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Undrafted free agents plus draft breakdown

The news first: I have six eight undrafted free agent names that sources say have agreed to join the Dolphins.

The players are:

Nevada DB Jonathon Amaya: 6-0, 203 pounds. Ran a 4.51 at the Combine. Benched 225 pounds only eight times.

Maryland DT Travis Ivey: 6-4, 325 pounds. No Combine results. Had 25 tackles including one sack in 2009.

Duke DL Vince Oghobaase: 6-5, 303 pounds. Ran a 5.48 at the Combine. Benched 225 pounds 27 times.

Penn State CB A.J. Wallace: 6-1, 201 pounds. No Combine results. Four career interceptions, three of those his senior year in 2009.

San Diego State WR Roberto Wallace: 6-4, 225 pounds. No Combine results. Caught 36 passes for 463 yards and three TDs in 2009 and that was his best of three seasons.

Michigan State DB Ross Weaver: 6-1, 203 pounds. No Combine results. Missed all of 2006 season. One career interception.

[Update: Florida International offensive lineman Andy Leavine has been signed as an undrafted free agent, according to my friends at www.draftday.dk. Leavine is listed at 6-5 and 292 pounds. He benched 225 pounds 31 times at his Pro Day.

Also, this morning I've learned Fresno State WR Marlon Moore is on Miami's undrafted FA list. Moore is 6-foot and 190 pounds. He had 15 catches for 317 yards and three TDs for the Bulldogs in 2009.]

Secondly, let me tell you what I thought of the Dolphins draft. Actually, it's late, I've slept five hours in two days and the wife is waiting for me so if you really want to know what I think click here.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! 


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What if both of the Pats TE's don't pan out?Just because Bill Belechik and company picked them doesn't mean they're automatic pro bowlers.Sure,some of our picks might not do squat but to say that the Dolphins had a piss poor draft is premature.The proof is in the pudding and the pudding is getting served Sept 12 at Buffalo.

If a 7th round linebacker hets cut i dont think it means the draft was a failure. A 7th rd player is the same as a street free agent. If he makes the team its a diamond in the rough if he gets cut or more likely makes the practice squad who cares anyway?

I'm so glad we went Defense heavy. The majority of games we lost last season was on the Defense so happy days.

With the addition of Brandon Marshall on the Offensive side of the ball and the production of Hartline,Bess,Camarillo and a great running game with Ronnie and Ricky,we'll have no problems moving the ball.

My only concern is at the FS position. I dont think Culver or Clemons are ready to start so if the new guy Jones also is'nt ready,we must sign Atogwe

Mark, FS is still a problem. Agree. Well of to church. This blog is much nicer when ppl arent on here talkin bout bangin other peoples mim. Going to pray for u guys and u know who u r. Later.

Thunderbolt, I'm on my to church myself. I'll check in later.

Maybe Reshad Jones can be a star? Lets hope so...


Hey Mando
any chance that we could sign this kid(Danario AlexanderWR) as a FA. He has beast numbers last season and size.

* MissouriSchool
* Big 12Conference

* 6'4⅝"Height
* 215 lbsWeight

113 1,781 14


I don't know all these college players, but I see the experts are giving the Dolphins an A for the draft. I really like the trade down and some of there picks. We need room on the roster so let's get rid of the dead wood like Patty White and Jason Allen

Hi my name is Eddie Irwin and I am a Dolfan in London England.

Well the 75th NFL Draft has come and gone, I must say it was one of best Drafts in years with so many potential and great players to chose from. I have been reading all the grades and thoughts of fans and the so cold experts like Kiper, and thought that I would give mine as a true fan.

I will start with the beginning of April and the state of the Franchise. The team is looking for a top target in a WR for Chad to hook up with. We need to upgrade what I think is the weakest area on the team, the front seven on the Defence, I believe it starts with the D-Line. If the QB has time to find an open WR it don't make a difference, even if you have the best Secondary in the NFL does it?

I must admit I could not see in anyway how we would fill these holes, it is early Sunday morning the Draft has gone and we have. Now please read on and say thank you to Jeff Ireland, Bill Parcels and the team.

First of all we trade two 2nd round picks for what I would say is one of the top three WRs in the NFL. Brandon Marshall as a Dolfan thank you for coming to the Dolphins, I can't wait to see you hook up with Chad, The rest of the AFC East are still crying and it showed in the Draft choices of the Pats and Jets. We then trade Ted Ginn to the 49ers and get back a 5th round pick. I wish Ted Ginn well and hope he does well with them, I think Miami was a bridge to far and the pressure was just to much.

JT goes to the Jets and I have to say I hope all goes well for him, he has been a real player for the Dolphins, just wish it wasn't the Jets. All this talk the Dolphins gave him a raw deal is nonsense, this is the NFL and it is a business first and for most, us fans do forget that at times don't we?

Day one begins and the Bills take CJ Spiller, I am jumping for joy, I bet the Dolphins are too, we can now can trade that 12th pick. The deal with San Diego is just great, we add a second round pick and a LB in Tim Dobbins that is two more players. Not to say we just got Brandon Marshall for a 2nd pick in 2011, how do you feel now Dolfans?

The Dolphins then begin to load up with players that they have watched for several weeks. I don't give a dame what the experts say are you trying to tell me Bill and the team don't know talent? Yeah Right.

I know you have all read by now the picks so I wont go into that but some of the picks look awesome. As a Dolfan I will say a huge thanks to the guys that just pulled one of the best Drafts in years for the Dolphins, and yes I know it is only April but please wait till 2011 to see what we did.

I see Mel Kiper gave the team a C in his grade, Call me silly but Brandon Marshall for a 2nd round pick in 2011 Mel that alone is a A++ I think you have been reading to many of your books? If you look at the beginning of April and now Or that hair spray has gone to your brain doh??

The Draft has gone, how do you feel as a Dolphins Fan ??? I thought so. Go Dolphins

Eddie Irwin
Dolfan UK


There was a piece in ESPN a few weeks ago about Hernandez. They really ripped him...said he was not a good guy. Might be why he fell. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.


Mel Kiper has about as much intelligence as an ant


If starks pans out at NT and misi is able to contribute to a consistent pass rush. It's a great draft.

Who cares about draft grades. They have little impact on the field


Great post Ask Bill, it was a good read and I like the No Name defense reference. I am very pleased with the draft and love what the trifecta has done since our 1 win season not too long ago.

The more I read here the more I'm stead fast that no one knows what will happen. Is it better to take 4 quality players than 8-9 possible players...the simple truth is the Dolphins are rolling the dice, for the most part this draft was to dump salary. When you take one player at a time and compare him to the player he may replace, is the new player better or cheaper..is he a lock? When you figure where the Dolphins selected in this draft, or should I write where they should have been selected, did they draft better than they should have or worse...lets take the first round, Odrick...he was rated to go in the same range as he was selected by the Dolphins, many boards had the Pats taking him at 22. Was there better value at 12..I believe so, but thats a story we will never know...until they play for a couple years. Now Misi, Many boards had him rated either mid to late second round, so at 40 was he a reach...slightly but not a big deal, but again...was he value or drafted appx where he should have been. Now Jerry, drafted with the 73rd pick, exactly where he was rated again...again normal value for the pick. Now the 4th round...this is where the Dolphins reached...Edds was rated to be taken in the 6th round, even if you give the Dolphins the better of the doubt, a 5th rounder was all he was worth...so a big reach here. Was there better value in the fourth round instead of Edds? I'll let you decide...but I believe so. Now the Carrol pick, again a guy that was rated to go in the 6th round...taken in the 5th round, a player who has only 6 game starts under his belt...was he a reach...yes...could he be a diamond...or coal...I guess we'll find that out too. Now for Jones...taken in the 5th round but had a 3rd round rating...obviously a very good pick for the value...in fact the best value pick the Dolphins made in the draft. Now for McCoy...rated in the 6th round, taken in the 7th round...decent value for the pick. Lastly Spitler taken in the 7th round, rated as a free agent type...not any value for the pick there.

Odrick the Ogar eats Sancheetos for breakfast

since team captain so important to Dolphins we should elect blog Captains... I nominate Rob in OC

It is funny that every bellyached about underperformers like Porter and Taylor leaving, then you bellyached after Thursday night that they didn't draft OLB's and now you are crying that they got too many LB's. Look, we had crap at the position and Crowder was head and shoulders better than anything else we had. Now we have Dansby as a sure thing and Crowder has to fight for his job. That is a great thing.

Don't worry about safety - teams picked our safeties apart because they could run all over our front seven at the end of the year, we couldn't cover the TE at all last year and we got no pressure on the QB that they could sit back there all afternoon and wait for the receiver to get open deep. Trust me - the Trifecta is much more skilled at this than we are.

And yes, Brandon Marshall is a huge upgrade over Ginn. It is almost like taking Marino when we had Woodley. Sure, Woodley started the Super Bowl - but all those that thought it was a wasted pick back then probably have come to their senses by now...

I'm pretty sure Starks played NT in a 3-4 in college at Maryland... The position is nothing new to him... He actually did very good in his snaps at NT... I know one thing... teams will not be happy to see Odrick the Ogar in the middle on 3rd down... the kid has got one hell of a bull rush

Armando learned this morning, but I posted as a comment on his page last night about Marlon Moore. GREAT REPORTING ARMANDO!!!

Aloco I think you meant Mel Kuiper is a donkey without a brain. We have a MUCH better football team today! what else matters???

its so funny how all these arm chair gm's keep wanting to fill positions that are already filled. get a running back,grab a safety whatever!! we have players already on the team filling those spots and players we need to see if they can actually fill those spots. the only reason ppl are mad is because we didnt draft players they like!! from what im reading and hearing we got just the type of players we needed! we needed a guard?CHECK!! we need a TE? even though we didn't draft one, i trust management enough for them to address the need when players start getting cut(todd heap?)! our offense is set, i would rather have TE as a weakness than any other position on the offense!! as far as our defense we are ready if the players picked pan out! d-line, i love the moves!! starks on the inside gives us more speed not to mention a sack guy in the middle of the defense,with mcdaniels,langford,merling,and now odrick we should be applying pressure to the QB on a regular basis from the DE spot, and we still have solia to backup and play the middle!! d-line=CHECK!! the LB spot was the most important of all and we have guys now that can fill the roles i think we needed filling!! we needed LB who can cover and from what i've read we now have that,to go along with dansby and channing in the middle. we will be able to run a 2-5-4 or some crazy scheme to keep offense guessing! wake, who i dont think is a starter will have a very good year because of all the different role we now can put LB in. LB=CHECK!! as far as the dB's are concerned,more to the point FS,will be handled in house=culver clemons,and will allen can all play FS and the best one will unless we grab the guy from the rams!! HOLES FILLED!!!

Denario Alexander! Let's sign him. This guys has a second gear that looks like a bat out of hell!!!

Fox Sports gives it an "A. Sun-Sentinel Poll over 60% of the people "like or love it". Sports radio WQAM guys are givin it good grades. Ww are back

It's true, a better front 7 takes pressure off the DBs and can cover up some holes back there. But I'd still feel better if we got Atogwe (by the way, is he totally healthy now?).

blogging as "Mando's Mom" is in very poor taste

alexander has had huge injury issues his whole career at mu

Lets review,

2010 Defense

Base Defense
Langford - Starks - Odrick
Wake - Crowder - Dansby - Misi
Davis - Bell - Jones -Smith

On passing downs
Wake- Odrick -Merling
Edds -Dansby - Misi
Alle - Davis - Smith -Jones -Bell

With so many players that can change positions and still provide penetration and physical aggressiveness with Nolan's new scheme, I love what Bill and Jeff did this past weekend.

then why u angry

So when you add in BMarsh we had:
1) Odrick - Starting RDE
2) BMarsh - Starter WR
2) Misi - Starting OLB
3) Jerry - Starting LG

So when we started we had a 1 -2-3 and With the Marshal trade and the Chargers trade we end up with 4 new starters. Not bad when you think we had only 3 picks in the first 3 rounds 1 month ago!

Great draft.
Like to know more about the LB from San Diego.
Edds and Rasad Jones were steals.
Nice to see an intelligent post from Eddie - need more from the Brits


People are funny, wanting us to stock up on offense (like we haven't) this of all years. If you look at our scoring last year, it was pretty damned good. And to say Fasano is a bust because of one down year, that's just dumb. Haynos could be upgraded (too slow), but has good hands and size. And the guy who said our TEs are small, dude, what team do you follow? Fasano 6'4", 255lbs, Haynos 6'8", 280lbs, so what the f*&% are you talking about? Andre the Giant? Bone up on your facts before you speak on it Jack!

so are there any picks u guys dont like? u act like u love every pick, we all know that no more than half these picks will actually workout. so which ones dont u like?

Angry Fin Fan,

The base Defense looks good but i will say Will Allen plays opposite Davis at CB. Sean Smith wont be the starter imo

I have heard some good things, but I have to admit, I really know nothing about Koa Misi... I definitely trust Parcells and company on LB's, but I hope this kid can really show up and produce

smith will be the starter.

I'm not thrilled with the Carroll pick. And don't let these geniuses fool you, until we actually see who's on the field in September (and how they do in January), no one will know draft grades for any team (they will all just be postulating, like we all are now).


I'm a Brit :)

I am sorry to offend you carlito from golfito but you can kiss my "1st Amendment" ass!

As far as TE, I think everyone has written Fasano off prematurely. Last year was a disappointment after the beast of a season he put up in 2008 - but I bet it isn't because he can no longer play and more of the fact that the TE needed to stay home and block to cover up our guard weaknesses, injury problems on the line and give our first year starting QB a bit more time. Now we have incognito and Perry to fill in at guard - definitely an upgrade over Thomas and Smiley. That should give our TE's more time in space, plus Henne has more confidence now. Finally, don't forget that teams were talking about what players were on the block - I am sure that we are looking for some of those players to be released outright now.

We upgraded our LB position. Traditionally a huge position for Parcells. I would bet that Channing Crowder is a bit nervous today. Not to mention we now have depth that goes deeper than Charlie Anderson and these guys will make an immediate impact on special teams.

All in all it was a good draft!

First of all,i know very little about the players we've just drafted so these ratings are based on how optimistic i am that these guys can turn out to be good players...

1st Round - Jared Odrick 8.5/10
2nd Round - Koa Misi 9.0/10
3rd Round - John Jerry 8.0/10
4th Round - A.J Edds 6.0/10
5th Round - Nolan Carroll 5.0/10
5th Round - Reshad Jones 8.5/10
7th Round - Chris McCoy 5.0/10
7th Round - Austin Spitler 5.0/10

As you can see,i'm optimistic that Odrick,Misi,Jerry and Jones will contribute towards a very successful season ahead :)

Guys I'm excited!! I think were the sleepers of this draft.. Everyone is talking about how great the eagles,ravens,seahawks,pats etc drafted.. No one is talking about us.. I have nothing but trust for the people in our front office.. Remember it's not Cameron and Mueller drafting.. They have a plan and a scheme and they got the players to fit it.. Go phins!!

jerry was by far our best pick. solid starter right away

ive seen misi play alot. guy gets thrown around pretty easily. not very excited about him, kindle would of been my pick.

I don't get how everyone on this blog is so quick to write off young players. Last year the Dolphins drafted a guy from a small college who had good size and speed for his position. They also said they would have to remake his body and improve his strength. So why don't we all slow down and give J. Nalbone a chance to prove if he can make an impact for this team. Same should go for P. White and P. Turner.

Yes the draft is a crapshoot. It is every year. Tom Brady, Brandon Marshall and TO were not 1st round picks and John Randall wasn't even drafted. Just because a guy is a "named" player that all the "gurus" mention doesn't mean he will do diddly squat in the NFL. Ryan Leaf, Tony Mandarich, Blair Thomas, Akili Smith, and Lawrence Phillips come to mind as top 10 draft picks everyone wanted that just might not make the hall of fame...

Look at our roster and decide who is a lock to make the team and then fill in with the rookies and other players to round out the roster. Then you will see it is an upgrade. It is not where the guy is drafted (or signed as an undrafted player) it is what he does when he gets here. Do they improve your team? My point is yes!!!

Do you all remember Eddie Moore? Wannstink and Spielman are not running this draft. These guys will upgrade the team.

As far as Kindle, he needs microfracture surgery. That means he is out 1-2 years and there is no guarantee he will come back from that, and if you read the negatives on him I think he has big bust potential.

Think back to the last few years and write down the guys you all "wanted" before the draft. The must have 3rd round long snapper with swivel hips and then go see what he is doing now. More than half probably aren't in the league after 3 years. That is why these grades and bellyaching about the draft 24 hours after it is completed is absolutely stupid!!!

kindle is not out for the year. he will start for the stud ravens this year. yes he has injury concerns, slot like crowder did coming out of florida

BillBill.. I was big on Sergio Kindle as well until they said he might need microfracture knee surgery..


He is one of the mental patients delusional personalities. That much is obvious.


ravens deal out of first round and still get kindle, cody, and dickson. 3 starters


I'm not lovin this draft because they drafted a bunch of people that were off my radar, but my radar was small. I do know they drafted football players parcells has proven that when you draft football players will have a team that plays with heart and physicality.

As a fan thats all you can ask

Eddie Irwin:

Good comments....and I am happy not just about the draft, but that fact that Chelsea are up
3-0 & apparently hanging onto to their one-point lead, tho I'm concerned about the away game at Anfield next week.

when was the last playoff win by a team parcells was with?

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