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Dolphins have 17th toughest 2010 schedule

We don't know exactly when the Dolphins will play their 2010 home and away regular-season games, but we do know who they play and where and that is enough to figure Miami's schedule won't be an easy one in 2010 ... but it will be easier than it was in 2009.

According to NFL calculations, the Dolphins will have the 17th toughest schedule of 2010. In 2009 the Dolphins had the toughest schedule according to the won-loss records of their opponents from the season before.

The 2010 schedule offers teams with a combined won-loss record of 128-128. 

The Houston Texans will face the toughest schedule in the league according to, yes, league calculations. The Texans' opponents posted a 140-116 record in 2009. The Arizona Cardinals are at the other end of the spectrum with opponents that went 114-142 in 2009 for the easiest schedule in 2010.

Coach Tony Sparano always says his team's goal is to win the division first, and a look at the AFC East provides an interesting picture. The New England Patriots, the defending division champions, have the sixth toughest schedule at 136-120.

And here is where it gets nuts, the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills both face opponents with 128-128 records in 2009, same as the Dolphins. Yet the NFL ranked Buffalo's schedule the 16th-toughest, Miami's 17th-toughest, and New York's the 18th-toughest.

How the league makes the distinction when the teams face opponents with the same won-loss records from the previous year, I do not know.

I do know the Dolphins will play eight games against 2009 playoff teams. The Patriots will play eight games against 2009 playoff teams. The Bills will play eight games against 2009 playoff teams. The Jets will play six games against 2009 playoff teams.

The Jets advanced the furthest of any AFC East team, losing to Indianapolis in the AFC Championship game.


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Yo Armando, Sounds like you pissed in Cotes coffee!

I'm glad that Parcells, Ireland & Soprano are not over thier head in this draft; the trifucta always makes the right move example: mock drafts have Jets taking Dez Bryant,what do the Trifucta do? Bring in Dez for a workout.
Now maybe it's just trickery on thier part, we all know how clever they are.
Everyone knows the Jets are going to take a wr first.
So now if the Phins take Bryant then the Jets will have to go with Benn.
But if the Phins don't take Bryant then the Jets will have to chose between Bryant and Benn.
Or maybe the Pats jump in and they take Bryant or Benn or Thomas or Tate.
And then there is Buffalo but thier pick doesn't really count anyway does it? No matter who the Bills pick they will still have to face us twice per year and they never beat us before so how can they beat us now?
Let's just take Lupati.

Wow! Could you imagine if our highest priority was FS but instead we drafted Dez Bryant to keep the Jets, NE and Buff from getting him?
Those teams would be so confused they would not know what to do.

Anyway guys halfway drunk now, time for bed.
A pleasure as always!

If we don't get a pass rusher in that Defense there is nothing Mike Nolan or the 12 apostles can do, we will get killed again and again..... there is no secret to this game you win at the lines.... O line looks pretty good, D line sucks!! last year was a joke too see QB's standing there for 4, 5, 6 seconds at a time.... without even a single finger on them.... and for you Jason Taylor lovers, NO he is not the answer!!

The Miami Dolphins will put an 11-5 season for all you people who dont believe in this team stop writing lame posts on this website. Its for the people who actually believe in there team.


Shades of NY Yankees?

Is the NFL trying to bring a championship to NY for financial gain?

I hope the Dolphins can kick that stradegy to the curb.

Can any of you post on the new blog?

Season in and season out the NFL delivers the best competition in sports. Every year it's a "tough schedule".

Sparano infamous fist pump happens when the team kicks a field goal, down by 21, with 50 seconds to go.

Waterboy, no other blog is all f'd up..

Jim Mandich on WQAM this morning, he is definitly in a battle for his life, you could hear it in his voice..Hope he beats cancer

Mandich said he doesn't believe the Fins will take Dez Bryant, this draft has defense written all over it....he said McClain is an outstanding football player and wouldn't mind seeing him being the pick...he also stated that the Fins need a big time TE who can provide 50 catches per year

What do you think about the DEZ BRYANT VISIT?

Other blog is working again

Its apparent who the fair weather fans are here. You know who you are. Go put on your jet under-roos and your fireman helmet and create gigantic letters spelling ..I SUCK

they need to draft Dez Bryant for sure. sparano is a bum if they don't. he says he's happy with the wr's they have. what a joke.


Armando in a second ypu know it more touphe for the bills beacuse they where worst in record and the jets best thats why they put them easier your a shmok

When we catch the long ball I'll be interested in the Dolphins again, and when we have a secondary call me up...


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