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You make the pick for the Dolphins at No. 12

Well, for four months since the season ended way too early for the Dolphins, the experts have been debating which player the Dolphins should pick with their first round draft pick -- the No. 12 overall selection.

As you know the Dolphins have studied, poked, and prodded every possibility. Before it's over, Miami will have met, dined with and visited with each of the players on the list below. No one will be exempt from the process.

[UPDATE: Bryant is in town Friday to meet with the Dolphins, a source confirms. Now all the players on this list have met, talked to, worked out or played for the Dolphins personnel or coaching staff at the Senior Bowl. The Bryant visit was first reported by the Cowboys blog at ESPNDallas.com which adds Bryant also has visits set up in Cleveland, Denver, Seattle, and Tampa Bay.]

But the question here is whom do you, the fans, want the Dolphins to pick?

Ultimately, you don't get a say. That was clear in 2007 when everyone wanted Brady Quinn and the Dolphins picked Ted Ginn Jr.

But for today's short indulgence you do get a say.

I'm just curious which player the people want. And so have at the poll below. Make a choice, then go to the comments section and tell everyone what choice you made and why.

I did not include an "other" candidate, but again, you can speak up in the comments section about that as well.

This obviously is not a newsy item. This is a lighthearted item. Sue me.

Meanwhile, have a blessed Good Friday.


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CJ Spiller, 4th best player in entire draft goes No 12

I'll take Earl Thomas and have one of the best secondaries for years to come.

Rolando McClain

lol wow nobody voted for Mcclain?I know he's overrated but I expected somebody to vote for him....

Dez Bryant running away with it

Suprized @ the short list. would have expected Kindle to be on here. Like someone above said Id take Earl Thomas n have a solid secondary for years


Anyone who has seen me post on this blog since the end of the season knows the one player I want more than any is Earl Thomas. This guy is going to be a beast no matter where he goes, but put him back playing center field, with Davis and Smith on the outside, good luck with that. Thomas makes Yeremiah Bell exponentially better, as he allows him to focus on what he does best. Also, Karlos Dansby may be used to help with some coverage responsibilities, but if Thomas is the pick, Dansby can focus on helping in the run game and for blitzing. Mike Nolan's scheme alone helps generate pressure, but if he knows he has superior talent in the back end, this makes his defense and looks that much better.

C.J. Spiller, best over all player in this draft!

Well everyone knows who I picked and why LOL. Dez Bryant he is a playmaker and our answer to the #1 WR position. His film shows his explosiveness and ability to make the tough plays. He also can do kick returns and punt returns. Put him in the right situation like the fins and you have a beast in the making. He also will allow Henne to develop and progress much quicker.

Stop it guys. We have a young QB you needs weapons badly. Dez Bryant has to be the pick.

I selected Earl Thomas. I know we need a WR but I'm not sure about Dez Bryant man. There's an iffy factor about him. Not with Earl Thomas though. A bad ass secondary would be great. Slowing those big powerful offenses in the 4th quarter would go a long way in the success of the Fins.

I know he's too much of a risk, but I voted to Dez Bryant. Its probably just a fantasy pick for the Dolphins, and it probably wouldn't work out too well if we did draft him. He needs a veteran mentor - someone that will take him under their wing and teach him what it takes to be a pro and handle himself off the field.
His raw talent is too good to pass up. In this pass-happy league, he'd be vital for the Dolphin's offense and judging from the initial results, I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

What makes any of you think it is a necessity to pick at #12? My strong opinion is that management will gladly look at trading down and collecting picks.

In fact it's obvious.

CJ Spiller , Earl Thomas , or Rolando Mcclain are only true value picks that should be there.
You can get Wr in second or third - Arrelious Benn ,Dmaian Williams , Lafell , Mike Williams !
If CJ is the pick , bet on Ronnie being traded for another 2nd rounder that could add help in position that doesent get drafted ( DT , S , OLB ).

i like dez bryant and look for them to take ohio state safty kurt colman in the 2nd or third hes a beast safty that has proven he can play thats for sure

I pick none of the above: Brandon Graham, OLB with Michigan.

Earl Thomas for sure! We need that FS to back up our rookies then we can go WR in the second round.

Already have made 101 comments... none necessary concerning my pick, But it is revealing how people think. I look forward to seeing tomorrows full results after everyone chimes in that is going to. Thanks Armando, I pray you have a blessed an safe Weekend.

I have a feeling Eric Berry may fall into the Fins lap at #12. If not Erle Thomas or Dan Williams. They will consider trading down if Eric Berry isn't there. If they do trade down and Dez Bryant falls they may bite.

Earl Thomas - I have watched him play now for 2 years and he is a great playmaker, great ball skills. I hear all of you who voted for Dez, but let me tell ya, there are gonna be great receivers that come out of this class that weren't drafted in round 1. Benn is a good example of that.

Taylor mays

Dan Williams...Baby !!!

They are going to draft the player they are interviewing now. With the 12th pick in the first round the Miami Dolphins select Dez Bryant!

Brandon Graham. We need a good pass-rush desperately, and Graham would fit beautifully. I don't see Dez Bryant as a good risk, and 12 is too high for a safety. Berry won't get past the Browns, if he falls that far. Dan Williams hasn't sold me after one good year We don't need McClain or Iupati, given our available players. I doubt that Morgan will fall to 12. Brandon Graham for me!

To All my Beloveded and Loyal DOLPHINS fans, please keep in mind that 2009 we had the hardest schedule in the NFL and we finish the season 7-9.Not Bad at all! Our Offense score and average of 25 ppg. Not bad at all! OUR DEFENSE IS OUR PORBLEM PERIOD. We will Draft DEFENSE(OLB'S,NT,DE,FS WR).

Dez Bryant will make an immediate impact and will open up the runnung game. Also i like that comment about Kurt Coleman, as a buckeye fan I know he is the real deal.

I voted Willams but now I'm thinking Lupatl. It would be awesome to have a spectacular OL like the skins' of the 80s'. We'd control the tempo of every game. run the ball on ANYBODY!!! Either way go for a lineman.

Of course Berry would be awesome but that ain't happening.

Spiller can do it all. Rushing, receiving, and returning! Plenty of talent at NT and Olb later on. Dude is a stud!

I would be fine with any of the picks except the guard and Dan Williams. Guard is not a need and Williams is a reach at 12. There are quality nose tackles that can be taken later. Earl Thomas would look awful good in our defensive backfield. I like Bell but he's not going to last forever.

Let see, Spiller = Avery/Booker. NO

Bryant = Charles Rogers. NO

Graham = Roth. NO

Morgan = Kumerow. NO

McClain = Crowder. NO

Lupati = dime a dozen. NO

That leaves Thomas and Williams, it's 50-50

I think the dolphins need help on both sides of the ball. They select wich ever player on both sides of the ball are ranked highest. My prediction: if it's offense, CJ Spiller. If it's defense, Earl Thomas.

Thomas is small. Got all kinds of skills, but I'm worried about his durability. FS is not my biggest concern.

we want attitude, physical mind-set, hungry dolphins want to win take DEZ BRYANT!!!!!!!!!!!

I am strongly in favor of Alex Dunnachie, the University of Hawaii punter (originally from Australia). This guys is a STUD. Think about the weapon he could be for us!
Dunnachie, is 6 feet 2 and 220 pounds, and was previously the top punter at the Ray Guy Academy for punters, kickers and long-snappers.
He has consistently hit it 65, 70 yards in his top kicks, and is a true weapon that no one in the NFL currently has.
Rick Sang, who is co-founder of the "Ray Guy Academy", said Dunnachie has had several punts with hang times well in excess of 5 seconds.
"He has natural power," Sang said. "He looks like a college tight end." The Dolphins would likely think of moving him to TE after his recent Pro Day 4.51 time in the forty, in addition to his punting duties.
Dunnachie has already expressed an interest in S Florida, because of the similar climate to Hawaii.
I am REALLY STOKED about this guy! Feel me fella's! ???

dez bryant babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Really? Dez Bryant guys? C'mon. Earl Thomas all the way baby. And just for the record I definately didn't want Brady Quinn in the 2007 draft. I cheered we didn't draft him, even though I had know idea we would have picked Ginn.

Mando, when is the next time you're on the radio? Miss listening to you, man.

Sal, you need some lovin from a woman or man if that's how you swing.


I say Earl Tomas too or Sergio kindle,Rolando mclain,or Pierre Paul pick a wr in 2-4 round so we don't waste another 1st rounder on a wr that couldn't catch a football if someone put it in his ands with glue on it

Morgan or Graham who wasn't on ballot because consistent pressure is most important aspect of Mike Nolan system. I could live with Thomas or Williams because I think Mike Williams will be a #1 wr later in the draft.

The offense in Miami is not the problem, it is the defense. Miami scored enough to be in games, but they gave up enough to lose them. Something tells me to expect big things from Patrick Turner. Miami should get a pass rushing outside linebacker in the 1st, then take the NT from UNC in the 2nd (unless Taylor Mays is there), then in the 3rd take a safety or if a better corner is available they take him and move Smith to safety.

Earl Thomas,
-ILB was handled with Dansby, lets give crowder one more year with an ILB better than Ayodele. Mcclain is out.
-The Trifecta has show they ca find good OL depth in the later rounds, plus we just signed Incognito, and technically Smiley hasn't been traded yet. Iupati is out.
-Honestly I don't know much about Derrick Morgan, so i may unjustly be ruling him out, but I am.
-The Trifecta has shown time and again they will not pick a WR first. It just isn't going to happen, especially with the question marks.Dez is out.
-History shows the Trifecta find their DT later in the draft, while i was on the Dan Williams boat for awhile, i like Jeff Owens out of Georgia in the 4th round perhaps. Dan Williams is out.
Earl Thomas, he will be an immediate upgrade to the position, and his presence with coverage over the top will allow vontae davis and sean smith to grow.

Earl Thomas or Dan Williams, or possibly McLain. You know Parcells is going defense with the first pick.

OLB/DE Brandon Graham

With Nolan as DC we need as much pressure as possible on the opposing QBs!

When teams beat the old Fins they got to Dan Marino. When teams beat P. Manning (hot blitzer caused the Manning errant SB throw that Porter picked off) they get to him. Ditto Brees or any other QB.

When outside run containment and disrupting backfields is factored in OLB/DE Brandon Graham would be the best use of our 1st round pick.

If they could slide back and gain and extra pick even better...

If they pick is OFF then it would be the versatile C.J. Spiller. The Sparano coveted position flexibilty of playing RB,WR,PR,KR

I like Iupati a lot BUT you can get Ole Miss G John Jerry later in the draft. He tested better than Iupati at the combine and is just as big.

Right now Berry or Thomas would fill the empty spot

As much as I like Dez Bryant's potential, would prefer the Dolphins sign or trade for a veteran WR playmaker and draft either Earl Thomas, Eric Berry Dan Williams or CJ Spiller...Of those 4, it also ought to depend on what kind of likelihood we could get a good player at the same position in later rounds, don't know enough about that, but on need alone I say we choose a safety, on talent we choose Spiller, and to play it safe go with Dan Williams..
Most probably, I would choose Spiller just because this guy seems to be a TD man and we need TDs!

A darkhorse choice if he falls far enough could be S Taylor Mays.

They saw him first hand up close at the Senior Bowl in which he did have a pick.

He doesn't have the Wilson hop on for the ride tackling techniques.

BP has ALWAYS believed in the "planet" theory... i.e. Only so many people on the whole planet have his size/speed combo.

Bonus Plan is the could always try him at OLB if he didn't pan out at Safety. A height of 6'3 1/8 @ 230lbs running anywhere from a 4.28 - 4.41 depending on who's stop watch you believe.

I like Safties Morgan Burnett or Reshad Jones as excellent prospects. If either is there in the 3rd I think that is outstanding value.

Dez Bryant....if he's good enough for Jerry Jones....he's good enough for me.

Choose the best player available on defense..Most likely that will be Dan Williams


Spiller is a VERY talented and versatile RB.

If you want a guy that is a virtual clone of Spiller that should go somewhere in the 2nd round try RB Jhavid Best from Cal.

Here is a link you can cut and paste to watch some of his game footage and see what you think.


I think he has as good or better hands than Spiller and times faster at the combine. Best was 2 lbs heavier at the combine. They are near clones in most categories.

I think if they wanted a versatile RB,WR,PR,KR type player they could target Best in the 2nd round and grab OLB or S in the 1st.

Let me know what you think?


Parcells and Nolan will make him the next Demarcus---you give them Talent they make them into the most dominant pass rushers in the Game----


Dont 4get Mike Nolan also drafted Manny LAwson

Its fate i have been watchn this kid since Cincinatti game---i made the pick in October---once in a while i get these things rite---

I voted for Dez. This WR class is thin and I'm not sure anyone of value would be there in the 2nd round where is this defensive class is stacked and someone could fall. If not Bryant I say Earl Thomas or CJ Spiller.

Derrick Morgan we need a pass rusher and since the draft seems pretty deep at NT no need to really pluck one #12 over all. And with a good pass rush ever Gibril would have hard time gettin beat. I mean look at when the Giants beat the Patriots. I really dont consider that to have been one of the best secondaries but since they had a bunch of guys that get to the quarterback it made the secondaries jobs much easier

Hi Rob, Best looks great on film. especially like his receiving ability. I wonder how a player like that falls to the second round...Though, I also liked Ted Ginn on film before he was drafted, so you never know..

i voted dez Bryan
i know we need defense but we need a play maker and he is one Jeff Ireland all ways talk a bout play maker just thing Bryant and ted jr
who is going to stop them try to stop them and here come THE TRAIN R&R cant wait for draft day


wassup bud! Good ta see you on.

I am afraid I can't back the JPP choice. Dis you see Path to Draft and the Draft programming on NFLN?

They showed him at his Pro Day and he was Ssssssloppy! He is not that coordinated and looked awkward. Almost newborn storkish!

His 3 cone drill he stumbles throughout and almost spilled face first as he crossed the line.

1 year of small college production? ONLY 6.5 sacks despite his lesser comp at South Florida?

I am suprised you like him so much.

I am not knocking you for sure... just the player seems like a reach based on "later" potential only. Too risky!

Demarcus Ware he will never be! (Just my prediction...you have you own I know.)

who the heck put up those graphics on the top? and how did they get their IT job!

Middle Defense!!!! DT or Safety, and judging from our secondary last year, get the kid from Texas(Thomas).

Howdy Jed,

Jed he was on pace to drag race Spiller for the #1 RB spot down to the end but he had a crazy freak tackle that gave him a concussion. You can decide whether it is a freak thing or not?

Here is the link:


I feel it was an avoidable situation that was caused by him leaping into the endzone instead of diving low. The guy tackling him hits him up and off kilter and lands very hard knocking his helmet off. He landed wrong from high up and thus caused the concussion from hitting his head on the fall.

The injury actually may allow him to be available later than his talent level would normally allow.

He is a tough guy and does not play like Ginn. You can see him diving on the clips, hitting tacklers etc.

Ginn has trouble in the NFL as he lacks courage to take the big hits. He has more straightline speed and is not good side to side like Best and Spiller.

Best and Spiller play RB which usually requires more toughness as they take more hits than WR's do typically.

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