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Trade down, Dolphins, please trade down!

My column for tomorrow's paper is available to you today for the discounted price of, well, free. It is after all, the Internet. It is, after all, my column so you get what you pay for.

But I digress.

The column talks about trading down, specifically the Dolphins trading down. It gives you the teams most likely to enter into a trade scenario with Miami Thursday night. So check it out.

Why did I write about this?

Because I know for a fact teams selecting later in this draft are calling other teams in the 10-12 slots to weigh the possibility of exchanging places and picks and perhaps even players.

The Dolphins are in the market for talent, whichever way it comes, as long as it is younger talent.


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Time will tell Cowkilla. To be honest, I'm not that impressed with any of the QB's. I'm glad we're not looking for a QB this year. I don't believe there is a Matt Ryan in this draft, although i've heard some people compare Bradford to him.

I would be happy with any of the high percentage picks that alot of you guys are posting. Morgan, Thomas, Kindle, Graham etc. Just as long as their first name isn't Pat. Not really crazy about Williams with the 12 pick. A trade down would be great if we could still get our pass rusher and our 2nd rounder back. I'm normaly just a reader. Really enjoy the blog guys. GO FINS!!

There is one pick that will give us an insane offense for 6 or 7 years:
Dez Bryant

Not even Dan Henning can f u c k that up.

Pricemaster, you and I share the same opinion about Henning. Often feels like he's hammered or something


I was never sold on Tebow being able to transition to the NFL. That was before I knew much about him.

He's always be a fierce competitor and now he's showing the willingness to take the right steps.
If he get a FO behind him tailoring an offense around his talents, I'm sold.

I might be late, but I'm jumping on the Tebow Train.

I think the best option for a trade down is with the Giants at 15.
They need OG help(Smiley?), and they like McClain and Dan Williams.

I know there's all kinds of ways this could workout(Osi) so I won't speculate.

This seems like the most likely scenario for us.

PS: You can blame my less than stellar grammar on Uncle Jack tonight!

My liquor tab's going through the roof. COME ON D-DAY!!!!

The Dolphins will trade down two times in the 1st round. They'll pick up a 3rd or 4th first and then a 2nd round pick on their second move down. On that second move they pick IUPATI.

IUPATI IS A CAN'T MISS PLAYER. He's the safest pick and a sure starter and possible pro bowler for the next 8 to 10 years. He will solidify the o-line boosting the production of the running and passing game.

I think trading down would be wise. I know the trifecta have something big cooking. 2 years ago they went and got ferguson and fasano. I say this year they move back for the rams 33 and their 3rd. Send them Smiley and at 33 take Ryan Matthews or Jerry Hughes...Toby gerhardt? Btw tebow goes to the saints or Panthers.

Iuapti won't b available so late.

When I think of Long and Iupati I wonder if they could be the next Webb and Sims.

Without those two guys Marino might not have been as great.

I think Long and Lupati would be better than Webb and Simms.
All four are/were great Pass blockers. Webb and Simms wern't so good at run blocking.
Long and Lupati would be like a tank and a road grader.



I think it's just about time for Armando to post a new blog.

PS: Lupati would be a solid safe pick. Too bad though, with the money we got invested in our OL and our defensive needs, I think he's a luxury we can't afford.

guys, whats good?

as for Iupati, i agree he would be a stud, but shouldnt we focus on defense first....offense was not the reason we were 7-9, and given sparano's history as an o-line guy, i would think that we would have an easier time finding/molding a later draft selection into a starter for RG than finding a stud OLB or FS.....

i think if he is not taken by the patriots first second round pick, tebow will be a patriot.

What's up Swedish! Gettin drafty


I can't believe there's not more people here.

I can't sleep a wink.

I keep thinking I hear Reindeer on my roof.

Is that you SantaBill?

been saying it all along!!

trade down regardless if we lost our second but more now than ever

Draft Dez cause Marshall is bound to get in trouble, that way we will still have a #1

*not serious btw lol*

Henne's interceptions would probably drop due to having more time to find receivers, passing and rushing stats will increase and time of possession will increase.

This type of improvement could allow the team to put points up faster and comeback easier if they had to (do to others what the Saints did to us, come back from 20 points).


Why does everybody call him Lupati?

Henne threw so many int's last year because in the last 4 or 5 games the defense was spotting teams 3 touchdown leads and the offense was always playing catch up, some times throwing more than 50 times a game... this was not the Dolphins gameplan and any 1st year starter would have some turnovers in that situation... I don't think Henne is a int prone qb... not like Sanchez anyway

our third rd pick should be Toby Gerhart (RB standford)if he is still available....

he is a really good back and i think its funny to see him get over looked because he's white. whoever gets him will be happy with the pick a year from now.

Brandon Marshall will singlehandedly....OK...make that doublehandedly reduce Henne's INT total.

He goes up and gets the ball better than ANYONE in the NFL.

To all my beloveded fans Reshad Jones (FS) from Georgia is a monster...I'm talking like Mel Blount & Ronnie Lott...he is a surefire hitter and coverage GENERAL. Google his college videos and you will see what I'm talking about. Dolphin Rules Dude. 13-3 in 2010.

Tommorow we have to be pulling for players with a lot of value to fall to #12 like Jimmy Clausen, Dez Bryant, and Earl Thomas. That gives us the best chance at a trade down. So Ill be pulling for those guys to still be on the board when we pick.

whats up dish

from now on i may call you deep-dish(pan)

i think i am more excited for the second day of the draft than the first.....hopefully we have more than one pick for rounds 2-3

Yeah this new draft format is another goddell turd. Just hoping we can choose some ballhawkers on D. Btw, I'm hearing Marcus Spears and Bobby Carpenter are being offered to Phins in a round 1 swap

i hope we get a got FS this draft more than anything. our secondary was getting burnt last year. i care most about him being fast (ie, dont give up the deep ball), and hit like a freight train. i'm talking steve atwater style.


this hit still gives me goose bumps

We need a trade now, I can't take it anymore. Need news now........

Forget the Dolphins!

The real question is

Where Will Tim Tebow Land?



It's all calm on the Southern front.

Battle stations are manned and ready.

It's quiet. TOO QUIET!

tick TOCK!

tick tick TOCK!

tick tick tick tick-tick tick TOCK!!!!


WITH the TWELFTH pick in the NFL draft the MIAMI DOLPHINS pleeeeeeeeeeaseeee SELECT JERRY HUGHES, DE.


JERRY HUGHES should be the Dolphins pick on a small trade down. Otherwise, pick Morgan. If you somehow can get Berry than get him.


Andrew Meyer, you're a tool

Anyone seen any video of Jerry Hughes. Oh my goodness!!!!!

i dont want any more cowboy table scraps....we are no longer cleaning house after a 1-15 season. we underachieved last year and have a good base. we need a couple more elite players and for our young guys to develop.

Like you said, we need safety help

Odin u convinced me to crack the Patron


whats your favorite hit of all time......i think you know mine

Mine's a little querky, but it was a punter whose name I can't remember. He leveled a returnman, decleated him in the most disgusting way imaginable

Guys, I think I'm sold on Sergio Kindle. The guy can flat out play

i've got to see that...can you find it on youtube?


You're welcome. Bottoms Up!


You just saw him total access again?

I was thinking the same thing-LOL!

i am curious to see how many people we draft who were in the senior bowl. i feel like the coaches we interviewing the whole process. its got to help us.

Yeah Odin, just watched it. My pick is in. If Berry is gone, Sergio is my pick!

I'll look for it Swedish. I'll never forget it. The punter just flew up and unloaded on the guy, it was dirty.

I bet Miami surprises everyone. I don't know what to expect. But it better be good

at this point, i dont care who get (on defense)as long as they dont suck

i cant type, need sleep, next couple days are going to be interesting...

go fins!



dish let me know if you find that vid....

with my mock we would be so stacked everywhere?
i would love too see this only 3 rookies start.
carter,graham,mays.i see probowlers all over on both sides of the ball.on the o-line we got long and someone else will emerge as a probowler.qb henne rb brown& williams.te fasano wr marshall& bess.not to mention the impact incognito& carter will have both are beast's.also d.pitta & mccluster.the offense would put up at least 26 pts a game.deff.d-line we got starks who was great last year langford & merling will catch up this year?
cam thomas will suprise.soliai and thomas will rotate till fergy is back after week 8.lbs-wake,crowder,dansby,graham what a lb core any could be a probowler?also can't forget t.gibson & b.sharpe will get their shot and anderson will be in the mix.cb's will be even better this year with pass rush we will see great play from davis & smith.both could be in probowl conversation.w.allen will be best vs.all slot guy's.c.butler will be a versitle cb with great hands and can tackle.db's y.bell will once agin be a probowler.addition of t.mays will make us real good.nolan & bowles will work with him on coverage and angles.culver will back up bell & clemens will back up mays.clemens will also come in nickle and dime situations.k d.carp will be clutch.b.feilds will punt.brandin banks will handle kr/pr duties.with like 4.3-4.4 speed guy will work out there.this will be great team we may even add a vet like say otagwe or sharper.or someone who gets cut.help where help is needed.this is seeing we get all those picks??i hope so??after the draft i think we push for a sharper or atogwe.to push us over the top if trifectia thinks we have came that far?

This is difficult to figure out with no second round choice. He is not my favorite player, or first choice, but I think Dan Williams will get the nod at 12. One thing that cannot be overlooked is that Williams played a year under Monte Kiffin. Kiffin is probably the top coordinator at any level of football. I've gone flippy floppy on who I think the choice here will be, Last week I thought it was Kindle. The trifecta suprised a lot of us with the Marshall trade. I think they will go conservative and take Williams.

3 way trade with Houston and Seattle. We trade down with Houston 12-20..Ronnie Brown included. We get the Texans 2nd round pick, #51. Ronnie Brown goes to Seattle via Houston, Houston gets Seattles 2nd rounder #60 Seattle gets our fourth rounder this year giving them 3 picks in that round, and a 5th rounder from Texas next year. Man I can't wait for the draft to get here, I'm going nutso... Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue!

Guys Parcells likes one of the guys from Troy either Lang or Shefield. Do any of you know which one Parcells likes between the two. Anyone???

Brandon Lang. Awesome pedigree. He would probably have been a first round pick, but he tore his acl last year. Could be a great mid level choice.

Darryl, I agree that Dan Williams will be the pick. I hope they're able to trade down a little and still get him. Truth be told, the trifecta took a risk getting Dansby in FA. They need a big guy at NT to keep the guards off of him. By taking Williams, they protect Dansby...thus making themselves look better in the process. It's not flashy, but probably the right move.
The question is, can they trade down, pick up a 2nd rounder and still get Williams? I don't think they can move into the 20s and still get Williams.

Ok Darryl, now you lost me. We trade our #12 and Ronnie Brown and all we get in return is the Texans #20 and their 2nd rounder? How is that a good deal?

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