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You make the pick for the Dolphins at No. 12

Well, for four months since the season ended way too early for the Dolphins, the experts have been debating which player the Dolphins should pick with their first round draft pick -- the No. 12 overall selection.

As you know the Dolphins have studied, poked, and prodded every possibility. Before it's over, Miami will have met, dined with and visited with each of the players on the list below. No one will be exempt from the process.

[UPDATE: Bryant is in town Friday to meet with the Dolphins, a source confirms. Now all the players on this list have met, talked to, worked out or played for the Dolphins personnel or coaching staff at the Senior Bowl. The Bryant visit was first reported by the Cowboys blog at ESPNDallas.com which adds Bryant also has visits set up in Cleveland, Denver, Seattle, and Tampa Bay.]

But the question here is whom do you, the fans, want the Dolphins to pick?

Ultimately, you don't get a say. That was clear in 2007 when everyone wanted Brady Quinn and the Dolphins picked Ted Ginn Jr.

But for today's short indulgence you do get a say.

I'm just curious which player the people want. And so have at the poll below. Make a choice, then go to the comments section and tell everyone what choice you made and why.

I did not include an "other" candidate, but again, you can speak up in the comments section about that as well.

This obviously is not a newsy item. This is a lighthearted item. Sue me.

Meanwhile, have a blessed Good Friday.