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The Sparano-Taylor meeting off on wrong foot

Tony Sparano called Jason Taylor in recent days and with all the charm and charisma that convinces so many Dolphins to play hard 100 percent of the time, the coach told Taylor the two of them needed to meet this week.

Man to man. Coach to player.

Nobody needed to know about it, Sparano told Taylor.

And so Taylor didn't tell anyone about the meeting.

Taylor didn't tell his agent Gary Wichard. He didn't share it with any of his close confidants, either. So on Monday afternoon when ESPN senior insider Chris Mortensen reported on NFL Live that the meeting was coming this week, everyone connected with Taylor denied they knew about it because, well, they didn't.

But obviously someone inside the Dolphins organization told Mortensen. So the same organization that swore Taylor to secrecy leaked news of the meeting to the Worldwide Leader -- a figurative national bullhorn.

What is the deal with these Miami Dolphins? On the one hand, they're asking players to keep in-house matters in-house. On the other hand they're planting stories in the national media.

And what is the point? On the one hand, they seem to be reaching out to Taylor. But, in fact, by leaking the story, they have actually done damage to whatever they might be trying to accomplish. Taylor was disappointed with the team late Monday night when he learned news of the planned meeting leaked from the team after he was told to tell no one.

The Dolphins have been in lockdown mode on the Taylor issue for weeks. General Manager Jeff Ireland calls Wichard regularly every time facts about the Taylor-Dolphins negotiations -- or lack of negotiations -- get out in the media.

But Ireland is working for the very organization that slips ESPN interesting little notes -- like Ronnie Brown being on the trade block or Joey Porter not playing the rest of the season after his 2009 suspension. Granted, sometimes the information is flawed, but apparently the tuna can that is the Miami Dolphins isn't very well sealed.

The greater point is the Dolphins work in unorthodox ways. They have asked players to betray their agents -- as with the Ricky Williams contract extension that excluded agent Leigh Steinberg. And they betray their players -- as in leaking news of Taylor's private meeting with Sparano.


The now well-chronicled meeting, by the way, is still scheduled for the next day or so. Taylor is scheduled to go out of town with his wife late in the week. (No, he isn't going to New York to sign a contract.) At least that wasn't the plan late Monday before Taylor found out the meeting was all over the Internet.

So where does this meeting go? What purpose does it serve?

It should probably start with Sparano apologizing to Taylor. The coach put his reputation on the line in asking Taylor to keep things private, but his team instead turned around and opened its information pipeline to ESPN. That cannot help the Dolphins' agenda unless the agenda is to simply make a public relations move -- one the Dolphins want publicized on national TV.

Maybe the meeting is meant to tell Taylor to go quietly into the night -- or in this case to simply take an offer from the New York Jets.

But if the point of the meeting is to be sincere and try to convince Taylor to be patient with the Dolphins, to wait until after the draft and hedge his bet Miami might want him back, this definitely is a strange way to go about that.

Strange and wrong.


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Congratulations to NJ PHIN FAN, who was voted Worst Dolphins Fan in the World!

LOL, It has nothing to do with how good Taylor was in the past. The proof is in front of your eyes. he is the best OLB that we have on the roster, and NO one we draft will be better THIS year. So under that precident, we need to sign the guy. NOW, The fans also make out in this deal, as do the fans if they sign Zach to a one day contract. We pay their salary, so there arrogance and stubborness is a smack in the fans face. I could understand if JT was just terrible and people were crying for him. But he is the best OLB on the roster. This whole thing is insane!!!!!

Yes, Thomas did ask for the contract, once privatly, then publicly. Still nothing.


The Dolphins told Jason Taylor months ago that they would not sign him until after the draft, just like last year... it is taylor and his agent who jumped the gun and went to the Jets...

p.s. Karlos Dansby is the best LB on the roster... and last year, statistically, Cameron Wake was the best pass rusher on the roster

This is all part of the poker playing. The Tuna loves to spin the media. The Fins got tired of the bad press and leaked this, so the fans "think" they still care about Taylor.

Did you really think this guy was going to sign with the Wets?


We don't pay their salary either

Waaah! We can't win a super bowl without Jason Taylor. Oh wait a minute, we never won one with Jason Taylor. Waaah! JT is going to the Jets, we are lost. Oh wait a minute JT went to the Redskins and Miami won their division. Cya Jason!

Great post Tryptich @ 7:03

Tired of reading all of Mando's negative spins on every move the office makes. Why not try writing an article with a positive outlook. After all, it's just JT, he's not the player he once was.

Also, still no on JT, play WAKE

Carlito and all you others who think the fans who are "concerned" think the world is gonna end, let me say stop creating a straw man argument. Reading the comments, I don't think (most) people are saying get rid of Parcells and Co. (only the crazy, non-football educated ones). People like me still believe in Parcells. I know he knows way more than I ever will about football. What he may not know more than me is about the Miami Dolphins (as I've been a fan for nearly 3 decades). And I see some things done that were outright mistakes (Pat White, Gebril Wilson) and things that to my naked and untrained eye looked like oversights (not at least inquiring about Anquan Boldin, Thomas Jones, Brandon Marshall). Then, there's the perception of disrespect to the Dolphins history by the Trifecta signified by the JT situation and the Zach Thomas situation. Not only the current situation with JT, but how both were let go previously. Now, before I get bombarded, I'm on board with everything that was done by the FO. I understand this is a business, and these guys are trying to build an elite team, and even former stars are expendable if they are not in the plans. Fine. But these 2 guys aren't Justin Smiley and Randy McMichael. These two were the heart of the defense and face of our team for a decade. Whatever the plans were, Zach and JT deserved (from the Miami Dolphins) to be treated with utmost respect. And many of us just don't feel they've been given the respect they deserve.

So for all these reasons, fans are concerned. No, I'm not ripping up my jerseys. No, I'm not picketing on Parcells lawn, I'm simply stating that I'm concerned with things I've seen. If moves are made, the draft goes exceptionally well, we start the season with a win, I'll forget that I ever felt this way and be back on the bus without a doubt about what the FO is doing. But, for now, until further notice, I'm Ronald Reagan...trust but verify!!!

If the Fins win games, all this crying about JT, Zack and any others will stop. The problem for the trifecta is last years 7-9 year.

Someone has a big mouth. Someone should be fired.

I said OLB, Dansby is inside. And we do pay their salaries with ticket sales and merch sales, beer sales, food sales ect... I really just think that this one is a no brainer, and this regime is stuck with their stubborn ways of doing business. Again, I would not care if Taylor was terrible, bt he is still an upgrade for the team. My opinion only obviously.

The Zach Thomas argument is ridiculous, he was finished when he left Miami and should have retired to save himself all of those injuries in the last couple years of his career... The trifecta gave him the option to go where ever he wanted... He was not done dirty in any way


Maybe its a rumour or maybe your just not paying attention but I have read that about Thomas before. Remember, I said "Thomas probably wants," to hedge my bet. You have to admit though that the Taylor handling from the start is a little troubling. That doesn't mean that this FO is incompetent. "Just sayin."


Yeah I know what you were saying, but Stephen Ross pays their salaries

This JT agent is a big mouth scrub

Sorry, I think this is a non-story. Since when did we start dealin with all these fragile egos? 'Dolphins not reaching out'....'Dolphins not showing respect to Taylor'.....'Dolphins leaking story and not being honest with Taylor'.

Listen, we want them to contact this guy. We didn't want to walk off into the night having a snit without at least having a conversation with him. We're doing that. Sometimes I think reagardless of what this FO does it gets criticized. I think it's ridiculous!!

I don't want these guys spending all their energies playing kissy-kissy with JT. There is a very important draft coming up next week. That's where I want their energies and focus. Not all this stuff about romancing and courting the 'girl of the Ball', a 36 year old broken down linebacker.

I hate the way this is being handled. If you want him, sign him or just let the man go. I have a feeling their trying to keep him from signing with another team just in case they don't get the guy they want. That's no way to treat a guy that sign for a modest contract, played out of position and gave you all he had. I'm starting to sour on this front office.

Thats cold, Craig M.

"Not all this stuff about romancing and courting the 'girl of the Ball', a 36 year old broken down linebacker."

I mean...thats just wrong.

Funny (lol)...but wrong.

Everyone knows Parcells is the source. And in that regard this makes the Dolphins the weirdest team because he's probably going to come in to work today and conduct an inquisition on who the leak is.

The dude has lost it.

Great job Armando. Excellent reporting.

Agree with DC, just did not want to type that much. No one wants Zach back on the team to play, just to sign and retire as a Phin, takes two seconds to sign one day contract and no salary cap issues. Should have been done already. JT is simply the best option for this year that we can see, and it sucks to even think he could be somewhere else if he can still help us. If he couldn't help us, I would care less.

OK, so the horse has been dead for about a day now, I am done with the beating... lol. Good conversation all, thanks Go

You blew us out of the water again.

We suck.


Mando have the dolphins ever had a regime that you liked? BP is the best thing that's happened to the phins since the shula in the 70's stop your whining and let them run the team. Other wise you people are gonna run BP and is crew out of town and we'll be stuck with someone like carl peterson. No thanks

Can anyone tell me why JT even matters at this point?
Is he so dominant that we must have him in the team?
Or is it better he go to the jets and we ram the ball down his throat?

Jt is below average now I could care less about him. Go to the jets jt, or just go anywhere else I don't want you on my dolphin team!

The phinsider is a piece of crap and I cannot believe one of the idiot geeks on here actually admits to reading the crap. Matty I is a tool with no clue about football other than what he reads on this and other blogs.

Unfortunately every organization has leaks. It keeps you reporter happy and working. You guys love to get a scoop, thus rely on these insiders who leak information. Can't blame mgmt. it happens in the best of organizations. You reporters live for a scoop, thus have people on the inside betraying their own company.

3 days of this crap, time to move on to a something else, anything else please

There is a reason I come on this blog every day: It gives me the best information (both good and bad) about my favorite team.

And Armando you do it entertaining and informative at the same time. You have a gift. Want to say thank you and ignore all the idiot haters, bud.

The Trifecta is so paranoid they need to get out of that draft room and breathe some fresh air. It's like they've never done this before! We sign Chad Pennington to a multimillion dollar deal with a buch of benefits and bonuses and um HE WAS INJURED ALL LAST SEASON and ummmmm WE HAVE 4 QBS!!!! We have exactly 0 quality OLBs and JT was our best player last yr playing hurt and whatnot. Not to mention Chad was with the team for 2 yrs and Jason Taylor is, well, JASON FREAKIN TAYLOR!! how about an insurance policy guys? Sign the guy like u signed Pennington, just in case, and just move on and focus on the draft. Geez.

Mando, Joe Rose is using your material on the radio all morning long. Why doesn't that big-headed dimwit just call you and ask you what's up directly?

I hate the trifecta. They have gone from bad to worse. We need Marshall, they won't go
After him, we need holmes they won't go after him. Henne has more talent in his thumb than sanchez has, and even a defense coach like Ryan is throwing receivers at his young qb while morono won't do a damn thing or parcells. But the last straw is te Jason Taylor and zach thomas affairs. This is beyon horrible. They have bleed aqua and orange their entire careers, and we resign a noodle armed fourth qb but not them? Give zach whatever he wants, sign jt so we don't play against him and treat him like he deserves, get dez or sign Marshall and salvage the effin year!

Chad Pennington has zero threat of being a progress stopper... He's not going to get in the way of Chad Henne developing.

Jason Taylor wants to be a starter, I don't think he'd accept anything less. If we draft a young olb earlier and want to get them lots of in game experience along with Wake and possibly another drafted OLB. Jason Taylor isn't gonna want an even more reduced role.

The fact is the reason they're reluctant to sign JT is something they didn't have to worry about with Chad or Ferg. If they are asked to be backups, they will and they won't implode in the process with rage over it.

Well said Armando! Workers for an organization like to be treated with respect. As you can tell, I just got off from work myself. Could it be a smokescreen of some sort to sway public opinion that they were trying to accomplish? I just think it's dirty to use players and their names throughout the media, just to accomplish their goals. It just isn't right to treat players or an organization's workers that way. Period!

Boulder what has parcells done? Seriously. Is there any doubt that last year was a flop? That pat white and most likely Patrick turner are flops? That the jets are making all the right moves and we are making all the wrong ones? If they have an answer at wide receiver and olb and free safety that they have yet to share then I'll admit being wrong. Until them, I never thought I'd see the day that Rex and co. Would see the need for offensive weapons more than us. He hates offense. Our leading receiver averaged 1.5 tds a year. There is no excuse for that.

For my part, I am trying to stay positive about the 'Phins offseason, but it is getting harder to watch the Jets adding significant (if morally questionable) pieces to their arsenal and we seem to waiting for the draft to solve all our problems. I understand you build a team through the draft but I am feeling less and less comfortable about this every day.

Can someone explain to me (in a respectful way) how we beat the jets or the pats next year, and how we make the playoffs? Because I really don't see it and I'm REALLY trying to.

Hopeful I stopped being comfortable with it when I looked at our draft boards for the last sox years.

I'm getting really sick of friggin Jason Taylor already. He's one of the top 3 Dolphins in my lifetime but man - the other 2 that didn't retire Dolphins on their own terms never made this kind of stink about wanting to have things their own way. Zach never said peep - neither did Marino.

Also remember JT was the only one who pushed a trade AWAY from this team. IN my opinion he used up his goodwill with this team. He's been told what the deal is. if he doesn't like it, leave and shut the F***K UP! He's an average player these days - someone who keeps a position warm until someone suitable to start comes along.

Fact is, if he was as great as many of the sheep on this blog thinks he still is - he would have been signed already.

This post is only adding on to the "strange and wrongness" of it.

Let the people meet, lets sign JT and lets get this over with!

Way to take care of your fans and players. Thats why your called the "STINK FISH".

Have a horrible season!

J E T S jets jets jets

Welcome to the town of ignorance. Do any of you including amando have any experience or knowledge on how to run a football team or what a talented football player looks like before he gets on the field. Tuna has brought how many teams to the big dance. I trust the big three are acting in the best interest of the team. Lets see how this season plays out before you pass judgment on something you know nothing about. Remember Mando has to put something to paper everyday, even if it's specuation by the man who knows just a little bit more then most of us. How would a team run by him turn out.....,.BAD

Yeah Mark in Toronto, if Jason Taylor were really that good the Dolphins would have made the wise decision and signed him already.

Just like they made wise decisions on Pat White, Ernest Wilford, Josh McCown, Chris Crocker, Eric Green, Shawn Murphy, Sean Ryan, Matt Roth and all the other great decisions they've made.

They never make mistakes so of course they got this one right also. Get a clue.

Jets are like a big trash heap for broke down problem child players. Any jet fan that thinks that all these has been players with big egos are gonna bring them a championship are stupid! Wait until they start losing and you'll see how fast that jet team falls apart. Just remember that a heavy loaded jet has no choice but to CRASH N BURN!!!! Trust me! U jets still suck!

Ok, hopefully Armando reads my post, cuz no one else
will as it is on the second page..... We WILL get a free safety via draft. We WILL get an OLB via the draft. We WILL get a NT. We WILL get a large, fast, starting caliber WR this draft. This draft is so deep, everyone will get those things. However, due to poor coaching/scouting our WR will not see the field this year, neither will our FS. the cutting of Wilson will allow us to go 9-7 this year. If we draft CJ Spiller we can go 11-5.... I HATE to say this, but the stinking Yets aggressiveness makes me wanna be a fan and gettin JT might push me over the edge... They have a good combo of win now and later players..... I still say we r the 3rd bestin the AFC East.

"The greatest point is that the Dolphins work in unorthodox ways".- Armando Salguero

Really Mando, what tipped you off?
Was it the wildcat?
Was it giving a Pennington a $10mil 2Yr contract without a physical?
Was it deciding that Wilford at age 28 could not catch anymore?
Or that Roth, Porter, Ayodele, JT & Wilson could not tackle?
Maybe it was hosting an abundance of free agents just to see them all leave with the exception Dansby who got the biggest contract ever givin to a LB?

I need someone to wipe my butt because you have to be smart to do that by yourself.

Mando -- you are most likely right that it came from the organization (and it is a big one after all), but how can you be sure it wasn't Katina's hair stylist or Zach's chiropracter, etc?

Hey we are talking about the fins here. I thought all this drama was reserved for the Jets organization. What the hell is going on?

Parcells took a 1-15 team and made it a playoff contender. By that I mean that for the very least the last 2 years we weren't out of the playoffs by mid october like we were during saban and wansted and cameron era. That to me is enough. Right now we know that we'll at least be in contention to be in the playoffs. And what have the JEts done? They were 9-7 last season and really 8-8 or maybe 7-9. They got lucky. I'm willing to be right now that the phins will have a better over all record the next 3 years than the jets.

As much as it hurts, Armando Salguero should sign with the National Enquirer.

Not knowing who leaked the info how can you be so sure that it didn't come from JT's camp? On top of that- who cares about the info getting out, what happens in the secret meeting- that is what we want to know.

Trypitch.. I hear u brother. But if ull recall JT was ready for a backup role as 3rd down passrusher last yr when he came back from the skins. It was injury and poor position play that force him into a starters role, and a role that didn't favor his abilities to boot. That's why I contend we need him on the squad this year AT LEAST as an insurance policy for chronich suckiness (for lack of a better word) at OLB.

The Patriots will "send a contingent" to work out Ole Miss RB Dexter McCluster in his hometown of Largo, FL eight days before the draft.
This reeks of smokescreen. McCluster played extensively all four years, so we can't imagine there's much the Patriots don't know about his style of play or performance. McCluster is a late second- to third-round prospect.

Typical Bellicheat Move.. trying to make the Tuna pounce on this tweener.

Multiple sources tell the Florida Times Union that Dez Bryant has been removed from the Jaguars' draft board due to character concerns.

YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waterboy - Why is that a good thing? Miami does not want this clown on their team and not going to draft a WR in the 1st round

Holy s**t Armando have you lost your mind? First of all who knows who leaked the story but there you go assuming it's one of the top three guys in the organization. Maybe it was a secretary who overheard Sparano on the phone. What purpose could leaking the story possibly serve the trifecta? It doesn't help their negotiation with Taylor but I guess by this story we are to assume that Parcells and company are complete blithering idiots and have no clue how to operate their business?

Secondly, ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!! Stop making JT out to be some saint! This is the same guy who turned his back on his team for hollywood! Same guy who was in love with Nick Saban! Are you friggin kidding with this crap?! We forgave the guy but not to the point that we're now going to side with him over our own team!

And if you are one of those misinformed people what are you going to do if Taylor plays for the Jets? Are you going to root for the Jets and Jason Taylor or are you a DOLPHINS FAN?!

Armando, Don't you have something better to write about. This whole JT thing is geeting old and quite frankly boring. JT has been a great player for the Dolphins but this regime don't care about that kind of stuff and neither do I. If he come back great and if he doesn't then good luck to him.

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