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Dolphins alumni (and me) head to Haiti today

A handful of Dolphins alumni are flying to Haiti today to help in relief efforts for the earthquake-savaged nation. I will be going with them.

The Dolphins contingent is scheduled to include former receiver and current vice president and senior advisor Nat Moore, and former safeties Bobby Harden, Sean Hill and Bryant Salter.

Our group is scheduled to arrive in Port-au-Prince at 2 p.m. and will take a tour of Project Medishare’s Hospital in Haiti. The Dolphins, Sun Life Financial and Project Medishare will present 13 ShelterBox tents to the 13 families that participated in the Haiti Connect Project that began on April 4.

Quarterback Chad Henne got the ball rolling on the project in April as he donated the first ShelterBox tent while participating in the video conference with one of the families that took part in the program. The additional 12 tents and Saturday’s trip to deliver the tents to Port-au-Prince were soon to follow through The Miami Dolphins/Sun Life Stadium Haiti Relief Fund. Included with the tents are aid and survival items that assist victims of natural disasters and other catastrophic events.

I obviously believe this to be a good cause. I also believe it will be a good column that I'll share with you in Monday's paper.

I've never been to Haiti before. And even though we are only going for the day, more than one person has recommended I pass on the trip. One person told me the story of one of Bill Clinton's Secret Service agents who was bitten by a tick and contracted lyme disease. He's been out of circulation for two months as a result.

I don't believe that will be my fate. I'm well prayed over. Check for the column from Haiti Monday.


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Howlaylueya a new post!!!

Do you know the earthquake in haiti was started by the New World Order , Haarp and By Chemtrails to reduce Population ??

Football new please. It's bad enough some kids almost got suspended from school for wearing american flag t-shirts on may 5th...what is this world coming to? And Hati...come on now, this stuff happens all the time there because they have NO building codes and you can actually sneeze too loud and knock any of those houses down. How bout some Fin's news??

make sure you catch up with your dr. to get any relevant vaccinations if needed, etc. probably should do some blood work before you go and when you get back. i have worked in critical care and have seen a few bizarre cases myself. anyway, good luck and we all admire what you will be doing. hope to see more columns soon.

The people of Hati didnt come rushing over when New Orleans got slammed...why do we have to clean up and fix everyone else's problems these days?

Better late than never. The 20 million dollar telecommunications company I work for was there within days providing critical communications. I can see why it would take a multi-billion dollar corporation full of multi-millionaires months to get there...Just sayin'

While I'm at it. I bet Chile' feels rather slighted being in the wake of Haiti. I know I'd rather go to Chile'!

Have fun!

Well Marc you said it...some choose to "pick" what place to go help, and what makes one place a priority over another?

If helping makes you feel better well great...don't expect a return favor from any of those countries. They will take our relief and help and then right when you fly away back home they are right back to hating on Americans...
I've traveled just about everywhere and Americans are not as liked as people believe

Good for you Armando.Go to the Doctors office immediately after you get back.There's a lot of strange things over there.

Yo, beerndrums. I made a comment a few nights ago about Toby Gerhardt and how if he were black, he would have been a higher draft pick. I must apologize I got my facts wrong. What happened was that he was on the Dan Patrick Show. Patrick asked him the question about what he thought about being a white running back. Gerhardt didn't really comment, and as things go, the question that Patrick asked became sort of his poll question for the rest of the day. I wanted to clear this up because it has been bugging me for the last couple of days.

Good on you, Mando. Performing this "mitzvah" (good deed for the less fortunate) brings all us commenters into the light.

Good luck on your mission. Looking forward to your column on the trip.

It's hard to fathom why anyone in a foreign country would not like you, Cowkilla.

I mean, it's not as if you're a stereotypical "Ugly American" or anything like that.

Oh, btw: Viva Los Suns; Abajo el SB 1070!!!

I have noticed that Chad Henne has donated his time, effort, and Money a whole lot this offseason! More than alot of players who make 10 times what he makes. Thanks to all the Miami Dolphins staff and players, fans and writers.


Daryl,I'm not really sure what you're talking about.I don't remember that conversation.

COWKILLA, for someone who has travelled across the world, you seem as ignorant as most U.S. who have never travelled.
If you ever decided to run for office, you'll fit in quite well though.
You probably enjoy making cheap one-liners you can then hide behind.

So...go ahead, make another stupid, uneducated comment to get a reaction out of other educated people. At least you might learn something.

(by the way running "stupid" and "uneducated" side by side can be a redundant use of words. Redundant means when someone uses something more that once...didn't know if you could pick up on the sarcasm, so I'd thought you would need the help).

You might fit better on a Raiders or Jets site.

Two days in a row of useless blogs...

Beerndrums- Beerphin,my bad

B.Marsh's new # will be 81 in honor of OJ! Best WR since.... No dissrespect to the current core.....Haynos.... Get paid....

Hey COWKILLA how about you go hand yourself somewhere???? F*** OFF

I'm not trying to agree with Cowkilla but everyone in the WORLD outside America that isn't in the government hates U.S.

I have to disagree with Devin and COWKILLA because I find it EXTREMELY easy to get laid when abroad. Even most Iraqis thought of us in a positive light...There's always people who will hate America and Americans, but, in my experience MOST people like us...Especially the women!

The only people I hate are Jets fans and Patriot fans.

I hope prayers work in Haiti. It's all voodoo down there.

lyme disease?Try walkin in the woods of P.a .Last year 4 friends got it and you have it for life.Take care and have someone look you over if your in the bush.Ticks don't (DIG in)till they check out the host and your clothes should be lite in color.no dark stuff.

You can see them better in lite(white ,baby blue,orange!,and yellow, when they crawl on you.


Sorry to inform you that you're W R O N G !!

America's Flag RULES.

Its a symbol of the greatest Country the world has ever known.

We don't send kids home for wearing our Flag on their Shirts!

...and you don't get to call us 'racists' for wanting to manage our own economy.

We can find a way to help people without hurting Ourselves in the process!!!!!

Do you get that?

2009 defensive rookie of the year Brian Cushing suspended 4 games for steroids. Good to see the league cracking down.

Question. Ive been noticing alot of posts about a fake aloco. How many alocos are there and how can i tell th real one?

Random thought. LT is one of the top 5 defensive players of all time, too bad hes a dooooshhhh crackhead. In my book Mike Singletary is No.1. "I want winners!" he said. Lol.

Joey in Jersey(armpit of Am), Go screw off, I was only talking to cowkilla. Do you get that??? Mind your business, fool.

Thundebolt, The real aloco sounds like a retard or halfwit. The fake one is the one who is posting all the g@y stuff.

There's always people who will hate America and Americans, but, in my experience MOST people like us...Especially the women!

Posted by: Marc | May 08, 2010 at 02:45 AM

Marc, tell this to the cuban menace. You know the part about you getting lots of women.

Well prayed over? And bill clintons guy wasn't? Guess he wasn't a good catholic boy. Get over lthe self-righteous religious crap, Mando.

Mbacharmas, that guy got the tick that jumped off of Clinton's crotch.

I'm sure the team is thrilled your coming along. Get your ego in check there Mando.

I've been to the other side of the island (Dominican Republic) a few times. Beautiful beaches and resorts.

Cushing from New Jersey suspended for roid abuse. NJ, you have anything to do with this?

Haha Amaya seems like a great kid I'm rooting for him

It would be nice for Amaya, if he works out. Roid abuse, yeah NJ does not play football so it is ok for him to do roids, for WHAT who knows.

Haiti is doing just fine with 11 billion dollars of tax payers money that we'll never get back. And that's not counting all the other money that has been raised by so called charities. This country produces nothing execpt babies. The earthquake was just Mother Nature thinning the heard.

I am waiting for wc and fhb to post anytime soon. You will see.

My roommate went to high school with kush in NJ and he said the summer going into senior yr he juiced and came back his senior season at NFL size lol.. Got recruited to USC and the rest is history.. Guess he wasnt satisfied with being JUST monstrously huge and fast

Phin4life translated meaning: I dont care about those black @zz fools and all their babies.

It makes sense that NJ uses roids. This would explain all his fits of rage over nothing. You are overcome with rage.

Good Morning Slaves
Been here 2 days and
See already Spammed by an Imposter @ 12:14 am


At Least Common Folks are Becoming Cognizant of
The New World Order

There Might Be Hope 4 This Human Race

Congrats Armando
Any Help
U Can Give
Is A Good Thing

Why don't you go to Nashville, we have done enough down there time to help our own.

Hello fellow fins fans......this is just a test.

Well I guess the test worked. I have been reading these blogs for years and decided to sign up and get in the mix from time to time with you guys. I think this year will be very exciting with the addition of B. Marshall and K. Dansby. Also I think we had one hell of a draft. Anyway there is my 2 cents for now. Good day all.

USA Militia
Is Taking Over The Island
Good Strategic Location

Ask Nat Moore
If He Thinks Pro Bowl WR Brandon Marshall
Will Be As Good As Home
Has Been Telling Us

Home Has Been On A Campaign
To Bring in Brandon Marshall 4 The Last 6 Months

Will Brandon Marshall Score 14 TDs
Like NostraHomeUs Says?

Armando & Fellow Bloggers
Welcome joe

Great Job Helping the Victims But
Armando Do Not be So Naive

This was Deliberate & Planned

Haiti is prime real estate once you get all the locals off it. The US military is now in control, without firing a shot. I gotta hand it to the Illuminati, they are very smart. They can take over a country and murder thousands and then be thanked from the bottom of the victims hearts. Very smooth. The Illuminati have a pact with the devil, not the Haitians.

Where can I find a useful dolphins blog?

you want a freakin medal of honor for this! huh! you dont ever take a backward step. you dont ever retreat. you get into a situation like that, you leave it there, or let them leave you there. thats the way it works.

Home, how yo doing, can we talk like friends from now on ?


Hey Armando,

I don't know this for sure but from your previous blogs etc easter Sunday (Resurrection Sunday) I believe that you're a Christain and I am as well. I enjoy reading your blogs because they're fun and insightful. You are a child of the most High God and He releases His angels to surround you in Jesus Name. Enjoy your trip and continue to be Blessed!!!

Armando, I've been to Haiti before and after the earthquake, and besides the destruction, it's not much different. Going for one day nothing will happen to you. Shortly after the earthquake, the problem with disease was caused by the carcasses that were not buried.



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