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The Sparano-Taylor meeting off on wrong foot

Tony Sparano called Jason Taylor in recent days and with all the charm and charisma that convinces so many Dolphins to play hard 100 percent of the time, the coach told Taylor the two of them needed to meet this week.

Man to man. Coach to player.

Nobody needed to know about it, Sparano told Taylor.

And so Taylor didn't tell anyone about the meeting.

Taylor didn't tell his agent Gary Wichard. He didn't share it with any of his close confidants, either. So on Monday afternoon when ESPN senior insider Chris Mortensen reported on NFL Live that the meeting was coming this week, everyone connected with Taylor denied they knew about it because, well, they didn't.

But obviously someone inside the Dolphins organization told Mortensen. So the same organization that swore Taylor to secrecy leaked news of the meeting to the Worldwide Leader -- a figurative national bullhorn.

What is the deal with these Miami Dolphins? On the one hand, they're asking players to keep in-house matters in-house. On the other hand they're planting stories in the national media.

And what is the point? On the one hand, they seem to be reaching out to Taylor. But, in fact, by leaking the story, they have actually done damage to whatever they might be trying to accomplish. Taylor was disappointed with the team late Monday night when he learned news of the planned meeting leaked from the team after he was told to tell no one.

The Dolphins have been in lockdown mode on the Taylor issue for weeks. General Manager Jeff Ireland calls Wichard regularly every time facts about the Taylor-Dolphins negotiations -- or lack of negotiations -- get out in the media.

But Ireland is working for the very organization that slips ESPN interesting little notes -- like Ronnie Brown being on the trade block or Joey Porter not playing the rest of the season after his 2009 suspension. Granted, sometimes the information is flawed, but apparently the tuna can that is the Miami Dolphins isn't very well sealed.

The greater point is the Dolphins work in unorthodox ways. They have asked players to betray their agents -- as with the Ricky Williams contract extension that excluded agent Leigh Steinberg. And they betray their players -- as in leaking news of Taylor's private meeting with Sparano.


The now well-chronicled meeting, by the way, is still scheduled for the next day or so. Taylor is scheduled to go out of town with his wife late in the week. (No, he isn't going to New York to sign a contract.) At least that wasn't the plan late Monday before Taylor found out the meeting was all over the Internet.

So where does this meeting go? What purpose does it serve?

It should probably start with Sparano apologizing to Taylor. The coach put his reputation on the line in asking Taylor to keep things private, but his team instead turned around and opened its information pipeline to ESPN. That cannot help the Dolphins' agenda unless the agenda is to simply make a public relations move -- one the Dolphins want publicized on national TV.

Maybe the meeting is meant to tell Taylor to go quietly into the night -- or in this case to simply take an offer from the New York Jets.

But if the point of the meeting is to be sincere and try to convince Taylor to be patient with the Dolphins, to wait until after the draft and hedge his bet Miami might want him back, this definitely is a strange way to go about that.

Strange and wrong.


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Drama is pathetic . I am disappointed like JT is .

Even if Sparano asked Taylor to keep things hush hush and then leaked the information himself...it means nothing. Him asking Taylor keep quiet on the sunject is just that, Taylor stay quiet.

Now on to the other issues:

Marshall...too many issues. I would have passed on him too.

Holmes...suspended by the league for the first four games of the season...pass.

Troubles at FS...I think the team had their sights set on one of two players and that didn't pan out. Players should not be making more than their position is worth. Bravo for the team in setting and sticking to a limit. As a third option I think they will address it in the draft.

Taylor...I agree we should bring him back for one more season but I think the team has every intention of drafting at least two LB's in this draft. We also don't know what the coaches know about our remaining players like Wake, Walden, Crowder, Torbor, Anderson, Folsom and Moses...are any of them ready to step up? The coaches might feel that two or three of them are.

All of the stuff that goes on in the NFL this time of year is smoke, mirrors and outright lies...from everyone trying to get a better angle on the next guy.

No one deserves an appology...it's simply buisiness.

1st round pick, Patty ( I can't see over the dash board) White, or Patty ( Ray Lucas is my idol) White, and Teddy ( sideline) Ginn for Brandon Marshall.

The Saints are set to re-sign restricted free agent NT Remi Ayodele to a one-year, $1.1 million contract.

He will make ends for his brother Akin

Here is a snip from a book about econimics, and sport. This refers to trades, and free agents. I've changed some of the wording so that it fits a football orginization. Some of this wisdom might be being used by the trifecta.
Stars of recent playoffs, Super Bowls are overvalued: ignore them.
Older players are overvalued.
Recievers, Running Backs are overvalued; defensive, offensive lineman are undervalued.
The best time to sign a player is when he is in his mid twenties.
Sell, or trade ANY player when a team offers more then his worth.
Replace your best players, before you trade them.
Help new players relocate. This is a lot tougher then it may seem.

Folsom is a beast according to NFL scouts

I am a JT fan..he's a great guy. But what did he do last year? Nothing..and this is next year.

Fish shopping Teddy Ginn... lol

LOL I just saw the fins are shopping Ginn Jr. as well LOL well maybe this leads to Dez Bryant coming in and replacing Ted. I can only hope it's the case.

The ego's in the Trifecta are causing damage. Just like they continually ask players to prove themselves, they should be proving themselves as front office people.

This is starting to look like former GM Peterson in Kansas City. He thinks he's something special because he drafted Tony Gonzales like a billion years ago. He let that ego continually screw things up year after year.

If we traded Ginn for a supplemental 7th-round pick I think we'll have totally won on that trade. It's funny how some of the same guys on here who are saying JT is nothin' (even though he was our best LB last year) always seem to think Ginn is one year away from becoming a good receiver. Notice how I'm not saying great receiver anymore. I think most fans would be happy if he can ever get to good (wishful thinking on our part). If the fan base who read this blog think Ted Ginn, Jr. is a bigger asset than Jason Taylor, then it's no wonder the Dolphins haven't won a SuperBowl in my lifetime.

The meeting is to stroke JT big EGO and nothing more.....This FO only takes care of those players who take care of the team....If your a me guy first, team guy second, that's how the FO will treat you....These guys do not trust JT and anything they do with him will be strickly on a business level.......

Listen Chicken Littles,

I don’t care what the Jets keep doing.

If we have an A-grade draft - drafting all defense in the first 4 rounds, get three starters out of it, re-sign Taylor, sign T.O. and stay healthy – we will make the playoffs.

Ted Ginn Jr. to the Oakland Raiders for Al Davis' Sweatsuit.

Al Davis looks like Fidel Castro as of late w the sweatsuit and scraggly hair. Both should croak already!

solo una frase.

Lo que le estan haciendo a Taylor, no se le hace a una leyenda de tu equipo.

Trifecta, y luego quieren compromiso de sus jugadores??? bahhh esto apesta.

Just freaking sign JT already! He's the best OLB we've got, and even if he hinders the growth of the other OLB's for a year or two, he would also contribute with teaching them the ropes and leadership. Just sign him already!!!!!!

If you're going to draft an OLB, anyway, why wouldn't you sign JT to mentor him??? This is ridiculous. Who is going to lead the rookies? Cameron Wake?? SIGN JT!!!

Yeah the trifecta needs a crash course in personalization!

I think the reason this happened is because we are trying to sell the world that we are drafting an OLB at 12 when in reality, we're going to draft elsewhere and resign Taylor. Not signing him now gives us leverage and points to the fact that we may be letting him go and drafting at OLB at 12.

I think it's more likely we draft an OLB in rounds 2 or 3, and we resign Taylor for another season or two.

NYScott commented on 'The Sparano-Taylor meeting off on wrong foot'

2010-04-13 11:00:45 -0400

Kevin11c, you said, " Kudos to Jason Taylor for honorably upholding his side of the request from the Dolphins".

The Dolphins asked him to wait until after the draft and he promptly ran to their biggest rival within their own division to talk about a contract.

How exactly is he holding up his side of the request to an organization who has helped make him wealthy and famous?

Scott, no. The Dolphins told Jason Taylor that they would not be in a position to decide whether they were interested in resigning him until after the draft. That is not the same thing as saying, "we definately want to resign you to a new contract but need to wait till after the draft" they're saying that they won't know if they'll want him back until after the draft. That is quite a different story. It is not dishonorable to explore his other options--he is a free agent without a contract and would be stupid not to listen to Ryan's sales pitch. He hasn't signed with the Jets. They haven't even offered him a contract yet. He hasn't hidden the fact that he went to NJ.
Get over yourself and affix blame where it is deserved instead of on JT.

I don't know what you expect from a team who is "Elitist in nature" Jennifer Lopez, and that crowd of "rich and famous" so called celebrity owners...

I'm thinking of changing my loyalty after over 30 years to the Raiders or Texans, Miami is more like OBOMBA Ball than American Football.


Treating Taylor like this is wrong. Plain and simple. The man wants to stay with MIA but it doesn't look like MIA is giving him the slightest common decency. I guess business is business reagardless of senority. This blows!

It's not weird Mando, not when you realize that they have no honor, they have no integrity and they have no concern for anyone but themselves. It is a "win at all costs", "the means justify the ends", and "we don't care who we step on" mentality. Reminds me of the Obama administration. Really disgusting. Lie and deny. What a sickening way to run a franchise, or anything else for that matter. I wouldn't blame J.T. for signing with the Jets now. Let me say, as a die hard Dolphin fan for the last 38 years, and a fan that hates the stinking Jets...I am tempted to root for the Jets next year if this organization doesn't begin to walk the walk, and stop talking the talk. Really disgusted with these people.
Please tell us who the spineless informant is inside of the Dolphins regime.

And how do you know anyone in the Dolphins organization leaked anything to anybody? Did Mortenson tell you who he got the info from? NO, I doubt Mortenson knows who the hell you are. Do you have signed statements under oath from the person who allegedly made the leak? NO. Do you have any proof or evidence whatsoever that a leak actually occurred? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Did you not have any idea what to write about and deadline was approaching? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.


You Get It.

Darnit Armando,

Why are your postings here so often driven by fanatic emotions and impulses? Sometimes it seems like you have no clue about football.

First of all, I know your a fan, but despite that conflict of interest, i appreciate that you are no puppet and you arent scared to voice your opinion.

BUT, now you are just stirring up a mess with this post. ARMANDO, EVERY TEAM HAS STUFF LEAKED ALL THE TIME...its how the business is. You make it seem as though the dolphins are dysfunctional because a few ppl leak things to Mortenson, but everyone laks things to Mortenson.

This is you getting emotional in your dislike for the trifecta, and your love for Jason Taylor (Try to be objective please)...so you are stirring this mess up.

As far as Taylor, I want him to stay, but if its time for him to go to move forward with the rebuilding process than so be it. And stop preaching about your love for wide receivers please, and stop responding to the Jets every move like a 12-year-old fan.

Sorry for being a bit strong, and like I said I like the fact that you arent afriad to critisize, at least its better than being a blind fan, but this was not necessary.

Armando just because one or two people in the organization leaked something, does not mean that Ireland or Parcells betrayed Taylor. Mando, this isnt a tabloid. Don't come down on the entire organization because of your personal agenda of loving taylor and disliking the trifecta.

I think it should be a priority for this meeting between sparano and taylor to lead to contract signed and taylor walks saying he was never really thinking of signing with the jets because it would go aganist all his values and against all the fans who have sided with him through all his ups and downs...

The next thing after that which would be great news, would be to work out a deal for marshall...I think a second round pick, a 7th round pick, and one of our current wide receivers should be able to get it done...Maybe Ted Ginn could clinch the deal, He would instantly become more valuable for since it can be argued he has the most upside the dolphins if he was kept around, but Marshall is worth it, and I think a core of Marshall, Bess, Camarillo, and Hartline makes our receiving corps drastically more dangerous...

The next move would be draft Sergio Kindle from Texas with our 12th overall pick as He is my favorite impact player coming out of the draft, if not Dan Williams is also nice, but he is simply not as impressive as the DT's in the draft that will go before him, never the less he is still a good pick and more reasonable if we pick up JT again...These 3 moves, regardless of what the fins do the rest of the off season as far as personell is concerned, would make the fins off season officially productive, exciting, and would make the dolphins BETTER, and that is the most important thing of all, making this team BETTER...The trifecta must concern themselves with that...

The rest of the draft should conern the fins getting pass rushers on the Line, NT (If The fins don't draft one with their 1st pick), safety, O-line, and HB...

Are these posters drunk? I've read novels that were shorter.

Trifecta better have some idea of what they're going to do at OLB now that it looks like they've gotten rid of both Porter and Taylor. And if they don't have an idea, they'd better get one fast. Something tells me that the star freaking ILB we paid a fortune for is going to end up playing outside, in a patchwork effort, just like JT helped patch things together for us last year.

If this the the plan, I'd hate to see what not-the-plan looks like.

Armando just because one or two people in the organization leaked something, does not mean that Ireland or Parcells betrayed Taylor. Mando, this isnt a tabloid. Don't come down on the entire organization because of your personal agenda of loving taylor and disliking the trifecta.


Hey Armando,

How about a little more negativity? There is no way for that organization to stop somebody from leaking information to the press if that individual is motivated enough to do so. I want JT to be in a Dolphins uniform next season as much as any dolfan out there, but I'm not going to presume to know what the trifecta is thinking because of an NFL Live report from Mortensen.

Here is the Sentinel's report on the meeting between Taylor and Sparano.


All they are doing is mentioning the rumor of the meeting, and chiming in on whether it will happen or what they think should happen. It's a fair story.


Again, you are going out of your way to rip the Dolphins because something got out, when it happens to every other team as well. I think its your emotional impulse of negativity vs. Parcels and company. It's really annoying, especially when they arent doing anything wrong here. You are over publicizing this whole JT thing, and you can have ur opinion, but let other make their opinions instead of ripping the organization for something so miniature and splitting hairs about 'how the info' got out.

They should just be man enough to tell the truth then we could talk about something else, I don, t think JT will be back, I would like to see it and he should be ,they know whether they want him or not just be straight up

Miami was 11-5 without Taylor @ 7-9 with him. He's not a difference maker! Let the brother go to the Jet's and divide their locker room as half the Jet's have long memories and don't want him!!

Poison! Why is it Armando that you always like to stir the pot? I remember when JT was with dancing with the stars and you were so critical of his actions even to the point of ridicule. Now, all of sudden, you're a champion to his cause! Please!!! Stop being a two faced beat reporter (if you can even call yourself that) and start trying to clean your hands from all that sh*& you have been stirring!

Jason Taylor was a great defensive end. He is not a great linebacker. The Dolphins have never won with Jason Taylor on the team. The last time the Dolphins won the division, Jason Taylor was a Redskin. Maybe the next time we win the division he will be a Jet. Let it be so!

This is sort of a ridiculous article - Armando getting in touch with his inner Oprah. Armando describes a story based on hearsay, guesses that it was intentional, then projects all sorts of fantasies of what the intentions were on this intentional act. There would be no upside for the Dolphins in intentionally misleading Taylor. Similarly there is no reason to assume the Dolphins bear him ill will. Likely someone in the Dolphins organization spilled the beans then it leaked further. Bad behavior but it happens everywhere - ask Obama or Bush or anybody in any large organization. They should track down the leaker and fire him. Meanwhile the reality is that the Dolphins see Taylor as a potential option but would rather bring in a new OLB. Pretty obvious. This will probably be their first selection. But if the right pick is not there they want to keep JT. This is perfectly reasonable. Meanwhile JT should assess his options, see what the Dolphins offer, compare it with the other options and make the right choice for him. JT is a great player and has been a great Dolphin and I wish him nothing but good. But just as he should get the best deal for himself the Dolphins should make the best decision for the team.

Get off Jason Taylor's Pee-Pee Tinker. It's just business! Life is not fair. Cry Me A River.

Whoa! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a totally different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Outstanding choice of colors!

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