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Undrafted free agents plus draft breakdown

The news first: I have six eight undrafted free agent names that sources say have agreed to join the Dolphins.

The players are:

Nevada DB Jonathon Amaya: 6-0, 203 pounds. Ran a 4.51 at the Combine. Benched 225 pounds only eight times.

Maryland DT Travis Ivey: 6-4, 325 pounds. No Combine results. Had 25 tackles including one sack in 2009.

Duke DL Vince Oghobaase: 6-5, 303 pounds. Ran a 5.48 at the Combine. Benched 225 pounds 27 times.

Penn State CB A.J. Wallace: 6-1, 201 pounds. No Combine results. Four career interceptions, three of those his senior year in 2009.

San Diego State WR Roberto Wallace: 6-4, 225 pounds. No Combine results. Caught 36 passes for 463 yards and three TDs in 2009 and that was his best of three seasons.

Michigan State DB Ross Weaver: 6-1, 203 pounds. No Combine results. Missed all of 2006 season. One career interception.

[Update: Florida International offensive lineman Andy Leavine has been signed as an undrafted free agent, according to my friends at www.draftday.dk. Leavine is listed at 6-5 and 292 pounds. He benched 225 pounds 31 times at his Pro Day.

Also, this morning I've learned Fresno State WR Marlon Moore is on Miami's undrafted FA list. Moore is 6-foot and 190 pounds. He had 15 catches for 317 yards and three TDs for the Bulldogs in 2009.]

Secondly, let me tell you what I thought of the Dolphins draft. Actually, it's late, I've slept five hours in two days and the wife is waiting for me so if you really want to know what I think click here.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! 


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Cuban, that's the State and year Pricemaster says his couch thing happenned??? Coincidence??

Your still on Probation.

I've said it once I'll say it again this blog gets werider by the day

i cant' believe cuban had sex with his sister ?

Tony Washington, OT of Abilene Christian is a registered sex offender who was draft eligible. He was convicted of having sex with his sister.

Posted by: Mandos Inside Information Provider | April 25, 2010 at 07:31 PM

Was she HOT?

Ok, I know, bad joke.

Alright seriously what are the circumstances? Were they from the South?

I know that one wasn't any better, my bad.

Did he rape her? was she mentally challenged?

Hi Hot Ashley, Cuban is a good guy, I always joking...never forget that...

LOL, Bobby, havent you done enough damage?????lol

no it's not the cuban ,it bobbyd12 .

Roger Goodell would have just loved to see this guy in the league...Makes Big Ben walking around with his penis out of his pants seem normal!!!

I've been checking out AJ Edds today and I found this:

A four-time first-team All-Conference and two-time team MVP, Edds started all four seasons as a linebacker and long snapper. He also performed as a tight end in each of his final three seasons, recording 55 catches for 940 yards and 13 touchdowns in his career. He also totaled 390 career tackles and 12 interceptions.

Edds holds school records for tackles in a game (23), solo tackles in a game (17) and in a season (73). He produced 25 receptions for 348 yards and four touchdowns, along with 147 tackles and an interception as a senior. He had 26 receptions for 544 yards and four touchdowns as a junior, as the two-time team captain led the squad to the conference championships in 2003 and 2005. He also lettered four times in basketball and track.

Just thought it was interesting.

6-4 246 with a 4.69 40 this guys a baller. He's got better cover skills than any Dolphin LB last year. Definitely a value pick.

Odinseye, can u say Zach Thomas...I have a good feeling there will be alot of jerseys in the future with EEDS on the back of them

Cuban, did u tell her I was also LEO?? There is not a NORMAL one between any of us...were all a little off to do this job

You guys are bothLeo's too?

ENOUGH is also NJ, hi NJ you see folks he hides his name too

Yes we are, Cuban city, I federal

LOL at Odin @ 7:36

Thats my kind of humor, tasteless.


Edds looks like he could be a great find, but he is a completely different body type and skill set than Zack Thomas

One day bobby I aspire to be federal too, just so I can carry a weapon on a air plane....

Lol Cuban

Carlito, I know buddy, I was comparing more the attitude he will bring to the LB Corp...should have been more specific

enough=bobbyd12=nj. i am just sying .

OK guys, Peace out and have a "PHINTASTIC" Nite, gotta go to work early tommarrow morning.........Say good nite Ash..... good nite ash.

Hi Guys...its early here in OZ....wow that was some serious arguing a few bloggs back....looks like a bit of passionate haranging eh?...Good to see Bootang, Rob and Ak Bill adding good sense....Odin are you there???

Guys..Im intrigued...this draft will either push us into the playoffs or will be a disaster..I have faith in the front office...the main issue I have is MISI....

Can anyone give me a definitive report on this guy??...I mean we bypassed a lot of very very good players for this guy and from what Im reading about him...he is AVERAGE at best....so...has anyone out there actually watched him consistently enough to make a reasoned call on him...he has been drafted high..very high...im concrned only about THIS PICK....Is anyone high on MISI....Bobby...dont worry about some of these jrks baiting you...blog on buddy....!!!!

Would like Craig M to answer too...he is a very balanced blogger


Edds looks like he could be a great find, but he is a completely different body type and skill set than Zack Thomas

Posted by: carlito from golfito | April 25, 2010 at 08:11 PM

I agree. Still I think he would look good wearing no.54.

LOL at Odin @ 7:36

Thats my kind of humor, tasteless.

Posted by: Po White Trash | April 25, 2010 at 08:09 PM

Thanks.........I think?


1st, I will post to you or whoever else i feel like posting too. Thats your problem. You like to throw out insults and opionions but never like to be called out like I see yo do to so many others.

2nd, I have posted to you all day till now. I had a lame conversation with a staler this moring and then did not get back on till now. I see he has posted in my name a few times but what can you do.

3rd, I will continue to challenge you/nj, and whoever else comes on here thinking their opionion is the only one that matters. I will also e-mail Armando once a day until he lobbies for a more secure site so trolls like my stalker have to reveal themselves for the cowards they are.

The point I think was he has Zach's motor and drive.

I think he could be all over the field like Zach too.

PO, I agree with u on that, I believe the kid will have the same type of attitude Zach did..never ending motor

And last but not least he is a white guy.

PO, What happened with Stra8balla last nite, I read it when I got home from sending a little white ball into the woods allday...now THAT was hilarious!!


Other than Jerry and Jones, these guys all got past my pre-draft scrutiny.
I went "in depth" with Odrick and Edds today. Misi's next.

I'll let you know what I think if you're interested.

PS: If you haven't done so already, check out Edds. He's a freak. We drafted him as a LB and he could probably start over Fasano!

bobbyd could start over fatso

He is probably Tortureddolphin.

That sh*t was funny, I laughed my as$ off for while with that dude. We’ll probably never see him here again in that form.

I have to admit I hijacked his name once or twice.

I only do that with Jet trolls and people that rag on my team to much.

All in good fun.

billbill, you're alright in my book, a bit harsh but okay.

Yeah, I read he played TE.


Damn, I'm popular today, even billbill gets a shot in. LMAO

Bigafly, I've saw Misi play at Wyoming two years ago. I told Rob the story last night. I could give you the low down on what I saw if you are interested.


When ya have a strong personality thems the pitfalls.

This blog would not be the same with out you going at it with some these numbnutz and whiners.

vegas has us at 8 wins on over under, make some money fellas if u think they win 9 or more. i smell a push

Waiting Darryl......

It's all on Henne's shoulders this year. 7 wins or 12.

PO, actually that is what I played in high school till sophmore year, then I went back to safety Junior Year and discovered girlfriends cost money!!! Senior year I got a job after work and didn't play my last year...

thats scary, i think we should sign faneca

The only thing that hasn't changed since high school...Girlfriends still cost lots of money!!!!

And now ya get to play with guns.

It's a wonderful life!


9-7....10-6... Make the playoffs and win one. I would consider that is what this team needs to do...anything after that is a bonus

been forever since last playoff win, thank you vanderjagt

billbill, Forever is right...

It is hard to judge a player on a game 2 years back. Misi kept getting pushed up the field by a much bigger Wyoming tackle. He would rush hard, and take himself wide, out of the play doing the work for the blocker. He also got lit up by a smaller back pass protecting. It reminded me of MJD flattening Merriman a few years ago. 1 game shouldn't define Misi, and I'm sure one of the reasons he was selected here is the coaches think he can be coached up. Sean Smith played in that game. He laid the wood to a reciever, I'm sure it's on you tube. Look Wyoming Utah October 2008

you guys keep talking about girls and all of you sound gay to me.how come you r 24/7 on here and like girls ,when do you meet them ?

ALoco, please speak to ask Phil, I'm not allowed to talk to douchebags anymore...I get in trouble


aloco , nj asked me to speak to you but didn't tell what to say .

thats scary, i think we should sign faneca

Posted by: billbill | April 25, 2010 at 08:58 PM

WTF? Faneca? Are you F'ing STOOPID billbill?

If you think Faneca has anything left you got to be one dumb son of a .............

Ha Ha! Just kidding. Seriously though, I'm more sold on John Jerry being an immediate starter than I am on any of our other picks.

With Brown, Incognito and Jerry, I don't think we need any jet cast offs.

I thought Fanseca signed with Tenn. today anyway??


You got any links for Misi? I haven't been able to find many.

I've seen some less than stellar clips and then some not to bad. Hopefully he will be better at OLB than he was at DE.

faneca is better than garner or thomas. start jerry and faneca, u could sign him for vet min

faneca hasnt signed yet, texans hot on his trail

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