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Dolphins have 17th toughest 2010 schedule

We don't know exactly when the Dolphins will play their 2010 home and away regular-season games, but we do know who they play and where and that is enough to figure Miami's schedule won't be an easy one in 2010 ... but it will be easier than it was in 2009.

According to NFL calculations, the Dolphins will have the 17th toughest schedule of 2010. In 2009 the Dolphins had the toughest schedule according to the won-loss records of their opponents from the season before.

The 2010 schedule offers teams with a combined won-loss record of 128-128. 

The Houston Texans will face the toughest schedule in the league according to, yes, league calculations. The Texans' opponents posted a 140-116 record in 2009. The Arizona Cardinals are at the other end of the spectrum with opponents that went 114-142 in 2009 for the easiest schedule in 2010.

Coach Tony Sparano always says his team's goal is to win the division first, and a look at the AFC East provides an interesting picture. The New England Patriots, the defending division champions, have the sixth toughest schedule at 136-120.

And here is where it gets nuts, the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills both face opponents with 128-128 records in 2009, same as the Dolphins. Yet the NFL ranked Buffalo's schedule the 16th-toughest, Miami's 17th-toughest, and New York's the 18th-toughest.

How the league makes the distinction when the teams face opponents with the same won-loss records from the previous year, I do not know.

I do know the Dolphins will play eight games against 2009 playoff teams. The Patriots will play eight games against 2009 playoff teams. The Bills will play eight games against 2009 playoff teams. The Jets will play six games against 2009 playoff teams.

The Jets advanced the furthest of any AFC East team, losing to Indianapolis in the AFC Championship game.


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This revelation totally changes our draft strategy


A middle of the pack schedule for a middle of the pack team

8-8 or bust....

Wake me up when someone breaks one for a 50+yard TD

I pine for the days Shula got us all those easy schedules.

Yeah, last year's schedule sucked. I knew that if the Dolphins didn't beat Atlanta in the opener (way to go Fasano), that there was a good chance that they'd start the season 0-3. Having Indy and @San Diego in weeks 2 and 3 was brutal.

"How the league makes the distinction when the teams face opponents with the same won-loss records from the previous year, I do not know."..........It looks like they did it according to how the teams finished (just like the draft). Buffalo finished worst so they declare buffalo to be higher up on the "tough schedule" ladder. I guess they could have done it the other way, too, to make Buffalo fans think they had a slightly easier schedule.

Fins have road games at Balt, Cincy, Minnesota and Green Bay

4 loses right there baby

I figured 9-7 with last year's tough schedule would have been as good as the 11-5 we got the year before with the puff one.

Now that we are right in between, I'd say that 8-8 this year would be equivalent to our 7-9 last season.

maybe the just did it alphabetically

B, M, N...Buffalo, Miami, New York.

hopefully this year our defense can get off the field without giving up several 40-75yd gains on one play for TD's. it would be nice to at least make them use some clock to do it. we had sparano cheering for FG's!

Mando, not too hard to figure out how they ranked the teams buddy. Alphabetically (Buffalo, Miami, New York). But it's good to hear we have a schedule that should mean we have a winning record this year. But we gotta see where the caliber of the team is, time will tell.

Wow, you are some down dolphins fans. How about believing in your team and hoping they make it to the playoffs this year.

ummm, how did they come up with the order? maybe the used alphabet to break the tie?

New York

yup, that's it!

Regarding the 2010 schedule difficulty. Since they were all tied could the rankings be based on the final Division record? The Jets finished ahead of the Dolphins, the Dolphins finished ahead of the Bills. Makes as much sense as anything else....

Good things are going to happen this year for sure. We're going to take back the East by taking care of business againist the jets, bills, and pats.

Hopefully the schedule is kind in december, otherwise it doesn't matter.

Sparano's famous "pump fist" on first down conversions is laughable.
Get him some pompoms or tampons

Rather confident that we'll go 10-6 this year.

Interestingly a lot of pundits are tipping the Texans for a breakout year and they might disappoint a few - for partly the same reasons we did last year - schedule.

The Jets only have to play 2 less play-off team games than us, because we have to play them twice!

Can't ask for a fairer schedule though - this year should provide an ideal yardstick as to how far the Parcells/Sparano era has taken us. Anything less than 10-6 is a disappointment in my eyes.

If they dont make the playoffs, I am demanding a coaching change.

Hoping for a good draft and less injuries this season.The FA signing of Dansby was great but the Trifecta are counting on Mike Nolan to turn around last yrs 7-9 record.

This should help a little.

Last year's was BRU-TAL !

this article is less interesting than the terd I dumped about 10 mins ago

Wake me up when someone breaks one for a 50+yard TD

Posted by: Waterboy | April 01, 2010 at 01:13 PM

With this regime, prepare for a long sleep...

unless of course you are talking about the other team breaking off a long one.

The Jests advanced the furthest of any AFC East team, losing to Indianapolis in the AFC Championship game= FLUKE. ONCE EVERY 40 YEARS OR SO. JETS SUCK

Sparano's famous "pump fist"

whoa whoa whoa... its a fist pump... get it straight...

"If they dont make the playoffs, I am demanding a coaching change"

And WHO are you to "demand" anything? Tard.

Sparano's famous "pump fist" on first down conversions is laughable.
Get him some pompoms or tampons
Posted by: Waterboy

Lend him yours loser

actually, aside from the lions, that list looks challenging. especially the road games. even playing in Oakland is no gimme.

actually, aside from the lions, that list looks challenging. especially the road games. even playing in Oakland is no gimme.

Posted by: dolfanSF | April 01, 2010 at 01:52 PM

I've come to realize even a Victory vs. the lions is not a given.....

BOGUS, saints have a pretty easy schdule compared to the fins.......

We will probably beat the lions on this final drive

Sparano 2 minute hurry up offense:

3 and 2 on the 35. Henne drops back and hits Fasano for a 1.5 yard gain.

4 and inches. Lousaka for 1 yard

1 and 10 on the 33. Ronnie brown to the left no gain

2 and 10 on the 33. Ricky to right for 3

3 and 10 on the 30. Ronnie brown to the left no gain

4 and 10 Carpenter Good from 48

End of regulation Fins 15 Lions 14

Seahawks re-signed restricted free-agent OG Rob Sims to a one-year, $1.101 million.
Sims believes signing the tender will expedite a trade out of Seattle. The Bears and Lions have expressed interest, and the Eagles could also enter the picture. Detroit appears to be the most likely destination at this point.

Smiley's Destination: Seattle

LOL Waterboy, hopefully Carpenter will make it.....

Browns DL Shaun Rogers was arrested Thursday for gun possession at Hopkins airport in Cleveland.

Suddenly, Browns are in need of a NT, maybe they reach or trade back for Dan Williams or Dough boy?

Miami wins the division two years ago after finishing the previous year 1-15 and they get the hardest schedule in the NFL this past season. The Saints WIN the Superbowl and they have the 27th hardest schedule? How in the world does that happen?

So, the Fins make the biggest turn-around in 2008, end up 11-5, go one deep into the playoffs and get the hardest schedule in the NFL in 2009. The Jests go deep into the playoffs (doesn't matter that they didn't earn the right to be there) and they get the same difficulty ranking as the Fins who went 7-9 and out of the playoffs?

I call BS.

Smiley's Destination: Seattle

Posted by: Waterboy | April 01, 2010 at 02:07 PM

Exactly as I said in my mock draft yesterday.

The saints are the new golden goose egg of the NFL. The patsies and Jest are close seconds

The schedule is the schedule.

The tough games are born year by year as no one really knows exactly how tough any given team is from year to year.

Example the year AFTER the Fins went 1-15 you know that EVERY team we faced was chalking the game vs the Fins up as an auto victory from the time the schedule came out.

11 teams found out the hard way that's not what you should do in the NFL.

With so much parity in the NFL you just flat can't take any games for granted. We won ONLY 7 games in 2009 but both INDY and NO (The two SB teams) would have called the games vs the Fins som of their scariest all year. Sadly close is only a moral victory and those don't gain you a W...ever.

The rough and tumble Pitt Steelers fresh off a SB winning season suffered a 5 game straight slide losing to all their div opponents AND KC and the RAIDERS? WTH?? Go figure.

The games are hard to judge week in and week out. On any given Sunday makes betting of football difficult as well. After trouncing the Bills 38-10 earlier in the year I happened to be in Vegas and the week of the rematch in Buffalo. Miami had just gone to strong rushing Carolina and beat them at their house. The Fins over the Bills was my favorite play of the week! I got Mia +16 on a SuperTeaser card and they blew my ticket.

The schedule will always have trap games, hard games, games vs teams that slide some from tehir prior year and other teams that got better.

I agree with another poster that a 10-6 (minus crazy injuries) record would reflect "failing fast foward" as stellar ex-head coach Cam Camoron used to say. That would allow us to bull into the playoffs in most scenarios.

>>this article is less interesting than the terd I dumped about 10 mins ago
Posted by: mike | April 01, 2010 at 01:47 PM<<

And yet the article managed to be infinitely more interesting than Mike's post.

Reminds me of the old quote... "Those who can't, criticize"

I am not really a big fan at all...I come on here everyday to tell you guys we will continue to stink, next year we lose to Cincy, Balt, Minn and Greenbay, we have no chance at all. I know better then anyone here..I hate the Dolphins

The previous year's record means nothing - absolutely nothing for those teams going forward.
There are 2-3 teams that consistently are among the top of the league record wise, and same at the bottom - in both cases usually because of great management. The rest of the teams are all over the place and can and often do flip flop from year to year.

Don't take my word for it look at the last year, 5 years, 10 years.

What's the OVER / UNDER on Seattle's Pete Carroll grabbing his old USC players?

Fresh off your sizzling bet with Darryl D regarding the Fins draft yesterday...

May be a good time to double down, eh? ;)

I think they,the nfl, are priming the jetsup to be that next "great dynasty". The pats lost a little of that luster and the nfl could use a new face. It wasn't until the colts let the jets in the playoffs that they were a mediocre team with a good defense

Now the Bears released Alex Brown, if the Dolphins sign him we can have a real defense... Brown is a monster, cmon

Waterboy. Shut up.

Good article comparing Dez and Benn on nationalfootballpost.com here is the link


One thing is certain -- we are going to have some pretty cold away games next season.

We visit:

Green Bay
New England
New York Js

Although this team is better set for the cold than past ones, I'll still be rooting for the games in Oakland and inside at the Vikes to be in Nov or later.

Waterboy in black after 2.20 is an imposter.

Probably the idiot with the Jets suck name.


Coming from his background as a rah,rah pump you up OL Coach it doesn't suprise me at all that Tony S. gets excited on first downs, TD's, FG's and what not. Old habits die hard.

I like the emotion!

It's the comatose coaches like Belly Chuck that suprise me with their success level. Similar to Tony Dungee, Tom Landry, guys like that.

I love to hear the old Lombardi clips, he was the consumate driver/hard ass coach... Shula was a hard driving coach as well as vocal. John Madden was boistrous as well.

Tony Sparano can jump, shout, fist pump, high karate OR sit on his hands as long as the Fins keep getting better and better, I don't care.

Temet Nosce know thyself? Teddy stop pretending we see right through your impersonation of a Fins fan.

Why cant people here stomach any criticism to the Front office? Saying we go 8-8 is not a crime. Its realistic.

We have a weak WR group, a 2nd Tier NT, S and OLB situation..... Is Quentin Moses magically going to become a stud?

We have a strong OL and RB group, as well as decent ST.

Interesting stuff. Glad we have a manageable schedule this year.

It is Year III. I expect a playoff berth or the honeymoon with sparano and parcells is over.

I wonder why the Fins didn't bring in long time Charger stud NT Jamal Williams for a tire kick BEFORE the Broncos signed him?

When healthy he had game for sure. A grizzled trenchman with probably better credentials than Ferg. His injury was a torn bicep or tricep... not like a knee?

Maybe that just reflects that they are gonna hammer the draft for a NT type DT or 2.

The problem I see with Sparanos emotion, is that its clouds his game management: Crazy time outs, cant add without a calculator so goes for 2 when not necessary, tries to call time out after an INT.

I also like a little emotion but dont let it lead to bonehead moves.

I'm baaaaaack.

Hey Mando, where can we find this information? We are clueless.

Deuches! :)

The honeymoon is over for some fans after the pat white, pat turner picks and gerbil and ernest FA bust.

At Green Bay L
At Minnesota L
Pittsburgh L
at Baltimore L
Tennessee L

This schedule is no cakewalk. The Dolphins basically have five losses when the season begins. They MUST go like 10-1 in their other games to make the playoffs.

We're doomed.

Pittsburgh might suck if Ben goes to jail

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