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Dolphins alumni (and me) head to Haiti today

A handful of Dolphins alumni are flying to Haiti today to help in relief efforts for the earthquake-savaged nation. I will be going with them.

The Dolphins contingent is scheduled to include former receiver and current vice president and senior advisor Nat Moore, and former safeties Bobby Harden, Sean Hill and Bryant Salter.

Our group is scheduled to arrive in Port-au-Prince at 2 p.m. and will take a tour of Project Medishare’s Hospital in Haiti. The Dolphins, Sun Life Financial and Project Medishare will present 13 ShelterBox tents to the 13 families that participated in the Haiti Connect Project that began on April 4.

Quarterback Chad Henne got the ball rolling on the project in April as he donated the first ShelterBox tent while participating in the video conference with one of the families that took part in the program. The additional 12 tents and Saturday’s trip to deliver the tents to Port-au-Prince were soon to follow through The Miami Dolphins/Sun Life Stadium Haiti Relief Fund. Included with the tents are aid and survival items that assist victims of natural disasters and other catastrophic events.

I obviously believe this to be a good cause. I also believe it will be a good column that I'll share with you in Monday's paper.

I've never been to Haiti before. And even though we are only going for the day, more than one person has recommended I pass on the trip. One person told me the story of one of Bill Clinton's Secret Service agents who was bitten by a tick and contracted lyme disease. He's been out of circulation for two months as a result.

I don't believe that will be my fate. I'm well prayed over. Check for the column from Haiti Monday.


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A street cam running at time of quake clearly showed ground moving up and down only! as if roiling, percolating or boiling. Very little sway in the telephone poles. This salient fact indicates super heated ground water not crust smashing or crustal slippage which always goes sideways. This is the most telling evidence I have uncovered so far. My friend said the light pole supporting the camera was swaying forward and backward from horizontal motion.

Did U watch the video on you tube
by entering:
history channel chemtrails

Go Ahead
Lets Talk

You would think the NFL would strip Cushings of his D-ROY award.Oh Lord,what am I thinking saying the word " strip " on here.I might have opened a can of worms.Just remove the award.Yeah,that's better.Remove.

Home Is Working On Some Cool Dolphin Stuff
Soon To Be Released For The Upcoming 2010 Season

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


Do you get all of your information from you tube? LOL

I have been in earthquakes, and the ground rolling like waves is nothing out of ordinary.

Home, being a govt and history teacher I have a few doubts in the political views you have towards the quake. I don't know about all the technical stuff you brought up but to think that ou govt did this for the sake of quailty land and location is a bit of a stretch....


It was pointed out somewhere that Sean Merriman and Julius Peppers also tested positive for PED's after their defensive rookie of the year seasons and their awards were not "stripped" :)

I am not surprised Cushing is on roids though

Good Morning carlito

short answer NO

but easy for common folks to view
and usually unslanted
and not government controlled mainstream access

talk to me after U learn a little about HAARP
U will be very happy
U took some time to learn about HAARP

By the way
Am Very Excited About Dolphins O-Line
Home Is Making A New Name For The LOS @ Dolphin Stadium

Complete W/ Rock & Roll Lyrics

Oh Yeah!

by the way
Not Gonna Call It sun life stadium

To Me
Dolphin Stadium or
Joe Robbie Stadium

everything else is corporate scum


Home How are you? How does it feel to be NJ free? Feels good I say. Well maybe not free, that sob is in remission(sp). Heck, that will do. Roids, Rage, and NJ on the next Jerry Springer episode


home, peace or not .i say peace ,what say you .

i love reading home posts in the morning . it makes me feel secure .

It's great to hear about our fins helping those in need.

Be safe Armando, and and good job. The "well prayed over" comment had me thinking. I picture all these Catholics around praying for you and lighting candles for you. LOL

I guess god hated that secret service agent, huh? he probably was a jew

I don't see how 13 tents are going to scratch the surface in an "earthquake ravaged country" or even what it has to do with football, but go ahead, knock yourself out.

So, why isn't Chad Henne going if he is such a trailblazing altruist?

Btw, Lyme disease is treatable with a 3 week course of antibiotics. It is not unique to Haiti--deer ticks here on Long Island carry the disease. Just wear long pants, spray tour clothes with bug spray (it will also help keep the skeeters away) and have someone (preferably a pretty woman) do a "tick check" on your body afterward.

Hey, if you can't find a pretty woman, maybe see if Dez Bryant's mom is available.

Excuse The Delay
Stepped Away 4 A Moment

NJ will be back
Probably already spamming & impostering

U can find him bietching at SS or Tins Fins(He ran there and to bitech)

"Hey COWKILLA how about you go hand yourself somewhere???? F*** OFF"

Yeah COWKILLA, go hand yourself!

Home,,,,,,,listen to a song by 'A Perfect Circle' called "PET". It was written when Bush won his second term and speaks of the new world order. The lead singer is Maynard from Tool.

Home what name does he go by on the SS?

4 those that do not know is
Line Of Scrimmage

Believe Improved Dolphin O-Line
Will Own The LOS this season

Home is Gonna Have Some Fun & Is Giving The Los
a Smash Mouth nickname
10,000 LBs of Knuckle Busting
Gut Wrenching Power!

Oh Yeah!

"I guess god hated that secret service agent, huh? he probably was a jew"


Actually, if he was a Jew only Jesus would hate him. God's down with the Jews.

NJ(fool) is so obvious, he should change the manner in which he posts to hide himself better. The rage does not allow him to. he is boiling by now. Pecking at the keyboards as if his fingers were jack hammers. To the point where the keys are smoking.

Home have you ever seen the movie "Ring of Power"

If not, you should

Gonna watch & listen to "PET" now
ThanX 4 the Heads Up effingriot
Be Right Back

garrapata del carajo
same name plus whatever imposter BS he can get away with

Does anyone know what garrapata means? Dont answer this carlito, I know you know.

Seriously Mando you're doing a nice thing but thirteen tents? That's like bringing a package of SOLO cups down to Nashville so they can bail the water out. You see what I'm sayin? It's like putting a bandaid on someones neck who just had their head cut off. Just seem silly and I can't believe you guys are flying all of the way there for that. Has Fed-Ex gone out of business?

It's like putting a bandaid on someones neck who just had their head cut off.

Posted by: effingriot | May 08, 2010 at 10:37 AM

LMFAO@effing, I just pictured aloco with no head typing on his keyboard. No wonder he types like he does.

I know! I know!

Can I say what is garrapata?

Home the song is from Bushs point of view. They wrote it as if he's talking to you. It's really heavy but pretty funny as well. I love the tune and the band. There actually are bands out there who care about whats going on in the world and write about it unfortunately our country is filled with redneck country music listening fools. Rock rules!

Ok carlito you win. Translate my whole name.

Son of a Bicho!

I've been brainwashed by the PC society I was raised in. My teachers are my masters. My peers are my guides. I will never have a true thought of my own. I tow the party line in that anyone who disagrees with my/our point of view is racist, ugly and ignorant. I stand on my self-appointed pedestal of self-proclaimed righteousness, and look down upon those terrible, uneducated Americans who dare to think for themselves. Anything that is pro-patriotism, religion or the caucasian race is strictly forbidden. When a valid point is made concerning any of these or other taboo subjects, knock them back on their heels by pointing out the racist pigs they truly are. America is bad. The christian faith is bad. White people are the devil. We must do away with them all. I must go now. I am being summoned to my federally funded Social Indoctrination Class (SIC, better known as the public school system). I will obey...I will follow...

correct carlito. My name garrapata del carajo means tick from hell.

Translator bla bla bla, STFU

This country produces nothing execpt babies. The earthquake was just Mother Nature thinning the heard.

Posted by: Phin4Life | May 08, 2010 at 08:15 AM

To the translator of the translator, what does this post by phin4life mean or imply? This is what the translator was getting at. You f'kin bozo!

Phin4Life can't even spell herd, he said heard. You idiots need to be thinned out!

Just watched & listened "PET" music video

good stuff
anybody getting the real message out
OK by Me
like the Hitler dictator reference

The World Is Changing My Friend
and It Is Not Getting Any Prettier

Tried to Warn
My Old pal NJ
For the last year now But
Think I Blew Up His Fox News Mainstream Media Brainwashed Mind

Since Then
Both of his states his family has property have been
Massively Sprayed w/ Chemtrails
Buried In Record Snowfall
Flooded Under several feet of water
and his homeland of Greece Is In

NJ will unfortunately
Die Ignorant & In Denial

Would help him
If I Could Reach His Brain

Home NJ is blowing up his computer, tapping so hard, the keys are starting to melt. The roid rage is in full effect. He grabs a screw driver and starts pounding at the key that is marked "home" on his keyboard. He is yelling, I will kill u home. ahahahahahahah

translator read the posts and decide. Yes i admit I am kinda angry.

I just got tickets to see Tool on July 1st in St.Paul.Those boys know how to lay it down.

"You idiots need to be thinned out!" And does the mirror reply?

Trans, read phin4lifes comments. Yes it does, it was intentional. Those people in haiti did not ask for it. Some people on this blog ask for it.

Is this the same new world order with Hollywood hulk hogan in it?

Have not seen movie
"Ring Of Fire"

just researched it
boxing movie 1961 about griffith released in 2005

looks interesting
will give it a look soon

Any Johnny Cash
Ring Of Fire music in it? :)

Its not ring of fire, its "Ring of Power"

Some one throw up a list of the regular bloggers here

Do Not Know
The Regulars?

and where U guys live?

Some One Describe Them 4 Me
(humorous description ok)


OOPs sorry carlito
must have been subliminally thinking about Johnny cash song (actually watched some of his old music videos last week)

Must Be The Chemtrails LMAO

Enlighten me carlito
Whats It About?

Learn about HAARP yet

There Will Be quiz on Monday

Get with the program LOL

Is this the same new world order with Hollywood hulk hogan in it? Posted by: pistol | May 08, 2010 at 11:17 AM

Cue the p0rno style theme music!!!

I move that the Houston win over Miami last year be rescinded due to Cushing's cheating ways!

Some people on this blog ask for it.

And you are just the person to give it to them.

It amazes me how, when pointing out how someone is racist or hateful, usually, the same type of racism or hate comes from those pointing the finger.

Home NJ is blowing up his computer, tapping so hard, the keys are starting to melt. The roid rage is in full effect. He grabs a screw driver and starts pounding at the key that is marked "home" on his keyboard. He is yelling, I will kill u home. ahahahahahahah

Posted by: garrapata del carajo | May 08, 2010 at 11:10 AM

U Are Prob Accurate

Trans I am done with you. I will, no resort to an NJ type behvior. I will leave it at that.


Its about illuminati

I will, no(t) resort to an NJ type beh(a)vior.

That's a good first step.

"Phin4Life can't even spell herd, he said heard. You idiots need to be thinned out!"

"I will, no resort to an NJ type behvior. I will leave it at that."


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