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Trade down, Dolphins, please trade down!

My column for tomorrow's paper is available to you today for the discounted price of, well, free. It is after all, the Internet. It is, after all, my column so you get what you pay for.

But I digress.

The column talks about trading down, specifically the Dolphins trading down. It gives you the teams most likely to enter into a trade scenario with Miami Thursday night. So check it out.

Why did I write about this?

Because I know for a fact teams selecting later in this draft are calling other teams in the 10-12 slots to weigh the possibility of exchanging places and picks and perhaps even players.

The Dolphins are in the market for talent, whichever way it comes, as long as it is younger talent.


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Ferg, I was trying to figure a scenario where we get a second rounder. I have the opinion that Brown doesn't have second round value by himself, that we could get something in a package deal. I don't know if you saw the list of backs I put up the other day. They were backs that over the last three years, had more or less the same yards, and carries as Brown. None of these backs would be worth a second round pick. To me getting that second rounder is important, this was a way to do so that I thought was fair to all teams involved.

I saw the list, but I disagree that any of the backs you mentioned are of the same caliber of back as Ronnie Brown. Now I am a realist. And I realize it would be nice to get something instead of nothing if/when Ronnie leaves after next year, but in his unique situation, I would rather have him with us than trade for a 3rd round, or lower, pick. However I might trade him for a 2nd rounder. But if you're going to tell me the Fins would be fine with Ricky and Lex (if RB were traded) I'd have to vehemently disagree with you. Ronnie Brown is far and away the best running back on the roster and losing him would be a big blow.
Back to your original point, I now understand what you were going for with the Texans trade, but I don't see any value at all in making that trade.

Ferg. One of two things with Brown. He will come back strong, have a great year, and be able to force the Phins to make a tough choice at the end of the year. Or will be ineffective, get re-injured, and have absolutley no value at all. So Do the Phins gamble on the first scenario, or the second? Brown has been in the league for 5 years, he is on the closer side to 30. and 2 of the last 3 years had his season cut short. I would take the chance now, and try and get value you for him. Maybe the scenario I laid out gives up to much, I was just trying to hypothetically set something up that would be possible. As for Lex, I have taken heat here before, but I think he has the makeup to share the load with Ricky. He has all the tools to play in this system. He won't be a home run hitter. But what he will do is wear teams down catch passes, and hold onto the ball.

i agree with you darryl if we get good offer trade him!than draft one mid-late.i think williams (who looked to hit the hole qicker being deciseive).last year and hilliard who will be a good mudder that's what the trifectia like's ball players hilliard drafted in 7th rd.


This draft in particular is one of the deepest to come along in quite a while!! Its no secret, people! So I personally would be pretty disappointed if we remained at 12 and made a safe but anticlimatic pick like Dan Williams. IMO hes not a dominating force anyway. And without loading rocks in his pockets, Earl Thomas seems a little frail against charging built running backs and big tight ends. Lastly...with all the stud OLBs in this draft, we can get a similar (or arguably better player) then Derrick Morgan.

Putting the 1st rd. aside for a moment, I'm tellin you that the sweet spot in this draft is the 2nd and even into the 3rd round. We have to parlay our early 1st into a late 1st and 2nd (but an earlier 2nd). Its where the heart of this draft is.

Within these next 2 rounds there will be runs on more stud players with a run on certain positions moving fast and furious. We need to be in on that action and not watching from the sidelines holding our "skin flutes" in our hands!

If we can accomplish this, which is doable, I promise you that we can get at least 3 quality starters if not stars in the first 3 rds!! The rest of our draft (ie sleepers picks) would be icing on the cake.

Therefore... let the wheeling and dealing begin, boys!!

it should be nose tackle and then safety or safety and then nose tackle then we could hold tryouts for outside linebacker since we don't have any anymore

If Miami could package a deal to get to 6-7 to grab Berry, go for it, if not trade out. The impact can't miss player pool seems to run out. The guys around 12 seem to have the same qualities just personal decisions(to short,shorts arms, high motor, etc ). Trade out we have holes to fill. Try to grab a 2nd. Rounder back. You can grab the same quality OLB later in the 1st rounder.

We were #4 in rushing last season and there is no reason to think we won 't have a top rushing offense again. RB can come into the league and be productive year one. We don't need RB this year! We don't need ILB or CB either! NT, FS and OLB (now that JT is gone) are the draft priorities. Trade down get the OLB and the NT we need this year.

I believe if the eagles want to trade up we do it.I also believe there are only a few impact players available probably within the top ten.And with this draft being so deep in talent why not trade down twice in the 1st round.And acquire additional picks and solidify a lot of areas.such as nt, olb, s, te ol, rb, and most of all special teams.

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