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Undrafted free agents plus draft breakdown

The news first: I have six eight undrafted free agent names that sources say have agreed to join the Dolphins.

The players are:

Nevada DB Jonathon Amaya: 6-0, 203 pounds. Ran a 4.51 at the Combine. Benched 225 pounds only eight times.

Maryland DT Travis Ivey: 6-4, 325 pounds. No Combine results. Had 25 tackles including one sack in 2009.

Duke DL Vince Oghobaase: 6-5, 303 pounds. Ran a 5.48 at the Combine. Benched 225 pounds 27 times.

Penn State CB A.J. Wallace: 6-1, 201 pounds. No Combine results. Four career interceptions, three of those his senior year in 2009.

San Diego State WR Roberto Wallace: 6-4, 225 pounds. No Combine results. Caught 36 passes for 463 yards and three TDs in 2009 and that was his best of three seasons.

Michigan State DB Ross Weaver: 6-1, 203 pounds. No Combine results. Missed all of 2006 season. One career interception.

[Update: Florida International offensive lineman Andy Leavine has been signed as an undrafted free agent, according to my friends at www.draftday.dk. Leavine is listed at 6-5 and 292 pounds. He benched 225 pounds 31 times at his Pro Day.

Also, this morning I've learned Fresno State WR Marlon Moore is on Miami's undrafted FA list. Moore is 6-foot and 190 pounds. He had 15 catches for 317 yards and three TDs for the Bulldogs in 2009.]

Secondly, let me tell you what I thought of the Dolphins draft. Actually, it's late, I've slept five hours in two days and the wife is waiting for me so if you really want to know what I think click here.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! 


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I think the jets MIGHT now something we don't. It makes me a little leery.

As great as he was, it makes it tempting. I guess it comes down too age and how much is left in the tank.

He does seem like a Parcell's type of guy. Do you think he's worth the gamble of possibly being a "progress stopper(god I hate that phrase)?

i do cause whos progress will he stop? garner? not a big fan of garner

i love women with red hair and shoes size 91/2 .

Blount blew off the 49ers and now says he is going to Tenn instead per PFT...anyone else think this guy is going to be in Goodells office early and often???

the 40ers are the worst org to deal with money wise ,you remember crabtree ?

Donald Brown.

jail is where he is going

does jail have women with red hair and shoes size 91/2 ?

I would love faneca
If nothing more just to spite the jets
But we have so mnay young guards now I don't want to give up on one I'm favor of faneca.

I think the jet made a big mistake letting him and Thomas jones both go

Odin, My computer is all jacked up, I have to go to another page, then return to this one to read any updated threads. WTF.I'm sure you saw the you tube stuff that the University threw up. Mostly highlight reels. I just go back and try to find random game footage from the other teams that Utah played, so your not getting just Utah highlights. It's a pain in the arse, but a good way to see some game tape

Only because of his previous character issues, this move raises a red flag.
What an idiot this guy must be to snub a Mike Singletary led team.

Unless ofcourse, he were to sign with the Dolphins. Then he would be "My Idiot"!

I think the jet made a big mistake letting him and Thomas jones both go

Posted by: Jordi | April 25, 2010 at 09:54 PM

How about Leon Washington? Bad move also in my opinion.

whos donald brown

Thanks Darryl.......for making me feel like a dumb a s s-LOL.

I hadn't thought about looking up their opponets-Duh.....

Seriously, thanks.

Who IS Donald Brown?

Odin, No problem, good luck finding stuff, it is a project!
Now we can all see why Blount wasn't drafted.
But before I pass anymore judgement, his "people" probably thought it was a better fit for him in Tennessee. Now that White has been shipped to Seattle, Blount might have figured he had a better shot at making the Titans, then San Francisco. It looks super shady from the outside, I would have thought that not being drafted, you take what you can get. I guess not.

Boobyd12 , you can't be that stupid to think that the fake indian WASN'T aloco.

Posted by: ENOUGH | April 25, 2010 at 06:20 PM

This has NJ written all over this.

u mean donald thomas???

Kaiser, you mean the plumber nj aka bobbyd12 ?

billbill it has NJ written all over it period

Yeah billbill. I meant Donald Thomas, my bad.

Do you like Thomas?

yeas kaiser it does .

What happened odinseye, are you okay? Did someone attack you?

Technical difficu............

Yeah leaon washington will also be a big loss

Big risk thinking those guys are so easily replaced



Thanks, I'm OK. I haven't been attacked, but I was being stalked by two coyotes and the State Police.

Wild Weekend!

PLEASE update this app!!!


Just finished watching some game clips of A.J. Edds and this kid is impressive!!!!!! He is awesome in coverage, stout against the run, and flies all over the field! He has got great hands for a LB, 5 ints last year...

One wr does not make an offense. MArshall will see double teams and watch the rest of our underwhelming...slow wr get blanketed play after play.

We have no speed on offense...not one of our players runs under a 4.5 forty. No wr's...no rb's have speed or explosive abilility.

We have a TE who is straight possession...can't stretch the field a lick and has stone hands.

We have a rb who has a history of injuries and usually takes many games to return to full speed. Looks slow and sluggish half the season before hitting his stride just to get injured again (R. Brown) An aged R. Williams

Sparano talks about wanting to get explosive chunk yardage plays...who will produce them. We have a slow....power running game...with slow....power backs. A short to mid range passing game with slow wr's who can't out run any one or make any thing happen after the catch. Who will lift the top off of defenses in the passing game...Camirillo...BEss...Hartline? You guys just don't get it.

Our offense will be around the same rank as it was last year...middle of the road. The FO does not understand how to draft special skill position talent. Pat White...Hartline....Pat Turner are garbage.

No way we scheme and ball control our way past the Jets or Pats or any other good team on the road this year. Be realistic...we have 1 weapon on offense....young cb's who were roasted by good passing offenses....no FS....no lb's who can cover backs or TE's in the passing game. How do u expect to win. We are one of the least talented teams in the NFL on paper.

since this might be Ricky's last year .... and maybe even Ronnie's last year .... we should look at L.Blount,RB from Oregon .... he is big and fast .... and knows how to punch opponents in the face .....

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