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A focus on the still lingering free safety question

There are some positions on the Dolphins that beg attention. The areas I'm talking about are unsettled, need adjusting or simply need more talent. One of the most interesting of those has been, and remains, the free safety position.

Free safety is a position that begs our attention because there are so many things going on. First, you should recognize there are "acorns," as general manager Jeff Ireland calls them, still out there that could be picked up and added to the roster.

Free agent safety Darren Sharper is not one of those guys. Sharper has two contract offers that he's considering -- one from New Orleans, one from Jacksonville. The Dolphins were not in the mix as of this morning and you should not expect them to get in the mix. Sharper, as I write this, has not been on Miami's radar all offseason so it would take a significant shift in direction for that to change at this late stage.

Sharper is an excellent player, a playmaker at safety. But Sharper is probably older (35 in November) than the type of player the Dolphins want to add to the roster now.

[UPDATE 4:41 p.m.: Sharper has agreed to a one-year deal with the Saints, according to a source close to him. Several news organization and websites, including profootballtalk.com, are reporting the same thing, citing a league source.]

There is the possibility the Dolphins might be planning to do something with O.J. Atogwe after June 1. The issue can get complicated but, in a nutshell, Atogwe is a restricted free agent who is not signing his tender. After June 1, the St. Louis Rams must extend his tender to keep him from becoming an unrestricted free agent.

But to extend the tender they must pay him 110 percent of his 2009 salary which was $6,342,021. Most observers don't see a way the Rams will extend a new tender of $6,976,223 after June 1. Atogwe simply didn't play up to that level last year after a very good year in 2008. So Atogwe may be hitting the market.

And the Dolphins might/should consider the 28-year-old as an option.

For now, the other options the Dolphins can consider are on the roster. And I would tell you the next month is important to those guys because how they perform in coming OTA sessions could impact whether the Dolphins chase an Atogwe or some other acorn in June and beyond.

That means Chris Clemons, Tyrone Culver, and Reshad Jones are on notice. They either answer the bell in May -- as much as they are allowed in Jones's case -- or the Dolphins will go looking for someone better in June and through training camp.

My feeling? Miami's 2010 starting free safety is not currently on the roster. Everything the Dolphins have done this offseason -- cut Gibril Wilson, chased Antrel Rolle and Ryan Clark, drafted Jones while seriously considering Earl Thomas -- suggests the Dolphins want to upgrade beyond Clemons and Culver.

No knock on either, those are just the facts.

Jones, by the way, is interesting in that he was all the rage during rookie camp. He visited the team priot to the draft and was thought to be a third-to-fourth round talent by many before going to the Dolphins in the fifth round. Although there have been past questions about his instincts, he has prototypical size.

"I felt him in the last couple of days," coach Tony Sparano said of Jones on the final day of the rookie camp. "He’s been around the football a bunch and made a couple of plays [Saturday] in the bubble. I think that he’s got the hardest job out there obviously because he’s got to get things lined up. I think from his standpoint it’s trying to figure things out defensively.

"We really didn’t throw as much at him defensively in this camp as we did maybe thrown at the offensive guys but we did throw a pretty good dose at him. It won’t be like when we get down the road here and he’ll be getting it fast, but, we threw a pretty good dose at him. He digested it pretty well; I thought he moved around great."

We will keep our eyes on Jones. Actually, we'll keep our eyes on all the free safety candidates -- because that's a position that if far from being settled.


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Stop ripping us apart please. We're very sensitive.



Mando edited the post. When it first came out this morning, it was there. Further proof, go read the first few posts, someone makes note of the same exact thing. Also the video was not there at first either. Either way, it makes no difference to me. I didn't attack you, and will not get into a debate regarding a reporter being right. If you believe in all of Mando's years that he not one time ever, made an error or reported something to be factual that wasn't, that is your opinion.

And lastly, just because Sparano was wrong, that doesn't make it okay for Mando to be wrong. Mando, being a good reporter, should fact check everything before he posts or writes am article. A very poor excuse for why he was wrong. I love Mando, and am not knocking him one bit. What difference does it really make, people have there preference for who they think is more credible than others.

Alex in Hialeah no have opinion. He only read what Armando says and believe it all no matter whats. Poor JT Bad Ireland AJ Edds no Zack why sky is falling?

Alex, try taking your head out mando's arse and come up for a breather. Heck , you're probably mando himself or even his IT GUY. You're a fraud and a kiss arser . How as mando saying miami won't get brandon marshall or no way miami gets a 2nd rounder for taylor last year working out ?? . those are just 2 example of many brown noser. Now get lost

boontang25, don't waste your time. he's one of armando's relatives. if he's not , then he's pretty creepy with his infatuation with mando.

If I may jump in the fray here because I effing feel like it: NJ, Armando NEVER said the Dolphins wouldn't get a second-rounder for JT. He quoted Parcells saying JT would not be traded. He also didn't say Marshall wasn't coming to Miami. He quoted Sparano saying Marshall wasn't coming to Miami.

If you have a problem with the information, then you should be upset that the Dolphins LIE all the time. Mando reports what they are saying, the lie is found out, then you blame Mando for getting it wrong. You're a joke.

Learn to read.

willi , it's amazing how you and alex pop up at the same time to kiss mando's arse. LOL !! You're a joke alex/willi or whoever you are at the time. I do have a problem with the dolphins lying but it doesn't mean armando can't correct something they say wrong. Mando is a big boy , he doesn't need kiss arsers like you to defend him.

I never said Mando is never wrong bootang. He is human so I assume he's wrong just like you and me and everyone else.

But NJ was defending Omar by saying he's as good as Mando which is a joke to anyone that can read. It's funny to me that NJ is HERE on Mando's blog talking about him behind him back.

No, I'm not Mando. Another thing NJ is wrong about. Par for the course for that guy.

He's a De-Cleeter!

Hey Alex:

What is all this anger about NJ's post. There was nothing in the post that was out of line. You may disagree with him but calling him out and asking for specifics is kind of ridicolous. In reality all of these reporters have their moments when they get something wrong. It is an occupational hazard. Lighten up and just talk football.



NJ Phin Fan is never wrong. Except when he said the Dolphins wouldn't be interested in Brandon Marshall and would not trade Ted Ginn and said they were going to win the AFC East last year and said the Dolphins would beat New Orleans, and claimed he's heterosexual.

Im talking about mando behind his back ??? LMFAO !!! It's right here for him and everyone else to read at anytime . Once again you show what a imbecile you are , par on course for you.

Thank you ken, i didn't say anything out of line. it's just another jealous troll . i love it !!!!!!


Damn the bloggers IT guys are now getting involved. I hope my IT guy doesn't get on here, because he won't be defending me. I have called him a nerd many times. He would not have anything nice to say I don't think.

I see your making friends again NJ....lol...)

If I may be the voice of reason here, anyone knows that Armando is the best there is in South Florida.

THIS POST shows that because he's saying outright there is no interest in Darren Sharper. Meanwhile all the other blogs and even the NFL Network is saying the Dolphins have interest in Darren Sharper.

Case closed.

Hey everybody , willi chirino is now nj phin fan's it guy. check out both of their directv's .com typepad accout, their both the same. isn't it amazing ??? what a f'n joke and fraud

My IT guy is doing three-to-five in Raiford.

he's now cali fin on directv's .com typepad account. are you f'n kidding me ??? LOL !!

Though I will say he(Alex) Attacked first...


Be sure to send him some good books to read, I am sure he would appreciate it

Thanks for this blog Mando. Excellent work as always. I think Reshad Jones will be a good player. Hope so.

Armando is good beat writer but he is no columnist

Jason Allen's not in the mix?

Wow , thanks menace for saying alex attacked first, then why say something about me in the 1st place. olive branch my arse !!!

Armando do a pretty good job

for a pats fan

NJ, It was a joke....

Geez...You guys are ridiculous, you never stop...Although nowhere near as ridiculous as suggesting that a P*$$Y like SEAN SMITH could play safety....What a joke!

Mandy did an article about that as well. I would call that pretty WRONG!

Marc,NJ, And myself on here....hummmm With all three of us on who is running hell????

by the way , check alex's blue typepad account that also is directv's .com. one guy 5 different names and personalities in about 2 minutes. what a f'n joke !! who 's the joke and fraud now ?? You got played !!! LOL !!

these people with many names like alex and willi are scum of blog earth

LOL @ marc , i agree with the smith to Safety point and thanks for pointing out the mando point.

LOL @ menace, now that was funny !!

Hey , what happened to my friend alex aka willi aka cali fin aka nj phin fan's it guy ??? You got played and busted outta here !! LMFAO !! I'm out for now. later men.

Well whether omar knows his stuff or he doesn't Jones better be the answer to FS because culver or clemons are not the answer. I agree with Mando that we need a stop gap. I don't see a starting caliber FS in our roster right now. The replay of the saints game yesterday showed me that. Culver got burnt badly on the back of the end zone by breeze. Although he did have an interception. But he's not any better than wilson that's for sure.


Since NJ is out, I have to go also because I have to wax his rim. That's how he rolls.

phins rock and the wets sucks ballz(alot). Jones is gonna start at FS cuz of his intangibles; speed, size, ball skills, hit power and tackling ability. sure he has alot to learn but he will succeed becuz of what we all already know.

our front seven is gonna reek havec on opposing QB's which will make his transition alot easier,IMO!!!

can anyboby in here tell me who was the starting FS for the giants 3 seasons ago(NO GOOGLING EITHER PEOPLE). try to REMEMBER people, the giants won a superbowl with their ability to hit and harass tom brady making it almost impossible to even complete passes.


atogwe is a bust

we still got will allen he maybe able to transition maybe even sean smith

but i like reshad jones aggression and i think our dee need a change of pace with the attitude

Armando was wrong when he posted a plagirized mock draft.
None of our corners will be moved to safety.
Will Allen would be great at nickle. He's used to linig up against other teams best recievers. At nickle he'll be covering No.2 and 3 recievers. It should be a piece of cake and it really solidifies us at corner.
Reshad Jones is a FS. He got moved to SS last year after the starting SS injured himself blasting Dez Bryant.
Clemons is better than Culver and gibril and could start right now. Still I'm hoping Jones becomes the rare rookie that makes a seemless transition and wins the starting FS spot.
Reshad's an assassin.

king pete it was wack ass girbril i see where your coming from

Is it preseason yet?

Any more Ted Ginn family jokes? Please!! Gosh, they are sooooo funny!

More please!

PS: We didn't draft Jones because Clemons and Culver aren't the answer.
We drafted another safety because we whiffed big time on Gerbil and Bell as good as he is, is on the wrong side of thirty.

Don't people ever THINK before they post?

Wait....now I'm confused?

I thought crack is whack. Gerbil's whack?

Great, I'm never going to catch on to all this hip lingo stuff.

having a great secondary is good n all but noboby can cover an NFL reciever if the QB has all day to throw.

lets not forget we have two steeler young corners with a years experience and a stud safety in bell already.

if odrick and wake lives up to expectation, im telling yall right now we gonna win our division people!

PO Black, I hear that Bravo channel is doing a series on the ginn family entilled "Ted Ginn and the family stone hands"

Yay. we're in May..2 more months till Idiocracy all season long..aren't u all excited????

all u girls on here arguing about mando's post being right or wrong please remember he's getting paid for it and yall not. no disrespect intended on my part put please stop its so not relevent to anything reguarding to our beloved dolphins. THANK U!!!

NJ has no room to EVEN dare say anything to anybody bout Marshall, PERIOD! you woke up that morning with draws all dirty....u know NADA...notta damn thing!!!

stick to DUMB bells my friend!


Maybe he gets paid 25 cents for each comment made to his blog..hmmmm..come to think of it, do journalists get paid well???, i think i might make more than armando

I don't have to be there to run hell...I got it like that

Cuban Menace,

Don't forget to set your DVR for the subsequent episode of the "Dez:'My mamma ain't no Ho' Bryant" Family special.

yes crack is wack geronimo youre satring to pick it up lol

crack ...gebril.. its all the same

I didn't know the Devil wears F U C K me pumps and mini skirts?

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