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Dolphins have 17th toughest 2010 schedule

We don't know exactly when the Dolphins will play their 2010 home and away regular-season games, but we do know who they play and where and that is enough to figure Miami's schedule won't be an easy one in 2010 ... but it will be easier than it was in 2009.

According to NFL calculations, the Dolphins will have the 17th toughest schedule of 2010. In 2009 the Dolphins had the toughest schedule according to the won-loss records of their opponents from the season before.

The 2010 schedule offers teams with a combined won-loss record of 128-128. 

The Houston Texans will face the toughest schedule in the league according to, yes, league calculations. The Texans' opponents posted a 140-116 record in 2009. The Arizona Cardinals are at the other end of the spectrum with opponents that went 114-142 in 2009 for the easiest schedule in 2010.

Coach Tony Sparano always says his team's goal is to win the division first, and a look at the AFC East provides an interesting picture. The New England Patriots, the defending division champions, have the sixth toughest schedule at 136-120.

And here is where it gets nuts, the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills both face opponents with 128-128 records in 2009, same as the Dolphins. Yet the NFL ranked Buffalo's schedule the 16th-toughest, Miami's 17th-toughest, and New York's the 18th-toughest.

How the league makes the distinction when the teams face opponents with the same won-loss records from the previous year, I do not know.

I do know the Dolphins will play eight games against 2009 playoff teams. The Patriots will play eight games against 2009 playoff teams. The Bills will play eight games against 2009 playoff teams. The Jets will play six games against 2009 playoff teams.

The Jets advanced the furthest of any AFC East team, losing to Indianapolis in the AFC Championship game.


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I chalk that up to having the proper guys around him.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. You have to cater to your strengths and delegate weaknesses to others.

If Sparano/BP realize that game management is an issue and even more so with emotion than he needs people in his headset to tell him take a T.O now or Hey throw your red flag NOW! etc.

As a first time HC T.S. is learning on the job too. He doesn't seem like he has it down to a fine science yet. Let's see if there is improvement moving forward.

T.S. seems like a guy that could buck up and hild himself accountable for his own blunders on gameday... Uhhhhhhh, maybe just LET the crazy high powered Saints just kick the field goal before halftime instead of calling a T.O for because you don't have enough men on DEF.

I knew down by that many the Saints / Brees was gonna say what the heck, lets go for it. argh!

YEAAAAAAHHH BOOOOOOOOY !! My nigga justin incredible is in da House . What's up Home skillet ??? MYYYY NIIIGGAA !!

Waterboy, I can only speak for myself. Some people are more patient than me. Some are less patient.

I recognize it takes a while to rebuild a team. But after getting off to a roaring start, this group has begun to sputter.

So it is either make or break this year, in my book. Three drafts brings about 21 players to the roster, maybe more. Three free agency periods can add another 12-15. That's good enough to put a playoff team on the field if the front office is as good as everyone claims.

Time to put up or shut up.

I was reading about how Miami was going to draft a OLB in the first round of the draft. I think not. Miami will either draft Dan Williams or Iupoti in the first round period. They will go for NT and you may not know this but Iupoti by some (maybe even Miami) is projected as a 3/4 NT in the NFL. The bottom line is there is no great OLB in this draft. I would like to know if anyone thinks there is a single OLB out there that would play more snaps this year than Dan Williams would at NT for miami?

In my opinion

At Green Bay L - agreed
At Minnesota L - agreed
Pittsburgh L - We win this one, This team has issue's
at Baltimore L - We win this one, just a hunch
Tennessee L - We win this one, Revenge

Soiled :)


For what it's worth your 8-8 would defenitely be within reason as a record choice in 2010.

The Fins are 0-0 like everyone else... by the time we kickoff, lets see how the myriad of changes work out.

Dansby was my #1 have to have FA. If we didn't get him I wouldn't started in a ditch mentally. The F.O. came through so lets see what these picks bring? More FA/RFAs and cuts!

Like with Penny, sometimes the cuts bring the biggest gifts!

Willi Chirino = FLPD. They have the same comcast typepad account.

I hope so Rob. I not going to blast them on WHO they pick in the draft. I am interested in WHAT positions they address. Its been 2 years and they haven't put any teeth into the NT situation.


How could ANYONE know how many snaps Williams or any other player can have coming in as a rookie?

There are injuries, depth charts, learning curves, suspensions and tons of other unknowns.

Sorry bro, I am not seeing how your logic is stacking up or where that comment is going?

From what I know about NT it's one of the LEAST sought after position to play by DT types. One of the absolute hardest to master and even guys that have the size and shape to play the position don't end up working out many times.

I am not sure how many but i would venture to say a bunch of OLBs or OLB/DE conversions would play more snaps than most all NTs.

If you want the biggest chance to saty on the field at NT for snaps in rookie year it would be the new and improved slimmer true 3-4 NT MoleHill Cody.

Waterboy go suck a horses you know what you prepubescent doucherag

beerphin = jets suck = random blog idiot


Rob sorry but you are wrong. why are two of the top three players in this draft NT because they are easy to find? My friend there are no sure fire #1 OLB in this draft. You better get the tape out of Tennessee before you say Dan would not start for Miami. By the way you did not answer my question which OLB has a better chance. Please give a name this time.

The schedule is subjective. Nobody knows for sure who is going to be better, or worse, or when the teams that we are playing are on a hot streak, or a cold run. Last year the Saints had the 8th toughest schedule, and I'm sure not to many Saints fans were jumping for joy thinking they were going to roll through it as they did. It really comes down to how our division opponents fair, and the strength of the NFC North(common opponents within our division)


We ALL have "our guys" we have looked at, wish and want for based on our own likes/dislikes and biases etc.

I will maintain a wait and see approach after the draft whether the Trifecta grabbed any my personal favs or not.

As fans we are shoving each years draft choices into the microwave world of instant gratification and mostly it just doesn't work that way. You can stumble onto an A.P. or a solid OLB like Matthews from USC was last year but there will always be Mamulas, E. Kumerows and Leafs ready to act and look the part only to fizzle under fire.

Here's to hoping the Fins can strike some gold in 2010... but just like the good D.D.Lewis movie title sums it up...There Will Be Blood!


I beg to differ my friend.

You are REALLY confusing DT with NT. They are typically very different animals.

Suh AND McCoy will both be DTs and not NT's. They CAN and WILL get after the passer from a DT position.

You must be kinda new to this blog as I have been trumpeting my standout 1st pick of Brandon Graham being MY guy!

I have been doing it SO loud and SO long it's got me into some MAJOR verbal brawls with some very knowledgeable Fin Fans that frequent this blog.

Every one of has his ideals and eye for what will help the team the most.

For me my #1 stat is Tackles for Loss. That means you have a playmaker on DEF that camps out in the oppositions backfield. BG had 46 tackles for loss to lead the nation the last 2 years in college football. He was MVP of the Senior Bowl and also had 20.5 sacks/last 2 yrs.

He knows and understand s how important outside contain is and shuts things down to his side.

The knocks people throw out are too short for BP or too short period in THEIR view. Shorter arms is another knock that gets thrown out there.

My counter is its better to have a guy that's done something very successfully already and project that he can do it versus stiffer comp like the NFL offers


Have a guy that has a more comic book hero body type that looks the part that already didn't have as good of stats in college and now will jump UP in competition and do better.

Some guys have better college careers, yada yada, such is life.

In BG I see a VERY thick, stout, strong guy that plays with VERY HIGH, Noticable on film easily type of player. On any given play it seems VERY important to him to locate and stop the ballcarrier in his tracks...very harshly!

Yes BG would start and play as many or more snaps as Williams. If you said Cody was you guy I would say it would be a tougher call imo.

That an answer you can live with?

PS: the reason why I failed to answer you directly is sometimes the mere mention of BG starts a shiza storm of back and forth posts. I am going to "TRY" to stay away from that as much down the homestretch to the draft.

Knight my old bean,

I am rather curious to peruse this famous mock draft of yours - i've heard a couple of other notable Phin's reference it as a fine read - please can you point me in the right direction.

Cheers chap,


I would be concerned if Miami does not put a better team on the field in 2010 then they had in 2009! I will assess this on having a much better win-loss record then last year and/or if they can go past the first play-off game in Post Season!!!

was Smiley really traded to the steelers for a 3rd round pick?


On April 1st I would check several sources before believing much.

"And here is where it gets nuts, the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills both face opponents with 128-128 records in 2009, same as the Dolphins. Yet the NFL ranked Buffalo's schedule the 16th-toughest, Miami's 17th-toughest, and New York's the 18th-toughest.

How the league makes the distinction when the teams face opponents with the same won-loss records from the previous year, I do not know."

Ummmmmm, cuz you're stupid? Of the 3, the Jets made the playoffs, so their's is easiest of the 3. The Fins had the 2nd best record and then the Bills.... so OBVIOUSLY since the Bills have to play both the Fins and Jets, their schedule is toughest amongst the 3. idiot

23 - 0 Perfect season # 2


I do not think this man from Micigan is the answer we could go on and on about it but he was not OLB in collage so i do not think he would start for Miami in his first year. I think Dan would be a better value but most of all I am trying to project who Miami will pick not who I think they should pick when I wrote this. They will pick either Dan or Iupoti with thier first pick. Write that down and dog me after the draft if it does not come true.


As you wish. ;)

Williams mainly had just the one year and was never a true NT in a 3-4.

He has a lot of the tools and build for it but like my Michigan man he has his own question marks.

I think Williams should be a good player in the NFL so good luck to your pick.


BG???? Brandon Graham??? you delusional??? Brandon Marshall will be here before Brandon Graham

I am out... chat you all up later

we would play the same opponents as other teams in our div except for 2 games. that depends on how we finished reg season not playoffs


Do not forget about Iupoti. Miami has already talked to him and I see no reason why we need to spend a first round pick on a Guard. We have two 2nd year players how have performed well in Garner and Thomas even if Smiley is traded. I believe Miami talked to him because they believe they can convert him into a NT in the NFL. Miami knows that he will not slip into the 2nd round. This is why I believe Miami will pick either Dan or Iupoti(NT) in the first round.

I don't care what the schedule is, we can't come out and start 0-3 again and have to claw back in..We need to come out of the chutes playing good football

Let me get this straight. Your saying that if the phins select Lupati, they will move him to Nt? No Way. Some teams have him maybe moving to Lt. But that is a reach, he struggled at the Senior Bowl with his technique when he was inserted into the Lt. position.


Yes that is what I am saying. If Miami would draft him in the first round they WILL try him at NT he may not work out but I will leave that up to Miami to decide.


Waterboy. You do more whining and crying than a pre-pubescent school girl who just got her first period, maybe you're the one who needs tampons. Grow up kid.

This is your April Fools joke. Right?

Willi, our first season we went 11-5. That was a fluke of proposterous proportions as we should've been 4-12 that season.

Our second season would have been right on track at 7-9. Our third season we will be fighting for a playoff spot but come up just short.

Our fourth season we will be in the playoffs. Then in our 5th and 6th season we will be contending for a superbowl.

You chumps amaze me. You sit in here all day long analyzing the past gms drafts and how horribly they did but never take that into account when talking about Bill, Jeff, and I.

I would like to see you come into a 1-15 mess with no past draft picks contributing (except Ronnie) and turn the whole thing around in 3 seasons.

By the way, thank you for the huge turnout at our games. The Jets and Steelers fans were louder tan you and almost outnumbered you in your own stadium. Great fans we have.

Tony.... Are you sure it was a fluke? Or, Did Miami just win 11 games and lose 5 just like other teams won and lost to get their records?

I don't blame ya for being pissed about the turn out Tony... But that 1 and 15 season you were talking about... really let us all down and we just want to spend our money wisely since our President is going to have us all speaking Chinese in 3 years... No offense... just put the numbers up this year and we'll be there... I will be there no matter what.... Have been since 1971... Now... Go coach someone and get off this stupid ass blog... Do you want to win... or blog?... Make up your damn mind or we will bring Cower in and get rid of your fat ass.

** Cowher

Darlington had a live Q@A today...couple things off of that...No deal is imminent for Smiley according to Jeff, he says the Fins are holding out for the highest value they can get, he doesn't believe that Smiley will be back whether he gets traded or not...Darlington also said the Fins are still actively pursuing a FS and he believes they will sign one before the draft...WR, Dolphins have NO interest in ANY free agent WRs that are currently out there...


When draft day comes and Miami selects Dan Williams or Iupoti with thier first pick you will find out who the FOOL is.

Thanks for the update Bobby... I know the rumor mill has been churning and with it being "Fools day"... ya never know.... Thanks again.

Ask Bill, one other question I found interesting was running back...Darlington said " the Dolphins already carry one more running back on the roster then they like. According to his sources the Fins really like Brown, Williams, Cobb and Hilliard. He said that next year if the Fins believe they have a problem they can draft a RB then. According to Jeff the Fins WILL NOT draft ANY RBs but may sign an undrafted one just for a little competition in camp"

Bobby, In all honesty, I am not surprised. However, just remember that Miami is NOT going to give more info then they want people or other teams to believe... we as fans know that better then anyone. I know its going against popular opinion and even desire, but I do not see them adding a bunch of offense this season. There is one receiver on Miami practice squad from last year who I believe will make this team...his name is Taurus Johnson. If you never have "you tubed" the guy... do it! he is no joke. I know comments like this always bring heat... but I think Sparano is serious when he says he is happy with who he has at WR, Not my words...HIS.. The other guy is Julius Pruitt... I know very little about him. Between Pat Turner, and these two guys and who they have they have... they may take one more WR... but I believe they will go OG or OLB at #12. A change from my initial thinking of a wild card which changed after viewing the you tube stuff I told you. I think Spiller would be a great addition... But I can't see them take him. Graham the TE out of Miami would be my favorite if taken in the 4th and I would love another WR... just don't believe they will do it.

Alex Brown has got to be at least an intriguing option to be brought in to compete at SOLB if he can be signed to a palatable contract. he's been a pretty reliable player, 30 isn't too old and has always been stout against the run. It might happen.

isnt cobbs a free agent?

billbill....no, he is signed through 2010.

Hi, I love this post but could you write something about the later 1st round picks because there has been alot of talk oftrading down

Here is the list of 20011 Free agents as reported by Armando (cut and paste job)..
Next off season, Miami's top three running backs -- Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams and Patrick Cobbs -- are scheduled to become free agents.

The team's No. 2 and No. 3 quarterbacks -- Tyler Thigpen and Chad Pennington -- can be free agents.

The team's two nose tackles -- Jason Ferguson and Paul Soliai -- can be free agents.

Starting tight end Anthony Fasano can be a free agent.

Punter Brandon Fields and long-snapper John Denney can be free agents, and kicker Dan Carpenter can be a restricted free agent.

Ask Bill, I know that but I believe more in "sources" then anything management says. Jeff been pretty decent with his "sources" so far...As far as WR, Jeff said the Trifecta doesn't believe in numbers on their receivers, such as 1,2, 3, etc...they see their receivers as guys who can do specific things on the field. That explains Parcells outlook on WRs, there is no such thing as a number one guy, just guys who can do specific jobs..

well i say let brown and cobbs go, ricky retires. thigpen and chad will be dealt. resign solari. kick fasano on way out. resign denney and fields

Finfan, there won't be any trading down till Denver makes there pick at #11...it won't be till then that teams know what is there or not..and if you trade down and someone takes ur guy, then what??? We won't know about any of that till April 22nd...

Funny, did everyone miss the Ricky Williams story 3 weeks ago??? Ricky fired his agent, hired Drew Rosenhaus and stated he wants to continue to play...Rosenhaus was on WQAM and stated he is trying to work out another contract for Ricky...Ricky IS NOT retiring

Bobby... Team thinking... Can't hate it...huh? I have read your stuff and got the impression you are not hanging by your nails for a WR either. If I am wrong let me know. It is just so damn early to make some of the prognostications about how Miami will do this season... I am really surprised by many folks negativity. I don't share it. I believe Miami is in the Upper portion of Mid pack and at year 3 of what was a complete ROAD KILL of a football team... I am not ready to start whining yet. What do you think of a Lupodi pick at #12? Think its a over kill on the O-line or a solid football move on one of the primary positions needed for us to win?

Ask Bill, I am not on the WR bandwagon... I honestly would rather have a big TE who can open that field before a WR...I believe Patrick Turner needs to see the field before we start using high picks on WR...I'm not a big fan of taking Lupati that early..

I know when Dallas was building the monster team it did in the late 80's and early 90's... many of the Dallas faithful had a breakdown hissy fit over Johnson spending so much time on his )-line and then all of the sudden he gets a blockbuster deal trading out his Big Time running back Herchel Walker for * picks and a bunch of guys...The picks that got him Emmit Smith and Micheal Irvin, Ken Norton Jr., Russell Maryland etc etc... I would LOVE to see Miami get a deal half that good in a year or so. Dallas won SB's behind that O-line... Just as Denver did... so I never whine about O-line guys. And they did it with a QB who was not as elite as many around him were.

I'm up on this year too Bill!!! We went 11-5 but everyone knew we weren't Championship material...last years 7-9 with the hardest schedule in the league was what it was..we hung tough and should have won some games that we lost...we can't start 0-3 again though and need to have some guys who didn't play that much to step it up this year, Wake, Turner and some of the other guys

Pardon my typing... I am building an AR-10 Tack driving target rifle and trying to type... I do not like to Misspell and have bad English.


















I think your absolutley right about selecting a tight end before we go for reciever. We can wait untill the fourth round before even thinking about grabbing one. Dorin Dickerson from Pitt is a guy I really like. He isn't on the radar as one of the top 5 guys, but his workout numbers are off the charts, 43 inch vertical, 4.40 time , 24 reps in the bench press. He isn't the biggest guy, but as a pass catcher he would create a ton of match up problems for other teams, he could also be split wide in spread formations. I don't think he will be around after the 5th round, so I hope we can grab him in the 4th.

"How the league makes the distinction when the teams face opponents with the same won-loss records from the previous year, I do not know.

By factoring in that the Jets don't have to play the Jets and so on.

If our current starting 2 OLB's and FS (Wake, Anderson & Culver) can keep the eight playoff teams from getting around the edge we could do something.

Darryl, I really believe we will get that #1 TE and move Fasano back to the other side where he his best

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