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Tony Sparano to meet with Jason Taylor?

The Jason Taylor saga is taking another turn this week as the Dolphins may be putting on a last-minute effort to keep the veteran outside linebacker.

NFL senior insider Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Taylor and Sparano are scheduled to meet in person this week.

"I've been told Coach Tony Sparano and Jason have a pretty good relationship and will meet sometime this week and then Jason will make a decision," Mortensen reported on NFL Live.

I have not been able to confirm this report yet but decided to share it with you for the sake of giving you the latest on the matter. Mortensen did not say who told him this meet was planned, but everyone knows Mortensen is tight with Bill Parcells.

I'll update as details become available.

[UPDATE 1: A source close to Taylor tells me news of this planned meeting is news to Taylor himself.]

[UPDATE 2: Mortensen texted me to remind me that he is close to "eight other members of the organization" and that I'm a dummy and he can squash like a bug at a whim.]

[UPDATE 3: Mort didn't really say I'm a dummy. But ... well, you guys read the blog. You listen to me on radio. The dummy part is assumed.]


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Thanks for the update, keep us informed!

hope they resign him. Then we can focus on a FS, WR in the first 2 rounds and 2 OLBs to develop from rounds 3-6 mixing in a NT.

See.. Patience. Stop pouting. They aren't putting in a last ditch effort... Probably had the meeting scheduled for weeks.

Thank god my hopes of Dez Bryant are still alive. Well this is somewhat promising news just hope JT isn't meeting with Coach Sparano to tell him he's leaving for the sorry a** JETS.

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Bring JT back home! You can even wait to announce it after the draft if you want...

Thanks for the update! I think Sparano can be persuasive...or maybe me just hoping!?
Dolphins need JT more than the Jets do! Sign JT to a 2 yr extension and let him retire a Miami Dolphin.
Getting after Mark Sanchez will be more important now than ever...with S.Holmes, B.Edwards, J.Cotchery (nevermind A.Battle)...and especially Dustin Keller. Would be nice to see Cameron Wake and JT getting after the QB! This is a young defense that needs leadership in OTA's, on the field, and in the locker room. I hope this meeting with Sparano turns out to be good!!!

Geez... what a tease. No news is good news with the dolphin first office.

Glad to hear Miami had a humility pulse!!!!! But can they step up and see JT in the future holding up the Lombardy trophy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could care less, I hope Sprano tells him straight up he is what he is, a backup who will see limited playing time

So the Dolphins tell Chris Mortenson they are meeting with Jason Taylor before they tell Jason Taylor?

This thing is getting worse by the minute instead of better.



I wish JT would just go! Miami is committed to its young players and they will draft high OLB's maybe two like they did last year with the CB's why can't people wait? JT knew what they said to him and for him to let his agent talk him into doing this BS now is just more proof they (JT & his agent) don't get it!

Damn way to fact check Armando!!! LOL ur the man mando

Dolphins should trade Brown and their 1st round Pick for Jason Campbell. This would give them a full complement of QB's for the new wrinkle in the WildCat this year

Chris Mortensen gets things wrong more often than not. I could care less what he has to say.

Armando, the subject of you next blog should be:

When Was Chris Mortensen Right About Anything He Reported?


How To Float BS 'NEWS' Stories From Unconfirmed Sources The ESPN Way And Get The Whole World To Spew It As Gospel

I don't need Tony Sparano to talk to JT and fill his ears with doubletalk. I want Jeff Ireland to call JT's agent and offer him a friggan' contract. Period!

Cut lose Jason Taylor.

even if u sign him, it doesnt change that we are goin pass rusher in 1st round---parcells loves linebacker and we need another ilb, and 1 or two more bodies at olb with or without taylor---they will go linebacker at 12

Bonafide fiasco


Love what this guy said

hope they resign him. Then we can focus on a FS, WR in the first 2 rounds and 2 OLBs to develop from rounds 3-6 mixing in a NT.

Posted by: HvK | April 12, 2010 at 04:53 PM

Aloco, YOU should retire from this blog and save us all the caps lock comments.

Taylor was the best OLB on the team last year. Gettin rid of him for the sake of playing inferior young guys is ridiculous. Whatever happened to if they dont bite as pups they dont bite! Well Anderson and Moses dont bite. If u wanna clear the roster for rookies start there!

They can have the meeting at my house. I'll provide coffee and doughnuts. While the Dolphin's bottoned-lip proach is a necessary evil there are times when you have to show the fans they matter other than when it is time to sell season tickets. Hey, Parcells, can you say Zack Thomas? Can you say Jason Taylor?

Just to be fair, we haven't a clue what's been going on between these people but it hasn't been the vacumn, you can be sure of that.

Mort, you leave Mando alone if you want to be safe in Miami...understand?


Young guys sitting on the bench while an Old, Injured Jason Taylor stops or delays progress...Jason Taylor is NOT going to win a Superbowl with the Dolohins...I would rather have us lose a couple games and get the right young guy progressing then win a couple more with Jason Taylor and have rookies sitting on the bench...this is about progressing for the LONG Term...enough nostalgia backup or leave

keep JT he is a dol-phin and a phan. we need leadership. JT will come thru. take I95 north all you yankees!

Parcells, sign this man to a two-year contract, stat.


Mort squash you like a bug? Him and what army?


Jason Taylor is a free agent, the Dolphins can't cut him... Do you mean you don't want the Dolphins to sign him?

Or you want them to sign him and then cut him for talking to the Jets?

Please clear this up, thank you.

Mando you've arrived. Chris Mortensen reads Dolphins In Depth!

Jack Kompan, give me an Fn break...the fans??? Same fans who couldn't buy enough tickets to sell out a stadium??? The fans who let the opposing team have a large contingent of fans in our so called home field??? 79,000 seat stadium and they can't sell out in the most beatiful weather in the world??? The fans, right

cant wait to see how negative this blog is after the draft.

I wonder what Mort's name is on this blog?

Nah Mando, the 305 is your world and mort is just a squirrel trying to get a nut.

Sparano should have always been in constant contact with Taylor!!! He can still play & produce & is a great leader in the locke room!!! DO NOT LET HIM GO!!!

I think dolphins need too sign Jt back,not just for playing time,but also cause the young olbs we have or soon too get need a mentor someone who can help them learn the game of football,Our receivers haven't had a mentor and they are trash,but if our wide receivers would have a mentor they be way better,

Fins let Chambers go so the young guy Ginn can step up. That worked out great huh what a plan. U play the best guy on the team until someone shows he is better.

Parcells is here to build a winning team, not stroke the "fans" ego

I don't really care if JT is back on the Phins or not, I just don't want him on the Jets

WRONG, that's how u have losing football team!!! How many vets have the Patriots let go and put younger players in their place??? There comes a time where holding on to an older player is detremental to the team, and this is a case right here

And what about the team dumping Vonnie Holliday for Phillip Merling who is like average at best.


i rather have adalius for 3 years than jt for 1--be patient pats are cuutn him, but they are in no rush b/c there are no bonuses that he can collect till after draft

I'm tired of hearing about a 36 year old guy with an injured shoulder needing to come back because some guys have a "man crush" of JT wants to play as a backup and be on the team for depth, great sign him...If he wants to be a starter and block a younger guy, let him go sign where he wants

Bobby what younger player do the Dolphins have that you know will play better than JT next year? Stop drinking the kool aid son. Think!


Again Knight, I'd rather lose a couple games and have a younger guy playing and progressing then having a guy sit on the pine and win a couple more with JT..ur drinking the Kool Aid with the rest of these idiots thinking Jason Taylor is going to bring us a Superbowl....stop acting like we will be sooo much better with JT...read Irelands comment on progress stoppers, maybe u will learn something or maybe u want Pennington in there as our starting QB too!!!

bobby ur right

A. you have no idea what JT goin to look next year

B. This whole draft is going to be LBS/defense---and we might Sign AD thomas

we have no idea who is going to be on roster so that last question is just uunrelastic b/c we dont even kno wat our roster will look like in May

Why are people so quick to judge the Dolphins offseason? JT got 7 sacks last year, big whoop whether he stays or goes, he's not the same player anymore.

The Dolphins signed the best free agent out there for the team and the draft is coming up. Wait until August to judge the offseason, please.

And why is everyone up in arms about NYJ trading for Santonio Holmes? he's out for 4 games, may be out for 4 more on assault charges, and last I checked the NYJ Qb is still that stinker Mark Sanchez. He will have no effect next year. The Steeler franchise is not stupid, they simply don't give away players for no reason. Remember, that's the flagship franchise in the NFL in terms of player personnel.

Haha. I see you avoided a direct question.

You could not give me one name.

That says it all, bobby. That says it all.

Two more questions:

How many Super Bowls has Ireland won?

How many playoff games?

Wake up son.


What's up with all the hate?

Dude, do put the best players on the field or not?
Your argument is play Moses instead of Taylor just because.
Moses will be better next year.

Taylor pushed this whole stupid issue by visiting the Jets..coulda waited till after the draft and see who needed his services, instead he talks to a team who can give him limited money that he knows will fire up the fans...he is trying to force the Fins hand and I hope it bites him in his ass




Great idea. We have no idea who we will have, so let's not sign anyone.
Especially a proven vet.

Hope your employer doesn't call you in for a random drug test anytime soon.

Hey Knight you can't be that stupid can you??? How do u expect anyone to give you a name BEFORE the draft and the end of FA??? Exact point the Dolohins are making..don't show ur stupidity on the blog

Isn't this the same mob that cried for more playing time for Cameron Wake last year. And compare sacks per play last year and you'll see Wake was way better at getting to the QB.

ALoco, I work for the US Govt and ur taxes pay me, but u already know that

Thk u Mark in Toronto


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