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Trade down, Dolphins, please trade down!

My column for tomorrow's paper is available to you today for the discounted price of, well, free. It is after all, the Internet. It is, after all, my column so you get what you pay for.

But I digress.

The column talks about trading down, specifically the Dolphins trading down. It gives you the teams most likely to enter into a trade scenario with Miami Thursday night. So check it out.

Why did I write about this?

Because I know for a fact teams selecting later in this draft are calling other teams in the 10-12 slots to weigh the possibility of exchanging places and picks and perhaps even players.

The Dolphins are in the market for talent, whichever way it comes, as long as it is younger talent.


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Actually, NJ Phin Fan, your live chat starts NOW.

Mando out. Dinner.

Odin, I will check him out. NT is huge for us to address that position

Armando, any thoughts on Hughs versus weatherspoon or kindle to fill the LB void?


Why are you trying to give a lecture on Big Ben? I am talking draft here bud...

Has anyone thought bout this...how about take the Gator's Joe Haden and making him into a FS...he's got the skills and he is 5'11 200lbs and getting bigger as we speak...???


Big Ben??? That is crazy...

Posted by: carlito from golfito | April 21, 2010 at 06:03 PM

You were'nt talking about "The Rapist"??


First of all, GREAT, great job on your mock!! There is obviously a TON of time and effort that has gone into it. Maybe it's you who should be looking for a scouting job with one of these organizations (can you put a good word in for him with the brass, Armando?).

Not to the bad part....I don't like it.I like Hughes but I don't think your grtting value for him at 12. I'll be surprised if he's the pick at 12. Do you think he would still be there if we trade back with the Eagles at 24?

I really like some of the guys you've mentioned but I think you;ve got one or two too many CB's and I would have liked to have seen a NT in the third. I think one of Thomas, Joseph or Troup will be there in the third. The rest looks good....there's a lot of thought that went into it....BRAVO!!

PS Don't know anything about the QB you mentioned or the WR. I'm all for it if you can find us a return game.

Wow , boontang25. Hughes at 12 ?? I like him alot and he could be the pick but that a reach. I'd rather draft kindle there if that's the case. He's a better all around OLB right now. Better in pass coverage , better vs the run , played vs big time teams and is just as good as a pass rusher. Hughes could be the pick because you never know with the tuna but i'd rather trade down to him or graham. NO nt or s ??? Miami will get killed on D. O'nesheim is a little to high in the 4rth. He can be a great special teamer while eventually earning some playig time at LB. He can be a steal with the 5th or most likely a 6th .,

Mando, I hear u about trading down, but did u see Earl Thomas on Gruden Camp (ESPN)? This dude's a beast (hawk)!! With receivers in afc east, I think he'd have a bigger impact than Buffalo's rookie safety last yr.. I'd hate to pass him up and him tear it up for Philly.. Your thoughts??


I was responding to Armando saying he was getting emails asking about big ben... What part of "Big Ben... That is crazy" gives you the impression that I am endorsing this fool for the Dolphins?


My girlfriend smashed my guitar and hasn.t spoken to me in over a week!

My three sons think I'm an idiot with all my Norse Viking Warrior crap.

BUT...yeah...it's nice to know that you and the family are doing well.

LOL @ menace. C'mon you know how i roll , brotha !

Thanks Mando . OK guys , i'm taking over. Send in the questions. Shoot !! . LMFAO !!! :)

Robbyhenz, yes I agree with the Thomas sentiment but if u can grab two goo players too fill two holes for one player u do it

I heard the browns called the steelers about the rapist ... i mean big ben about a trade package centering around the 7th pick.


How ticked will the fanbase be if Ryan Matthews is the pick at 24? Who could we get at 37 that would help the pass rush at OLB? Spapp? Norwood? Or would we go NT with someone like Cody?

Carlito, Iam sure your not endorsing this guy's behavior, He got off easy(Again) I think the NFL dropped the ball on this guy, he should have been suspended for at least a year, did you see the affidavits on this case????

Craig, thanks for the compliment. I would have put a NT there if I truly thought one was going to be at 73. I just don't see it. As for the CB's, Owusu-Ansah is a guy I really like at FS in 2 years, and Carroll is a value pick at that point in the 7th round. One thing you can not have too many of is guys that can cover.

"Zach Thomas rips Dolphins for handling of" (you know who).

Well so much for his one day contract. Parcells ego won't allow that now. I don't agree with Zach about, you know who, but I will never forgive Parcells for how Zach was let go.

Team guy, family guy, classy, well respected, best linebacker to ever wear a Dolphins uniform in my opinion. Watched the guy literally cry tears after a few losses, that's how much he cared about this franchise. To kick him out of the door the way they did is unforgiveable.

And make no mistake about it this was ALL Parcells doing. Ireland is just being a good puppet because he doesn't want to be next. I bet after Parcells leaves, if Ireland is still around, he will change and start to do things in a kinder manner. He can't do that now because Parcells would drop him like a bad habit. BP seems to think his way is the only way.

Funny thing is I met Parcells here in Saratoga NY and he was kind and treated me with the utmost respect. Told him I was a Dolphin fan and he said, "hang in there we're going to build you guys a winner". That was before the first season and I became a huge BP fan after our conversation. Now, I'm starting to sour a bit. I love the direction the team is going but I hate the way our favorite players are being treated. They need to stop this now or they are going to alienate even more fans. It's a PR nightmare and I'm sure Ross is biting through his tongue behind the scenes.

big A......

don't we need to draft EARL THOMAS FS if we don't trade down, why would a 3rd FS start right now when that is the hardest position on the defense........

Isn't it easier to find NT-OLB in later rounds

NJ and Bobby12 both don't want any JT talk....Man you guys are really on the same page, in sync, great minds think alike. Its almost like YOUR THE SAME PERSON. Go figure.

o well to each his own...or thier own

NJ, what are your thoughts on Big Ben(The Rapist)Rothesberger?????


I just like Hughes more than Kindle, and your assessment is pretty accurate. I think that even if my #1 wish happens, and that is Earl Thomas at 12, that we still would add a vet who would most likely start early on in the season, especially that 7 week stretch where we play top QBs every single week starting in week 2.

Sorry everyone, I didn't have time to post earlier and really wanted to say my peace about my man Zach Thomas. F**k I miss watching that guy play!

Bootang25 - nice job and well thought out. I don't think we'll grab two CB's and pass on a safety though. Daniel Te'o-Nesheim OLB, Washington is my sleeper as well. I watched this guy up close and personal with the Huskies, and he is relentless. He is also very smart and athletic enough to fit the hybrid 3-4 OLB mold Parcells likes. Good call on that one. I was thinking we might get him in the 5th round with the SF pick we just aquired, but he may not be there. Rd 4 is okay with me.

The Fan base will be in refolt with pitchforks and fire if matthews is the pick at 24. the good Olb 's like graham and hughes will be gone at 37 but Sapp would do even though it a little to high. Griffen might slip to 37. Noorwood at 6-0 tall is way to small. Cody is a big ( no pun intended) possibilty at 37.

revolt ***

I love Marcus Easley as a sixth. Perfect sort of choice for a late round pick. He is a fast athletic guy, though a little raw. He would be a great replacement for Ginn as far as a speed guy. I hole that the phins take a look at the other Pitt Te. Dorin Dickerson. He will be gone by the 5th. I know he doesn't have the size a lot of people like, but he is a pure athelete, and can be played in multiple pass formations. I know the Patsies are high on him, I hope we can grab him before those tossers.
Cuban Menace, Are we on?

How about this - trade 1st rd picks with Green Bay and pickup Clay Mathews JR (doubt GB would be that stupid). Then we could pickup Kindle, Graham, or Hughes - that would give us the Double pick that the trio like to do - Clay Jr is one of the best young LB's in the game proven just like the Beast . We could maybe throw in an extra 4th or 6th or both to make that happen Mathews is that good! Sapp would be a great pick too - 3rd rd? If we go offense - needs to be Spiller, no other makes sense except the gaurd from Idaho - but no chunk yards there. Sign the X GB/New Orleans safety.


Kris , if you still think i'm bobbyd12 , than you're even more dumber than i thought and that's pretty hard for you to do. i second though , no it's not. WOOOOW !!

Why thank you Kris, I take that as a compliment being compared to NJ....lucky for you it's not true


Aloco, Zach (with an H)

Darryl, Dickerson is a guy I really like, and if I was doing a mock of what I thought I would do, he would be in consideration. I tried to do a mock of what the Trifecta would do, so he didn't get a lot of consideration. For the 4th round, it was down to Dennis Pitta and Te'o-Nesheim. If both are there, I think we would go with the defensive guy. I'd love Pitta, and so would Chad Henne.

Trade down na I'm sayin trade up! Trade Ronnie for a second rounder then trade spots with Cleveland and give them a 5th rounder then grab spiller!! Imagine how nuts the offense would be!!

Menace , big ben has to put his penis away and slow down on the alcohol . He almost killed himself and almost went to jail. 3 strikes and your out.


Boontang @ your post at 6:34 . I could see miami picking up a vet after the teams get a look at their draft picks..

By the way NJ, I will probaly be up there for that Dec 12, th game, depending on how the season is going...

You're welcome Aloco.

But I think a lot of people would disagree with you on the civility thing. LOL

Darrly, If you can get a witness its a bet, Just to make sure what we're betting "The phins WILL pick defense in there 1st 3 picks", And NJ, I hope this clown(Rothlesrapeist) well finally "Get it", but I doubt it... E.G. Mike Tyson.....

I agree that if we can't secure a trade for a second round pick, we should stay at 12. We need a nose tackle, and it doesn't look like we can wait untill the third round to get a top guy. There are plenty of Olb's and scenarios where we can still pick up a saftey. But if we cannot work any magic, I hope we stay put and select Williams at 12

Bobbyd12 , if you come up here give me a holla. Let me know on here if your coming up when it gets closer to dec and i'll ask mando if we can exchange e mail info through him. We'll tear the stadium apart.


Sounds good NJ.... I will

By the way NJ, I will probaly be up there for that Dec 12, th game, depending on how the season is going...

Posted by: bobbyd12 | April 21, 2010 at 06:44 PM

I'll buy the Tickets bobby.....



NJ, who will the fins draft #1 tomm. nite in IYHO?????

NJ why are you so full of yourself when you've been wrong so many times?

ALoco, I responded, what else you want, smoke signals????

Cuban, how bout YOU buy the tix, I know damn well you got some connections thru the Dept...and I don't mean nose bleed seats either!!!

Not for nothing but i would love to go to the dec 12th game with bobbyd12 and the menace, How F'D UP would that be ??. That would be some site and awesome. If menace buys the ticket for bobbyd12 then i got the first couple of rounds, After all menace and i are the hosts .


Cuban, Ok first three picks that is the bet. I think you will be right, but I'm a degenerate gambler so screw it. 5 bucks bud, and all the fine peolpe on this blog as a witness. Good luck tommorow. It might get a little crazy, who knows what will play out!


It's a Date(Not that there's anything wrong with 3 guys getting together)(unless 1 of them are price Master) It should be off the hook........ DONE........

NJ, I'm glad u said first couple rounds. LMAO I made a deal with a buddy once, I'd buy the seasons if he bought the drinks...believe me when I say I got away cheaper!!

See y'all at the draft...peace

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