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Tony Sparano to meet with Jason Taylor?

The Jason Taylor saga is taking another turn this week as the Dolphins may be putting on a last-minute effort to keep the veteran outside linebacker.

NFL senior insider Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Taylor and Sparano are scheduled to meet in person this week.

"I've been told Coach Tony Sparano and Jason have a pretty good relationship and will meet sometime this week and then Jason will make a decision," Mortensen reported on NFL Live.

I have not been able to confirm this report yet but decided to share it with you for the sake of giving you the latest on the matter. Mortensen did not say who told him this meet was planned, but everyone knows Mortensen is tight with Bill Parcells.

I'll update as details become available.

[UPDATE 1: A source close to Taylor tells me news of this planned meeting is news to Taylor himself.]

[UPDATE 2: Mortensen texted me to remind me that he is close to "eight other members of the organization" and that I'm a dummy and he can squash like a bug at a whim.]

[UPDATE 3: Mort didn't really say I'm a dummy. But ... well, you guys read the blog. You listen to me on radio. The dummy part is assumed.]


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what wasnt civil about what i wrote, i just gave you reasoning on using IFFFSS, its pointless because how u say a 1st rounder can bust i can say JT will look old, play worse and get injured.

If you think are 1st rounder is going to be a bust then it doesnt really matter what we do in FA, we are going to have a long year, you can use negative projection about situation you have no futrue knowledge of.

The facts are we have 2 great defensive minds, and have the 12 pick in the draft---and every pass rusher will be on the board other then maybe 1---if jaguars select one---

JT shuld be addressed after the draft---enjoy ur bourban

cant use negative projections---my spell check is never working

I don't blame Rex Ryan for going "balls to the wall". Well...for at least trying......his fat belly prevents it from actually happening.
I think it takes a certain amount of discipline to build a team the right way. The way I believe Parcell's is doing it.
However, in Rex's case, he strikes me as a guy that just likes to have his plate full at all times.
Keep shoveling it in REX, until it all blows up in your face, get on down with ya bad self!

Guys...dont confuse discipline in building a team with wrong decision making.There are times when the FO must stay the course and there are times when they need to be aggressive.
All SB winning teams have NOT been solely built via the draft..that is false.Its usually a combination of a lot of things and sometimes taking a chance matters a lot...HOLMES for a 5th is wise nad cheap and aggressive.There is little risk as the investment is not huge.
Boldin for a 3rd was also the CORRECT move at the time.But we behaved like nervous nellies.
There is a time for discipline and a time to make a move.This FO has been poor in deciding "WHEN" to make a move refer Wilson Wilford etc...
Now if Marshall can be gained for a 2nd then the investment is sound.We dont know if it will bear fruit but the move is CORRECT.
I cant see this franchise improving without a chunk yard weapon like a Marshall or Bryant ( assuming he works out as a gun player).

I think the FO must consider that we need Henne to have some offensive weapons in WR especially as the Running back situation is dubious at best....

I will keep on saying however that this FO will draft 2 x linebackers and at least a FS and NT in the 1st FOUR rounds...but they SHOULD pull the trigger on either Bryant or Marshall if they are available...because that is the CORRECT move

what wasnt civil about what i wrote,

Slow down brother, I was refering to earlier. These last two post were fine.

i just gave you reasoning on using IFFFSS, its pointless because how u say a 1st rounder can bust i can say JT will look old, play worse and get injured.

Your right we can both say whatever we want. I'm glad you mentioned injuries though. That's another reason I believe JT should locked up now. In addition to being a 3rd down pass rusher, he would be great for adding quality depth. Right now we don't even have any starters, let alone any depth at all. JT makes an excellent stop gap at a time when we have a lot of holes to fill.

If you think are 1st rounder is going to be a bust then it doesnt really matter what we do in FA, we are going to have a long year, you can use negative projection about situation you have no futrue knowledge of.

This is where you're wrong again. I'm not being negative and I'm surely not hoping for a bust, but s h i t happens. I think it's better to be prepared for all contingencies. Bust, injuries, holdouts, suspensions, etc, etc.

The facts are we have 2 great defensive minds, and have the 12 pick in the draft---and every pass rusher will be on the board other then maybe 1---if jaguars select one---

I agree, but the 12 th pick will not give us two starters and two back ups. Right now, other than WAKE we got scrubs, that have been around long enough for everyone to know, aint gonna amount to s h i t. Including Crowder. These guys were brought in as stop gaps to get us past the Camoron years. JT is a no brainer better option than any of them.

JT shuld be addressed after the draft---enjoy ur bourban

Posted by: allen | April 12, 2010 at 11:21 PM

If he's still available.

PS: I do enjoy my Bourban!

Bottoms Up!!!!

Daer mr. Odinseye

"I'm a retired musician"

What do you play ?

I just picked up the Acoustic guitar on 4/9/2010...picked up a 2002 aria for 40 bucks off craigs list..things really never been played.

Got the music bug after watching Andy Mckee on youtube.

Doing the tutorials by Ulli Boegershausen right now :)

Soiled :)


I agree.
These guys never would have survived as Gunfighters in the old west. Not only do you have to know when to pull the trigger, you can't be afraid when push comes to shove.

I would never rob banks with these guys!

Dear Mr. Soiled Bottom,

Please don't tell anyone. At an early age I was traumatized by being forced to play the Cello and then the upright BASS.

Thank GOD an older hottie from next door finally saved me with some Panamanian Red and a Jimi Hendrix album.

I got a Fender Percision Bass, ran away from home at 13 and IT WAS ON!

I play a Stratocaster now, it's my prized possesion.

PS: I wish they would of had youtube when I was a kid. It's a great shortcut for learning anything.

Big alfy, GM


I see where ur coming from, i guess where i disagree is that i think we can sign somebody as a veteran like Adalius thomas maybe in 2months when the pats cut him, jason taylor shouldnt be a huge priority b/c he is 36---worst scenario is he goes to jets and we dont have another qaulity vet, and we let the pups play---that wouldnt be devasting in my opinion---

Ad thomas has been a target for mine for months, and i know tuna and nolan share the same interest, it culd be the only reason JT wasnt offered a contract yet

We will see

Dear Mr. Odinseye

Always wanted to play guitar...just never got around to it.

Then something changed...I watched Sungha Junga on youtube...If you havn't checked his video's out your in for a real treat.

Jungha Jung's video's led me to Andy Mckee's video's from there it was on.

Downloaded Andy's Tabs for a few of his songs.....I'll be able to play them in about 50 years LOL.

Soiled :)

Anyone watching/watched Path to the Draft today? I think Mayock is going to fight the bald dude from Sporting News; too bad they aren't in studio together - I got $5 on Mayock.....

Sungha Jung video's...sorry

Soiled :)


I'm not happy over the fact, that I think Taylor's one of our better options. It actually makes me sick that were in such bad shape at OLB.
That's OK though, I'm keeping the faith. Things can change in hurry with the draft coming up quick.
As far as Adalius Thomas, I think he can be more than adequate if used properly.
The ONLY thing I know for sure is we need help at OLB and lots of it!

At least the Fins are finally being proactive about something. Even if Sparano can't convince JT to stick around, the Fins finally have a pulse!

Hey Carlito...maybe thats my new name...1,2,4...lol

Dear Mr. Soiled Bottom,

I grew up with a guy that went on to play for Joe Cocker(if you know who that is)for thirty years.
He taught me everything, but he made me sick. I would work on a song for a week and he would come in and play it better than me in 3 minutes. He could play almost any instrument.
Sick I tell ya, I wanted to cut his fingers off.
I had my 5 minutes of fame with Rare Earth.
There were a few regrets over the route I took(drugs, women and Booze) but MAN, the memories I wouldn't trade for NOTHING!

Just keep jamming away, it's gets better everyday

Odin...I agree...these guys SEEM overly timid...but we dont know whats up there sleeves...

I would be astonished if they dont pull the trigger on either BRYANT or MARSHALL in some way....

Hoping for a no1 WR in later rounds is a POOR PLAN....we have enough projects now with White,Turner ,Haynos and Nalbone.That would be a DUMB move indeed.

They absolutly must have a well thought out and daring plan...I cant beleive they havnt.

It's real nice to see the Trifecta sitting around with their fingers in their nose while we watch the Jets load up on talent. What is Parcells and Ireland going to think when they watch the Jets kick the crap out of us twice in 2010??

Hey Odin...drugs women and booze....these are NOT a waste...lol

Do you remember when Georgie Best was interviewed about the 30 million he had spent in his life??

He said he spent it on alcohol, drugs and women.....and the rest he wasted..!!!
Classic response by Georgie...he is dead now but what a life he lead....awesome


In 1969 I gave up women and alcohol - it was the worst 20 minutes of my life.

George Best

I can definitely relate........

Odin, Bigafly.
You guys United fans?


it is plain that the "formula" for building a winning team is a mystery. Hell, just look at the draft alone. It is speculative going in, as well as coming out. If we were any better at figuring this stuff out, then we would be running the front office, not typing these lame posts and hassling like idiots over speculation.

they can have jason, along with his deminishing skills, they can keep Cromartie with his 7kids with 6different girls..I love that they have Mr. i dorp everything Edwards, (except against miami, like everyone)nothing but problems, and he can roomate with the newest Holmes, nothing but problems, 3 arrest in the last 6 months.. Lt, nice signing, but Green is going to be the man.!!


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