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Thomas: Dolphins have to show respect

If a Mount Rushmore of Dolphins players existed, Zach Thomas would be up there with Dan Marino and Larry Csonka and a couple of others. He was a Dolfans' favorite player from the second in 1996 he stepped on the field as a short, no-neck-having, self-deprecating rookie to the day in 2008 he packed his belongings and left.

And to this day Zach Thomas remains a South Florida resident, a fan of the Dolphins, and someone the organization admires enough that it considered him to join the new radio team being assembled to work on a new flagship station -- the team by the way, would not consider me as a commentator because I'm not enough of a homer.

Anyway, the point is when Zach Thomas is peeved with the organization, well then, something is wrong -- not with Zach, but with the organization.

And Zach Thomas is steaming about how the Dolphins have treated his brother-in-law Jason Taylor (married to Zach's sister Katina). He's upset about the handling of the latest Taylor saga in particular and and about the way the Dolphins handle inconic players in general.

Yesterday on the Sid Rosenberg show on 560-AM here in South Florida, Thomas pulled back the curtain on how Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells handled his departure when he was waived by the Dolphins.

"The only thing that was like a punch in the gut to me was the day I was cleaning out my locker, the day they cut me, [agent] Drew [Rosenhaus] asked them if I could just say thanks to the fans through the media at the Dolphins facility and their answer was, 'No, he's not a Dolphins player anymore, he's got to do it off premises.'" Thomas said. "That's when you know, like, 'Wow,' the whole loyalty and everything they preach with team and things like that goes out the window."

None of this is commentary on how the Dolphins make football decisions. There is no arguing it was time for Zach to go. He didn't fit the Dolphins scheme. He was getting up there in years. He was coming off a year in which he had concussion issues.

But this is commentary on what happens after the football decisions are made. A player like Zach Thomas basically gets kicked to the curb in much the same manner as Abraham Wright would.

After he was waived, Thomas had to find a way to say good-bye to Dolphins fans. He had to call media members one by one, me and many others included, to say his farewell to ... you.

That is wrong.

This regime doesn't like making exceptions. They like to treat all the players the same. The Dolphins, for example, are one of the few NFL teams that do not welcome new free agents with press conferences because the team doesn't want to make it seem like the new players are more important than the ones already on the roster. The Dolphins also don't get mushy when former greats such as Thomas or, yes, Jason Taylor leave are or forced to leave.

And that is fine if you're talking about Shawn Murphy being traded. But if Jason Taylor is being traded, that needs to be handled differently.

The strange thing here is that general manager Jeff Ireland is aware of how great players should be treated. He sometimes talks about how he doesn't want to do anything that would sully the organization's great name or history.

Ireland's stepfather was a Hall of Famer E.J. Holub. His grandfather Jim Parmer was a former Philadelphia player and Bears executive. Those men knew the importance of legacy and standing. Those guys respected those ideals.

But Ireland, under Bill Parcells, isn't really holding up his end very well in that department. The Dolphins fumbled on the Zach Thomas dismissal two years ago. They dropped the ball again in the manner they treated Jason Taylor this offseason.

Their football decisions were probably correct in both instances. Their people skills were lacking both times.

"You've got to know to respect great players," Thomas said. "You've got to know that. Jason is going to be a Hall of Famer. He's going to be in the [Dolphins Ring] of Honor. His name is always going to be in Dolphin Stadium, and that's big. And you know what, you can do it in a different approach. It might not be their approach. But I get disappointed when I see guys that have put everything on the line for the Dolphins organization and have a Hall-of-Fame career like Jason Taylor and it goes down like it has the last couple weeks...

"I'm not trying to be hard on Jeff Ireland. But he's saying it wrong, especially for a guy who has so much history with the Miami Dolphins. He's the all-time sacks leader among active players, and you're going to talk about him like he's a first- or second-year player. He should know how to respect guys that have been great to the game. ... It's fine if you don't have a need for him. But you tell him up front. And you don't go through the media and act like you're shocked that it's being brought up. I don't like the organization to look bad that way."

Here is a quick suggestion to the Miami Dolphins, an organization that thinks it knows it all: Sign Zach Thomas for a day. Hold the press conference now that you refused to grant him in 2008. Allow Zach to say good-bye the right way.

You can't do anything about how you handled Jason Taylor's departure. Right the wrong you did with the Zach Thomas departure. And do it soon.


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Go root for the Jets. Buy yourself a firegirl ed hat you will get what you deserve loser.

Yes, JT getting stroked by this regime is far more important in life than the game of football. We should all become Jest fans because JT didn't get his reach around from Parcells.

It's nice to see we're cutting away the chaff from the Dolphins fans.

Wahh!! Parcells didn't give JT a contract before the draft!! Wahh!! Parcells didn't bow to JT's needs!! Wahh!! You're not my best friend anymore!!

Geez, I understand being upset with the regime about this. This is certainly controversial, but to say you are going to be a Jest fan...well, it's nice to see you people go.

ohh how the mighty have fallen

Armando, l completely agree with u on this situation. The dolphin organization has shown no loyalty to it's players and it's fans. They need to understand the only thing that keeps us, the fans, watching every Sunday is loyalty. When u begin to show no loyalty to players, ur showing no loyalty to the fans. Specially players the will be future HOF's. When there is a lack of respect at this magnitude, it begins to show managments lack of leadership( loyalty is #1 when it's comes to leadership). If u have no loyalty how can u lead others? I disgusted with this whole situation and Zack Thomas was my fav dolphin!

When you are let go you are not allowed to hold a sanctioned press conference, very often you are escorted out so as to not make trouble. Being fired/cut is a very emotional time and the employer has no idea how you will react. So no I do not blame the Fins for not setting up a press conference when they cut zach

Furthermore the Fins treatment of JT was not all that bad either, it was business on both sides and I blame neither party.

look parcells and company are good at what they do, ill agree they have zero class. we have to move on, its draft eve fellas. screw the jets

Lets turn the page. I very much hoped JT would be back this season but it ain't happening.

1. lets discuss our schedule that was just released. Moreover, Does big ben's return going to be in miami??

2. Any more pre-draft news, such as pertaining to smiley or brown.

lots of pertinent things to discuss.


On to the draft. F the Jets.

Has anyone heard anything about the dolphins interest in Osi Umenyiora? I read that there could be a possible trade.

Armando, words cannot describe how upset I am about how the Phins have treated Zach and JT. This administration is so disconnected from our fan base and from simple PR skills that it is amazing. I don't think it would be a good idea to do the Zach ceremony now because it would be a totally fake to cover for the JT fiasco. Problem with corporate American and pro sports is that mercenaries run organizations and care less about people and the name and history of the organizations they run. I know that Jimmy Johnson is a company guy and a friend of Parcells, but if zach is to do a press conference, it should be on JJ's Key's home with his coach by his side because no one with the current Phin administration cares a flip about anything.

I don't see how the first pick can be anything but OLB. We need someone who is going to put Marsha Brady and dirty sanchez on their ass for the next ten years. I wouldn't have a huge problem taking Earl Thomas first but 12th seems kind of high to me for a safety. Hopefully they find someone to trade down with.

Respect? Loyalty?

Give me a break. That stuff when out the window when Csonka, Kiick and Warfield bolted for the WFL.
Todays players are money whores. The FO can't deal with these guys in terms of respect and loyalty. Are you kidding me.
How loyal was it puttung your own ACTING career over the TEAM?
How repectful was it "visiting" with Fat Rex?
We went 1-15 and suddenly his "priorities changed". The Skins went belly up, we win our division and she came whimpering home.
Now the Jets get to the title game and where is she?
You can't deal with whores in terms of loyalty and respect. You pay them good money for their services and they put out. They better be damn good too or else.........


Stop already and move on...What did JT or Zach ever win for this team? When did either guy raise their play in countless playoff games, that maimi ended up losing?! Enough!!! Do you think it was an accident we made the playoffs the year JT was in Washington? Bill and the FO know what this team needs...Stop the soap opera and get back to football. Wasn't Bill who cut the greatest linbacker in NFL history?

BTW the mount rushmore of miami (zach and JT)? really...since 70 they are included as one of the top 4 players in franchise history? Pleasseeeeeeee!!!!!! and before any of you smart A** say what about 66...THe dolphins entered the AFL in 66 & NFL in 70



miami is trying very hard to trade down and pick up a second rounder. nfl network had philly wanting to move up badly. nobody wants the 10th pick cause of the salary crabtree got out of it last year so that helps us. big ben will return week 3, u know the suspension will be cut to 2 games.

Jake Long will pancake JT and fat Rex will eat it. Go Fins!! The FO is doing great by me.


I agree with you!

Some of you need to learn how to read. He had a contract offer, and BP did not want to include his agent because of obvious reasons. More money. That would put JT in the overvalued category. I wonder, if it was your money you would be dishing out, what would you expect from a player for your dollar?


Ill be honest… I love your blog but I couldn’t keep reading this post. If I keep hearing this BS about the Dolphins screwing JT or disrespecting him coming from you, I will not return. JT screwed himself plain and simple… you may disagree but enough is enough already.

I love the fact that you are a conservative., trust me not enough in the media today. I usually always have your back. And I respect you very much. When you keep posting this garbage you are disrespecting me. So please STOP. We get it, we know how you feel.

Tell me about the upcoming schedule, trade rumors, or anything else Dolphins related. Its sad when the follow up posts are more interesting than yours. You want to ban me? Go ahead. At least think about what I am saying.


Armando... please respond to me.


long wont be blocking jt. rex gonna use jt like saban did when jt won def player of the year. hes gonna rush from all over the field


I love you! In a total non-gay way

Yes, Dolphins organization desperately needs personalization skills.

Quentin Moses has signed his $1.684 million tender...


so moses makes more than jt, great

Parcells and Ireland not only spit in Zack's face but by doing that to him they spit in our faces. He was our defensive hero, the guy sacraficed his body more than I see out of some of the babis that play today. He was so full of guts that he could have donated some to Ted Ginn and still cracked heads.

JT fue junto con Zach Thomas, casi los unicos que sacaron la cara por los Dolphins durante una decada de decepciones y derrotas, gracias a ellos nosotros los fanaticos, teniamos una razon para ver los partidos de nuestro equipo, ellos nunca se dieron por vencidos a pesar de que el equipo no funcionaba.

Respecto por Jason y Zach, ellos estaran el anillo del Honor de los Dolphins, les apuestos a que la Trifecta jamas lo estara.

This is stupid on so many levels.

Team captain, defensive leader

Better than ANY OTHER LB on the roster, OR in the draft. Mark it down!

Future HOF'er, like it or not.

Doesn't matter his age, there's no better option out there, and if he wanted a better than minimum payday, he's obviosuly worth it. We had trouble rushing the passer last year. This year will prove to be worse I'm sure.

Here is food for thought.
What drives business?
How do you increase profit?
Reduce expenses.
How do you build a solid team for years to come?
Good players with VALUE.
Would you pay more money than a player is worth?

It’s all about the marginal benefit against marginal cost. When the marginal cost exceeds marginal benefit, guess what you should do?

JT screwed himself. There was an offer early on. He decided against it. Case close. Business decision on both sides. Lets move on!

Odinseye #1

I like Zach when he used to jack people up, I was never a fan because I liked what he had to say.

Zach sorry you got old, JT sorry you got slow. JT please tell us what REX COCC tastes like b!tch

Fxck the wets!

A true business man I see, glad to have you on here!


he's gone already - let's move on.

Big draft coming up. I'm looking forward to seeing who we pick up.

Hey Fxck the wets, not sure if you realized this, but football fans support teams AND players they like.

They buy jerseys, they come to games because they identify not only with the TEAM, but, infividual players, especially one's that have had a career like JT has.

Everyone is saying "let's move on" but nobody is moving on.

Bravo Mando- it seems that the Dolphins have forgotten so much of what has made them a great organization all these years. CLASS..There are so few great Dolphins that have truly Defined this team. It would be real show of character to treat them with respect for their dedication, hard work and physical sacrafice. It would go a long way in marketing the franchise to future players and even in the age of the NFL all biz show the fans their is still heart in the game. Good luck JT hate to see u in that uniform but know you were not given much choice.

Man, this is really getting silly. These are grown men who got paid a very nice wage for working for the Dolphins. It's funny, when a player becomes a free agent and signs with another team, do we get on the soapbox and complain how unfair he was to the team? This is the system. JT was offered a 2 year extension last year and turned it down - that's a fact. If JT, you or anyone else expects me to beleive that if JT wanted to play football this year, he had to sign with the *^&*% Jets this week - well I'm sorry but I'm not buying it. There will be plenty of FA signings after the draft as there always is. JT is a DEAD Dolphin to me - the $%^&^$ Jets!

Lets be honest what made the team great was 1972.

i have been a lifelong dolphins fan from the very first practice at the old biscayne college in 1966. i did not miss a game for the first 3 years, missing games only when i was away in the navy. this organization has always stood for quality, high standards and making good decisions. they totally blew the dan marino purge, and now, the purging of zach and jason. if they do not fit, or have slipped greatly, ok, handle it with some class, not ass. let zach come back and sign for a day to remain a dolphin, and the same for jason when he is done. they both MUST be placed in the ring of honor, and at least jason for sure if not zach will be in the hall of fame. parcells, why don't you pick up your chek and move onto the raiders or rams- get out of dodge city. you are no better than bin saban bbone98

Marc says "We had trouble rushing the passer last year" after ranting and complaining about not bringing back one of our primary pass rushers from last season! Priceless commentary!

Thanks Dolphin Disciple!

Football players make an amazing amount of money. They make decisions that are best for them and their families, as they should. He chose to go to the wets. He is now a wet, so fxck him too. It's not personal, it's business.
What's my cost? The cost of my tickets.
What benefit do I expect to have? To watch my team win.

If the FO thinks they have to part ways to get wins, then I do not care. Thanks for your time. Good luck with the wets. I hope we crush them!

WHO F'N CARES! Cry me a river, the draft is tomorrow?

Is Derrick Morgans size and run defense the perfect compliment to Cam Wake?


The mouth of JT



I'll be the first to move on...let's talk about cheesesteaks and prostitutes :)


I supported him when he was here. I even baught a jersey. He WAS treated fairly. They made and offer and he denied it. End of story. They were going to pay him what they thaught his VALUE was. Not what HE thaught it was. If it was your money, how much would you pay him? Don’t talk about identifying with a team. I was still wearing HIS jersey until the last game of that dreadfull 1-15 season. I am now a season ticket holder and expect more. He wants special treatment, but when it was time for OTA he was off dancing. He is not above the team.

Today I am all about Derrick Morgan



Our draft will speak for itself guys, I'm not worried at all. We will stomp the jets twice this year again as I said before!

i just heard Cle made a push for Big Ben.... sports radio talk.. havent seen anything online about that, anybody else?

good post cowkilla

Ferg was signed because we need a NT and we ain't getting Williams. Penny will teach Henne some more things. JT can't teach anyone because he is a 4-3 DE. Not an OLB so he wouldn't teach anyone. He is a traitor he says he would never join the Jets but he does. Why not retire
or take the November contract. JT is rich and has the money to retire so stop crying over Parcells over doing his job. I agree though that Zach Thomas should retire in Miami because he is a TRUE fin

Derrick Morgan would be great. It would be nice to have an OLB who can hold the edge.

To offer a different perspective, both Thomas and Taylor intended to play for other teams. They weren't retiring like Marino when he got his big farewell rather than continue his career with the Vikings. So for the organization to say, "he's no longer a Miami Dolphin," I can understand. Particularly if you look at Taylor's case, what if they gave him a goodbye press conference when he was traded to the 'Skins and then you sign him again a year later? All seems silly.

I'm all for the goodbye when the legendary player RETIRES. Having the big tear-jerker when they're simply moving on, seems a bit much.

With that said, signing Thomas for a day and giving him the respect he deserves is absolutely the way they should do it. They should do the same with Taylor. But all of this about not getting a goodbye before signing somewhere else is a bunch of sour grapes. Maybe they treated Taylor like anyone else and not a legend, but it's not like he won't be treated well when he does hang it up. People need to get over it and look at the big picture.


Everything I have read indicates that Morgan does not have any cover skills.
This is not necessarily a knock on him. His pass rush skills are so good that he was rarely, if ever, asked to cover.
I'm just saying that Morgan seems a lot like Wake. Those two on the field at the same time might not be too good.........


Morgan is bigger than Wake and much more stout against the run... you may be right about the coverage issues though

Big Ben to Bills ? That would be worse than going to jail !

Armando, I am a big fan of your work, but have never posted a comment. The Dolphins organization's football decision making is still unproven. Its handling of long-term fan favorites is abysmal. Either the team's leadership is oblivious to JT's immense popularity with Dolphins' fans or it does not care. I think the latter is probably true of Parcells, Ireland and Sparano, but the owner undoubtedly cares as his investment is on the line and should have stepped in. I have been an avid Dolphins fan for 35 years, and I hope JT gets six sacks against us this year (in a losing effort for the Jets, though), and after each sack I want the networks to show Parcells' grumpy scowl and Sparano chomping his gum like a madman. This leadership group would have cut Marino after the Jaguars playoff game and immediately banned him from team facilities. I am sure JT's entry into the Ring of Honor will immediately follow Parcells and Ireland's departures.

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