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Dolphins alumni (and me) head to Haiti today

A handful of Dolphins alumni are flying to Haiti today to help in relief efforts for the earthquake-savaged nation. I will be going with them.

The Dolphins contingent is scheduled to include former receiver and current vice president and senior advisor Nat Moore, and former safeties Bobby Harden, Sean Hill and Bryant Salter.

Our group is scheduled to arrive in Port-au-Prince at 2 p.m. and will take a tour of Project Medishare’s Hospital in Haiti. The Dolphins, Sun Life Financial and Project Medishare will present 13 ShelterBox tents to the 13 families that participated in the Haiti Connect Project that began on April 4.

Quarterback Chad Henne got the ball rolling on the project in April as he donated the first ShelterBox tent while participating in the video conference with one of the families that took part in the program. The additional 12 tents and Saturday’s trip to deliver the tents to Port-au-Prince were soon to follow through The Miami Dolphins/Sun Life Stadium Haiti Relief Fund. Included with the tents are aid and survival items that assist victims of natural disasters and other catastrophic events.

I obviously believe this to be a good cause. I also believe it will be a good column that I'll share with you in Monday's paper.

I've never been to Haiti before. And even though we are only going for the day, more than one person has recommended I pass on the trip. One person told me the story of one of Bill Clinton's Secret Service agents who was bitten by a tick and contracted lyme disease. He's been out of circulation for two months as a result.

I don't believe that will be my fate. I'm well prayed over. Check for the column from Haiti Monday.


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Not trying to bash you too much Mando I just think its funny that the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders just spent 3 days in Haiti and you did not blog about it or write an article about it... In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake you did not blog about it. But now you go over an its all about Bill Clinton's CIA and praying for you. LMFAO no wonder Bill Parcells wont talk to you.

Trans stop your nonsense @zzzwipe or I will eat your children, you cockroach!!!

Ahhh...more anger, more name-calling. How's the view from up there?

translator you too would agree with garapato if u read all the g@y posts at night b y losers.


Another gem, Pat Robertson Cites Haiti's Earthquake As What Happens When You 'Swear A Pact To The Devil'.... on second thought I WILL pray for you... LMAFO...dont tell them you hate JLO but love Rush Limbaugh!!!! LMFAO!!

Interested In Seeing 4 Yourself


complete with Judas Priest
Living After Midnight music

you tube
enter: HAARP cam 2

this weapon is used to kill us
aint that special

I like "electric eye" by Judas Priest. I wish I had a smaller version of that weapon to take of certain fools we know

ThanX carlito
Will def watch Ring of Power

nice to know some alert folks here

Ciao for now folks....gotta go

what about some money to greece ?



This is your first trip to Haiti and will be your last. It's not the end of the world but you can sure see it from there.

Rush Limbaugh? Another tried and true method of disarming a person with an opposing view. Association with someone you consider as beneath you and your higher intellect. Now, apparently, anyone who isn't on your train to oblivion must think like and agree with Rush Limbaugh?

It might be your last trip ever if you tell anyone you like Rush Limbaugh.. Maybe you should turn around Armando. I will miss this blog.

Sean Penn is over in Haiti also
15 yr old boy died a death that could have been prevented
Very Sad
On CNN video today

God Bless
Those that are trying to help

Tears Me Up
The Devil & New World Order
Will Never Let These People Up

Expect the Bastards to Kick them again
While They Are Down
Prob Nother Major HAARP weather disaster or
Intentional Deadly Communicable Disease
Coming Soon to Haiti

The New World Order
Will Not Let Up

U Heard It 1st
The Prophet


Do you think the Bilderburger's are in control of HAARP?

I've checked out some of the things you've posted.

I think I'm beggining to connect some of the dots.

Greece has to come up with
12 Billion Bananas In by
Next Week


Bite the Bullet

which one do U think
The New World Order prefers?

This is a Symphony of Destruction
for The New World Order



Do you think the Bilderburger's are in control of HAARP?

Posted by: odinseye | May 08, 2010 at 01:01 PM

answer: Affirmative

home, don't talk about greece , most of people i the us are greek .

in the us are grrek

any greg ellis news?

Iceland HAARP Volcanic Eruption


15 airports were closed today in Spain

Soon Katla located 16 miles away will be
triggered by the New World Order & their
new favorite toy HAARP

When Katla erupts
So goes all air travel to Europe

U only witnessed a test run

Expect 10 - 20 times the plume of E
Many humans will choke to death over time
The food supply will then be devastated
The new Ice Age will start
The Mississippi River Will Freeze All The Way To Georgia
Temperatures Will Reach Sub-Zero for up to 6 Consecutive Months

The Symphony of Destruction
Will Put A Smile on The Faces of
The New World Order

I'm very surprised of the insensitive comments.Haiti is one of the poorest countries worlwide.Guess what their average income is!!! 1$-2$ per day.the people that have are suppose to help the have not's. Give and you shall receive.Also, it's better to give than receive.

I think there just might be something to this conspiracy stuff after all.

Examine this chain of events.

9-11-2001 The city of NEW YORK is attacked via the TWIN TOWERS.
The President signs off on the homelaand security act and the Patriot act. What better way to rouse patriotic support than having the Patriots win 3 of the next 4 SuperBowls.

Hmmmmmmm.....starting to think Goodell and SOME owners have affiliations with the Bilderburgers!

My research has indicated that at this point Tim Mara cried foul asking why should the Patriots get all the glory when it was NY CITY that was attacked.
At a high level meeting of the Illuminati it was decided the Giants would get a SuperBowl as well.
There was a glitch in the plan however. Actress Kate Mara, Great Grand Daughter of tim Mara as well as Great Grand Daughter of Art Rooney(owner of the Steelers) let the cat out of the bag so to speak. She let the Rooney side of her family know of the plan. They in turn cried foul!
Net result: The Steelers and Giants win 3 of the next 4 Super Bowls!

You see? It's all starting to come together.

One more "loose end". Through the Giants Eli and then Peyton Manning become aware of this plan. Net Result: Peyton and the Colts are "awarded" SuperBowl 36.

Ultimately this wasn't enough for the Mannings. They used this as a means to pay homage to their Father and Hometown hero of the New Orleans Saints.
The Saints were so terrible they had to bring in the big guns to bring this all about.

Thus the HAARP weather machine and Hurricane Katrina.

The next thing you know......Drew Brees is going to Disneyland!!!!

Does anybody know where I can find a blog where they talk about Fins football.
Thank you Armando for your service. It was sad there before the quake.

Rob in OC:

If I find out that the non-draft of Brandon Graham has
caused you to have a
THAT event somehow has
manifested into this wacky
'H O M E' personna...

*** I'm going to be really pissed!

What do you want to talk about Rick? I too like talking Solohins football but most of the weirdos on this blog try to hide their lack of football smarts by discussing politics and crapola... You know who are weirdos!

Is this still a fins blog or is it already 2012?

Can you provide a link with the proof home?

Odin I follow you so if the oil spill devastates Miamis beaches do we win the Superbowl.. yipppieee!!!

(Dolphins Football)

What do you think about the changes in the offensive line. I think we will be keeping Justin Smiley.

Will Somebody tell Jim Jones here to get the
F#@K off of this Blog!

NJ is Back
Welcome Jersey

Why post under bobby?

by the way Big Storms coming to Northeasts
Most Populated Cities this Summer
a Cat 6

give U a hint
Start with a H
and common in Florida

I think we are hoping OJ will be jettisoned on June 1st and we can sign him without compensation.

Rodge, nothing football related happening. All topics have been beat to death until training camp starts. Heres a question for u. Since we wont carry 4 QBs Who gets the boot Pat White Chad Penningtin or Tyler Thigpen?


Will anyone pick up Jamarcus Russell?

We really have not thought of who will be released prior to camp.

I have heard some buzz about the Ravens.

I think Smiley will remain here too because the rest of the league knows about his unfortunate shoulder problems He should provide some depth and leadership to the younger guards. I hope Incignito plays like he did a few years back before his mental lapses. If not, it might be a chance for Smiley to contribute.

Coast to Coast Rules!


(...and what the hell is this crap about BuildABears??)
(as I sip more Tequila...)

Can you provide a link with the proof home?

Posted by: Supermike13 | May 08, 2010 at 01:44 PM

U would have to go to archives on Omar Kellys blog and go back about a month before the Icelandic volcanic eruption

If U can also find a imposter blog
created by a troll at the SS under
knightsphins.blog.spot something like that
I can not find that link anymore
but U will see on the last 3 days of March
NostraHomeUs posted "Wake Up Call" eathquake
to hit California April 2010 posted 3 dif times

Well guess what happened April 1 2010?

Looks like Nostradamus has returned.

Odin I follow you so if the oil spill devastates Miamis beaches do we win the Superbowl.. yipppieee!!!

Posted by: THUNDERBOLT | May 08, 2010 at 01:44 PM

Now you're catching on!!!! The Evil Hands of the Illuminati controls All.

If they finally get us a SuperBowl, I;m all for it.

Still I'm pissed though, that Haarp machine gave me diahrea last weekend.

THOSE B A S T A R D S!!!!!

Well thunderbolt, I will start by saying that I loved Pat White at WVU. I was excited when he was drafted because of endless possibilities with the wildcat. After seeing how small he looked on the field I wasn't so sure of his worth at QB.

Either THAT or somebody who has stopped taking their their MEDS!

Since we wont carry 4 QBs Who gets the boot Pat White Chad Penningtin or Tyler Thigpen?

Posted by: THUNDERBOLT | May 08, 2010 at 01:51 PM

Would wait for desperate team
Perhaps with Injury to QB in Camp and
Trade Pennington for compensation

Henne Is gonna take The Bull By The Horns
and become our Miami Dolphins Franchise QB

Thanks ThunderBolt!

That was going to be my next update :(

Oh well as long as the word is out :)

Nate Jones was a big loss. I don't feel Jason Allen can fill his shoes. Can Will Allen play nickel?

Do you think that Smiley will want to play here after all the trade rumors, and how the trifecta has so much as told him to f off somewhere else? Didn't he just hire an agent? That tells me that he wants to try and get himself healthy and see if he kind land with another team.

Will anyone pick up Jamarcus Russell?

Yeah, Burger King.

Welcome Back NJ

Please Just post Under Your Name

Man Up!

Was Also
Disappointed in Nate Jones release

Watching the tape
Jones was a damn productive player

Pat White skipped a pass off the ground against the Steelers. It was the worst pass I have ever seen by an NFL player let alone a QB. I hope the light switch comes on for this guy because the heart is definately there.

Hey Home , r u one of those idiotic quacks that lives with his mom at the age of 45 who still a virgin. Bro, get a life and some puzzy too. Your worse than a deep left demo. Just curious , how do u spend your Friday nights . U pathetic Bud Bundy

Darryl- maybe he could make the deal we could not. It would be nice to fill two needs. Get a nickel that can return kicks. Davone Bess sidekick dreadhead might be the answer.

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