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Tony Sparano to meet with Jason Taylor?

The Jason Taylor saga is taking another turn this week as the Dolphins may be putting on a last-minute effort to keep the veteran outside linebacker.

NFL senior insider Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Taylor and Sparano are scheduled to meet in person this week.

"I've been told Coach Tony Sparano and Jason have a pretty good relationship and will meet sometime this week and then Jason will make a decision," Mortensen reported on NFL Live.

I have not been able to confirm this report yet but decided to share it with you for the sake of giving you the latest on the matter. Mortensen did not say who told him this meet was planned, but everyone knows Mortensen is tight with Bill Parcells.

I'll update as details become available.

[UPDATE 1: A source close to Taylor tells me news of this planned meeting is news to Taylor himself.]

[UPDATE 2: Mortensen texted me to remind me that he is close to "eight other members of the organization" and that I'm a dummy and he can squash like a bug at a whim.]

[UPDATE 3: Mort didn't really say I'm a dummy. But ... well, you guys read the blog. You listen to me on radio. The dummy part is assumed.]


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I think JT stays a Phin if he wanted to leave he would of done it last yr when the #1 ranked team at the time the pats were calling. JT loves miami and will sign with us. He can play the weakside (Porters spot) and the others (includes Rooks) fight for the other spot. He is a leader and has a 10 sack season left in him if we send him like we did Porter. NT, FS, WR, OLB, with 10 picks we should be able to address all positions needed.

ALoco 1, 2, 4. Remember

So bobby some unnamed anonymous guy the Dolphins maybe will draft is definitely better than Jason Taylor in your opinion?

Dude you need to fart to clear your mind.

I'm done wasting time talking to retards.


The more I read about team needs and available players in the draft, it seems most probably that Dan Williams is our man .... Here's why ... we have 4 big needs, NT, OLB, WR, F.S.

NT .... after Dan Williams, the next best is either Price, UCLA, or Cody, Ala. Neither will be there in 2nd round .... then its a huge gap to the next best NT

WR .... after Dez Bryant ... there are 5 or 6 good WRs who will be available in the 2nd and 3rd round .... and even a few good ones that will drop to the 4th round. D.Thomas might be there at 43 .... or Benn, or Lafell, or D.Williams .... and Mike Williams, Syracus, might be there in the 4th round ...

F.S. ..... Berry will be gone at 12; E.Thomas probably will be there ... and he would be perfect for Dolphins. However, there are at least 3 F.S. that will be available in 2nd and 3rd round who are almost as good as Thomas, i.e., Nate Allen, USF, R.Jones, Georgia, the FS from GaTech, Wright, UF

OLB .... 4 or 5 very good ones will be there at 12 ..... Graham, JPP, Morgan, Kindle ..... but none of this group will be there at 43. BUT .... IF WE KEEP J.T. ..... we solve this problem for one more year .....


then in 2,3,4 round we can pick WR, FS, OLB



YES,1, 2 , 4


Oh and Mark from Toronot, another genius, the Dolphins need TWO starting OLBs. Cam Wake is one and only if he figures out how not to get his ankles broken by punters that run right by him on fakes. Remember that great show of potential?

Anyway, who is the other starting OLB?

Geez, you people are ridiculous.


Odinseye, again Jason Taylor is not winning us a Superbowl EVER and younger guys don't get better by sitting on bench...they get better by PLAYING and LEARNING...JT peoved last year he is no longer an every down player

I think bobby is secretly Armando.


All the anti Jason arguments are rooted in the HOPES that we get 1 or 2 good OLB's in the draft.
The fact is you don't know what will happen come draft day. We might not get an OK olb at all.
Hard facts: We got Wake and Moses. Period. We're HOPING to find a OLB in the draft. HOPING!
We got a proven pass rushing vet that we could sign for peanuts.
It aint rocket science. If you guys want to count on Wake, Moses and a hope and a prayer, great.
Ultimately the FO is screwing itself. They're going to HAVE to sign Taylor, and by waiting his price is being driven up.
Go team Tuna!

Knight, the only retard here is a guy who begs people to read his piece of shyt blog on Armandos site..go Fu"k urself numnutz..






agree with you on your last post ,very smart .


Relax with the wise crack cause ur wrong, u dont sign a 36 year old vet, before you know what u get in draft, and there is always vets who get cut before camp ope ups and the season starts, u suffer FROM ADD, and have a mancrush on JT---its business---hes been great but isnt anymore, and the young players we add need to be able to get feet wet--

Look at these geniuses now. The Trifecta now wants to make a move on Jason Taylor after watching the Jets at all of this talent this off-season while trying to make a play at Taylor. NOW they want to make a move to try and remain competive with the Jets. What a shame. I like what the Trifecta has accomplished with this team the past two years, but I really hope that they make some good moves during the draft in order to keep pace with the Jets.

what do u mean hoping, we are picking number 12, and will have the top selection of any pass rusher in the whole draft---We will draft LB's and more than 1

Armando, forget the haters, you have the best Miami Dolphins blog period.


Wanna read something from a self serving douchebag who writes shyt about nothing to inflate his ego....visit knightblogspot to read nothing about nothing

Mike1361 I like the DWilliams pick but there is a problem the broncos pick in front of us and I think they will pass on Dez and pick DWilliams. Dez will be the best player left on the board. A month ago I felt good about DWilliams and felt Dez was going to the broncos but Dez has done everything in his powers to kill his draft prospects. He does not show anything at the combine and showed little at his proday and DWilliams has been doing everything asked of him and exceled at everything. The broncos have a problem child and do not want another one and they need a NT to fit in a 34 system. The broncos will get a WR with there Marshall pick (probably a 2nd rd pick) but they take DWilliams with the #11 pick (F**K)!

Keep pace with the Jets? Most of their "great" new acquisitions will be drunk, fornicating, and/or locked in prison on Sunday. Cromartie will probably be doing all three...

Philip Merling is a first round bust. Holiday must of stopped his progress.


Sure I apologize for the wisecrack.

Still doesn't change the FACT that you're the one that's wrong.
You just said you're counting on some vet getting cut(more cast offs-great plan there) and the draft that might not even produce a starting OLB for us.

OOOoooo sounds like a sure fire plan there, I'm sold.....NOT!

If dan williams is our man than ferg must go because hes a progress stopper.

#1 Rams SBradford QB OKL
#2 Lions ROkung OT OKL ST
#3 Bucs NSuh DT/DE NEB
#4 Skins TWilliams OT OKL
#5 Chiefs EBerry S TEN
#6 Seahawks GMcCoy DT OKL
#7 Browns JHaden CB FL
#8 Raidas BCambell OT MD
#9 Bills JClausen QB ND
#10 Jags Trade Giants RMcClain LB Bama
#11 Broncos DWilliams NT/DT TEN
#12 Dez Bryant WR OKL ST Best player left on the board fits the Value and need nothing else to say suck on it Boobyd12

You criticized Cameron for making decisions based on his personal history with Ginn, but now you bash the Trifecta's harsh treatment of Taylor?

If JT can't help us anymore, cut him loose. Personally, I think he still brings a lot to the table, but Parcells and Ireland know a lot more than we do...

Dan Williams is CRAP. What has he ever done?

Give me Berry, Spiller, Bryant, Kindle or Thomas please - in that order of preference.

Sean Gough wants to suck on it, no suprise there, maybe you and Knight could get together, by the way, saw ur tweets on Twitter...ur a major racist a h o l e

what do u mean hoping, we are picking number 12, and will have the top selection of any pass rusher in the whole draft---We will draft LB's and more than 1

Posted by: allen | April 12, 2010 at 07:11 PM


Come on dude. This is it, I'm not wasting anymore time with you.
Have you ever heard of a first round BUST? A second round bust?
You can't guarantee we get an OLB that's better than Taylor. You can't count on Wake and Moses. Well maybe you can, but I wouldn't

Odinseye, Vernon Gholson.


I thought this blog would have more class without me?

I'm feelin better! I feel like I belong!

What is Tony going to say to him? He's the coach and has nothing to do with contracts. So all he can say is please wait until after the draft. At which point JT will say for what. And then Tony will have to say I don't know. If he were having a meeting with Ireland or Parcells then this would be interesting.

Keep Pace with the Jets?

The jets are "stockpiling" players like Rex snatches up burnt chicken wings from the all you can eat buffet.
The jets are being made in their coaches image: An overstuffed wind bag!!!!

F U C K the Jets!!!!

I like CJ Spiller but he is not a hammer back and that is what this team wants not need but I will not be unhappy if we pick him because he may not be able to carry 25 times a game but when he touches the ball he can take to the house at any second. EThomas is an interesting pick but I and many others have him a top 20 pick and #12 seems like a reach of course if he pans out then it would be worth it but what do I know. Peirre Paul is a freak of nature but he is a 1 yr wonder and I feel #12 might be a reach again what do I know. What Im getting at is if Dez is there with all the guys I posted about is on the board I would take Dez who has ?s but upside is unmatched by anyone in the draft. I do feel he will be a pain in the arse to sign because he will feel like he is a top 5 pick but we will be offering #12 money. I hope DWilliams slips to us but I do not think so but what do I know.

Po, a lively bunch.

Thanks Thunderbolt.

I was going to include Gholston in my post, but then I thought it would just be wasted on this guy.

PO- you belong brother!

I like!

The "dummy" part isn't assumed.

It's real!!!!!

Thats My name puusey be a man not a coward step up I know I will boobydpunk.


After a meeting with Tony Soprano, Jason Taylor sleeps with the Fishes...

U know what, it don't matter because fact is the Dolphins are not going to do a thing with Taylor till after the draft is over..all the yelling and screaming here isn't going to change that fact

A shmuck of a coach with the number one defense in the NFL wines and dines Taylor and offers a contract.

Too bad the guys all washed up, he could've made some money.

Sean Gough, says he lives in Gainsville but fails he lives in Gainesville Va where he can flap his big mouth...LMAO F A G boy living in Virginia...

The bottom line is the Phins won't even be sniffing the superbowl for another two years. If JT wants a ring, whether I like it or not, his best chance is with the Jets.

He has two years left to play and the Jets are on that same exact time line. I've been saying this for months and the Jets just confirmed my suspicions this offseason. They feel they have a two year window here to win a superbowl.

The proof is in the fact that they've given up multiple draft picks for aging players (good but getting old). They've also acquired more than a few players with checkered pasts. Cromartie, Edwards, and Holmes are all known to be problem players. So it looks as if they're swinging for the fences now.

They don't have a lot of quality depth but if everyone can stay healthy, and the headcases stay in check, they WILL make a run this year. I would be shocked if JT stayed in Miami.

By the way, Sean Gough who lives in VA is 60 years old...so it either an old fart with no life or ur Sean Gough JUNIOR because mom n dad were to stupid to figure out a different name for you. LOL

Benn on this post 3 yrs punk everyone knows Im from VA loser. I have said at least 5 times on this post where are you? you can run your mouth behind that computer can you post your name and address punk Not yet scarrrrred!!!!!!


I'm a retired musician.

I do quite well.
I own a small shop and I still work because....well....because I 've always had trouble sitting still.
I could've been a poster child for the ADHD, but that stuff didn't exist when I was a kid.

Armando...it's a good man that can make fun of himself.

Ohhh Scary Sean Gough from Virginia....Go suck on McNabbs ballz ur a nobody


Hahaha.......... McNabbs ballz............. Haha.... Nevermind

Odinseye, retired musician, did u play in a band or a teacher???

I see you know nothing about me 60yrs old. The ? is will you come out behind that computer or hide like a b!tch running your mouth typical punk, Screams racist does not say why and hides from view so not to be exposed for the punk that she is boobyd12. The race card is running out of credit better buy all you can get before it goes away for ever. Your days collecting off of it will be over soon and you will have to get a job like the rest of us.


U beefing wit Mort?

DAAWWG! I got yo back.

Make me Boobyd12 LOL!!!!

No Sean, I work for the US Govt and YOUR taxes help pay me every two weeks, for that I thank you...so remember, YOUR TAXES = MY PAYCHECK. It's a wonderful life and I laugh everytime I get to talk to lowlifes such as urself. LMFAO

Lastly I want to point something out about the way the two teams are going about their business. Mainly because I'm tired of some media members (Cough,Co,COTE!cough,cough)whining that we are not doing the same thing that the Jets are doing.

The Jets are building to win now. They don't seem to care much about three to four years down the road. They want a superbowl and are taking a lot of risks to get one.

The Dolphins are building for the future. They aren't taking as many risks and are building with young players through the draft. They want to be a consistent contender like the Pats, Colts, and Steelers have been.

So that's the question. Would you rather your team win a superbowl in the next two seasons and then fall into mediocrity for the next decade OR would you rather your team be patient and build with the future in mind so you can watch playoff football and possibly a couple of superbowls for the next decade?

There's no guarnatee that either will happen for either team but I want option #2. I want to watch my team dominate the league for 10 to 15 years. The only way to make this happen is to build with youth and to be careful in signing problem players.

Let the Jets win one superbowl their way. No one will remember it two years later while the Dolphins turn into the team to beat. And never forget Shulas last days. We gave up draft picks and money for players with questionable pasts, injury issues, and advanced age. What we ended up with was a team with ZERO chemistry, no superbowl rings, and lousy draft picks for the next ten years. Good luck to the Jets but their time is short, I'm content in being patient.


I played for Rare Earth in the late 70's early 80's

I do some teaching and I still play at a lot of Blues Festivals.

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