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Undrafted free agents plus draft breakdown

The news first: I have six eight undrafted free agent names that sources say have agreed to join the Dolphins.

The players are:

Nevada DB Jonathon Amaya: 6-0, 203 pounds. Ran a 4.51 at the Combine. Benched 225 pounds only eight times.

Maryland DT Travis Ivey: 6-4, 325 pounds. No Combine results. Had 25 tackles including one sack in 2009.

Duke DL Vince Oghobaase: 6-5, 303 pounds. Ran a 5.48 at the Combine. Benched 225 pounds 27 times.

Penn State CB A.J. Wallace: 6-1, 201 pounds. No Combine results. Four career interceptions, three of those his senior year in 2009.

San Diego State WR Roberto Wallace: 6-4, 225 pounds. No Combine results. Caught 36 passes for 463 yards and three TDs in 2009 and that was his best of three seasons.

Michigan State DB Ross Weaver: 6-1, 203 pounds. No Combine results. Missed all of 2006 season. One career interception.

[Update: Florida International offensive lineman Andy Leavine has been signed as an undrafted free agent, according to my friends at www.draftday.dk. Leavine is listed at 6-5 and 292 pounds. He benched 225 pounds 31 times at his Pro Day.

Also, this morning I've learned Fresno State WR Marlon Moore is on Miami's undrafted FA list. Moore is 6-foot and 190 pounds. He had 15 catches for 317 yards and three TDs for the Bulldogs in 2009.]

Secondly, let me tell you what I thought of the Dolphins draft. Actually, it's late, I've slept five hours in two days and the wife is waiting for me so if you really want to know what I think click here.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! 


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I really hope Misi can produce...

.....Also undrafted FAs- Ben Dover and Takit EN Diazz who will compete at the Center position. Schools unknown rumored to be San Fransico, Palm Springs or South Beach area?

Go Phins!

Come on I now dont be a homer!!
That draft was an F and to add marshal to it when we got the pick back was just plain stupid! The fins did not get one playmaker and when Brown goes down again good luck!! To draft that may LB is a joke!!! The jets and pats both out drafted the fins...Please call it like it is!

Can anyone believe that he had the nerve to put those 6 free agent hacks in the post OMFG!!!!! This team may win 4 games!!!


The draft was a TD ! , especially after miami announced their plans to play starks a NT. It all made sense and the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. This defense was a Disaster and the LB unit was the worse culprit . It was old and slow. This draft alog with dansby went a long way to fixing that. Odrick and Misi are going to be a BEASTS !!! All these picks were Big , strong , prototype parcells players with smarts and leadership qualities.

NJ, Congrats Bro, ur not the most hated guy on the blog!!! LMFAO

Take it back, Rob in OC is in the previous blog blasting you right now...oh well short lived

How bout that 6th round WR Carlton Mitchell NJ????

You CLEARLY LOST that bet bud. Pay up.

I thought for a second he was going to slip into my ORIGINAL call of the 7 round to FA type. I guess you should not have LMAO and told me I was crazy bud... what say ye?


bobby wha???

Did I miss a bunch of drama or something?

I didn't even try to catch up on the blog this eve... whappen...cliff notes folks...


The draft stunk, waaaaah, I'm the expert and I'm going to hold my breath until you listen. Waaaah, I'm a nerd who lives in my momma's basement and like hand lotion. waaaah, the
draft stunk because I watch espn in my Momma's basement and wish I was Mel Kiper. Waaah, I got hand lotion on Mel Kipers draft book and now it's smudged.

Sudden ghost town? wth?

Darryl you there? bobby? NJ?

Who am I gonna call... Ghostbusters!

Ha! You Phin Freaks think they did bad?? Whatever!! I PAID them to sabotage the Miami Dolphins!! All part of my Master Plan...After years of sabotaging the likes of Redskins, Lions and Browns, I went after Miami now...plan is working quite well, I might add!! My only fear was that the "Trifecta" drafted so BAD that people might realize I was behind it all!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Now to go finish off the Jets....

This draft was insane we were able to beef up our defense. You Guys cry to much this team will win the east next year its a stone cold lock.

Where is the Cuban Menace? Come out, come out where ever you are!

No Rob in OC, same bunch of whiners and cryers here and of course I blasted a couple and of course they think I'm an a-hole...now they happy NJ is back...Nj should PAY me to be his agent, I made people on the blog look forward to NJ being here, that's like miracle work !!! LOL

No, Alex...they wont...I WILL make sure of that....and yes, Pat White was TOTAL my idea!!

bobby... lol

Darryl, Cuban Menace is still doing "damage control" with his GF..think he will be on lockdown tonite

I was gonna bust NJ PHIN bawls (Joisey Style) a but for ALL the crap he laid on me about WR Carlton Mitchell.

Not forever but, when you live by the sword..well...

This was a great draft.Lost in all of this is the fact that we also grabbed Dansby.We are going to wear out opposing teams late in the game and I'm convinced that Henne is only going to get better.Good job staying on top of all this Mando.Go ahead and take tomorrow off.


what was the main beef tonight? Peeps just talking out of control about how much they know or ?

Wow, I know I have been on alot the last three days but I've been on vacation....does anybody else here work or is the Draft now a three day holiday???


You have been about as steady eddie as anyone on the blog over the last 3 weeks+ especially.

You running interference for NJ?


Hey beerndrums... What letter grade do you gove them?

Definiley something strange in the neighborhood. Bobbyd12 what did you do to piss all those folks off? Had to go for awhile!
Of the top 5 picks(did not have a clue about 6-7, 7b) who do you guys see making the quickest contribution. I think it will be Jerry, G. This was my favorite pick in this draft(big payday from Cuban) This should solidify the left side for the next few years. This should help Hennes confidence, and accuracy. A win win for the whole offense. Great selection, great value

Rob in OC, just a couple of guys who hate everything about the team...every draft pick sukd, they hate Parcells, the team will go 4-12...and when I call them out as PHONY, bandwagon jumping fans that they are they blow up...LOL God, I love getting under peoples skin and setting them off sometimes, well, you know... But if u hate EVERYTHING about a team just don't watch anymore..why come on here and cry and moan ALL DAY, EVERY DAY

Edd's five int's from last year is pretty impressive.....

The more I find out about this kid the more i like him....

I am not really sure what to make of the draft.

I for one, am forst to admit that its all educated guessing. I know for a fact we as fans don't have jack for "inside info". Somebody might know a guy here or there but I doubt anyone has any true inside tracks like a Shefter, LaCanfora, Lombardi, Mayock, Casserly or Glazer would have.

So knowing that we are lacking info we can't expect to know why some guys fell like rocks...QB Clausen, TE Hernandez etc.

Sergio Kindle is said to need micro fracture so that explains a drop... if that's true.


Darryl, on this blog Im pretty sure one guy = 8 people with all the phony names here...Names u never see all of a sudden come out of the woodwork...one guy has WAY too much time on his hands

Yo I'm on vacation as well! Couer D'Alene Monday for a week for some golf. My bar is closed until mid May. The advantages of living in a tourist town. Lot's of vacation!!!

True bobby... some people complain when you hang em with a new rope.

On ANY open forum you are always gonna have feathers get ruffled from time to time and you will ALWAYS have trolls...nature of the beast(s)

Darryl that's great!!! Same here, advantage of working long time for US Govt...lots of vacation LOL


Good point.
I got my wish in us getting Reshad. Any opinion/theory on why he lasted as long as he did.

Can someone track down Ireland or Parcells to sign Brandon James to a FA contract, Ginn is gone we need a return specialist!!!

Think I will just talk to people I know from now on....too many "sensitive" souls out here...

Rob,I gave them a B+....I was a little disappointed that we didn't pursue more offensive help,but our D was what prevented us from stealing some wins last season.The real test will be if our coaching staff can determine the best 53 players.

A lot of us put in sometime trying to figure out who would be new Phins. When many if not all of the guys we have been debating were passed by, or not even on our radar, I think alot of us started doing some head scratching. It was clear that the Trifecta had a plan. They made it clear that they were drafting football players,not the top 20 greatest hits album. I would have loved to see there board, and how completly different it was from mine. The thing about the players drafted is they all have multiple skill sets, theyt can be moved around to different positions. They must have made that part of the strategy.

Odinseye, sometimes u gotta wonder if some of these kids just get lost in the crazyness and all of a sudden someone looks up and says wow!! He's still on the board


I would agree. I am going to defer and wait to see Koa Misi and Odrick play beofre I rubber stamp approved on them. I am not in the know about exactly how they want to make Nolans DEF work. I know, I heard all the Starks moves to NT (I am hard pressed to see how that is an auto improvement as I think he was starting to make hay at DE)

I know we just have a swamp of LB's now and I guess it will be a huge sorting out process of who can cut it, who they want to develop and who will get traded or cut.

Odrick and Misi have very limited footage on both of them. Much of the footage I saw on Odrick was underwhelming BUT, I NEVER complain too loudly before I can see how they look in aqua n orange.

I can't help but think that OLB Jerry Huges would have applied more heat to the opposing QB's.

I actually LOVE the John Jerry pick as well. I thought he REALLY anchors well and holds his ground. I thought that because they got him in the 3rd round his Value was better than Iupati to me. I think he will be a bulldozer in front of Henne for a long time. He is flat solid and literally absorbs rushers kinetic energy.

I also like the R. Jones safety pick up. Good get that late and I think he will be grromed to replace YB when he steps down. I am hoping like hell he can make a go at FS but he seems a little more slanted to SS.


Four or five games into the season I might be singing a different tune though.For now I'm going to be positive and supportive of what the staff has done.

beerndrums, I have a feeling this is going to be a very "testy" camp this year with guys fighting for positions, don't u think?? Very few guys on that defense are safe...


If he has any knock at all he is just a tiny bit stiff and kinda of is a heavy hitter like Mays. Some may feel he might struggle with the Percy Harvins, McClusters, Spillers, Sproles, McNights or any WR equivilents of the world.

I still like him and think he will develop into a sound safety.

Biggest knock on Jones is his coverage skills...they say he would rather go for the big hit then the ball...some concern there

They did not get a te cause they are moving pat t. to te and pat w. to wr. well thats what i hope. i think they pat t. will be a stud at te and pat w. could be a pr/kr/not slot or starter on either side but soild 3rd wr. With that this team would be stacked!!

Rob in OC, this kid Edds could turn into a nice pick...he might need a year of seasoning but I like the video I've seen on him

I'm with you exactly on Jones.
I'm hoping he makes it at FS, but if Clemons beats him out, he'll be pushing Bell very soon.

I said the same thing about Clemons last year and now I'm saying it again, about both of them. I personally think we solidified our secondary enough to forget about the Sharpers and Otogwe's. I'm not saying our guys are better than those two, just that we should develop our young guys and go with what we got.

Maybe will allen at fs if the young guys are not ready. all we will need is a young center and rb next year and the team will only draft for bpa and development for the next 8-10 years.. like the pits and ravs. well I hope

Exactly.The players are going to have to prove themselves beyond a reasonable doubt.I remember a blog that Armando put up a while back that stated that Miami was one of the top destinations for NFL players (backed up by a poll of NFL players).I can't remember the exact numbers,but it is a telling sign that if the Dolphins can put together a couple of solid years,we will get players wanting to get traded here for a shot at the SB just like the Pats have done and the Jets are trying to do this year.It won't be long I hope.

I've seen Misi play in persona. Now I know that this was one game, and one game doesn't qualify as a career. But it was against the University of Wyoming. I didn't know anything abnout Misi at the time. I can tell you this, and once again this is two years ago so this has no bearing on who Misi is now. He kept getting rode up field by a bigger Wyoming Tackle. It seemed like he would rush, and do all the work, and be out of the play. Also he got blown up Merriman style against MJD. On one play. I think Misi can be coached up, that is another thing about our picks, is that I'm sure they are all "coachable" players.

Bobinnc, I don't believe Patrick Turner will ever be a TE...he doesn't have the frame and his blocking abilities are horrible...look at the REAL TEs that were drafted today...Gronkowski 6:6 265. Patrick Turner is a twig

im on the fence with misi---no tape and he just seems small to me--jury out---odrick alot of tape of him playn high and bein run at---on the fence---but the rest of the draft i really liked---jerry, EDDS (ilb), Jones (SS), carrol, Mccoy--OLB--

Undrafted I wanted Traves ivey so im glad we got him, and i been intrigued with vince oghabase since last year massive 3-4 end who was a slated 3 round pick last year---

I like our bodies at end with adding odrick and oghobase to langford mcdaniels---

Merling i would love to see him go from 295 to 270---and stand him up on strongside olb---he was such an athlete at clemson---ran a 4.6 at 276----i thinnk making him gain 25 was a bad move--i think he could be better used thier b/c we have a lot of bodies at 5 technique


About what I'm thinking.

First off I don't/won't consider Dansby as part of the draft as he costed us zero picks but, should be one of our biggest additions none the less.

Secondly, when we net a guy with the massive abilities at WR like Marshall and pencil him in as a 2nd rounder plus, it's very hard to give a low grade period as he can elevate the entire draft status by himself, if he stays out of trouble. I am likeing what I have heard from him so far but time will draw out and lets see how he does down the road.

We added a lot of DEF help that I will literally have to see working on the field to dub the draft in the A range.

I will give it a solid B right now. I thought Jerry Huges would be more important from a pass rush than Odrick but Big O is a different type of player all together and may be just what the doctor ordered for Nolan.

I am not enthused to move Starks after such a successful campaign at DE but, new DC...new schemes come with it so I shall see what it brings instead of damn the maneuver.

Lotta backers total on teh team right now. Some shuffling will have to come. Many incumbants aren't that special so we could get younger in a hurry at LB. Special teams BETTER be LOTS BETTER with all these tackling fools.

I will give them a solid B with a chance to elevate if Eeds, Misi and some of the less heralded late guys can play.



I was hoping that we could find somebody to convert into a pass catching TE. Now that we have Marshall, we really need somebody that can exploit the seem.
However, I don't think it's going to be Turner. His biggest problem so far is not being able to beat the jam against corners. I can't see him getting any better against LB's and Safties.

bobby12 this is true but I hate a wasted pick. maybe more of just the pass catching te we are missing!

spitler and dobbens---SP team guys only

Patriots come into the draft needing TEs, they come away with Gronkowski and Hernandez...incredible...AND they have 2 picks in next years first round and 2 in the second...love him or hate him, Belecheck works that board...Even though I'm scratching my head on the Spikes pick

As far as Jones going for the big hit and not the ball,I've noticed that the past couple of years that most of our secondary has been trying to strip the ball and not going for the sure tackle.That leads to extra YAC's and more time on the field for the D.Hopefully Nolan will improve that aspect.


Edds seems rather ballhawkish for a LB and that would be a welcome change. Crowder has been steady at tackling for the most part but never spectacular and zippo sheer game changing type plays.

That will be nice to get some TE coverage for a change.

We are gonna need it as the Pats now have your boy TE Gronk and TE Hernandez. I was suprised the Fins didnt track down Hernandez?

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