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The Sparano-Taylor meeting off on wrong foot

Tony Sparano called Jason Taylor in recent days and with all the charm and charisma that convinces so many Dolphins to play hard 100 percent of the time, the coach told Taylor the two of them needed to meet this week.

Man to man. Coach to player.

Nobody needed to know about it, Sparano told Taylor.

And so Taylor didn't tell anyone about the meeting.

Taylor didn't tell his agent Gary Wichard. He didn't share it with any of his close confidants, either. So on Monday afternoon when ESPN senior insider Chris Mortensen reported on NFL Live that the meeting was coming this week, everyone connected with Taylor denied they knew about it because, well, they didn't.

But obviously someone inside the Dolphins organization told Mortensen. So the same organization that swore Taylor to secrecy leaked news of the meeting to the Worldwide Leader -- a figurative national bullhorn.

What is the deal with these Miami Dolphins? On the one hand, they're asking players to keep in-house matters in-house. On the other hand they're planting stories in the national media.

And what is the point? On the one hand, they seem to be reaching out to Taylor. But, in fact, by leaking the story, they have actually done damage to whatever they might be trying to accomplish. Taylor was disappointed with the team late Monday night when he learned news of the planned meeting leaked from the team after he was told to tell no one.

The Dolphins have been in lockdown mode on the Taylor issue for weeks. General Manager Jeff Ireland calls Wichard regularly every time facts about the Taylor-Dolphins negotiations -- or lack of negotiations -- get out in the media.

But Ireland is working for the very organization that slips ESPN interesting little notes -- like Ronnie Brown being on the trade block or Joey Porter not playing the rest of the season after his 2009 suspension. Granted, sometimes the information is flawed, but apparently the tuna can that is the Miami Dolphins isn't very well sealed.

The greater point is the Dolphins work in unorthodox ways. They have asked players to betray their agents -- as with the Ricky Williams contract extension that excluded agent Leigh Steinberg. And they betray their players -- as in leaking news of Taylor's private meeting with Sparano.


The now well-chronicled meeting, by the way, is still scheduled for the next day or so. Taylor is scheduled to go out of town with his wife late in the week. (No, he isn't going to New York to sign a contract.) At least that wasn't the plan late Monday before Taylor found out the meeting was all over the Internet.

So where does this meeting go? What purpose does it serve?

It should probably start with Sparano apologizing to Taylor. The coach put his reputation on the line in asking Taylor to keep things private, but his team instead turned around and opened its information pipeline to ESPN. That cannot help the Dolphins' agenda unless the agenda is to simply make a public relations move -- one the Dolphins want publicized on national TV.

Maybe the meeting is meant to tell Taylor to go quietly into the night -- or in this case to simply take an offer from the New York Jets.

But if the point of the meeting is to be sincere and try to convince Taylor to be patient with the Dolphins, to wait until after the draft and hedge his bet Miami might want him back, this definitely is a strange way to go about that.

Strange and wrong.


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I think Dez Bryant will be a damn good receiver in the NFL despite these negative reviews.

But if Earl Thomas and Dez are both available at#12, Earl Thomas gives us the best value.

Again, our defense was dead last in giving up 25+ yard plays - this is a key upgrade needed to be made by a coverage skilled Saftey such as Thomas.

The fix at WR (at least to contend this year) is T.O., like it or not.

last place afc east is a guarantee 2010
no wr
no nt
no s
no olb

worse then when parcells took over

This is the worst article youve ever written. Somehow I get the feeling of BigBrother,chemtrails and other useless nonesense. This article is screaming mainstream media. Get back to football.The Dolphins dont have dirty little secrets and the thought that they owe JT an apology for leaking the existence of a one on one meeting is third strike for life over stealing some gum

Another one drops to us at 12

Mando, I read this blog every day but rarely post. Today I had to say this:

Thanks for showing everyone how hypocritical the trifecta is being on this Jason Taylor issue and the supposed blackout of information.

Secondly, I feel sad that so many stupid posters here are asking how you know that the source came from the team. It is clear as day the source is from the team if Morteson is saying he has sources on the team, he's best friends with Parcells, and no one in the Taylor camp knew about the meeting.

God, some readers are stupid!

brad - worse then when Parcells took over huh? So, are you saying the Phins are going 0-16. The Bills will be the worst team in the AFC East for a long time. Do you honestly think we are worse then the Bills?

I am fascinated by this drama. Too bad the Dolphins are more exciting off the field than on the field.

Not only that but the Dolphins were upfront and asked JT to wait until after the draft knowing very well that there are tons of teams that would sign him in a heart beat. HE CAN'T EVEN GO BACK TO WORK BECAUSE HE'S STILL INJURED!!

And instead of waiting patiently for the organization that has paid him MILLIONS of dollars over 12 f***ing years (don't forget about that when your talking about how much the Dolphins supposedly owe to JT!)he runs to our biggest rival and sits down with his family at their dinner table!

Exactly what in the hell is the point that you people who are against the phins trying to make? They've done nothing wrong in this whole thing! But don't worry, just keep reading Armandos stuff and making it your bible because everything he says must be your opinion as well. Maybe try to think for yourself and see the big picture. And realize Armando IS NOT A DOLPHINS FAN and is not doing this for the betterment of the team. He couldn't care less about this team and there's nothing wrong with that. But there is something wrong with people not understanding what this blog is all about. It is an opinion piece written by a reporter who doesn't like the team he is writing about. Get it?

NY Scott, you are full of crap. You come to Armando's blog to rip Armando? You are backstabbing little weasel. Folks in Miami have read Armando for years and know he HATES it when the Dolphins screw up. That doesn't make him a hater of the team. That makes him a hater of screw ups. Get it?

Oh, and the fact your ripping Jason Taylor, who is the closest thing to a Hall of Famer the Dolphins have had since Dan Marino, show you have no loyalty to the Dolphins, NYScott.

You hate the Dolphins if you hate Jason Taylor and come on blogs to criticize the fact he wants to return to Miami.

You and people like you NYScott are the problem with being a Dolphins fan. You turn on your own long-time players.

Know What ?

This involves millions of dollars, if it leaked, it leaked. The $$$ involved should be more than suffice to heal the pain. Everyone involved are adults, S**T happens. But I do agree, Mando, is it really worth reporting on this ?

i'm not sure why Jason Taylor is a big deal at this point. If the team drafts a couple OLBs in the draft that are worth anything people will be glad Taylor's in NY. its all on Parcells. bring in some decent OLBs so people stop looking at Taylor as a need.

2010 Pro Bowlers:

Ronnie Brown
Lousaka Polite
Jake Long
Jake Grove
Karlos Dansby
Yeremiah Bell
Vontae Davis
Dan Carpenter
Ted Ginn - Returner (will have 4 kick or punt returns for TDs)

Most intersting man, you make no sense and your posts are void of substance. Please get a clue. Good thing your name isn't, 'most intelligent man in the world' because,,,,,,well you know.

Excellent article. I wish I was a fly on the wall in that little meeting.

I agree; subterfuge has no place in any professional enviroent when dealing with salaries or personnel--least of all in professional sports. How can an organization preach off-field character to athletes when they set this kind of an example. Kudos to Jason Taylor for honorably upholding his side of the request from the Dolphins. His honor and his integrity are part of the reason he is so well respected among Dolphin fans.
Cavemanna, you're wrong. You can't expect anything to blossom and grow if you poison from the roots. No double standards.
I have always spoken out against media and their propensity to hurt the sport while only caring about their story. Armando has felt the sting of my words more than a few times, and they have often made me an unpopular commentor on this site--especially to the iliterate brown misers on here who care more about being liked than they do the facts in what I have emphasized. But Armando is right here. It is weird and wrong. Of course he may just be mad that it wasn't h who broke the story, but let's give him the benefit of the doubt on this one and see where he takes it. Until then, I am with Armando on this one--the Dolphins are wrong.

If all that you say here is true then how about not writing anything about it and bringing negativity to the Dolphins over something as petty and stupid as this. That is if you care about the Dolphins at heart, then why take a shot when its unnecessary

Also I don't "come to Armandos blog to rip him". I've been reading his stuff since he started writing for the herald. Sometimes I agree with him and sometimes I don't. I certainly am not an Armando groupy like some of you because you see, I can form my own opinions and don't rely on another man to tell me how to think. But good luck with your blind worship.

Kevin11c, you said, " Kudos to Jason Taylor for honorably upholding his side of the request from the Dolphins".

The Dolphins asked him to wait until after the draft and he promptly ran to their biggest rival within their own division to talk about a contract.

How exactly is he holding up his side of the request to an organization who has helped make him wealthy and famous?

how is it again that we know that Sparano told Taylor not to say anything to anybody???That total secrecy was of the utmost importance here? Fact is we dont know what Sparano told Taylor which makes all this crap heresay and worthless news at best

Mort just reported Jimmy Graham in the second round to the 'fins. He didn't go in the first as I had him in my mock draft but you guys owe me an apology. Jimmy book your ticket to NY for Friday night.

I said it before and I'll say it again...who cares what J. Taylor does or doesn't do...his best days are over and he's a free agent. Who cares who leaked or not...lets remember why and how we got here...1-15...a team in shambles and we asked for someone to come in and save the team. Well after just two years we have a new team...a younger team with a future...is the job done, NO...but did you expect it to be done in just two years? The Dolphins have a foundation...now they need to add the final pieces. The very same fans complain why didn't the Dolphins go after Holmes...well use your head...he's trouble real trouble...and he's gone for four games, so was he worth the 5th rounder the Jets paid for him...I for one don't think so....remember the same fans didn't want a receiver like Marshall...well Marshall hasn't been suspended by the NFL...and his troubles are driven by the headcoach...the same headcoach that didn't mind Marshall playing last season...except the last game, the same headcoach that got rid of a young and coming Quarterback...how did that work out? The Dolphins have a plan...it's time to be patient and watch the plan finish.

Fishypete, once they bring in some young, talented OLBS people will be moving on and be down with the plan. Impatience right now though.

It is obvious once the Dolphins ran to Mortensen to leak the news and Jason found out, he told Armando how pissed he is.

Are you guys total idiots.

This is a war and JT is killing the Dolphins. He'll either get what he wants and return to the team, or he'll go to the Jets and chase Chad Henne around two games next year.

I prefer he stay here.

how is it again that we know that Sparano told Taylor not to say anything to anybody???That total secrecy was of the utmost importance here?

Jamillion - 9 pro bowlers, seriously?? I am going to highly doubt that one...

the media loves a negative spin

Breaking News: Armando Salguero's recent application to be a "journalist" for the National Enquirer has been denied.

Apparently even the Inquirer questions Armando's lack of sources, personal biases, and spotty (at best) journalism.


how is it again that we know that Sparano told Taylor not to say anything to anybody? That total secrecy was of the utmost importance here?

and I love the one that says JT ran straight to Armando once he found out and he was pissed. LOL! Im sure the first thing JT thought was to run and complain to Armando


Armando, Let me ask you a question...
Have you spoken directly to JT?
How many times have you spoken to JTs agent in the past 2 weeks?


Good stuff Salguero. The truth shall set us free.

What a soap opera. All we need now is pillow talk, a coma and/or amnesia, kids aging 10 years in two weeks, and three diferent people being the same player, and we're set. Pathetic.

Pat White says he wont play WR....

This is in relation to your piece about the jets piling chips and Miami folding. I have to repectfully disagree on several points. The styles are different. Neither is right nor wrong, although history suggests Miami's method is more likley to succeed.
Do not confuse Miami's silence as confusion. Miami knows exactly what is doing. It wants to build through the draft and add complimentary parts accordingly. If Miami knows it cant get what it wants in the draft, they'll sign it in free agency. They didnt like the drafts group of ILB's. The idebtified a need for not only a playmaker at the position, but one who would provide leadership. They did not see that player in the draft. Mclain, is a leader. Playmaking is and has been questioned. Dansby is proven at both, is a better option than whats in the draft, they signed him. They tried to get a free safety in free agency because they now Eric Berry is likly gone by when they pick and know one else fits what they want in the draft so they tried in free agency. They may have lost, but must be commended in not goving Rolle a contract that on paper suggests he is proposturely better than Reed and Polamalu. As far as reciever goes, Santonio Holmes reaks of trouble. The Steeler were going TO CUT HIM AND GET NOTHING if they could trade him. That speaks volumes to how badly aquiring him can backfire. You said it yourself. If a prior team deems a player as not needed on their team, that means something. You said it about Wilson and Oakland. You cant back pedal because its a reciever. For one, Holmes is 5'10 is not as we all know what Miami wants in their number 1. They want 6'2. He also will be suspended the first 4 games and likey more as he is also pending a suit for throwing a liquor glass at a women. Thats huge. It can not be overlooked that he has a suit hanging over him IN ADDITION to being suspended for 4 games. That leaves Marshall as the only reciever in the NFL Miami should be interested and they wont be until his price comes down as that goes against their philosophy. The above does not illustrate Miami's confusion, but their commitment to what they believe is right. We need look no further than the current redskins and Cowboys as to what the jets current method produces. In addition, the taylor situation makes sense. As youve said, ad everyone else. Taylor is a situational player. Before the bring him back. They want to see if they can find the MAIN young player at that position in the draft and if Taylor would be a good compliment. Thats the smart approach and opposite of what happened when they brought in Porter and it didnt work out. They are handling taylor in a way thats best for them. The Jets can make the offer because they feel they have that main player at that position already and Taylor is the perfect compliment. Miami doesn't know if they have the player for him to compliment yet. Miami is doing "due dilligence".
The jets method does not speak of confidence, it reaks of one of two things. Over confidence or panic. Not one of their free agents has helped them beat Miami. We saw edwards twice. We saw him drop easy passes. We saw big bad bart scott twice. Ran it down his throat. Saw Jim leohanrd twice. It was him and revis Ginn burned for a 53 yrd td. They signed an LT which is an older slower and more worn down TJ who we also beat twice. They traded for Cromartie who has 6 kids with 5 women in 4 different states and a slew of legal problems hanging over his head. Most of these guys (Sanchez, Edwards, Cromartie, Holmes, Green) the jets sold there future for. While our future has gone to Davis, Smith, Hartline and possibly others, with much more future to be had. They have 6 picks in this draft, thats one less than there are rounds. they have three in the top 4 rounds, missing a third round, that is said to be deepest in the top four rounds. The Jets are definately gambling. However, i dont like the odds. New England on the other hand is in a state of flux. They in no way are settled. They have not in any way been agressive in this offseason and have also NOT shown interest in Taylor this year. That is from Wichards mouth. New England is more comparable to Miami than New York.
The Jets are building a one year wonder. They are building like the Redskins have pre- shanahan. Thats fine by me. The redskins drafted a serviceable QB, signed all kinds of big time free agents, traded for problem children (Portis) and they havent won a thing. To me the jets are piling chips alright. Just not the right ones. Respectfully, I disagree with your assesment of the direction of these two teams.

This was a wasted article. How do you know this was leaked on purpose. The cleaning guy could have seen JT walk into the facility. Its poor speculation. Sorry Mondo, no pulitzer on this one.

Wow, message to JT - the writing is on the wall. When u interview for a job, you should be gauging your employer, bc u too are hiring your boss to bankroll your well being. JTs been a good man for being patient. Get real Tuna, pay this man his due! Will a bargain pay off better in place of JT? Run the numbers, bro!


Hey NJ

how is it again that we know that Sparano told Taylor not to say anything to anybody???That total secrecy was of the utmost importance here?

there is no facts here regarding what was said by Sparano to Taylor. The key part of this article is that the silence was broken but wheres the evidence that it was supposed to be kept in secret.Too much is made of the way the front office conducts its business. Lets wait till camp to complain about what we did and didnt do this offseason. Im personally waiting for that big trade or move i hope happens right before or during the draft.

I think you guys at the herald are just upset the info leaked to espn and not the herald
Leaks happen, I shouldn't be a big deal
Last night I saw Joe Haden state that he has been speaking to the browns more than anyone and I am sure clevland doesn't want anyone to know that
It's part of the business
You rely on secrecy

What's up jordi.about one more week to go.

Wow. I get eaten alive for writing a lengthy response (a thoughtful one on football not drama) last night and BigAlfy and Bill Ruger out do me by half again on a worn out topic and I take a bunch of heat but they don't? Man.

I will say that this FO does not do itself any favors by treating the fans like so much flysh*t. It is possible to be tactful and fan oriented without giving away the plan. Many teams do it. As to how this team handles its players - it seems to be a long way from consistency.

I have seen what is going on with this team in the corporate world. Companies that eventually implode and deteriorate, slowly leading to folding or selling. It all goes back and points directly to big egos from top directors.
Corporate leaders and owners with superlative egos hire the best of the Industry and proceed to shut down any suggestion of improvement if it is not within the lines they so arrogantly think is the only way of conducting business, as antiquated as they may be. Regardless of the experience or what they can bring to the table, these directors' management teams become expensive puppets and yes men. This team resembles, in rapidly advancing manner, those types of Corporations. Parcel is that type of director

Espionage, Baby!!!! JT just came back from the enemies camp!!! He's been tampered with! He's dirty!!!! Throw away everything he took to NY; clothing, luggage, and Cellphone(change provider)!!!
lol, but you never know.


Welcome back. Just a warning, someone let idiots run wild. Be careful you could drive yourself crazy...

To all you chicken littles out there... A mind is a terrible thing to waste

This JT stuff is just ridiculous! I don't even care either way anymore. Honestly, I am a huge fan of his, and feel we owe him respect on this contract issue, but he brought this on himself. He lost his credibility when he went to the Redskins. He lost more when he "visited" the Jets.
I am a fan of his, and what he's done for this organization in the past, but his time is in the past. Mando, get used to it!

Here's an interesting trade scenario I just read, the Eagles trade with the Dolphins...the Eagles get the Dolphins 12th and 43rd picks and the Dolphins acquire the Eagles 24th, 37th and 55th picks.

Carlito , what do you mean ?? Give me an example .

I want to point something out about the way the two teams are going about their business. Mainly because I'm tired of some media members (Cough,Co,COTE!cough,cough)whining that we are not doing the same thing that the Jets are doing.

The Jets are building to win now. They don't seem to care much about three to four years down the road. They want a superbowl and are taking a lot of risks to get one.

The Dolphins are building for the future. They aren't taking as many risks and are building with young players through the draft. They want to be a consistent contender like the Pats, Colts, and Steelers have been.

So that's the question. Would you rather your team win a superbowl in the next two seasons and then fall into mediocrity for the next decade OR would you rather your team be patient and build with the future in mind so you can watch playoff football and possibly a couple of superbowls for the next decade?

There's no guarnatee that either will happen for either team but I want option #2. I want to watch my team dominate the league for 10 to 15 years. The only way to make this happen is to build with youth and to be careful in signing problem players.

Let the Jets win one superbowl their way. No one will remember it two years later while the Dolphins turn into the team to beat. And never forget Shulas last days. We gave up draft picks and money for players with questionable pasts, injury issues, and advanced age. What we ended up with was a team with ZERO chemistry, no superbowl rings, and lousy draft picks for the next ten years. Good luck to the Jets but their time is short, I'm content in being patient.

garbage armando. it very clear from ALL your pieces that you're a bitter fish hack.....stop acting like a baby because the front office doesnt give you a full-accesss pass like some of the others in the past...do your job and work the right angles to gain the valuable info you want to report (errrr... doing your job). this is bush leaugue crap.

Concentrate more on Pat White and his tweets ( fake or not) and less on the JT subject until after the draft when it will be a moot point ( one way or another).

Nobody but JT and the team have the real story. I think he stays with Fins. The price for JT is still a bargain by NFL standards.

NYScott and Chat, well put. Lets not forget that Stephen Ross just bought this team, maybe hes not gonna be as cheap as Hiuyzenga was. Hes definitely passionate about it, and he might, just might, be in this for the long haul. Only thing I got is why lowball JT when the dudes still productive, and correct me if im wrong, the last guy on the roster that played w Marino? Theres the stability and continuity of your organization. How does he weigh less than a third-round pick that has a hmmm 15% chance of not panning out as well as JTs career did?

who knows for sure that JT didn't leak the news. I'm not saying he did but who knows

Can any one see my posts? NyScott totally bit off my post from 11:43. respond to if you can see my stuff

Two great posts today. One by Bill Ruger the other by The Truth.

I congratulate you Mando, for bringing out the best from these two!

BTW....you could learn much from them.

Thank you westernfin. No disrespect Ny Scott. You didnt "bite". I just wasnt sure if my posts were being seen because Ive been banned from here one before.

You're an idiot Armando...the dolphins are the reason this story leaked.....you and the rest of the media fishing for a story have nothing to do with it...give me a break. When you have some real news let us know.

Indiana Dolfan,

9 Pro Bowlers are not impossible.

Take a look at who the players are and their positions. With these players reaching their potential, I don't see why not?

Y should parcels hve kiss jt ass he has been upfrnt w him.where was jt whn parcels took over a1&15 team and could a used his leadership oh thats rite he was dancin in cali. Jt did this to himself

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