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The Sparano-Taylor meeting off on wrong foot

Tony Sparano called Jason Taylor in recent days and with all the charm and charisma that convinces so many Dolphins to play hard 100 percent of the time, the coach told Taylor the two of them needed to meet this week.

Man to man. Coach to player.

Nobody needed to know about it, Sparano told Taylor.

And so Taylor didn't tell anyone about the meeting.

Taylor didn't tell his agent Gary Wichard. He didn't share it with any of his close confidants, either. So on Monday afternoon when ESPN senior insider Chris Mortensen reported on NFL Live that the meeting was coming this week, everyone connected with Taylor denied they knew about it because, well, they didn't.

But obviously someone inside the Dolphins organization told Mortensen. So the same organization that swore Taylor to secrecy leaked news of the meeting to the Worldwide Leader -- a figurative national bullhorn.

What is the deal with these Miami Dolphins? On the one hand, they're asking players to keep in-house matters in-house. On the other hand they're planting stories in the national media.

And what is the point? On the one hand, they seem to be reaching out to Taylor. But, in fact, by leaking the story, they have actually done damage to whatever they might be trying to accomplish. Taylor was disappointed with the team late Monday night when he learned news of the planned meeting leaked from the team after he was told to tell no one.

The Dolphins have been in lockdown mode on the Taylor issue for weeks. General Manager Jeff Ireland calls Wichard regularly every time facts about the Taylor-Dolphins negotiations -- or lack of negotiations -- get out in the media.

But Ireland is working for the very organization that slips ESPN interesting little notes -- like Ronnie Brown being on the trade block or Joey Porter not playing the rest of the season after his 2009 suspension. Granted, sometimes the information is flawed, but apparently the tuna can that is the Miami Dolphins isn't very well sealed.

The greater point is the Dolphins work in unorthodox ways. They have asked players to betray their agents -- as with the Ricky Williams contract extension that excluded agent Leigh Steinberg. And they betray their players -- as in leaking news of Taylor's private meeting with Sparano.


The now well-chronicled meeting, by the way, is still scheduled for the next day or so. Taylor is scheduled to go out of town with his wife late in the week. (No, he isn't going to New York to sign a contract.) At least that wasn't the plan late Monday before Taylor found out the meeting was all over the Internet.

So where does this meeting go? What purpose does it serve?

It should probably start with Sparano apologizing to Taylor. The coach put his reputation on the line in asking Taylor to keep things private, but his team instead turned around and opened its information pipeline to ESPN. That cannot help the Dolphins' agenda unless the agenda is to simply make a public relations move -- one the Dolphins want publicized on national TV.

Maybe the meeting is meant to tell Taylor to go quietly into the night -- or in this case to simply take an offer from the New York Jets.

But if the point of the meeting is to be sincere and try to convince Taylor to be patient with the Dolphins, to wait until after the draft and hedge his bet Miami might want him back, this definitely is a strange way to go about that.

Strange and wrong.


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I was reading this and wanted to throw up because I thought this kind of B.S. drama was a thing of the Nick Saban, Jimmy Johnson, Cam Cameron, Dave Wannstedt past.

Sounds like these guys have some explaining to do to JT. And to fans.

I want to know who the leak is. Armando, do you know who the leaks are or is or whatever?

Name names, bro.


Why can't they just tell the TRUTH!!??



Everyone knows as Armando said in the previous post that Bill Parcells is friends with Mort and tells him stuff.

I think that is the leak. He should be fired.

I wish this team would worry more about adding great players than it does about keeping things from the media.

If they put the same effort into one as they do the other, we'd be in the Super Bowl this season.

What a gigantic cluster eff.

Dang! JT should whip Tony Soprano's butt when he sees him at that meeting.

Unless things turn around, this off-season is going to be marked with disappoint and repeated missed opportunities. While the Jets are taking the initiative to become a better team, the Fins are fumbling our chance to greatly improve. With the Fins inability to land a starting caliber FS (TWICE!), an elite WR (TWICE & COUNTING! ex. Boldin, Holmes, possibly even Marshall), and now the mishandling of the Taylor situation we can only hope for an impeccable draft. We have to hope that the draft can fill the holes the Dolphins administration couldn’t. We have to hope that they are able to develop these players quickly enough to plug the holes the Dolphins administration created and have yet to fill. Think about how differently this upcoming draft would be if we had landed a FS and WR. We could have shored up a defense with a NT and OLB and could have really been something special this year. Hopefully it isn’t too late for the Fins to figure this out.

Sorry Armando, but this time my feeling is that you're overreacting and creating a drama around nothing.
Your story and follow up on JT is not journalism, in fact, I don't know what it is. But you're affecting Dolphins organization and confusing the fans.

Here is a post from FR8TRAIN on the Phinsider...i think it is brilliant...

We spent a decade or longer of trading away draft picks for questionable players (Ricky Williams is the exception). Now, we’re a front office that doesn’t trade away draft picks for anything (other than Thigpen).

Neither of these are going to be our ticket to the show. You can’t win doing one or the other, you have to do both.

Questionable Moves:
1) Re-signing CP10, when there was no need. I think everyone wanted CP10 back, but as a
coach, not taking a roster spot
2) Re-signing Ferguson, when they play the “Character card” all the time. Pot, PED’s, in the
eyes of the league, its the same thing. I don’t care if he was trying to heal… that argument is
ridiculous. He attempted to skirt the rules.
3) Wasting a 2nd round pick on Pat White. Thus far, its been a pretty big mistake. He could
still develop, but not as anything more than a role player for us. And thats a high pick to
waste for a Wildcat QB.
4) Not getting in the Boldin game. Not once, but twice they passed him up, when clearly our
team has a WR need. We had the chance last year…and passed. Then again this year, and
5) Releasing Gerbil, with no successor. Clearly they expected to be in the game for Rolle, but
they low balled him. Then, failed negotiations with Ryan Clark. Maybe Clark never wanted to
come, but from the sounds of it, they didn’t handle it well at all.
6) Santonio Holmes. Its a 5th round pick, low risk, high reward. Worst case scenario, you a
5th rounder. Would you trade Shawn Murphy, Nalbone, or Clemons for #1 WR, 26 yrs old,
only 2 years removed from a Superbowl MVP? I would, especially when its a position of
7) Jason Taylor. He’s a position of need. Obviously we aren’t going to overpay for him, and
he’s made it blatantly clear he’ll stay for a massive discount. So pay him. We need the
leadership. We need the mentoring. We need him, even as a specialist and to help train
the new rookies we draft.

If character was a real concern for this front office, we’ve got a helluva combination of players with PED suspensions, DUIs, domestic violence charges, and resisting arrest charges accumulating…. yet, I don’t see any of them being released, instead they get re-signed.

Now, our division gets even tougher with the upgrades the Jets have made (argue this or not, they have a better pieces on offense than this team), and we know they are better on defense. No longer can expect to just run over these guys. And if you think thats the case, you are fooling yourself.

Everyone is sick of hearing about Brandon Marshall, but here is a case where a player of elite talent is available, albeit, for a high round pick. But he has no looming suspensions, he has no drug history in the NFL, and he’s possible able to be had for a 1st, or a 2nd and a lower pick… He’s a position of major need, and it appears he won’t cost us our ability to address Defense positions in THIS year’s draft. Yet, crickets is all we hear.

What I’m getting at, is its time we have a front office that plays both sides. They understand the value of draft picks…but they also understand the value of proven players, even if they have some “risk” associated with them. Wannstedt’s way didn’t work. Parcell’s way hasn’t worked in the past decade and a half…so, find a balance.

Signing a big free agent is great, and filled a hole. But we created more holes in losing a Safety without a replacement (even though we all hated Wilson), and now not moving on JT…

I’m starting to ramble now, so I’m moving on.

......great Post by FR8TRAIN....


Or is it that Armando is upset because he got beat by Mortenson? Clash of the reporters? Ego's in check?

Im with you Mando...this is Inspector Clousseu kinda stuff....very unprofessional indeed....

Theyd better have a huge rabbit that theyre gonna pull outta their hats or theyre gonna look mighty stupid.....maybe it MARSHALL...lets hope

Armando, you sound 100% sure the leak came from the Dolphins camp! Are you sure your not being played? SteFin
ps I know how accurate your Fin info is I'm trying to understand it.

I think its funny how everybody is up in arms over this stuff... All of a sudden the offseason is over and the season is ready to start and the Dolphins have already failed to yield a team, and all of this before the draft! LOL! Maybe they should just write to Goodell and forfeit all of the games on the 2010 schedule... Oh wait, the schedule hasn't even come out yet!!!!! All of you are smarter than Parcells, Ireland, and Sparano! You know everything, including what the trifecta's plan is!

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

This is all Dawn Aponte's fault

Everyones needs to relax, who cares about who said what wher why its drama. The tuna is doing a good job!

Parcell's: Thanks for coming in Jason, I needed to talk to you.

Taylor: No problem Bill, what's up.

Parcell's Jason I just wanted to apologize to you for all this bull s h i t. You know this whole f u c k i n g mess is Jeffy's fault.

Taylor: Yeah? Well I appreciate the apology Bill.

Parcell's: I've had it up to here Jason. I can't take this circus s h i t anymore. That Ross is a blow hole and Jeffy, he's an aggravating little geek. That Tony, ya know Jason, that Tony's about as dumb as a stump.

Taylor: Well....ah yeah it sounds like you got a mess Bill.

Parcell's: I'm not f u c k i n g kidding Jason, I'm so out of here. Jason, listen, you think you could drop me off in Joisey on your way to New York?

Taylor: Ah....well.....uh, sure Bill, I'm going that way anyway.

Parcell's: Thanks kid you're a real trooper. Oh and J, one more thing.

Taylor: What's that Bill?

Parcell's: You think you can keep this between you and me? I don't want this all over out there........in the press and all that.

The Drama Queen strikes again.....

I hope someday soon they fire Armando and get a real Sports reporter.....

I say they let Armando run the Dolphins.

Folks Armando is doing his job and exposing this franchises cracks. That is what he is really doing! This Trifecta has cracks of arrogance and a term called groupthink. Look it up. I still luv the fins!

Armando, you're the guy who claimed you're not JT's mouthpiece when it's completely clear that you are. I don't know who you think you're fooling.

This whole thing is Jason Taylor being a prima donna and needing attention. He needs to STFU and wait for the Fins post-draft call or get lost, he is not a central piece to the puzzle anymore.

I've been a Dolphins fan for "well" over 30yrs
And when living in NY had Giants season tickets
for a year...At that time though I was still a
"loyal" dolphins fan...I had a world of respect
for coach Parcells..But "ALL" of this is coming
to an "END"!! I was "PISSED" that we did'nt at the "least" talk to Thomas Jones? Have been annoyed at the move's those "HATED" jets have
made to improve themselve's? And now the "CLASSLESS" treatment they're showing to
Jason Taylor!! I'm not sure what's going on with Parcells? But I "USED" to think of him as
a class act? Now I just think he's "CLASSLESS"
Coach!! If you want out? Pleas...."LEAVE"!!! Bring back a Shula/Marino Combo? And restore
some integrity back to this organiztion..Before
it's too late,and the rest of the team realizes
what's going on!! Someone? Anyone? Save my FINS!!

Mr. Parcells, please don't go ! Please see this job through even if these ungratefull low life scum scream to high heaven. Please stay and ignore the media jerkoffs and their lame followers. Please see this through or we are screwed 10 times to sunday. Believe me the silent, rational majority are with you.

Whats wrong with how the Dolphins are treating JT??? They were honest, and let him know that they would not resign him until after the draft... this has been reported for months... Its JT that got impatient and ran the the enemy in order to force the Dolphins into contract talks... Twinkle Toes is playing games...

Parcells is the man, remember 2 years ago when the Dolphins needed him? Reality check... they still do.

If anything that's been posted here is true in anyway,they should all b a shamed of them selfs. Wow some harsh things being said here,it all sounds very mature:(

Sometimes this blog reads like a chorus of crying va-jay-jays

I agree with Carlito 100%, we need to relax and let this thing play out.

Bigalfy, I only agree with one of your points. Pat White was drafted too high, and perhaps passing on Boldin, but everything else you were ether a little or way off base.

How many of you know that Holmes team mates were happy to see him leave? Word is that he is not a good team player and that the Steelers had contacted every single team about a trade and no other team was willing to give up a 5th rd pick. Not the Pats, Browns, nor any other WR needy team that is out there. Throw in the fact that Holmes is not a true #1 WR. We already have a number 2.

Don Strock was a great asset to Marino's development and I see Pennington being the same with Henne besides can you name a 3rd string QB who is better than Pennington? Didn't think so.

Jason Taylor is a classy guy. I met him in person when the Phins played the Giants in London, UK at Wembley Stadium in 2007.

He deserves more respect from the Dolphins organisation then anybody. He has been the face of Miami the last decade and this is how he gets treated. You have to sign him because if he goes to the Jets i will be one Dolphin fan in mourning. The Dolphins need Jason Taylor, he is the No.1 Captain on the team and younger players look up to such a great one day hall of fame player.
Go Phins.
Let's rock and roll.
Sign Taylor and then do the business in the Draft and we can be a force.
Not like the Jets who pick up players who are on their way out and bring alot of trouble.

You're a douchbebag Armando.

Armando, With all respect, my favored Miami Dolphins reporter/fan. You are adding to, and making yourself a willing participant in the very action you seem so very disgusted by and willing to condemn the Dolphins for.

You made the statement concerning the Dolphins...

"What is the deal with these Miami Dolphins? On the one hand, they're asking players to keep in-house matters in-house. On the other hand they're planting stories in the national media."

Do you believe it was intentional? Using a word like "Obviously implies you do. And, if so... to what end? I cannot see how leaking the story would be beneficial to the cause of the Dolphins in any way. As far as motivation is concerned... I do not see what could be gained by leaking the story. If you believe it to be intentional should you not at least have a smoking gun? (perhaps you do) However, any number of people in or out of this situation could have been responsible. Unless you are aware of the Coaches/Managements/Taylors every contact and conversation during a days time.

That first statement you made was preceded by one made of your occupational peer, Chris Mortensen... of and about whom you make these remarks...

"obviously someone inside the Dolphins organization told Mortensen. So the same organization that swore Taylor to secrecy leaked news of the meeting to the Worldwide Leader -- a figurative national bullhorn.

Aside from the part that usually begin this Blog daily where someone makes the post saying... "FIRST!!!" ... what is the difference in what Chris Mortensen (or any other "Bull Horn") has done, and what you are doing here in your own blog?
I have read and listened to your reports and feel you have for the most part been fair. Although, it is clear to me and some others that you share a certain disappointment/disdain for the lack of media access to this team provided both you and your peers. And access that other management staffs have offered to you in the past. I have to say, Armando. To me, this post you have written smacks of the scorned and runs a dangerous parallel with emotional drivel that only serves to divide and undermine.
I am aware of your obvious like for Jason Taylor, and dislike of what Miami has appeared to have done to him. Many of us share that same concern. But, you have already writen with your own hand that JT has every right to "Go do whatever is right by his family"... correct? So... Does the same not hold true when speaking of the Dolphins Family? Should they not do what is right by them? Certainly we all have our opiniuons of what is and is not "Right" for the Dolphins. But, none of us have been hired by the Billionair who ownes the team to do so. Mr. Parcells, Mr. Ireland and Mr. Sparano have been the ones to make the choices for our club.
I believe we are being given a very good peek into why this management staff keeps the media at arms length. I'm certain they learned through experience as we all do, who you should and should NEVER trust. I am also certain they know that you and your peers have had long and very good relationships with previous coaching/management staffs as well as relationships with some of the players on this team. Guys who were here before they (this management staff) were. And, just like what happenes in nearly every broken home when the real Daddy or at least the one we liked most leaves... The next one who moves in gets the brunt of the anger and persona resentment from the ones left behind. In an effort of personal self-preservation, without a doubt coming from previous experience, this group has leaned well how to shut it down before it ever begins.
As always, Armando... "its your blog" and I will always respect your opinions, otherwise reading it would be a bit self-problematic. But I have more or less disagreed with your take on the JT issue as I did concerning Anquon Boldin. I believe the reasoning is self inflicted. I told myself after the 1-15 debacle of 07 that nothing would be the same. That is when I finally realized I was no longer cheering for the players on the field. Sure, I was while they played. Of course I still cheer and marvel at the athleticism that can only be captured in slow motion or even still photography. But, I came to the realization that the players on the field would be gone in 3 or 4 years and I would still have the LOGO. So, I cheer for the LOGO. I am a fan of the "DOLPHINS" not the Taylor's or the Boldin's or the Parcells. And I see what you have written here as something that in no way could be healthy for my team... The only people this could serve are those who scavenge the Dolphins for another story or stir yet another reason to complain or give a reason to comment for the armchair Head Coaches. And for that I am very sorry again to see the depths we have descended to as a fan base.
God bless, Armando. I hope this one works out. But in either event I do not feel you did OUR team any favors here. But they gave you no favors either... did they?

anybody can leak anything at anytime. including JT's wife.

I think they finally turned on you, Armando. Were you drunk when you wrote this thing? Hope you aren't walking out of the building with a little box of your things before 5:00.

Is it Over.... Did you see to who my post was addressed? Was it YOU? Did I write a post starting with.."Is it over", and make you read it?

Hint... If you don't like long posts.... Don't read them. Particularly if they are not addressed to the entire blog community. Read them only if you want, no one has a gun to your head buddy. Also, as far as Armando not being a Dolphins fan... I believe after the many years and correspondence I have had with him I will respectfully disagree... But thanks for your opinion.

Sorry all - I never complain about the issues that are usually presented here, but this time I can't help it. This is such a non story I can't believe it.

I'm sure this will play out as expected. I firmly believe Jason will be back. All of this was probably planned from the begining.

Well said, Ruger.

Bill ruger needs to get a life!

Farley... that is very true... and is why I made the statement I did. It is entirely possible Armando knows what happened so pressing the matter would be foolish. But I just cannot see where Miami has anything to gain by leaking the story.

blah blah blah blah, this is truly the most boring articale ive read by you mando, usually you are credited with being the best writer in south florida (dave hyde suck ass you cant even post anything with out him proof reading it first stupid douche bag) but mando we need more than some silly high school situations. JT is one of our best players of all time but age is catching up with him so who really cares about a leak. speaking of leak i have to go take one. see ya!!!!!

Hey, Ruger
If you want to send a private message to Salguero, write him a gd letter.

" Nobody needed to know about it"

Ok, so exactly where did they

"the same organization that swore Taylor to secrecy leaked "

Where are your sources? Just because espn said something doesn't mean JT was swore to secrecy then stabbed him in the back after he swore which is pretty much how you are playing it.

Hey, i want Jt back, but you are trying to stir this pot more then it should be just because they wont decide till after the draft. I mean really, how many tenders are still left unsigned till this date? Chill

...and now another episode of "As The Dolphins World Turns."

Armando, you really have an axe to grind with the Trifecta it'd seem. It's getting awfully tiring watching you biastly spin stories against them. But that's okay, go back to suckling at JT's nipple like the good little fanboy you are.

Ask Bill Ruger.

Damn, Bill! ...Your keyboard must be on fire by now! Time to break out the extinguisher, baby.

So, let me get this straight... Belcho...

Your going to write two posts concerning me, A person you don't know from anyone... and say NOTHING of any value or concern to me or anyone else....

Then tell me I need a life?

That's Rich..... BRILLIANT BELCHO!... You keep up the good work. Your AWESOME! Man the way you express yourself and share you opinions and what you believe about the subject matter here should bring you to untold notoriety in the literary world.... Really... Belcho.... I'm impressed.

The subject matter here is so stupid it does not warrant my expressing an opinion other than that. You write a comment to a blog, knowing (and hoping) it will be read by others and then give Is It Over a ration because "(You) were not talking to him (just Armando." Take a step back and give that a fair objective appraisal, donkey.

Great reporting, Mando!!

Armando is just reporting the truth. "Don't hate the player...hate the game."

Yeah Auqua1.... Its been a long night and I read this and just wanted to say what I had to say. Personally... I hope JT stays. But my real issue is with ALL the local media. I believe many of them are a little torqued off at this management staff because of the stiff arming they are getting. I can understand why they are upset, they can't do the job they want to do... But I never like it when I feel its at the expense of the team. Armando is a very fair guy and is usually on point. I have disagreed with him more then once. I still respect him very much.

carlito from golfito,

You are the voice of reason on this blog... THANK YOU!!

Mando, thanks for the info, but buddy, you must really be on a mission to get your Dolphins access locked out cause you have really been tearing them a new one lately. They deserve it, by the way, but I really love the work you do and don't want you to have any problems. Back to the Phins, last season and this offseason has been a huge disapointment after the one year wonder turnaround after Cam's season, which makes me start to believe that these guys really lucked into that great season instead of it being a solid sign of progress.

Glad you still respect him, i'm losing that real quick... These recents posts seem more like tabloid media spinning things against the organization. It's getting old pretty quick.

This story doesn't change the fact that Taylor is a mediocre player, at best, at this stage of his career. His leadership is a little overrated. These are not boys playing defense, these are men with a few years experience. Let Taylor go. We will not regret it.

Jason Taylor is the 'unnamed' source. That much is obvious.

Who cares if the info was leaked jt is done he is nothing more than a backup...

Sounds like armondo is just running out of real things to talk about...

I hear ya Tryptich... I am going to see how it all plays out before developing any sort of "Emotional" attachment to the who's in the story. I tend to believe as many other have stated that JT may have a hand in this,,, and that in the end this has all been a really bad smokescreen. If it has been a smokescreen and this so called "Media Leak" has caused JT to make a determination to move to NY... I would agree w/ Shane Falco and say JT is the one who popped the cork. The Team has 100% NOTHING to gain by doing so.

Ask Bill Ruger.

I hear you buddy. I said this yesterday but I'll repeat it now.

Personally, I am not thrilled with the way this FO is handling Dolphin greats who we admired like Taylor and Thomas. Particularly when their not asking for much for all the blood, sweat and tears that they shed and the great memories that they gave us all. I also don't buy that Taylor will stunt young development either. Certain positions get rotated regardless, to keep the players fresh.

Taylor is willing to accept a reasonably low salary to play out his career here and Thomas probably, simply wants a one day acceptance to retire a Dolphin. Seems thats the least this organization can give them and us fans.

This story sounds really fishy.I read it twice to make sure I didn't miss anything,but it makes no sense.Of course I haven't slept in about 28 hours either so nothing makes sense to me.

Just because Thomas and Taylor were very good Dolphins in their day doesn't mean its smart to keep them on the roster in 2010

If I was Jason Taylor I would tell the Dolphins to go pound sand and sign with the Jets.

I think you are just sorry it wasn't leaked to you.

Has Thomas ever actually asked them if he could get a 1 day contract to retire a Dolphin? because i've never heard that before... beyond them declining him that, imo they've never done anything wrong to Thomas. When they first came over they simply cut him, didn't wait until late into the pre-season... didn't try and trade him to some scrub organization. Just let him go and he was allowed to sign with any team and go after a superbowl.

Belchos... Fair enough... But I ask you to see what I did when I read your last post directed to me and answer a question or two... Here is your post as you sent it.

"The subject matter here is so stupid it does not warrant my expressing an opinion other than that. You write a comment to a blog, knowing (and hoping) it will be read by others and then give Is It Over a ration because "(You) were not talking to him (just Armando." Take a step back and give that a fair objective appraisal, donkey.

1. If the subject was so stupid, why even read the posts about it below? If you were aghast at its content... why not just "Move on"?

2. Yes, I wrote a post that I was aware that others may read. So?... Am I supposed to write my posts to YOUR liking? Am I to edit them to the length YOU find appropriate?

3. I never took this to a personal level... until now, after you decided to call me a name.
But since you have made it a personal issue... I will now critique YOUR Post...Its only fair... right?

* You have zero grasp concerning the formation of a proper sentence and how it should be structured.
* Your use of punctuation is both incorrect and incomplete.
* Your grasp of the English language is pathetic at best, offensive at worst.
* And... If I were to "Take a step back" and give my post an appraisal... it would be very hard to do so objectively since I have very clear and expressed opinions (Ones you may or may not agree with) about the issue.

*** Bottom line is this... Troglodyte.... If you want to read a post... do so at your own risk. If you don't like the length... stop wherever you wish... if you don't like the viewpoint... too bad. If you don't like me or the way I think about your pathetic waste of good space and air... then I have accomplished my goals 100%. Other then that, I suggest you go back to the the 3rd grade and start English all over again. Have a nice day, Belcher... Goodbye.

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