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Undrafted free agents plus draft breakdown

The news first: I have six eight undrafted free agent names that sources say have agreed to join the Dolphins.

The players are:

Nevada DB Jonathon Amaya: 6-0, 203 pounds. Ran a 4.51 at the Combine. Benched 225 pounds only eight times.

Maryland DT Travis Ivey: 6-4, 325 pounds. No Combine results. Had 25 tackles including one sack in 2009.

Duke DL Vince Oghobaase: 6-5, 303 pounds. Ran a 5.48 at the Combine. Benched 225 pounds 27 times.

Penn State CB A.J. Wallace: 6-1, 201 pounds. No Combine results. Four career interceptions, three of those his senior year in 2009.

San Diego State WR Roberto Wallace: 6-4, 225 pounds. No Combine results. Caught 36 passes for 463 yards and three TDs in 2009 and that was his best of three seasons.

Michigan State DB Ross Weaver: 6-1, 203 pounds. No Combine results. Missed all of 2006 season. One career interception.

[Update: Florida International offensive lineman Andy Leavine has been signed as an undrafted free agent, according to my friends at www.draftday.dk. Leavine is listed at 6-5 and 292 pounds. He benched 225 pounds 31 times at his Pro Day.

Also, this morning I've learned Fresno State WR Marlon Moore is on Miami's undrafted FA list. Moore is 6-foot and 190 pounds. He had 15 catches for 317 yards and three TDs for the Bulldogs in 2009.]

Secondly, let me tell you what I thought of the Dolphins draft. Actually, it's late, I've slept five hours in two days and the wife is waiting for me so if you really want to know what I think click here.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! 


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odinseye he is kind of slim looking for a big guy. I just guess i'm hoping for that piece to be filled asap!


I didn't like the idea of Starks at NT either, considering the year he had at DE.
Something about landing Odrick I think helped the Trifecta in deciding this move.
It's like you said though, these guys know and see a lot more of the players than we do.
This leads me to believe that they see something speacial in Odrick.

Time will tell.


Dobbins actually started a number of games (7-8) for SD last year and ended up with as many tackles as Crowder. They say hes stout vs the run.

Has experience...maybe he can push Crowder.

He is somewhat of a special temas maven and I like that.

My spelling tonight is poor. Sorry people.


I knew that had to kill you when Gronk went to the Patsies. I saw his strong personality at the draft and I can see why you like the guy.

Time will tell...if his back holds up over time he will probably be a pain for us to deal with coupled with Brady.

Hopefully, with the perfect storm Nolan is creating Brady will be looking for stars all the time... from his back!


good eye...agreed beerndrums!

Rob in OC, gonna throw this out to you, it was mentioned today that Baltimore will probaly release Todd Heap...he is only 30 and hasn't missed that many games in the past 3 years...Would you bring him in???


Always grading on a curve grammar wise here...no worries bud.

Todd Heap?
That's an interesting proposition, but I don't think the Trifecta would try it.

I might if it was up to me, I liked Heap coming out of college.


I think it would depend on:

A.) What the Fins thought of his blocking? I don't think they want to necessarily telegraph "Oh, we have our pass catching TE in this down...look pass."

B.) It sure seemed like he never lived up to his hype. He had some success in the NFL but, I'm not sure they would have interest... seems like quite the youth movement.

I REALLY hope thay can find a guy that can pressure the seems and catch well. Fasano seems to occilate between servicable and just barely OK.

Our other TE Stilts McKensie is not enough of a downfiled threat or a ruthless blocker to keep long term imo.


I remember being excited about John Beck. BYU, smart, studious; sounded like a Griese prototype. I also liked all the Samoans we got.

Many were (and still are) upset when we picked up Ginn with the 9th pick. Everyone was crying that we missed out on Brady Quinn. Well, how's that working out for Brady there? Was anybody crying for someone else other than for Brady Quinn? We didn't know jack; neither Ginn nor Quinn were anybody's answer. The draft just sucked. I'm glad to have Chads, though.

What I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't listen to me when it comes to draft advice, so just move on to the next comment.

Todd Heap would be a good pick up.There's going to be more options before the season starts as far as getting more quality players.We are well on our way as long as we don't pick up a Gebril type bust.

Here is some happy news...Jet fans are suicidial after today...I went to the NY Post and you think some people down here don't like the draft?? Getting rid of Leon Washington, Francea and not getting a DE or safety, and their whole world is crumbling!!! I read like 20 posts and u would think the Jets are heading towards the cellar...LMAO

I wonder if some part of the reason Heaps numbers were not what people might have projected for him, was the fact that the Ravens Qb. play was so dreadful for so long. I think he was a rookie when the Ravens took the cup, and Dilfer knew how important he was to his own success. After that he had some decent years, got hurt, and then Flaco showed up, a little re-birth. I think he would be a nice addition here.

Well gentlemen, it's been a long three days, have a great evening!!

I thought the Jets draft was pedestrian enough...although I like Kyle Wilson a ton. I think he will end up being a really good corner for them. McNight was a decent addition late. I am hoping he is less of a runner than Leon whom the shipped off. There real investments were in aged veterans that will have to play great this year to factor well for them.

Patsies basically drafted the two STUD TE prospects and scooped up so Florida talent. I'm not overly sold on McCourty although he seems like and answer for Marshall...good luck Mr. McC. NT type Kade Weston was a good get really late. The TE has given us so many problems in the past but there is a NEW Sheriff in town...his name is Mike Nolan...Y'all be cool.

Bills are starting so far behind although the did dash part of our playoff run mojo with a resounding victory vs them in Buff last year. We will ALL get to see just how "Part Time" C.J.Spiller is 2 X per year. I hope he is not the player I think he is or he will be a Thurman Thomas sized pain in the arse. They have a lot of holes and I am NOT a Bulaga fan so I don't think he hurts us much. T Troup is a good NT type and LB Arthur Moats has ssize and some ability... big jump from James Madison but he seems like a good prospect.


nite bobby...have a good one!



To m ore directly answer your question I would at least bring Heap in for a look see to make sure you make him a known quantity to the Fins.

Whether they would sign him, I am not so sure.


Rob H,

For what it's worth, that year I had eyed two guys I liked first was WR Dwayne Bowe (I thought he was the tough catch T.O type) complete with rough tough attitude. Is a pretty dang good player but may have too much attitude as well.

The second was Houston DT Omobe Okoye. Ok has just been ok at best. Has not lived up to 1st round status.

So...mixed bag.


Nice Reggie Hammond plug. That is the defining scene in Eddie Murphy's career. At least in my mind. Hillarious!


That dates us both bud! LOL... funny movie and good times way back then.



RB LeGarrete Blount to San Francisco!

RB Stephon Johnson to Tenn

WR Freddie Barnes to Chicago!

WR Pat Simonds from the football factory Colgate (Lol). No one yet. I think he has an intriguing skillset.

I would have like to have tried these guys as Fins. Even if we are talking practice squad types if it came down to it.


What was your final bet with CM? Does he owe you big time? Are we talking $20+ dollars? Pinks? Mortgage notes?



Simmonds is a good player, huge reciever would be a handful in redzone situations. This draft was so deep. There are a lot of very good players on the outside looking in.Dorin Dickerson dropped to the seventh round who woulda thunk!

I think it ended up being 15 bucks, or something. I haven't heard from The Menace since John Jerry was called. I heard he was in trouble with his girl?! She told him not to gamble.

That's it Fellas, I'm out. Have a good week, Be back with lies about my scorecard, and the size of the trout on the Lachsa.


Oh well... a bet is a bet... I hope he pays you. He seems like the type that would pay up.

Good call on G John Jerry!

My favorite pick and the guy I would feel most comfortable saying he was gonna end up our best drafted player.

I sure hope Odrick and Misi suprise me. Both seem like they can be hard workers but we shall see.



Dorin Dickerson is kind of a man without a position. Light to be a blocker and not sure if he could be a big WR type.

He's fast and athletic so he should find a home.



You fishing in Cour'de Lane Idaho?

It,s funny how everyone here seem to know everything about all the players drafted, or un_drafted, me personally don't know who most of this players are, all I care is that on Sunday when they put that Dolphins uniform on they perform. as far as the draft goes only time will tell us how good we drafted in 2010.
If Parcell, Ireland and company don't really know. Salguero knows less, and you and me dont know crap about the draft,so dont pretend you know s*** about the players selected in this or any other year's draft.

It's easy to talk about all the players the Dolphins need, and how bad they play last year, but we where doing fine last year until all the injuries derail are game plans, our starters from last season where pretty damn good it was our depth that did us in last year, and dont forget the schedule down the stretch.

the league has a conspirancy against th Dolphins, if you pay close attention to the 2010 schedule, Jets, Patriots, and Dolphins pretty much have the same schedule the only diference is Vikings, Packers, Ravens, Bengals, Dolphins on the road against all this teams, Jets and Pats play all this teams at home, well the Pats dont play the Bengals they do have the Colts at home, I can go on and on, who do we get to play at home? the Lions, Browns,Bears,and the Steelers and Titans this last two teams are not going to be that good next year, and we finish at New England why can it be the other way around.

they try to make it easy for the Pats and Jets but we going to show the world we dont care where we play and aginst who, WE WILL WIN THE AFC EAST.... GO DOLPHINS............


I take it your not a horse racing fan either? Taking a chance and betting on a certain horse to win in a field of like animals.

You're probably not a detective as it sounds like you hate acting on hunches.

It's not like anyone really knows 100% about the drafted players BP, Ireland, Sparano, Armando, you and me all have our opinions and best guesses. Some claim to know and yet others let you know they are just taking a stab.

The fun is in watching them play in college and projecting how you think they will do. Doing the research on their college stats and seeing them play in games is just part of the enjoyable homework.

At the end of the day sometimes you will feel certain about some players and go out on a limb and let people know what you think of them. You may hate a player or two and let folks know about them as well. Making predictions and seeing if they turn out to be right is the attraction imho.

I would not play the conspiracy card as heavy as you but then again, my enjoyment comes from trying to evaluate college players, putting the findings in writing and then seeing how they actually turn out.


well said rob. nice.

thanks Scott!

What grade would you give the Fins draft?

Any players you feel they "shoulda" taken?


I'll check back 2morrow.


Good Morning everyone, I work for the Government to. And its fun at times, but not all the time. Look for Edds and Jones this year. I'm very happy about this draft.

I give this draft a B. We definitely shored up some holes. If the guys projected to start actually do, we'll have some depth at multiple positions. It doesn't matter as much if Sergio Kindle ends up a better player than Koa Misi. It matters much more if Misi helps make this defense stout and elite. What I'll be looking at (and what I'd call an A draft) is if we get any Pro Bowl-type superstars (other than Brandon Marshall). If any of these guys becomes a top player in their position, and a few others are starters, then the draft grade would be an A.



We have to go after Otagwe or Sharper now though. I'd prefer Otagwe. I don't really like these "experiments" playing players at new positions. Those haven't had good results in the past. Starks, ok, maybe for 8 games can do it and Odrick can hopefully play at his level, but moving Allen to safety (has he ever played safety)? Or Sean Smith, who's still learning his CB position (and will be our starting CB long-term), why stunt his progress (and how'd that work with Jason Allen back in the Nick Saban days)? We need to find a true FS (or use Clemons or Culver if they can hang). I say Otagwe is our answer.

Containing 90% Pure Optimism. (10% semi-BS)

Well, the draft has finally ended. I liked the new format. But once again feel that anyone stuck watching ESPN that was not a Jest, Giant, Eagle, Colts, Bolts or Redskins fan was subjected to the typical overdose offered by the North Eastern Media Homers. Who usually only see one or perhaps two teams not in the Northeastern region worthy of being showcased. Having spent my weekend starting Thursday and through tomorrow on a boat in the Bahamas, I was very fortunate to have the Satellite Link to watch every available channel and have Internet (hence my post) also. So, I was not limited to having to watch Chris "Jests Fan" Berman give his rendition of things.
Defense... It was all about the defense. Although we cannot forget that Brandon Marshall was as much a pick in this draft as any of our teams choices. Only thing is, with exception to a possible temper meltdown, Marshall is a 100% proven product unlike the rest of the 250+ player taken this weekend.
I have read it for 4 months now. Every one knew Defense was the need. Except for those who feel that only WR's and RB's are worth drafting. And only if they are taken in the top 5 picks. Otherwise anyone drafted below pick 5 will certainly be a bust in the minds of the Media Hypnotized "Name band wagoners".
It is funny how this management staff is all about "Profiles" because you can just about place everyone of these guys taken are from the same mold. BIG, smart, Team Captains (all but the last guy taken) and great Motor football players. Odrick and Jerry will likely require a larger team Aircraft to still be able to get the entire team on board. At least two of the picks were value drafted well below their respective draft slots. I really like Misi and Edds. Misi is prototypical, Edds is a guy who actually lined up against slot receivers several times in College. Great guy to cover TE's. All said, Our defense should be well stocks for years to come as long as regular upgrades and maintenance keeps happening.
I believe the coolest part of this weekend is that we were given a small glimpse at what Miami has been thinking about lately. We read about the possibility of a "Hybrid" 3-4/4-3 defense that is more about athleticism in the middle line then merely installing a huge cork. I have no idea what it all may entail.... but, regardless of all that, here is what I like ... Miami is trying, They are trying to be innovative and take a different tack at our competition. Our primary competition, The Jests and Patsy's have their strengths, and they have their weaknesses. I feel that Miami is doing more then just "Hoping" we can win with the players we have. By Miami using the Wildcat in the last few years, they have proven that scheme is just as important to the equation as the players who employ it. Now, our coaching staff including our new defensive Coordinator Nolan are using stronger coaching and innovative ideas and techniques to be ever more competitive.
Some call innovation "Gimmicks" I disagree. The 70's were full of Football innovation, Miami was a part of that with what was then a "Hybrid" defense known as the "54" That same defense was also called the "No Name" defense. Isn't that name sort of funny since so many were complaining about Miami not drafting "Name" players? Regardless, Miami was innovative then and were eventually champions because of it. Teams went back and forth until the 80's when another bunch of guys thought up the "West Coast Offense" A complete innovation relying on timing and the ability of the O-line to keep a QB clean long enough to make a 3,5,or 7 step drop and heave the ball at a "Spot" not a player. The WCO was unstoppable until a few teams started using a 3-4 scheme against it. The 4 LB's creating Havoc with the timing and the CB jamming receivers of the line helped to completely disrupt the QB's timing and make the WCO very vulnerable to a big fast Defense. There was no answer for the 3-4... until the NFL started throwing flags every time a WR was even touched. The 3-4 was the Kryptonite of the NFL Offensive machine... and, the NFL killed it with about 3 or 4 years worth of rules. They had to. Defenses like our own here in Miami were getting better and better and scorse were dropping lock a rock. Fans were not enjoying the purity of a 21-14 game. They wanted 34-46 games. So, they have made QB's and WR the "Little Biotches" of the NFL.
So... here we are... Its time to work around those rules with a new look. I hear all the time... we have to go get loads of Offensive weapon so that we can compete in the "NEW NFL" and its pass happy offensive. There is absolutely NOTHING new about pass happy offenses in the NFL. The only difference today is the NFL itself is driving the Movement with rules. Time to get smart... time to innovate... time to be smarter just like in days gone by. Otherwise we will just be another copycat who may make it... or may not. I hate those odds... I want to be the team with the next "54" or the next "WCO" or the next version of the 3-4... the 3-4/4-3 Hybrid or whatever it may just turn out to be... with athletic guys moving all over the place... QB's and O-line players never knowing who or what look they will see. A defense that can change on a dime... just like Manning can switch a play on a dime.
We cannot consistently win playing "Copy-Cat" NFL football. We can be successful to a degree... but never be able to go into games with confidence that we can win every one we play in. The wildcat gave us an edge against many team... they had few answers to stop it. Some teams are simply not fooled or even worried about a wildcat approach (Baltimore)... they "Solved" that problem with innovation before we even were able to get a start on them with it. By simply jamming the line with the safety and backing off the CB's they found they could keep the whole matter "In Front" of them. Limiting the success of the wildcat. Baltimore has/had the player to get that done... some teams don't. Some just disrespect the system so much they are unwilling to do anything to defend against it (The Jests).
So... I am very excited about our draft... But much more so concerning the new thinking we hear coming from the top. We do not hear much from there. But when we do it sound like they are a few moves in front of their doubters... their moves off season sort of prove that also. I believe we are on the brink of seeing a very good... but more then that... a very different style of football in Miami. One that has no solution yet... and with good talent and coaching driving it... that can lead to some pretty cool stuff. I cannot wait to see it happen. Who knows how long it will take? I will be here regardless.
Go Miami Dolphins!!!!


Am I the only one that woke up this morning and still felt good about the draft? Wait till they unleash the new D...everyone in the Dolphins organization is excited. Nolan is gonna be a guru for surprising everyone in this league (I officailly dub it the WILDCAT D). Maybe a piece or two on offense and we take this division to the house.

FOX sports has the Dolphins graded an A, Patriots a B+, and the Jets a B... Sounds about right...

I also like that we're "trying" new things Ruger, as long as we know when to stop and they're not working. For too long, the Pats and Jets have been winning the strategy game, I'm glad we're finally stepping up to the table and giving all they can handle. Nolan will be a HUGE addition in that regard. That's the best move we've made this off-season (with Brandon).

Great post Bill Ruger...this new D Hybrid will rock the NFL. I read quotes of Nolan and other D personel these "wrinkles" have not been done before. And guess what we took guys and kept players to fit these "wrinkles". We are basically going to disguie the Defense WITH THE SAME PLAYERS ON THE FIELD. Crazy stuff man..and that's why it will be soooo exciting. DOLPHINS FOR LIFE!!!!

I also just wanted to comment that as a NFL fan period...this new format was awesome. Especially having the 2nd and 3rd round the next day. With all the trades and time between the first and second round it made the draft that much more exciting to watch...Love the new format.

Hard to believe all the nay-sayers out there. If Miami had a defense last year, particularly the secondary, they would have been in the AFC championship game at the least. The FO concentrated on our biggest weakness last year in this draft and did very well with it. They also addressed other pressing needs in FA with the acquistion of Marshall and a leader in Dansby, I am sure they are not done yet either. Look for the Dolphins to improve significantly this year and make the playoffs.

I will trust in Parcells and all the wanna-be complainers out there will be singing a very different tune when the season starts and the Dolphins are kicking other teams assess. I almost forgot, the Wet's and their fans suck, suck, suck....

Lets face it... After months of being on this blog and all the players we "thought" we would get, the ONLY player that we got was R. Jones at Safety. The freakin' Raiders outdrafted us, THAT is sad people. No Nose, No Tight end, No WR's except B. Marshall, no return guy ? Starks played "just ok" at Nose last year, that was their brilliant plan ? I like Koa but there were STUDS left on the board at that time and we failed miserably. All you guys that are saying "The trifecta knows what theyre doing" are full of crap. THIS DRAFT WAS A BUST, yes we got Odrick, and Jerry... thats it ! Very weak. Where are the RB's ? Where are the complimentary WR's we were supposed to get ? How about that that pass catching TE ? Hell... N. England drafted TWO TE's, so did Baltimore, we got Fasano (Hands of Steel, cause EVERYTHING bounces off them) ! VERY DISAPPOINTED ... even Kiper said WE SUCKED !

This draft for me is really Jared Odrick and the rest. Odrick can be a really good player, another active, disruptive tackle in a draft full of them. Koa Misi could be good, but not right away because he'll need to spend a little time transitioning from defensive end to outside linebacker. After that, I thought the Dolphins reached a couple of times. Perhaps Nolan Carroll can recover to become a pretty good player.

Draft grade: C- Mel Kiper

Love draft picks for the most part. Would have liked one less linebacker to get Carlton Mitchell WR from USF. Don't have a blazer at WR with Ginn gone unless Fins think one of the practice squad players can fill that role. Lots of good WRs signed as undrafted FAs at other places like Niners but our two UFA's WRs are not impressive on paper. Neither anywhere close to as productive as Bess at Hawaii.

New England drafted two physical TEs and we drafted a bunch of physical linebackers to fix last year most glaring problem which was our linebackers getting steamrolled
and being unable to cover TEs. The more I look at it we had a good draft that filled the needs in our division. Tough physical grinders. Thats what the Ravens are, its what Cincinnati became, its what the Jets want to be, its what we need to be to win the AFC.

One more point... We had BOTH superbowl teams ALMOST BEATEN last year. It wasnt our offense that let them come back (except for the Ginn bobble for INT). It was mostly our defense allowing the TEs do whatever they wanted. We had a good draft.

They wasted at least two picks on additional LB's who will have to be cut. This team needed at fast RB and failed to address this need.

No TE to stretch the field,
Marshall is doubled, spin the wheel
No TE to stretch the middle,
And all our TE's are slow and little
No TE to stretch the field,
Henne goes down in muddy marsh
No TE to stretch the field,
20 years gone without a star
To take pressure off our WRer's
Finally without Ginn to blame
No TE will ever be drafted, Girrr :(
And never a TE, 7-9 once again....

Kiper probably gave us a C because we didn't draft the players he wanted us too.This was a good draft,just give it time.

Ask Bill. Great post. I agree with all of it except the Jets disrespecting the Wildcat. They actually incorporated some wildcat last year successfully using an ex qb that can actually throw deep. Wildcat run 3-5 times a game is a good weapon in my opinion.

This draft was milk of magnesia:used with water as an laxative

Ronnie Brown Ricky Williams Pat Cobbs Lex Hilliard Kory Sheets. Why do we need another RB this year? Next year after Ronnie and Ricky are gone we will draft RBs.

Wow how many RB's you want on a team? Ronnie, Ricky, Cobbs, Hillard, and Polite. You ppl crying for a RB are just morons. TE ummm. Fasano hands of steel? He seldom drops like Ginn did. Fasano had a down year but you are quick to forget the big season he had the previous year. If you rely on Mel Kiper for your information then your a dunce OK. Ask him how Ryan Leaf and Brady Quinn panned out. Oh yes your boy Kiper telling how great QB's they would be. Kiper is fool at best OK.

Good Draft, Especially getting Odrick, Jones, Edds. Look out for these three.

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