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Dolphins alumni (and me) head to Haiti today

A handful of Dolphins alumni are flying to Haiti today to help in relief efforts for the earthquake-savaged nation. I will be going with them.

The Dolphins contingent is scheduled to include former receiver and current vice president and senior advisor Nat Moore, and former safeties Bobby Harden, Sean Hill and Bryant Salter.

Our group is scheduled to arrive in Port-au-Prince at 2 p.m. and will take a tour of Project Medishare’s Hospital in Haiti. The Dolphins, Sun Life Financial and Project Medishare will present 13 ShelterBox tents to the 13 families that participated in the Haiti Connect Project that began on April 4.

Quarterback Chad Henne got the ball rolling on the project in April as he donated the first ShelterBox tent while participating in the video conference with one of the families that took part in the program. The additional 12 tents and Saturday’s trip to deliver the tents to Port-au-Prince were soon to follow through The Miami Dolphins/Sun Life Stadium Haiti Relief Fund. Included with the tents are aid and survival items that assist victims of natural disasters and other catastrophic events.

I obviously believe this to be a good cause. I also believe it will be a good column that I'll share with you in Monday's paper.

I've never been to Haiti before. And even though we are only going for the day, more than one person has recommended I pass on the trip. One person told me the story of one of Bill Clinton's Secret Service agents who was bitten by a tick and contracted lyme disease. He's been out of circulation for two months as a result.

I don't believe that will be my fate. I'm well prayed over. Check for the column from Haiti Monday.


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Rick, I was pissed when Saban drafted J Allen. But to be honest, every time he's in the game he makes plays or is around the ball. I think J Allen could be good if they let him play more. He has good size and speed. I heard that he doesn't do that great in practice. Some players have that gametime instinct. I'd rather J Allen start at FS than Gibril last year. Even if he got burned occasionally his speed could make up for other plays. And if we Lise a few more games, we get higher draft picks. Build through the draft!

Yazzi, I quit taking Oxycontin 5 months ago, Think I should start again, Haarp made my doctor stop my perscription!

Odin if the oil spill hits Alabama and Florida do the Crimson Tide play the Gators for the next Championship?

Home, just goes to show what a stupid turd u r thinking I'm NJ....don't worry u and ur stupid anti government conspiracy horseshyt won't be here long

Odin if the oil spill hits Alabama and Florida do the Crimson Tide play the Gators for the next Championship?

You mean like after 40+ years of bad football, the Saints win it all a couple of years after Katrina?

"We are all scared of things
We do not understand"

Ricky Williams quote on the Wildcat being called a gimmick by Jet players after Dolphins beat them twice in 2009

For the record
Home posted on the SS & other blogs many times before the first Dolphins vs Jets game that

Miami Dolphins Will Win Both Games &
Sweep The Jets In 2009

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Rodge- I always think back to two years ago when he was eaten alive two years ago in our stadium. I had great hopes for him when he was drafted but like all of you was dissappointed. He is the hoped to be nickel this year. At least he doesn't have to guard Wes Welker at 100 percent.

Nate Jones was a very capable backup. He had a nice pick against New Orleans. I cant hink of anything Jason Allen has ever done cept special teams.

"bobby" only NJ knows things U posted
nice try

Sign In Please

NostraHomeUs Has Spoken

Remember him trying to guard Randy Moss one on one.

Odin if the oil spill hits Alabama and Florida do the Crimson Tide play the Gators for the next Championship?

Posted by: THUNDERBOLT | May 08, 2010 at 02:07 PM

Obviously! Duh! How many times does HOME have to explain this too you(LOL)?

Getting toasted by Randy Moss

"bobby" when U realize Fox news is the real conspiracy theory

and the new government does not love u and finds u & 5 billion more of us are just worthless feeders on a planet to crowded with not enough resources

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A Light Just Might Turn On In that Empty Skull

I agree about J Allen being eaten alive. It happens, especially when there's new coaching regimes every other year. In fact I can remember all of our CBs getting burnt at some point. Now that there is some stability in the office (excited about Mike Nolan) I expect him to do better.

Hey home , I'm wondering , how many times have u gotten laid?

Ur a complete DOUCHE Home...if u believe all this conspiracy crap..I feel sorry for ur family who has to deal with someone as stupid as you who believes in fairy tales....MAJOR IDIOT

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Think of this. If we had capable replacements for Ginn and Wilson, we would have beat both of the sperbowl teams and been in the playoffs. Given our schedule and injuries last year, we did well. In the division, Fins split w Bills and Pats and swept the Jets.

No shame in getting toasted by Moss. I dont see a future on this team for Allen tho. I think he gets cut or traded for a 6th or 7th rd pick.


Tell everyone how the H1N1 vaccinations destroys the human body's abilitiy to reproduce.

It's all a Population control Conspiracy!

Rickm, A.J. Wallace might be a special teams guy, that could return kicks, and play a little nickel. There always seems to be a guy that comes in as free agent, makes the team, and contributes. Also If Nolan Carrol makes the team, wouldn't he be used in nickel situations?

YOU are the reason I never posted on Sun-Sentinel...I didn't want to be on a blog with a cockaroach who believes it's Government is a conspiracy..u spend ur pathetic life in believing in ghosts and shadows...whackjob

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Anything is possible, I just think J Allen would have been cut already if he was that bad. I've seen him make a nice pick or two (I can't remember exactly when). There are definitely better FSs out there, but I prefer him over Gibril. Actually, I prefer Gary Coleman over Gibril at FS...


I think Nolan will be "groomed" for the nickel.

Still I think Will Allen will be that guy for now.

What do you think?

I mean "bobby"
4 the record

shadows are real
and so is a persons soul aka ghost

odinseye U R well versed
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U think I'm going to "google" some nutjob site called Haarp and believe something written by a bunch of radical conspiracy theorists??? No thank you, I live in REALITY, I'm not nutz like u

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Haarp is causing Earthquakes and Volcanos!!! ROFL LMAO u gotta be a total returd to belive that!! DUMB DUMB DUMB

Darryl-great articles in the herald over the past couple of weeks about the puppies.Nolan for nickel and the dreadhead for kick returns .will Parcels keep two small wideouts as wide receivers. Hope so. They can both play. Did any of you see them in Hawaii?

Wait! HOME!

Before you go, how about some Lotto numbers?


Hi Pochohantus good to see u back u dumb shyt


Home signs out and PRESTO!

Gusano and Aloco pop up!


Odin- What up! I think Carrol might struggle to make the cut, might be destined for the practice squad!

Rickm I have no clue about dready from Hawaii. I can't even remember his name!(Bryce-Mullins?)
Mt bar Manager is from Hawaii, and he goes mental watching the games late night. I'll ask him what he knows!

did the Phins really sign Thomas. not sure if this a good idea or not.


You don't get it do you?

Even if what you say is true...No one cares.
(If those people DO shape some of the worlds events.. there will never be anything YOU can do about it.)

You're simply not in their group of friends.

So enjoy this time...
Because once there's actual 'Football' news, everyone on this Blog will STOP paying attention to you.


Home left because he heard the Black Helicopters hovering overhead. LMAO. Yea what an idiot

Bryce-Mullins can play. I know Hawaii games are late but they played in a major bowl two years ago.
This blog is out of control. Hope Armando can clean out the garbage.

Rickm which two of these responses are garbage:

Hey A s s h o l e like using my name u piece of shyt??? F u c k u and ur kid...I will personally see Armando when he comes back from Haiti and come thru Mia..U coward shyt Posted by: bobbyd12 | May 08, 2010 at 01:39 PM

Keep your eyes & ears open for pending
HAARP weather disaster

NostraHomeUs senses more imminent destruction

U All
Take Care

Posted by: Home | May 08, 2010 at 02:31 PM

Oh get over it bobbvd12...

I worked with a bunch of British guys for a few years and it kind of rubbed off on me.

That should be the LEAST of your worries...

I mean...there's the nut-job who wants to turn the entire Blog into a Mental Ward!

Ok odin...

Rickm- Will Mullins be similar to Bess? It seems like Hawaii under June Jones had a system like Texas Tech, were the routes were short and crisp. not much stretching of the field. More like Arena Football where the Qb. reads the D, then gets rid of the ball as quick as possible. Bess runs good routes, but isn't going to kill down the field. In my opinion I think having a true speed guy is a little overrated. I think guys who can get YAC is more important than deep pass threats. What type of reciever is Mullins?


i think the Thomas signing is BS and did not really happen

He is a yac man. With BMarsh on the field and the attention he will draw, you will see Bess gaining yards after the catch. Short passed this year will turn into home runs. We need underneath guys to move the chains and open up Marsh and the running game.


Tim-what did you think?

See you fine folks later, caddis hatch on the spring creek!

Miami hasn't signed Adalius Thomas. They are reprtedly interested though. I hope not. I want the young guys to play and develop, no more slow vets.

I really enjoyed speaking with you Fins fans. Goodbye to the trailer trash!

NJ what are your thoughts on the relief efforts in Haiti?

What happened in Haiti?

What happened in Haiti?

Posted by: Rodge | May 08, 2010 at 03



no no no aloco por favor

That's disgusting ALoco. You may want to rethink your life and find another blog full of angry, racist bastards like yourself.

this fake aloco is a disgusting soul

Thats not the real Aloco or at least the one who normally posts. Im starting to think about 10 different people post as Aloco.

Great, first time I've logged in in a while and first thing I see is an idiot arguing with himself. Seriously guys, kill yourselves.

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