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Trade down, Dolphins, please trade down!

My column for tomorrow's paper is available to you today for the discounted price of, well, free. It is after all, the Internet. It is, after all, my column so you get what you pay for.

But I digress.

The column talks about trading down, specifically the Dolphins trading down. It gives you the teams most likely to enter into a trade scenario with Miami Thursday night. So check it out.

Why did I write about this?

Because I know for a fact teams selecting later in this draft are calling other teams in the 10-12 slots to weigh the possibility of exchanging places and picks and perhaps even players.

The Dolphins are in the market for talent, whichever way it comes, as long as it is younger talent.


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How far down should the Dolphins trade to get what we need???

It would be great if Dallas trades up to 13 to get Thomas and Fins trade down with the Eagles to let them grab Thomas!!! Parcells gives Jerry Jones the big F U!!!

Im all for Philly, Dallas and GB. Philly is my fav because they have a ton of picks and may just need a few pieces. Im not too thrilled about NY unless there are no other options. The trade from 15 to 12 is much less value than 23-27 moving up.

No offense Armando, but you really have no clue when it comes to talent evaluations. I laugh when I read your colums because you offer nothing that indicates original thought and you have this disgusting love affair with team cancer Jason Taylor. Have we ever won anything with JT? He was always overrated and soft at the point. In the 4th quarter he was never clutch and I could give a darn if he lines up with the green team up north. To compare his legacy to that of Dan Marino, is alike comparing you with Edwin Pope. Get the point? Go play tennis!!


That would be hilarious!

Wow Andrew sounds like a name from the Islands that me being a Ladie wont say on this fourm but it's akind to a butt of a pig that's roasted.

The more picks the better... especially if the fins can get back that 2nd rounder

NO JT talk on this blog!!!! Go back to the other blog....

We all know why Armando wrote this blog...this all has to do with him wanting the Fins to pick Graham...LOL

OK guys the cuban has pushed LIL Ashley off the blog and sent her to the store for the Cuban's favorite beverage, So what are we talking about tonite??

Big Ben to Raiders??? Every part of that makes sense!! So sad

Andrew, you are entitled to your opinion. But when I want to hear your opinion, I'll give it to you.


Whats up Armando!?!

Any rumors or rumblings around Davie on the day before the draft???

I'm thinking Miami will stay in the 12 spot tomorrow, I know all of the possible scenarios, but I still think we stay at 12...how bout u?

What up Carlito. A couple of people have emailed me about Ben Roethlisberger. Crazy.

I can tell you guys the Dolphins are not interested in Ben Roethlisberger.

Andrew Watson:
You are seriously a moron.. Jason Taylor wasnt clutch in the 4th quater? I remember NUMEROUS times he took games over in the 4th! And overrated? WTF are you talking about. You must be a Pats fan.. Back to the Draft.. Of all the rumored pass rusher we like, I'm sure at least a couple of them will fall into the mid-late 20's. We could trade down, and still possibly get our guy. Then get a DT with the extra pick. (Mt Cody?). I also like the DT from UCLA Price.

Did somebody say Brandon Graham?

Yeah, that's the ticket. Let's give the Giants our 12th, 6th and Smiley for their 15th and 46th.

We should still be able to get Graham at 15.

Mando, Will you be having a Live blog tommarrow nite???????

It's true the Dolphins are more likely to stay at No. 12 than trade. But they WANT to trade down.

Did you read the quote from Ireland. He was selling the No. 12 pick, saying a really good player will be there.

He wants someone to want that pick.

Alright guys, here goes. After months of research, I have finally finished my mock draft. Hopefully a few of these guys are correct, as I put a lot of time into finding guys who fit into what we do, fit the mold Parcells & Co like, and offer us versatility that allows them to get on the field in more than just one way. Without further ado:

1-Jerry Hughes OLB, TCU

With JT moving on, this is almost assuredly an OLB. Simply put, Hughes and Brandon Graham are the 2 best pass rushers. Hughes is the most athletic as far as coverage goes, and can be an impactful starter from the minute his name is called.

3-Akwasi Owusu-Ansah CB, IUP

A small school guy, but a big-time player. No other player at this pick on the board offers the upside that this guy has. 6'0 and 207 lbs, he ran 4.32 in the 40, and benched 225 an impressive 21 times. He had 8 career return touchdowns, 3 on KR, 3 on PR, and 1 each INT and FR. His size and athleticism also could have him as a legitimate FS option in a year or two. For now however, he will play a lot in nickel and dime, and presents a dynamic return option as well.

4-Daniel Te'o-Nesheim OLB, Washington

A poor man's Brandon Graham. A relentless motor, very good at getting off blocks, sets the edge well. 4 year starter, which Parcells covets. Where Hughes will offer options in pass coverage, Te'o-Nesheim and Cameron Wake will be used very creatively in Mike Nolan's attacking style of defense.

5-Deji Karim RB, Southern Illinois

Had Karim attended the scouting combine, all of his numbers would have been in the top 3 in almost every important category. A super productive back, he rushed for nearly 1700 yards this past season, and 7 of his TD's were 50 yards or longer. At 5'9 and around 210 lbs, he will be a guy in the Ray Rice/MJD mold. He offers return game value and will probably redshirt this year before we make a decision on our two RB's after this season.

6-Marcus Easley WR, UCONN

Another raw guy, however his size/speed ratio is something that the Trifecta covets, and that we could definitely use in our passing game. 6'3 and 210 lbs, and being from UCONN make him someone the Dolphins would likely take a flyer on.

6-Austin Spitler ILB, Ohio St

Players from OSU aren't often overlooked, however he spent a lot of time backing up James Laurinaitis, and finally took over his senior year. He has good size, 6'2 243 lbs, and will offer good special teams play early on. This guy fits a lot of what Parcells likes in his type of player, and could eventually replace Channing Crowder when his time here is up.

7-Nolan Carroll CB, Maryland

A guy who would have gone much higher had he not missed almost all of his senior year with an injury, he has the coveted size/speed ratio Miami likes, and is a pretty good hitter as well.

7-Nate Byham TE, PITT

Groan, another blocking TE. That being said, he is easily one of the best blocking TE's in the draft, and I believe could give Joey Haynos a real run for his money. The type of blue-chip player we have shown we can never have enough of.

7-Andy Schmitt QB, Eastern Michigan

Standing 6'4 and weighing 235 lbs, he has the size and arm strength that the Tuna has shown a liking for. He tore his ACL last season, and this is the main reason he is still on the board at this point. A developmental guy, he offers a lot of upside.

Noticeably absent is the FS and NT positions. I did not want to simply plug in the best available player at those positions for the sake of plugging a hole, as the Trifecta have shown they don't take that approach either. I still believe a veteran FS will be added after the draft, and Mike Nolan worked with much less than Paul Soliai in Denver last year with Ronald Fields. Also, you may say lots of small school guys, but we have proven very adept at finding talent from small schools and the CFL as well. As I said, I would like to think that every name I posted here are guys who the Dolphins have legitimately looked at.

Cuban, I'll be blogging live tomorrow nite until the pick or something else happens.

Live Blog!!!!!

I hope we trade down too, anything cooking on Smiley or we still in holding pattern???


I won't be so harsh on Armondo's writing skills, but I am in 100% agreement on his MAN CRUSH on JT. Its disgusting. I am sure JT has taken over games before (the pats on mon night) but that time has past. and so has his carreer with the Fins for the 2ND TIME. I hope he staus gone this time.

As Mom used to say......From your lips to
G-d's ears............

keeping my fingers crossed

bobby, moving smiley is hard because of his salary. but the market for him is not great.

The Jets, by the way, are also trying to trade Alan Faneca. He gave up 5.5 sacks last year, a New York writer told me today.

I am not a fan of trading down. Get what you at 12. I think that is the best option.

If we trade down it would be great, but staying at 12 and getting someone like Thomas is also a win win for us. Have you heard anything about the Smiley trade lately?? If he is not traded he would still be a starter and we would have a very deep offensive line. Also I cant believe any of you guys would talk negative about Jason Taylor. What was he supposed to do??? He only had one job offer on the table and took it.

ALRIGHT MANDO.......I was worried that NJ would hijack the blog and have his own "lie" I mean live blog, see you tommarrow nite..




I love it! Going with the dark horse Jerry Hughes!!! I don't think its far fetched or too much of a reach... If Tuna is targeting the guy, he will not hesitate to take him at 12


Big Ben??? That is crazy...

Nobody has told me lately, Aloco. Thank you.

Easy Carlito, That just might get you a "PLUNGIE"..... you've been warned....lol

Jerry Hughes is possible. Nobody's mentioned the OLB from Troy ... what's his name?


There is nothing wrong with Jerry Hughes.. he is the best past rusher in the draft, 26 sacks in the last 2 years

Godell is piece of......work!

Rothlisberger suspended 6 games. Great!

Reduced or extended depending upon progress. What? WTF does that mean?

Ok Benny as long as you don't ruppie up any more sorority sisters we'll cut you some slack.

Holmes didn't get any slack and all he did was "commune with nature".
Unlike Big Ben who commited crimes against nature.


I have said for a long time (so long that when I was saying it we still had #43) that I hated that we picked 12 and 43, because Hughes would undoubtedly go in the late 20's to early 30's. However, and rightly so, Hughes' stock has risen quite a bit and I don't think any 'draft expert' would be critical of us for taking him at 12. Not that Parcells gives a crap. I'm just saying he's for sure an option at 12. If we go OLB, my hope is him or Brandon Graham. And the beauty of my mock is you get Hughes at 12, and then the Graham clone Te'o-Nesheim in the 4th. How sweet would that be.

Funny how guys like Sean Weatherspoon have fallen off the radar...just think back 8 weeks ago the names being mentioned..

Is it safe to come back here or is there more JT talk ??.


I gotta say I am not loving the no FS or NT in your draft though... These positions have to be addressed

Brandon Lang and Cameron Sheffield both from Troy Mando

Bravo NJ Phin Fan...Bravo...

I guess they forgot tomorrow was the draft...


You are either talking about Cameron Sheffield or Brandon Lang.


Did you see Peter King's mock draft today? He has us trading down to the Eagles at 24 and picking up their higher 2nd round pick, I think 37. That would be great!! The part I wasn't so happy about, he had the Dolphins taking Ryan Matthews at 24. Is there anything to this and what happens to Brown this year if this happens?

To be honest,if McClain is available when we pick at #12,then i'd want to pick him. However,if McClain is'nt available,i'm all for trading down but who do we get around 20-24 range?

Maybe Kindle will still be available? Is Hughes too much of a reach at this point? Will Parcells take Graham if availble,even though he has'nt got the ideal height/weight that Parcells loves in a Linebacker?

All these questions will be answered in around 25 hours.


Armando, I still think TE is a position that the Fins need to fix..u believe this is someone on the radar or is it a much lower priority??

I had a personnel guy tell me the Dolphins were grinding on one or the other at Troy a couple of months ago. Forget which one they were more interested in.

Neither is a first rounder, right?

Jerry Hughes, by the way, is a big possibility in a trade down.


I like Hughes but Kindle has everything he does, plus excellent cover skills.

Either way, I'll be happy with any one of the top tier guys.

Carlito, I just couldn't find a S I really liked, I want the ballhawk type, and I don't see one being available in our current slots. If we drafted Major Wright, I think he falls more as a SS than FS, IMO. And if it's not Dan Williams at 12, by the time we pick at 73, the next 6-7 NTs will be gone. Believe me, NT and FS are why the Trifecta so badly want to get back into the 2nd round.

You all should go watch video on Ricky Sapp from clemson.. He is going to be a steal for someone in my opinion. He'd be a 1st rounder if it wasnt for his injury. I'd love to pick up a 2nd somehow and grab him.

I agree, you do a great job, and I really appreciate reading your articles, and I like that you come into our chatrooms and read our comments ect.. Keep up the good work! (dont listen to some of these morons in here.. they will hate no matter who is writing).

Bobby, as for Spoon, he could only play ILB for us. Once we signed Karlos Dansby, that was the end of that. They are really very, very similar. Spoon will still be a top 25 pick, IMO.

Carlito, Have you heard the old saying "If it walks like a duck, Quack likes a duck it must be a duck"????? this clown was accused before, and the charges were dropped, and it happens again???? Please Child, this guy is either a complete Moron, or he thinks he's untouchable... I think he got off relatively easy seeing how this is his second time, I just think he's a punk idiot that thinks rules dont apply to him.... I wish this would have happened in New York, He'd been Prosecuted to the full extent of the law..and probably got 10 to 15 years from the transcripts that I've seen..I hope the Steelers being a class organization will cut this person....

Menace , unfortunatly for you , i also will be here conducting a live draft blog with armando.

Craig, I saw the the SI mock and there is validity to the Dolphins liking Mathews.

Remember, this isn't just about this year but the next five years ... Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams won't be around forever.

Some doctors think Brown recovering from that foot fracture is a longshot. There is a reason the Dolphins would not mind trading Brown for the right price.

Carlito and Bootang,

Ekom Udofia NT Stanford.
This guy could be a steal. Check him out. He'll probably last until late 5th, early 6th.


Huh? I wasn't talking about Big Ben...

LOL @ NJ, Why did I Figure you would...... You go Boy.....

AZ Phin, Sapp is a great name to bring up. Dolphins always like Clemson guys, too.

As to the haters, I used to take it personally. But I have more fun with it now. If somebody rips on me, I'll take it, or rip them back, or whatever.

The family still loves me either way.

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