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Salguero NFL pre-camp rankings No. 32 to No. 1

For some reason, this morning when I woke up I got this wild hair idea to give you my NFL ranking of teams from 32-1. Six hours later, I'm done writing.

So with no further delay, the Salguero NFL 2010 pre-training camp rankings:

32. Tampa Bay: Gerald McCoy is an upgrade for the defensive line, but folks in Tampa will soon see he's not in Warren Sapp's league -- good not great. The quarterbacking is suspect, they've exchanged experienced WR talent for inexperienced and untried WR talent, the running game is pedestrian, and there is nothing about the coaching staff or front office that induces confidence.

31. St. Louis Rams: Improvement! They were the NFL's worst team last year but the truth is until and unless the Sam Bradford pick takes hold, this team will be struggling near the bottom of the pack. Sorry, Lou, but A.J. Feeley can be a lockerroom killer. And, yes the offensive line will be somewhat better with Rodger Saffold, but the DL, 27th versus the run last year, is a leaky dike.

30. Buffalo: Very few folks with other options want to go to Buffalo -- not bigtime coaches nor players. It's the reason the franchise has struggled since the start of free agency in the mid-1990s. The quarterback situation is unresolved, the defense is transitioning to the 3-4, they dismissed one of their more effective playmakers in Terrell Owens, and everyone else in the division is good. That is no formula for success.

29. Jacksonville: The big free agent signings were, wait for it, a special teams player (Kassim Osgood) and a defender (Aaron Kampman) that had 3.5 sacks last year. They reached in the first round on Tyson Alualu, nobody is showing up to games, this is a train headed in the wrong direction.

28. Detroit: The Lions scored core players in the draft's first round (Suh and Best) while continuing to shore up the secondary in the third round (Amari Spievey). Kyle Vanden Bosch will bring veteran professionalism to the locker room and some solid production to the field. But look out for the biggest jump to come from the quarterback (Matt Stafford) and wide receiver (Calvin Johnson) positions. This team has stopped declining.

27. Oakland: They actually had a good draft! Cryptkeeper Al Davis didn't over-reach or make any head-scratching gambles -- those have backfired in recent history. But this team is still overcoming the mistakes of its recent past (JaMarcus Russell) and the coaching is simply not stellar outside of passing game coordinator Ted Tollner.

26. Cleveland: The Browns have straightened out their front office -- largely by raiding the Dolphins front office -- and are well on their way to returning to, um, mediocrity for the short term. Mike Holmgren and Tommy Heckert Jr. have done fine work turning the CB spot from a weakness to a strength by trading for Sheldon Brown and drafting Joe Haden. If T.J. Ward can stay healthy, the deep secondary is also taken care of. But the Cleveland offense, No. 32 last year, still reeks. Jake Delhomme is highly paid but highly inconsistent. And that will be this offense's story in 2010.

25. Arizona: To recap, they've lost Kurt Warner, Antrel Rolle, Karlos Dansby, Bertrand Berry, Bryant McFadden, and Anquan Boldin. And while I love Dan Williams and Daryl Washington as their first two draft picks, adding aging vets Joey Porter and Alan Faneca is not about getting better but plugging leaks poorly. The Cards, a Super Bowl team in 2008 and division winners in 2009, will be fighting Seattle for third place in the NFC West.

24. Seattle: Leon Washington (if healthy), LenDale White (if motivated) and Russell Okung (if he lives up to his draft status) should help the running game improve on last year's terrible (26th overall) rating. That should also take pressure of Matt Hasselbeck and perhaps help him stay healthy. Simply, if the QB is healthy, the Hawks can vie for mediocrity. If the job falls to Charlie Whitehurst, a talented but inexperienced career backup, it's going to be a looong season. 

23. Washington: They were perhaps the most active team this offseason, hiring an outstanding new coach, trading for a future Hall of Fame quarterback, and adding more horses at running back than a stable at the Kentucky Derby. All that is well and good, but the quarterback is not everything. Donovan McNabb can't do it all. The offensive line, and secondary are question marks. The drafting of Trent Williams will solve some of the OL problems once he gets over his rookie growing pains. 

22. Carolina: One does not get better by losing Julius Peppers, having a coach enter a season as a lame duck, having no first round draft pick, and using the second-round pick on a player (Jimmy Clausen) who probably will not play as he learns the NFL game. As horrible offseasons go, Carolina is right up there. Their best move might have been picking Brandon LaFell in the third round because at least he might start in 2010.

21. Denver: Josh McDaniels acts like he knows things no one else does. So he's traded away a franchise quarterback, a franchise wide receiver, gotten rid of a fine defensive coordinator, reached for Tim Tebow in the first round, traded away his starting TE, and pieced together an offensive line with a ton of question marks and one major injury -- the patellar tendon tear to left tackle Ryan Clady's left knee. McDaniels will also learn that there is a reason Akin Ayodele was cut.

20. Kansas City: New England Midwest got significantly stronger in the defensive backfield this offseason with the drafting of Eric Berry and Javier Arenas, who will be a fine nickel player. The rest of the defense, putrid against the run last year, is still a work-in-progress. The offense should be better with the addition of running back Thomas Jones and center Casey Wiegmann. Both are in the twilight of their careers, but serve as upgrades for this team nonetheless. It'll be interesting to see what new OC Charlie Weis can do for QB Matt Cassell.

19. New York Giants: Yes, this is a surprise but this team is starting to age and not very well. Despite an emphasis on the defensive line, opponents were able to run the ball quite well last season. Adding rookie Linval Joseph will probably only make up for the loss of Fred Robbins. Jason Pierre-Paul is a project player who as a rookie has the feel of a wonderful athlete but only an average football player. He needs much work. The Giants have no backup quarterback, having replaced David Carr with Jim Sorgi. If Eli Manning breaks down, this is a cellar-dwelling team. Otherwise, welcome to third place in the NFC East. Again.

18. Chicago: They were 7-9 despite the fact Jay Cutler threw 26 interceptions. Twenty-six interceptions! If new OC Mike Martz can get Cutler to cut that number in half, the Bears win 10 games this year. The expensive addition of Julius Peppers will work only if the player feels he has to live up to his salary -- something that hasn't always been the case. The return of linebacker Brian Urlacher will help but the release of Alex Brown remains a head-scratcher. Former Dolphins seventh-round pick Devin Aromashodu seems on the verge of stardom.

17. San Francisco: They added a future Pro Bowl player in Mike Iupati but reached badly for Anthony Davis. Safety Taylor Mays will remind the Bay Area of Ronnie Lott in the manner he hits, but definitely not in the manner he covers. The team also improved its return game by getting Ted Ginn for a fifth-round pick -- a good trade for them. But let's face it, the 49'ers look set at most of their positions save quarterback. If Alex Smith can finally become a solid NFL starter, this team wins its division. If Smith continues his roller coaster career, this team once again struggles to win eight games.

16. Pittsburgh: They want to go back to their old pounding running game personality because quarterback Ben Roethlisberger won't be around for at least four games and possibly up to six games. The addition of Maurkice Pouncey to the offensive line will help that. Santonio Holmes is gone so the air around his former hotel room on the road has cleared. But that means second year player Mike Wallace needs to become the star his rookie campaign suggested he could be. The defensive front and linebackers are solid but the cornerback play is still a concern despite the re-aquisition of Bryant McFadden.

15. Houston: Signing a kicker and former Dolphins offensive tackle Wade Smith in free agency, while losing standout cornerback Dunta Robinson is not the way to improve a team. The Texans seem to be forever treading water around the 8-8 mark and this year bodes no differently as the defense seems weakened by the loss of Robinson and coming suspension of Brian Cushing. The offense has made no significant improvement. Matt Schaub will once again have to throw for nearly 5,000 yards to keep the Texans above .500

14. Tennessee: They are counting on this draft to help immediately and last year's draft to finally help because it certainly didn't contribute much in 2009. The Titans are obviously also banking on Chris Johnson being able to continue his torrid rushing pace which could be a reach because he simply doesn't have the size to carry 720 times in two years -- particularly not if he sits out most of the offseason and preseason in a contract squabble. The picking of Derrick Morgan should deaden the pain of losing Kyle Vanden Bosch.

13. New England: I'm sure there will be angry e-mails from Massachusetts. Too bad. Tom Brady is still great, but honestly, he's not working as hard these days as he once did. Wes Welker probably will not be around early in the season and it might take a while before he's 100 percent. The team doesn't have an offensive coordinator or a defensive coordinator and that's just weird. The cornerback spot is still a weakness despite the selection of Devin McCourty in the first round. And the running game ... well, what running game?

12. Philadelphia: The good news: Brandon Graham will be 2010's defensive rookie of the year and he will not fail any drug tests. Nate Allen will be solid in the deep secondary and Ricky Sapp will seem like a bargain if the Eagles let him rush the passer on a situational basis. The bad news: One does not improve by getting rid of a great quarterback and sending him to a division rival. The bet here is Kevin Kolb will not have a better season in 2010 than McNabb had in 2009. And trading away Sheldon Brown will not result in a net gain.

11: Cincinnati: If Antonio Bryant stays healthy and tight end Jermaine Gresham, a tight end with deer speed, is recovered from his knee injury, the Bengals slow-developing offense will finally give quarterback Carson Palmer weapons to work with. The prediction here is that Jordan Shipley will also become a favorite of the veteran quarterback. Cincy's defense is intact and actually improved the depth at corner with the addition of Brandon Ghee. Adam "Pacman" Jones? Special teams help. Nothing more.

10: Miami: They've come a looong way this offseason. Seriously. The addition of Brandon Marshall means the Dolphins finally have a consistent playmaker in the passing game. Adding inside linebacker Karlos Dansby and moving Randy Starks to nose tackle will help solidify the run-defense that fell from No. 10 in 2008 to No. 18 last year. The secondary remains a major question mark with the free safety spot a huge concern. If Chad Henne develops into a top-tier quarterback, this team should be back in the playoffs. If he doesn't, 8-8 here we come.

9: New York Jets: Yeah, they're making Super Bowl noises but that's just what it is -- noise. The Jets didn't improve by switching out Thomas Jones and Leon Washington for Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson. They took a step back which isn't the best way for a running game to go. Their pass-rush, nearly non-existent last year, will be better with the addition of Jason Taylor, and Antonio Cromartie improves the secondary. But left guard is a concern as is at least one defensive end spot.

8: Minnesota: Will he? Won't he? And how is his ankle? All the questions about the Vikings revolve around Brett Favre and whether he'll play his 20th season or not. I believe he'll play. I also believe age will begin catching up to him. Simply, it is hard to expect another 33-TD, 4,200-yard season from a soon-to-be 41-year-old. The Vikings still have an excellent offensive line and running game and can bring pressure on defense, but they don't scare the elite teams with a diminished Favre or Tarvaris Jackson at QB.

7. San Diego: The Chargers upgraded by adding rookie running back Ryan Mathews, who will retrun dowhill running to the San Diego offense. But there is no visible upgrade in trading out Antonio Cromartie for Nathan Vashar and Donald Strickland, who are nothing more than backup players at this point. The idea of eliminating a player that's motivated only 75 percent of the time is a good one, but only when he's replaced by someone as talented and more motivated. The Chargers failed in that regard. This is still a highly talented roster, led by perhaps the NFL's best quarterback.

6. Dallas: The Cowboys have plenty of talent at all positions with the possible exceptions of left tackle and safety. Yes, Alex Barron is now in town and will compete with Doug Free to protect Tony Romo's blind side, but can he stay onside? The team cut Ken Hamlin, who is still on the market, but hasn't really replaced him. Owner Jerry Jones took a huge gamble in drafting Dez Bryant, who is clearly still out of shape after missing most of 2009 at Oklahoma State. But the kid has great potential and seems to be in the right place because he'll get advice from Michael Irvin.

5. Green Bay: The Packers needed to keep their talent early this offseason and did exactly that by re-signing offensive tackle Chad Clifton and rewarding playmaking safety Nick Collins. The other major assignment was shoring up the offensive line and GM Ted Thompson did that by selecting tackle workmanlike Bryan Bulaga with the first overall selection. The rookie might play at guard initially. The Packers are so solid they used their second and third round picks to address possible future needs. 

4. Atlanta: They have the franchise quarterback. Matt Ryan reminds of a young Tom Brady. The passing game and running game are in great hands. The secondary is better with the addition of Dunta Robinson. First round pick Sean Weatherspoon is going to be a star in the NFL someday and will be in sub packages as a rookie. The Falcons will also get an added punch by the return of 2009 first-round pick Peria Jerry to the lineup, after he missed all but two games with a knee injury. This team has the feel of a comer. 

3. Indianapolis: The left guard question remains and there are questions about the return to health of safety Bob Sanders and receiver Anthony Gonzalez. But the Colts don't seem to be sweating the Gonzalez injury based on the expected improvement of Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie. On defense, Colts fans are going to love Jerry Hughes and Pat Angerer, who might become core players on the defense for the next decade. Oh yeah, Peyton Manning is pretty good.

2. New Orleans: Charles Grant is gone, but younger, better Alex Brown replaced him. Running back Mike Bell also left via free agency but the bad news is the Saints might have to pass more. Let's face it, the only things that can derail this team are complacency or a wave of injuries. Quarterback Drew Brees is likely to work toward preventing the former. That latter is a matter of fate. 

1. Baltimore: Anquan Boldin gives them an answer for third-down and crunch passing situations. Donte Stallworth comes with a new view of life after spending the past year on suspension. They drafted talented tight ends Dennis Pitta and Ed Dickson to offer yet more large targets for quarterback Joe Flacco to hit -- assuming Todd Heap isn't on the field, of course. Derrick Mason is back. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed haven't slowed down. Terrell Suggs is healthy again. And while house-sized defensive tackle Haloti Ngata recovers from pectoral surgery, the Ravens will give lots of training camp snaps to condo-sized Cory Redding and mansion-sized Terrence Cody at defensive tackle. Oh, almost forgot, if Suggs and Jarret Johnson and Antwan Barnes aren't getting to the QB enough, the Ravens will probably throw top draft pick Sergio Kindle in the mix as well. They're loaded!

[BLOG NOTE: I'll be off until next Wednesday, so I'll post again then. You have plenty to chew on until then, I'm sure. And remember to read my Sunday column in The Herald or online at on the Herald site because it will explain why I ranked the Jets and Dolphins practically together.]


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Great posting Derek, and you are right, this is when the blog is at it's best. No insults, no conspiracies. Different ideas, it was great. Have a goodnight

Cut on Sporano over something as stupid as his field goal fist pump?

HELL YEAH! I couldn't resist. I think it's funny :).
Still, you have to admire his obvious enthusiasm and passion for the game.

Shula looked goofy sometimes as well. Remember his lean during field goals or his temporary loss of "coolness" when a RB or WR would break loose at the second level? Classic.

Tony made a couple of rookie mistakes. He went for a field goal instead of TD once right before halftime. The timeout gaffe.

Other than that though, if all you can complain about is his goofy looking field goal first pump, I'd say you're in pretty good shape.

PFT is saying Will Allen to Free Safety--

if so, well I'll be darned.


I do find it odd that he seems more excited over a FG than a TD. Shula had that lean, I forgot about that, great memory. I'm glad Sparano is our coach, that is for sure. Especially when compared to Saban, Cameron, or Wannstedt.


now I see the deviousness of PFT---they convert a SS report from the JT fundraiser that Will Allen is so eager to play that he WOULD play FS IF asked, but thathe has NOT been asked and has heard of no such plan from the front office, to .....WA WILL play FS//

pft = bs

I'll be a little peeved if Will Allen is the FS, I usually defer to the Trifecta, but this is a TERRIBLE idea. The only way this seems even viable, is if we try getting our best cover guys on the field at once. I don't like it.


first, you are correct

second, go read the SS blog post---PST has TOTALLY twisted Allen's comments

there IS NO PLAN, ALLEN has heard of no plan, and is not demanding or suggesting or wishing or hoping for FS...he MERELY said, IF asked, he'd do it.....

big diff from "he's moving"!!!


That is why I hardly frequent PFT for information anymore. I suggest the national football post, they are superior to PFT. It was funny because even in the PFT writeup, none of Allen's quotes show anything than a willingness to contribute, no matter the position.

I include Jimmy Johnson in that group as well.
He did some good things, but ultimately he was a quitter. He didn't finish the job he set out to do, and helped usher in the era of "The Lost Decade".
I was heading north on I-75 just coming into Cincinatti when I heard Shula would not return as coach of the Dolphins.
To me, It was the same as how people used to say they would never forget where they were or what they were doing when they heard about Pearl Harbor, JFK or 911.
I knew right then it would be catastrophic-LOL.

Tony's unquestionably the best thing we've had since Shula.
He's tough enough to demand respect and smart enough to let his assistant coaches coach.

That's a good combination and finally the Trifecta has returned the pride in being a Dolphins fan.

Geez! I better lighten up, I'm starting to here the Star Spangled Banner playing in the background ;b


Your star spangled banner comment is freaking hilarious, you and Soiled always crack me up. I had not heard Soiled's first thing you do when you get to church thing, also freaking hilarious. I remember where I was when I heard Shula was out, the day we traded for Ricky, the Cleo to Camariilo play, and now the Brandon Marshall trade.

Barring a slew of bizzare injuries, I don't think Will Allen will ever play safety.

It just doesn't make sanse to me. First, I don't think his skillset fits at FS.

Second, we spent a 1st and 2nd on corners, and it paid off big time. The emergence of Smith and Davis in addition to Allen makes CB suddenly a team strength. I admit I'm biased, but I think we have one of the best trio's in the NFL. You have to have 3 good ones in todays NFL.

I would car jack a Brinks truck and deliver it to Atogwe before I moved Allen to FS.


Maybe I'd just let Culver, Clemons and Jones battle it out.

God! I can't wait for training camp!

thanks for the Nat'l FB post tip -- i'll check it out----this was the worst case I've seen of PFT headline BS unsupported even in their own article, AND totaly unrelated to the blog/story (SS in this case) referred to.

Nite all.

WOW,lots of football talk and no crap!Again, I don't post alot but read all the time and most of the questions or comments I have are all ready asked or have been talked about before I get here (I am on second shift).I like the way this is going with just football talk,most of you posters know what the hell you are talking about and I'm glad you'all keep me informed.THANK YOU.OHHHH,gotta say it SORRY GUYS I know it's a FIN blog but GO FLYERS!!!



Good Morning Dolfans

Home Is clearing up some of the confusion on OTAs,when they are starting and if the Veteran Players can play with the Rooks

This week The Dolphins will hold their first organized team activities of the 2010 off season
Our Miami Dolphins have 2 OTA days this week on Tuesday and Wednesday and then have two more next week (Monday and Wednesday) before a Memorial Day Weekend 3 Day Veteran Minicamp May 28th to the 30th

Hope this clears up some of the confusion

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

If U R Not The Sharpest Tool
In The Miami Herald Dolphin Blog Shed

Miami Dolphin OTA Tomorrow
Tuesday May 18th 2010

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Hopefully We Will Have More Trade Miami Dolphin Trade News In The Next Week

Justin Smiley Should Be Dealt BEFORE VETERAN MINICAMP prior to the beginning of the Summer 3 day weekend

At 28 yrs old and "Justin" (pun intended) at bout 310 and with a chronic shoulder injury
Miami Dolphins have decide to go with
Younger & Bigger "Big John" or The Player with Mammoth Strength & The Biggest Guns On The Team
Donald Thomas

While Smiley Is Known As A Good Pulling Guard
John Jerry & Donald Thomas R Bigger Straight Ahead Bull Rushing Type O-Line Men and

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

I would say top 15:

1.) N.O.

2.) Balt.

3.) Colts

4.) Min.

5.) Miami

6.) Dallas

7.) NY jets

8.) Green Bay

9.) S.D.

10.) Cin.



13.) TN

14.) Phi

15.) S.F.

Since I am currently on welfare and food stamps, I will be able to report on the OTA's since I am here 24/7

Imposter Posting of Jealous Fraud as
Home Is and has Been Self Employed For Over 10 Years

Imposter Posting @ 8:59 AM

Just like the BP Oil leak and our Mongrol President, I will spew my garbage all over this blog till it is totally ruined

If Dolphin team Chemistry & Coaching
All comes Together

U Hopefully Will Be 100% Correct, Sir

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

As U Can See IT DEPT
The Person Ruining Our Blog Can Be Found
Continually Impostering On This Blog

Of 8:59 AM & 9:04 AM

Home Out For Now

The Original

Self Employed = cannot find a real job because no one in their right mind would hire someone like me who believes in black helicopters and New World Order. No co-worker wants to work next to me.

I am banned from real work just like I am banned from Sun-Sentinel and will soon be banned from Herald

I sit at home all day hiding from HAARP Rays that don't exist.

I have WAAAYYY to much time on my hands, that is why I am a lunatic


IT Dept. Please BAN person at 8:59 and 9:10
There was a GREAT REASON why he was BANNED PERMENENTLY from Sun-Sentinel

He is a ROACH


Will Allen moving to fs!

I really think we have set our selves up nicely

Like you said its all about team chemistry and coaching (to be more specific - play calling because field practice coaching is top notch!) I'm excited to see how Nolan's scheme improves our overall defense!

Tulver at FS with R. Jones (steal of the draft) rotating and also being able to move S. Smith to FS in certain situations, we could make it work. The important thing about the FS position is that we need a cover guy and a playmaker not another SS.

I really believe S. Smith will make an improvement on playmaking this year! This guy has WR hands and game changing INT ability.

Jerry and D. Thomas at Guards should be a steady bull rush line. Can't wait to see our Offense in action!!

Also Imagine if V. Davis came over from SF next year (he wants to play on same team with his brother). That would be AMAZING weapons for Henne.... Marshall, Davis, Ronnie, Ricky, opens up huge space for Bess WOW!






I guess Armandos been on vacation lately?

Who are "WE"???????? LOL.....

Our great friend and REAL Dolphin Fan took a stand cause he LOVE the Dolphins

It is time for us to TAKE A STAND




Is this Omar Kooky and Harvey Penisindaface????

Dear Mr. Salguero

I noticed some protester picketing at the blog this morning.

"It is time for us to TAKE A STAND"

If I cross the picket line and post a comment does that make me a Scab poster ?

Will other Dolphin fans unite and ask for my expulsion from the blog ?.....cause when you really think about it, I havn't added any football knowledge to this blog have I ?

I hope I have never been the cause for some one to leave this blog.
Anywhoo we all post some crazy stuff some times.
Ever heard the phrase "One mans trash is another mans treasure"...works the same with opinions.

Soiled :)

Well Said Uncle Soiled.............

Lol @ Soiled.....Soiled is one of the reasons I CAN'T leave!!!

Agree Bobby, Soiled puts in the right Light.....Word has it that Soiled is actually Mel Brooks, Soiled can you confirm this?????

I hope your right about having the Fins ahead of Pats at number 10.
I've been thinking for some time pats have been on decline.
Certainly they are much older.
Their current depth chart off and def starters I calculated an avg age of 31.1, the only number above 30 in all of AFC. Miami perhps youngest at 26.1.
NE does amazing job manipulating draft last two years and next year...they have averaged what?... About five picks in top 75 pick?
Already I think they have two 1s and two 2s next year. Having said that, drafts have not been stellar.
Ravens certainly belong in too 10 I just for the life of me have yet to buy into all the Flacco hype.
I think his value is overestimated, not a bust like Jamarcus Russell but I think he will be average at best. Just don't see it. Henne will be better.
Flaccos 5 playoff games he has thrown 6picks to 1 int. Good experience for him however.

cuban must be at least 60 years old to compare soiled to mel brooks .


You are foolish man

why chris ?

just being sarcastic man

that was not sarcastic, any way i am sorry .

Okay, home and fake home, one and the same...
Please calm down. Way down, or drastic action will be taken.

Browns outside linebacker Matt Roth is hoping his stay in Cleveland is a short one.

Six months after Roth essentially forced his way out of Miami and the Browns claimed him off waivers, Roth asked Cleveland to trade him Monday, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Good Riddance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, for all the idiots bashing us for how we handled Matt Roth last year, the potential holdout has now requested to be traded. What a piece of work

Will Allen will NOT move to FS... This is a media creation. Will Allen will be CB # 3 all day long

Jamillion, What is up dude?

Its Culver at FS not Tulver... Clemons backing up.
Sean Smith at FS will not happen because they guy has poor upper body strength. He is Deon Sanders revisited (which is a good thing)

Yes, I remember the crying:
We let Roth Go....
We let Porter Go
We let JT Go

Waahhh Waahhh Waahhh

I hear King James wants out of Clevland too!!!!!!

I hear The Hard rock hall of fame also wants out of Cleveland, Shouldnt the place be called "Leaveland"?????? just my thoughts....

My dad is a diehard fan of the Browns, and I feel terrible for him. They have been awful


Probably one of the most depressing places I have ever been.


Its all good. :-

On the subject of Sporano. I am a supporter and in his corner. Fist pumps and all. He has one of the best mentors in the buisness and has for the most part come out of the shadow of Bill Parcells and is making a name for himself. That takes a man of strong character to be able to do that. It will only be a matter of time before Super Mario and BP heist the Lombardi Trophy in Miami

I just immigrated out to the kitchen and Oiled myself up with some Bourban.

When do OTA's start?

Will the rookies get to mix it up with the vets?

Posted by: odinseye | May 16, 2010 at 10:02 PM

If U R Not The Sharpest Tool
In The Miami Herald Dolphin Blog Shed

Miami Dolphin OTA Tomorrow
Tuesday May 18th 2010

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Posted by: Home | May 17, 2010 at 08:39 AM

OK, OK, I get it. I'm a tool. I never claimed to be sharp.

Just for the record Sharpie, the question was rhetorical. As in, Oh God, how much longer must we wait.

PS: To busy too talk now. Am using my inverted anti-HAARP RAY capacitator on Reshad Jones. Tomorrow he will blow up like a Volcano, Earthquake, and Tsunami all in one.

The Mighty Odin-Homus has SPOKEN!!!!

That takes a man of strong character to be able to do that. It will only be a matter of time before Super Mario and BP HEIST the Lombardi Trophy in Miami

Posted by: kris | May 17, 2010 at 12:46 PM

That's what I'm talkin bout! These guys will do ANYTHING to get that trophy. Their my kind of peolpe.
I wonder if they would let me be the "get away" driver?

odinseye,you aren`t allowed to post those words or mention the twenty mile by five mile oil plume under water, that you mentioned earlier or mention imposters trolls taking your identity or you will be banned.cussing and anti-gay and racial comments are okay,as you can see.big brother is watching you.

I thought this was a football blog

Why don’t people who have problems understanding and or ampersands use periods to end their sentences?

Waterboy/Bootang, I saw that too about Roth. LOL! You're exactly right (about people here crying we let him go). He was strange, something's screwy in his head, not sure what happened, but glad he's gone.

As for King James, did you hear why he wants out of Cleveland? The rumor is because D. West has been bangin' his mother. I know, it's crazy. MUCH different than JT dating Zach's sister (who he eventually married). But a teammates mom? That's too far for me. Not sure if it's true, but heard it on the radio up here today.

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