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A focus on the still lingering free safety question

There are some positions on the Dolphins that beg attention. The areas I'm talking about are unsettled, need adjusting or simply need more talent. One of the most interesting of those has been, and remains, the free safety position.

Free safety is a position that begs our attention because there are so many things going on. First, you should recognize there are "acorns," as general manager Jeff Ireland calls them, still out there that could be picked up and added to the roster.

Free agent safety Darren Sharper is not one of those guys. Sharper has two contract offers that he's considering -- one from New Orleans, one from Jacksonville. The Dolphins were not in the mix as of this morning and you should not expect them to get in the mix. Sharper, as I write this, has not been on Miami's radar all offseason so it would take a significant shift in direction for that to change at this late stage.

Sharper is an excellent player, a playmaker at safety. But Sharper is probably older (35 in November) than the type of player the Dolphins want to add to the roster now.

[UPDATE 4:41 p.m.: Sharper has agreed to a one-year deal with the Saints, according to a source close to him. Several news organization and websites, including profootballtalk.com, are reporting the same thing, citing a league source.]

There is the possibility the Dolphins might be planning to do something with O.J. Atogwe after June 1. The issue can get complicated but, in a nutshell, Atogwe is a restricted free agent who is not signing his tender. After June 1, the St. Louis Rams must extend his tender to keep him from becoming an unrestricted free agent.

But to extend the tender they must pay him 110 percent of his 2009 salary which was $6,342,021. Most observers don't see a way the Rams will extend a new tender of $6,976,223 after June 1. Atogwe simply didn't play up to that level last year after a very good year in 2008. So Atogwe may be hitting the market.

And the Dolphins might/should consider the 28-year-old as an option.

For now, the other options the Dolphins can consider are on the roster. And I would tell you the next month is important to those guys because how they perform in coming OTA sessions could impact whether the Dolphins chase an Atogwe or some other acorn in June and beyond.

That means Chris Clemons, Tyrone Culver, and Reshad Jones are on notice. They either answer the bell in May -- as much as they are allowed in Jones's case -- or the Dolphins will go looking for someone better in June and through training camp.

My feeling? Miami's 2010 starting free safety is not currently on the roster. Everything the Dolphins have done this offseason -- cut Gibril Wilson, chased Antrel Rolle and Ryan Clark, drafted Jones while seriously considering Earl Thomas -- suggests the Dolphins want to upgrade beyond Clemons and Culver.

No knock on either, those are just the facts.

Jones, by the way, is interesting in that he was all the rage during rookie camp. He visited the team priot to the draft and was thought to be a third-to-fourth round talent by many before going to the Dolphins in the fifth round. Although there have been past questions about his instincts, he has prototypical size.

"I felt him in the last couple of days," coach Tony Sparano said of Jones on the final day of the rookie camp. "He’s been around the football a bunch and made a couple of plays [Saturday] in the bubble. I think that he’s got the hardest job out there obviously because he’s got to get things lined up. I think from his standpoint it’s trying to figure things out defensively.

"We really didn’t throw as much at him defensively in this camp as we did maybe thrown at the offensive guys but we did throw a pretty good dose at him. It won’t be like when we get down the road here and he’ll be getting it fast, but, we threw a pretty good dose at him. He digested it pretty well; I thought he moved around great."

We will keep our eyes on Jones. Actually, we'll keep our eyes on all the free safety candidates -- because that's a position that if far from being settled.


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Yes, sometimes it is a problem :)


Posted by: ALoco | May 03, 2010 at 09:34 PM

Damn! Everytime I try to be funny AND politically correct, it never works out!

Me and Incognito from Golfito


I got yo back DAWG!

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I never really cared for these jerks anyway.
I say ban em all.

You sure are tall smart and handsome Mr. Moderator.

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Soiled just tell the moderator to go and lay on pricemaster's sofa.

What happened earlier with NJ and alex/willi responses? I dont want to have to read all the pages.

Ok guys, actual football question...

Which unsigned rookies free agent you think is most likely to make the team or even practice squad?

I'm hoping Travis Ivey makes the squad

Dear Mr. Moderator

Are the Rumors true you will be one of two best men at the upcomming wedding of P.M.

Do you need me to pick up your tux ?

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Whatever you need...I'm your go to guy

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Lame!You couldn't do any better man!

Posted by: Fishfan | May 03, 2010 at 10:15 PM

Dear Mr. Fishfan,

Thank you for the constructive critcism.
Everytime I try to be funny and politically correct at the same time it never works out.

I'm going back to the "drawing board" so I can come up with something that you might find acceptable.
Until then, might I suggest "following" Odinseye. He is much funnier than I, and good looking too :)

Where's my buddy moderator? He never answer my question... He also have wrong IP address for me... What a fraud... LOL

lol ok Geronimo ;)

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OH, just say it ain't so. This is a sad day indeed!

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By falling for this prank I my have called other posters jerks and demanded they be banned.

Is there anyway you could smooth things over for me.

Your always #1 Mr. Salguero

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What did you soil?


Obviously RGM will be kept around. I'd like to see big Vince stick, as well as Ivey. As Sparano says big guys like these aren't easily found. Vince was a guy I was hoping we'd look at leading up to the draft, and he is a good project for DE in our 3-4 defense.



The rest of you guys sound like a bunch of crybaby jet fans!

Odinseye is the only one here that's smart and intelligent(funny too!)!!!!

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I don't like fart jokes or imposters.

I do however like that new guy Geronimo.

His post's sound very intelligent and informative!

go Phins!

Dear Mr. Odinseye

"His post's sound very intelligent and informative!"

Yes he does...but thats because I've been tutoring him for well over two Armando Salguero Articles now.

He's got star potential all over him.

Soiled :)

Yes Odinseye and bet he is good with hand tools too.

Geronimo seems to have a man crush on Odin ;)

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If you recall I told you I just picked up the acoutic guitar on april 9th.

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Soiled I believe that's called a stranger hope that helped

Armando is still pounding the "We need a Safety" issue I see.
Is it being naive to believe as I do that much of the issues we has at safety last season had to do with Rookie Corners and a Linebacker Corps that was not all together impressive?
Don't get me wrong. Vontea and Sean are awesome and I believe are going to be around Miami for a long time doing great things. But they were Rookies, some times played like hero's but certainly made some boo boo's.
They can be excused, the linebackers cannot. With such crappy run stopping work at LB and their general inability to create any CONSISTENT (yes they made a few sacks) but there was NOTHING consistent about our pass rush or their ability to create any sort of disruption of the QB's mobility or his timing on passes.
I think Gibril was a mistake...okay? However, he was a "Home Grown" mental case when it came to play action. He knew if he did not get forward for run support it could get ugly. However, doing so left center field wide open for anyone who wanted to run underneath a well thrown ball.
I am just saying... we already have two draft picks and another guy (Culver) wrapped up in the FS position. All show promise. I just feel now that some of the up front issues are (hopefully) addressed... the FS position can settle a bit and will not be under a microscope every game...
Am I completely off base here? Are we really as screwed at safety as Armando is making it all out? Or is this just more "The Sky is Falling" drivel... To be cast aside as white noise or Charley Brown teacher talk?

Dear Mr. Fishfan

"Soiled I believe that's called a stranger hope that helped"

Well thank you.

And I'll thank the stranger later.

Soiled :)

alot of those int. were thrown right into his chest but he did lay some serious hits...hopefully we can groom him into the next Reed

by they way... hi "Soiled" ... what's shakin? Hey to you also "Odinseye"... hope all is well...

anthred... if you are speaking about "Jones"? I am with you... I have a feeling Jones is going to be one of the 5th rounders that you look back at and know you were fortunate to get him at that spot...

Dear Mr. Ask Bill Ruger

Hi Bill

You know me just talking nonsense.

I read your post...and understand it.(blushing now)
I've come so far.

Soiled :)

How are you derek vance?

That is good to hear Soiled... The trouble with all this stuff is just about the time you start to understand what it all means you realize just how useless the info really is...!

AX Bill Kruger why are U not posting in blue anymore ds?

Dear Mr. Soiled Bottom,

But my question is how do I pick my nose with numb fingers...I'm afriad I might go in to deep and cause some brain damage.

When playing guitar the right hand is the pick hand. Thus you pick your nose with the pick fingers.
The left hand is generally considered the calloused or "fingering" hand. Thus the fingering hand comes in handy for all types of "music making".

Give Ma Bottom my regards :)

I hope this helps.

Mando: Just wanted to say one more thing about the Ireland/Dez Bryant issue. Lufkin, Texas, police records acquired by ESPN on Monday show that Dez Bryant's mother also was arrested in April 2009 after she was caught selling crack cocaine to police informants. In August, she was found guilty of two felony counts for possession of a controlled substance and the manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance, and she was sentenced to 10 years' probation.
Now, I don't necessarily agree with the fact that Ireland asked the "prostitute" question and I recognize that Ireland has apologized to Bryant but how can she say she wants an apology from him. Shouldn't she be apologizing to her own son for selling CRACK COCAINE and being a felon?

She was actually sentenced to 4 years in prison, suspended upon completion of 10 years probation.
If she screws up again she's going bye bye for a long time!


Dont blame OSCAR he is a donkey's @zzzzz!

Fishfan , this is for you brown-noser . Blog post on march 4 rth 2010 by armando salguero. : " brandon marshall great talent , lots of baggage ". then go read on how armando tells us that brandon marshall to miami isn't happening .You have a good night arse kisser.

You are so full of it and yourself NJPHINFAN. I went all the way back to that March 4 post by Salguero and all it says is that it didn't make sense for the Dolphins to give up a first round pick for Marshall. They didn't. It also says the Dolphins weren't currently interested in Marshall. They didn't get him for two more months. So STFU, please. You don't know anything.

Just the name Odrick sounds like someone in a monster movie, I hope he plays like a monster too.

NJ PHIN FAN, I too have noticed that there are several brown nosers here. It would not matter if mando committed murder, they would still have his back. I say so be it. Funny how certain ones ALWAYS post within minutes of each. Very comical. I know you pasted a previous post to show the error of their ways. It wont matter to this group, they are way too up the @zzzz to know any better.

After watching Reshad's highlight reel, I feel a lot more confident he can handle the job. He looks like a hard hitting beast to me. Go Phins

Now that JT is out of the equation, are there any guys on our roster that you say, "we have to win now before our window closes"? Ferguson?
Ricky Williams?
Ronnie Brown is still pretty young, and his legs are even younger. His knee never seemed like a problem last year and the foot thing was flukey and could've happened to anyone in any condition. He could be 'in his prime' for at least another 3 years. Our QB is young, our WRs are young, our TE is young, our secondary is very young (very good, we hope so), We have a ton of youth now at LB, and mostly youth on the DL. Oh, and our OL isn't in a 'make or break' season either. We can continue to improve it in next year's draft too.
We can have urgency this year, but are not the least bit desperate. That kinda sucks for this year, but our schedule is so ridiculous that if we trotted the 2008 team on the field this year, they would only win 7 games.
OK, so we go 7-9 or 6-10 this year, get a much better schedule, and our team will be that much better in 2011 with an easier schedule taboot.
Miami Dolphins 2011 Superbowl Champs!

Mando, again, why do you say that the Dolphins were "seriously considering Earl Thomas?" As if the Dolphins are going to tell you their true strategies before or after the draft.



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