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Trade down, Dolphins, please trade down!

My column for tomorrow's paper is available to you today for the discounted price of, well, free. It is after all, the Internet. It is, after all, my column so you get what you pay for.

But I digress.

The column talks about trading down, specifically the Dolphins trading down. It gives you the teams most likely to enter into a trade scenario with Miami Thursday night. So check it out.

Why did I write about this?

Because I know for a fact teams selecting later in this draft are calling other teams in the 10-12 slots to weigh the possibility of exchanging places and picks and perhaps even players.

The Dolphins are in the market for talent, whichever way it comes, as long as it is younger talent.


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I don't want Thugs that bully people down on South Beach. I want Thugs on the offensive line.

Carter would fit right in with Grove and Cognito. Mean and Nasty!


How about if we get a second rounder we draft the former Gator Joe Haden and convert him to FS...he's got the size at 5'11" 200lbs...yes, no?


It's not a bad effort. I think Graham at 12 is a bit of a reach. I like him but I'll be shocked if he's the big at 12. I like the FS Jones but I'd rather they go NT in the 3rd. I think your dreaming that Sapp will be there in the 4th....I can't see it. If he's there, great pick!!

the rest isn't bad and I think all in all it wouldn't be a bad net.

I think the Phins go in either of these directions:

Trade down with Baltimore or trade up with Washington!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miami's 1st(12)and 5th(145)for Baltimore's
1st(25)and 2nd(57)rounders.

Or Miami trades their 1st(12)a 6th(174) and (2) 7th(219/252) rounders with Washington for their 1st(4) and 5th(163) and land ERIC BERRY........

I would like the Baltimore trade more because we could get more talent with those two picks but I would LOVE to have Berry in aqua and orange too........


I like your "mini-mock"-LOL.

I wouldn't be disappointed with Morgan in the least.

I think he'll be just out of reach though. Jaguars will get him at 10.

3rd Ricky Sapp or Sean Lee olb
4th Mike Williams or Jacoby Ford wr
5th Kam Chancellor or Justin Woodall fs

carlito's mock is good . i'll take it !!

Carlito's Official Dolphins Mock Draft Rounds 1-5

1. Derrick Morgan DE/OLB Georgia Tech
3. Major Wright FS University of Florida
4. Thaddeus Gibson DE/OLB Ohio State
5. Jeff Owens DT University of Georgia

do the pats pick before the dolphins ?

I'll take Gary Gavachavick...let's just wait till tomorrow and see whom we get, we have speculated as much as we can now. How about a new story or blog title to read Mr. Herald


That's a good looking mock you have there. Only questions will be if Troup is there in the 4th and if Owens is there in the 5th. Otherwise, like the guys we are getting.

I'm gonna go take a mock-dump and see what happens there until there is a new story.

what topic do want to talk about COW ?

Thanks fella's I changed Troup for Thaddeus Gibson in the 4th... I think the fins will probably double down on OLB and NT, but I'm sure the 2nd NT will be taken with one of the 3 6th rounders

Safties like Berry and Thomas don't come around every year.. Think of how good our secondary can be for so many years to come! Their is a reason quite a few teams are looking to move up in this draft and that reason in Earl Thomas. There is no OLB we are in love with in the first get one in the 3rd and next year if it's still a need because their won't be no Earl Thomas in next years draft, as well as not having a second Rd pick next year; Do we want to spend a 1st for a FS next year worse than what we could get this year knowing we can easily get a better DE/OLB next year. Let's not build for a year like the dumb jets, if we get Thomas, OLB or Mike Williams in the rd if his there. Spend good amount of our 6's and 7's on DE prospects we will be good for this year and will be ready for greatness next year!!

Craig M and NJ,

Thanks. I know the Sapp pick is somewhat of a pipe dream. I'm just hoping that in addition to his past ACL injury, his slow 40 time fools people into passing on him.

Until then I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

How come every time I make fun of Rex my writing doesn't post...is Rex in here


Some cultures before something important they sacrifice one animal and look at it intestine to try to see omens of the future... this is cruel and crazy, but you think it might work to predict the draft?

*in the 3rd round if his there*

I just can't wait until the first game against the jets...I can't wait to shut Rex up like last year. Did you guys see Rex at the fights in FL..he was quakin in his fat guy shoes

Posted by: bootang25 | April 21, 2010 at 05:58 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/04/trade-down-dolphins-please-trade-down.html#ixzz0lnAEIGe4

WTF are you smoking? TWO CB's and a QB I dont think so

Hey Carlito...I'm for whatever is gonna make Miami a great team and beat the jets and others...sacrifice away my man


Baltimore isn't going to trade up. They have no glaring needs. If they need a WR they will wait and draft D. Thomas at 25. It's not Ozzie Newsome's style to trade up, unless there is a player he really wants. Not going to happen I'm afraid. I don't think your proposed trade with Washington would happen. We're not giving up very much to make it happen and as much as want Berry I don't want the team trading up to get him.

Good OFFICIAL mock Carlito. I'm not that familiar with Gibson. Can he play OLB?

mR742...try happy trees from shamanicblends , it is perfect


I would agree with you if your argument was for Eric Berry.

I don't think Thomas is worth it when we can get Reshad Jones, Burnett or Major Wright in the 3rd.

Not arguing....just my opinion.....


Mark my words the jets are start 1-3 this year.

Craig M,

Thanks, yes he can play OLB


I don't sacrifice or know anyone who do, I'm just asking aloco his opinio


I would rather go that way with our safety too.

Dolphins will SHOCK the world and trade down and draft TIM TEBOW. Fans will be shocked!


I want to be the first one to go on record as saying:

Sam Bradford will be the bust of the draft. A tiny bit of the reason will be the system he's put into, the majority of it will be because he's a "Cup Cake".
There.....I said it.


Jimmy Clausen will be the better of the two.

If Dez Bryant is their at 12 then Baltimore will be calling for a trade and the Phins will take it for the right picks.

And regarding Washington it could happen. Washington will give that 4th pick up for the right amount of draft picks(they only have 4 picks this year) and we have a couple in the 6th and 7th rounds. Like I said the Baltimore trade makes more sense for us and we could land Thomas instead of Berry.........

Put it like this: If we could get 2 studs for the price of 3 or 4 late rounders, I'm happy with that.....We need a Safety, DE and a NT and we are good............

Damn fellas I just cannot wait until Thursday night. Like a kid on Christmas Eve. I don't care which one of you are correct as long as we make a strong team.


Okay i tried to be understanding but i cant stand it no mores!! The thought of Jason Taylor in a Jets uniform makes me want to vomit in my mouth!! That green putrid jersey!! Ugghhh how disgusting. I hate the Jets even more now than ever!!

I agree my friends!! And yes the jets will be 1-3 ;)

The Dolphins treated JT like crap, but JT has no business signing with the Jets for ANY price. Fact is, JT ruined his legacy. The fans will never forgive him.

I can't wait to wear my 99 jersey next year year. It will say "TRAITOR" instead of "TAYLOR"

Jags traded de/lb former 2nd rounder quentin groves to raiders. Jags have more reason now to draft de/lb before fins.

They got another pick along with sending him out too I think...correct me if I'm wrong guys.

Thats awesome patrick

Patrick...my advice to you is to do something tonthe front of the jersey too so someone doesn't mistake you for promoting JT at a game..wouldn't want to see someone start crap with you bro

patrick , are you going to see the field this year ???

JPP is a freak. Guy is like 6 foot 6 and did 13 consecutive backflips on youtube. But he doesnt sound too bright. Maybe u dont have to be at that position.

Dolphins brass were classless with their treatment of Zach Thomas, now with their treatment of Jason Taylor. FOCK PARCELLS AND IRELAND!

When we play the Jets I hope JT gets 5 sacks a game against us.

I should be able to make it two home games this year, I'm in Orlando so it isn't far. Just went to the Magic game, they r up 2-0

we better trade dow, we f'd up on the taylor deal, now have little at olb also, morons!

NJ yo mutherf'ker I mo see the field if the man put me out der. Why you ax me that? Who you washed up biotch!

Virgina...you are crazy..no way JT get 5 sacks on us...are you a traitor too boy?

Armando...the more I hear Graham..the more I wonder why? It's not that I don't like him, but does he really fit the profile? I'll give you an outside pick...only if the Dolphins trade back...of which I'm not really sure they want to...lets say they trade back to 24 the Eagles pick...they have need at three major positions...OLB FS and NT. Of the three, which is the most important...NT...it all begins and ends with that position, so who at 24 makes sense...one player..Mount Cody...the ONLY real NT in the draft. The Dolphin's can acquire a OLB...but in their case, I believe they already have one in Dansby...so what would be the smart move next if they do trade and acquire lets say a second rounder..either 37 or 55..select a FS...Now which player should be available at 37 or 55 that plays FS...Nate Allen or Morgan Burnett...but are they better than lets say Akwasi Owusu-Ansah...neither has his speed and he should be selected in the 70's area. I believe a certain TE will drop out of the first round...Jermaine Gresham...thats who I can see the Dolphins taking at 37...it does fit a need. With the 73rd pick you take your F.S. in Ansah.
With the 110th pick D. Watson OLB.

That fills the bill at NT, FS, OLB and TE...and the Dolphins still have picks in the 5th,6th and 7th rounds.

Trade down that is, the arrogance of this regime shows its true colors again!


Your trade with Baltimore makes no sense! they have added Boldin, Stallworth and re-signed Mason. I don't believe they really want Bryant....they definitely don't NEED him. If in fact they want Bryant they could wait and see if he falls to them at 25. Or they could wait a few more picks and trade up with someone else. They don't need him and if they want WR they will settle for D. Thomas.

Newsome is a smart general manager and he has a contending team. He won't give up picks in a trade like you proposed for a question mark.

Patrick Turner,

Shut yo PIE HO about JT and learn to run a route!

1.trade down #24 b.graham/olb or e.griffin/olb
2.t.mays/fs< 3.c.thomas/nt or t.troupe/nt
5.d.pitta/te if there.
6.b.carter/og=beast complete the line.
7.j.webb/qb wildcat guy?
this is realistic.look i know people will bash the mays pick you wait.m.nolan will use him just like b.dawkins.mays even looks like and plays very much the same way.

Craig, I agree with you man, Bmore doesn't need a WR now..they will adress other need I believe

patrick , that shows you're to dumb/stupid to pick up the playbook to even see the field

No bashing here..Mays is a sleeper, watch he will dominate where ever he goes. He's a house back deep in the D

Later guys, I'm gonna eat and ice cream cone, play soccer..aka sex, and then wait for the draft..c u guys at 7:30pm tomorrow. Good luck MIAMI !!!!

So of the four QB's, Tebow, Bradford, Claussen and McCoy who will be the most successful and who will be bust.

I think McCoy will be the most successful, followed by mildly successful Bradford, and then drop off to Tebow and Claussen. To me i think Claussen will be the bust of the draft. I don't think he's that good and I think Tate made him look better than he really is.

Last thing here before i go, Craig...the only thing I think u have wrong is Jimmy C...he was one of the only QB's to play in a "pro like" offence in college...he has an advantage, and he really isn't that bad...my 2 cents. Night all, c u guys at 7:30pm ;)

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