard?

A fifth-round pick is nothing. Statistics prove players selected in that round rarely factor much in the NFL and rarely play more than three years. (Spare me the Zach Thomas reminders. That was almost a generation ago.)

Miami's fifth rounders the past decade were John Nalbone and Chris Clemons in 2009, none in 2008, none in 2007, Manny Wright (supplemental) in 2006, Anthony Alabi in 2005, Tony Bua in 2004, J.R. Tolver in 2003, Omar Lowe and Sam Simmons in 2002, Shawn Draper in 2001 and Arturo Freeman in 2000. In other words, Nalbone and Clemons have to be golden for Miami to show anything for a decade of fifth round picks.

So if the Jets lose on this gamble for Holmes, what have they really lost? A fifth-round selection that probably wasn't long for the league anyway? It's a good gamble for them. And for others, I suspect.

There are interesting side notes to this trade that affect Miami:

The Steelers are now in the market for a wide receiver and their need probably extends early in the draft. They have the 18th overall selection in round one, and that could mean one fewer WR will be available to Miami when the Dolphins pick in round two. The Steelers also have the 20th pick in round two (52nd overall), meaning one less WR might be available to Miami in the third round.

In other words, Pittsburgh now-obvious need for a wide receiver could decrease the Dolphins' choices by one player after Miami's first pick.

Another interesting side note to this is whether the news of the Jets acquiring a weapon that could help their playoff cause would sway Jason Taylor with his pending decision about going to the New Yorkers or not.

Finally, the hope here is that Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland wake from their wide receiver slumber and realize it is a passing league. They need to find a star wide receiver, maybe even two, in this draft. Dez Bryant, Golden Tate and Demaryious Thomas are good places to start.

I hope they've done their homework and are ready to go hard after a receiver.

Everyone else is.

[Update: Holmes is flying to New York for a physical today. Am I the only one that is rooting he fails the physical because they find drugs in his system?]


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No one is leaving anyone behind. Yes the made moves for a has been tailback, declining corner and a trouble maker. Lets see how that pans out.

Jamillion, or Mando, or anyone else who may know: What's the status with Cobbs? Is he ready to go now? Does he need more Physical Therapy? I don't recall hearing anything about his progress.

Waterboy, LMAO. Ditto on Pat White being miles above Beck. That was a sorry pick there. No way he sees the field if he's behind Flacco and Troy Smith (actually, I thought Smith would be starting somewhere by now).

2010 Predictions:

# 12 pick of the draft: Earl Thomas (4ints – 1 for TD, 78 tackles)
Vontae Davis (3 Ints, continues improving)
Sean Smith (5Ints)
Will Allen (3ints)
J. Allen (2 Ints, 2 sacks)
Y. Bell (103 tackles, 2 sacks, 3 ints)

Dansby – 118 tackles, 3.5 sacks, 2 ints, 3 forced fumbles
Crowder – 77 tackles, 1 sack, 1int
Wake – 62 tackles, 14.5 sacks
Taylor – 53 tackles, 10 sacks, 2ints, 4 forced fumbles, TD

Starks – 44 tackles, 9 sacks
Langford – 5 sacks
Merling – 4.5 sacks

Henne – 3,859 yards, 26 TDs, 15 ints
Ronnie Brown – 1,146 yards rushing, 13 TDs. 424 yards receiving, 2Tds
Ricky Williams – 986 yards rushing, 8 TDs, 362 yards receiving, 2Tds
(You can even swap Ronnie and Ricky’s numbers if Brown is slow at first in coming back. But the R&R combination will have over 2,000 yards rushing and over 700 yards receiving.

Bess – 60 Rec. 665 yards receiving, 3 TDs
Hartline - 728 yards receiving, 4 TDs
Fasano – 402 yards receiving, 3 Tds
Ginn – 1 kickoff return for TD, 2 Punt returns for td, 1 reverse for TD (135 rushing yards), 3 receiving TDs (418 receiving yards)

#1 WR (Insert here) - 852 yards receiving 6 TDs

DC Dolfan,

Haven't heard much on Cobbs but I suppose he's on track for a healthy 2010 return.

I don't know about you guys but I think we have the best Depth at RB in the League:
Cobbs &
& future Pro Bowler - Polite

Cobbs and Ronnie stay healthy, we were on our way to being at least 2nd in the NFL in rushing.

I agree Jamillion, but this might be the last year for that. Ricky's most likely retiring, looks like Ronnie is (or has never been) in good standing with the Trifecta, and that leaves Cobbs and Lex (and I don't think at least Lex is ready to be a starter, maybe Cobbs, but he needs a year to work back from that injury).

Oh, and Lou Polite is probably the best player on the team right now, hands down!

Because Ferguson is a good guy, Holmes is not....if your going to give up a 5th rd for him, why not give the 2nd for Denver's WR whos a much better reciever and has less of a history...this kid is trouble and will not learn his leason until he is on trial or going to jail....but i will say the JETS are making moves and looking good on paper....we willl see how it turns out....let our FO stay with the offseason gameplan and build this team for the long haul.....

what was the difference between ferguson getting 8 games for substance abuse,and holmes only got 4

Ricky is not retiring, guys need to keep up

Negative Negative Negative.

Holmes is a smallish, possession reciever. The jets needed one and the dolphins already have three. Exactly how is this so hard to see? As for JT, his production was down last year and he's another year older and playing out of position if you ask me. If he weren't a local hero and just another player no one would care. I think this is the time to let him loose for good.


My trade prorposal is more realistic in my mind cause i cant see tuna not takn a top pass rusher at 12, Dez u will need to use a 12

Marshall u mihg tbe able to trade 43 and a future mid round pick---

I said no way #12 for marshall, b/c tuna will never do that---but a mcnabb like deal for our situation make sense to me, because u can go defense at 12, in the 3rd and 4th, sign a guy like adalius thomas, and have ur #1 WR---i think u take the risk with marshall

Waaa I wanna weceiva. Free Agent moves burned the Phins for 20 years. All through the Marino years and the early part of this decade. Are you guys all just dumb. Let them build the team. Give them 2 more drafts and see where we are. I can guarantee you the Jets will be beneath us.
We weren't that far off last year. Sanchez did not look great. He seemed to panic.

a lot of negative comments here. sometimes i wonder what kinda phin fans you guys are. u have to be positive no matter what. parcells knows what he is doing. he has proven that time and time again. you guys sound like a bunch of democratic yankees. why dont you move to new york and worry about when your neighbor goes to the grocerie store. im tired of negative dolphin fans. 90% of the people in here are sukin off rex. dirty sanchez is a puss and rex ate the whole cake.

I don't care about holmes if the steelers need a wr we should trade our 12th pick to them bc I don't think dez is worth it - it is still early - the draft will be good and the guys in charge may know a "little bit" more than all of the armchair GM's on here

The reason why Miami haven't signed Jason Taylor is because Parcells would rather wast money on the beat up and worn out Jason Fergueson who is suspended for the first 8 games; or keep Jason Allen who has gone bust and has never shown up. And I think there are a few more (first or last named) Jasons still on the roster. Go figure.

The first round pick should go to the best player. CJ Spiller is likely the best player available. Moreover if Ronnie Brown is slow to heal (as he has been in the past) we will need him as a replacement and in any event we will need him long term to partner with Brown when Ricky retires. Pick Benn in the second round and a NT in the third. Cleo can handle FS with the stimulation of another FS for competition in the 4th.

Don't cry for JT.

I'll get him the ring you haven't been able to deliver on his whole career. Don't blame him, it's just business. We need him. It's too bad you couldn't get it for him. He can start his Hollywood career in 2011 after he helps us.

take I95 north!

OMG, let's not even bother playing the season. Listening to the reactions on this blog, I'm reminded of Channing's quote that the JETS are the "champs of the off-season" ....the draft is still coming and the games still have to be played people...

Zach Thomas was also a fifth round pick, in 1996.

Sometimes you can find quality talent in the lower rounds.

Golden Tate won't get it done, that'd be a terrible pick. We need a #1, a star, the guy who gets doubled and still makes the play. We have Hartline and Bess as good role WR's, don't need to waste another pick on Tate like we did with Ginn.

i hope he does good in ny,just because parcells aint smart enough 2 help are team,the jets are gonna kill us

In Tuna we RUST!!!

Instead of talking about the Jets which we're pretty excited about.
How about this possibility for the dolphins,
Pittsburg and miami swap 1st round picks and pittsburg throws in a second and a forth and miami sends tedd ginn to the steelers.
So the steelers can select dez bryant and Miami is in still good position with two extra picks.

jamillion has quite the imagination. brown will not make it through the first half of the season, henne will be sacked more than he throws touchdowns. parcells f...ed this team up bad, and it's only going to get worse.

There are alot of dumb doofin fans..who should by now know the Jets are building a contender and there free agents pan out and play well some making the probowl.
Tannenbaum should be GM of the decade by the time this all settles out.
This is not hit and miss like the doofins and thier bad free agent decisions.
The Jets are doing there homework and making excellent moves by moving up to take Greene and sanchez. Not only will they have all these great additions they still have thier #1,2,4,7 round picks and could pickup at least two starters or quality depth.
The talent on this roster right now just amazing. as for the pats thier rebuilding, brady and moss are fading and welkers coming off major knee surgery. There defense lost too many good players and belechich is no Pioli.
In fact pioli will rebuild and have KC in the playoffs before Miami.
Look for buffalo to do well and have a good team.

Doofin spelling says "their" not there.

Im really concerned....very very concerned.

Unless the FO are taking BRYANT or doing the MARSHALL deal, nothing of all this will make sense....there is no reasonable reason why the FO is not going after a solution to the WR issue....Golden Tate is not the answer...only Marshall Braynt or Benn (maybe D Thomas) are possibilities.

That leaves us NINE picks to fill say 4 holes...they really need to hit bullseyes this year....

Jury is out....lets see what they do in the draft...I still have faith in this management...but Im concerned.

Jets are becoming the Raiders of the East.....a lot of me first personalities including the loudmouth coach....they got some luck and then got hot in the playoffs but thats it....They cant hide Sanchez his whole life, lol....

LT will show hes finished, Edwards and Holmes will be fighting for balls, Sanchez will be giving Dirty Sanchez's, Cromartie will father 7 more children, and Rex Ryan will explode from over eating...You heard it hear first....lol

I was wondering what everyone thought about the idea of adding a veteran WR. I was thinking that maybe a veteran (professional) wr could help the corp develop. If you thinkabout it we really don't have anyone that has been around the league or very successful. Not really sure who I would like to see in a dolphins uniform, but someone like Torry Holt comes to mind. Someone that was very successful in their prime and might have some types from the younger players. Just like how we have Chad Pennington and had JT. I even think it would be nice just to hire someone like that as a coach if not a player. Especially if we draft someone high. Someone that can help them develop so we don't have the same situation as Ginn. I am not saying if we draft someone they will turn out like Ginn, but maybe Ginn could have benefitted from a strong veteran. Any thoughts?

Get dez Bryant trade end of story we need offense !!!!!!!!! No point in playing good d if we can't put up points we new offense get dez bryant for the first round pick

the game has passed parcells by

hes a relic

hope he quits soon

Armando why is it irritating you. Stop being such an impulsive and emotional fan.

Sure, Santonio could have been picked up, but the other 31 teams in the league didnt jump in for him either.

Dude I like the fact that besides your fandom, you are not a puppet and arent scared to voice your opinion, but I feel like your opinions are driven by ur emotions too often and you do not put things in proper context.

We swept the Jets last year, and lost to the two Super Bowl teams because Ginn dropped the game winner in the final seconds vs the Colts, and the refs stole the Saints game from us, quite litterally: the score is Phins 24 Saints 3, Brees completes a long pass to the one yard line...only the refs rule it a TD...upon further review, they place the ball at the one yard line...the problem: the Saints had no time outs left, and the clock was stopped with 5 seconds to go in the half. Had the refs correctly ruled the ball down at the one, there is no possible way on this earth that the Saints would have been able to run their entire team 25 yards up to the one, got lined up and set for a second, and spiked the ball in 4 seconds to leave them one second left...it's just not possible, the clock would have run out long before they could get set. They would not have had a chance at even a FG, let alone a TD...so the half SHOULD have ended Phins up 24-3. Third play of the 3rd quarter, Henne drops a perfect pass in to Ginn...who bobbles it up in the air...Sharper picks it and returns it to the 1 yard line, where Ginn comes up from behind him and knocks the ball out of his hands, and it rolls out of the end zone...touchback, Phins ball 1st and 10 at the 20, still up 24-3...but the refs blew the call AGAIN, and ruled it a TD, and then said there wasn't enough evidence to overturn the call, even when you could clearly see Ginn knock the ball out of Sharper's hands at the 1.

We had 2 wins against the AFC champ runners up, and should have beaten BOTH SB teams...and we dropped a couple of other close ones two. Fact is, we are MUCH better than our record last year...we're just a VERY young team making too many mistakes...and that happens to young teams...especially young teams starting not one, but TWO rookie corners!

As for the Jets, they've added an aging RB with LOTS of mileage already on his tires...how much more does he have? They've added a VERY inconsistent corner...tremendous athelete, but pretty mediocre performance wise to date. They've added a productive WR, but a guy with off the field issues who, if he gets caught puffing one more time, is gone for a year.

Just because the Jets appear to have an especially deep roster now does NOT mean they will all be playing come December. Any team can get hit by the injury bug, like we did last year: we lost our starting QB, our best cornerback, our starting NT, and our best RB (and player) to season ending injuries. Where would most teams in the league be if they lost 4 of their best players for the year? Where would the Colts be without Manning? Where would the cheats be without Brady? Where do you think the Jets will be if they lose Sanchez?

The teams that make the final four each year are usually the teams that stay the healthiest. Daniel Snider has proved that you can't buy a championship. The Jets have to do it on the field just like everybody else does, and it's a LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG marathon season. We've beaten them 3 out of the last 4 times we played them. I'm not worried.


I root for Miami and anybody that plays the cheats, Jets and the Crimson Tide!

Please stop crying!, this team is gonna win with def.
I´m agree, we need a playmaker but just one. we have ronnie, henne and bess are growing up.
The o-line is just fine.
So i would be more worried if we don´t pick def.
i think miami decided go for bryant, when they didn´t try to add either Boldin or Holmes.
(Let the jets try to rebuilt with those vets. They are getting names and no more.)
So go get your playmaker at # 12... but give us some good def. players in the others rounds.
I want to see our def. to hold on ... because they couldn´t do that last year... that was our problem NOT THE OFF.!! (we led Colts and N.O. deep in the second half, and the def. didn´t show up to play against texans, steelers and titans in the first half)the def. cost us those games.
What a short memory you guys have...
I don´t want to see Marino´s days coming again, when we couldn´t win a game even after having scored 45 points.
So... Def!!!, Def!!!

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