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Dolphins alumni (and me) head to Haiti today

A handful of Dolphins alumni are flying to Haiti today to help in relief efforts for the earthquake-savaged nation. I will be going with them.

The Dolphins contingent is scheduled to include former receiver and current vice president and senior advisor Nat Moore, and former safeties Bobby Harden, Sean Hill and Bryant Salter.

Our group is scheduled to arrive in Port-au-Prince at 2 p.m. and will take a tour of Project Medishare’s Hospital in Haiti. The Dolphins, Sun Life Financial and Project Medishare will present 13 ShelterBox tents to the 13 families that participated in the Haiti Connect Project that began on April 4.

Quarterback Chad Henne got the ball rolling on the project in April as he donated the first ShelterBox tent while participating in the video conference with one of the families that took part in the program. The additional 12 tents and Saturday’s trip to deliver the tents to Port-au-Prince were soon to follow through The Miami Dolphins/Sun Life Stadium Haiti Relief Fund. Included with the tents are aid and survival items that assist victims of natural disasters and other catastrophic events.

I obviously believe this to be a good cause. I also believe it will be a good column that I'll share with you in Monday's paper.

I've never been to Haiti before. And even though we are only going for the day, more than one person has recommended I pass on the trip. One person told me the story of one of Bill Clinton's Secret Service agents who was bitten by a tick and contracted lyme disease. He's been out of circulation for two months as a result.

I don't believe that will be my fate. I'm well prayed over. Check for the column from Haiti Monday.


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Hey DC Dolfan, since your up in the capital area, whats the story your hearing outta DC with the skins and Mcnabb, is there a great hooplah going for them now that they got a *FRANCHISE* qb????

Aloco, which of these ppl would you rather have at your Son/Daughters birthday coctail party.........
1 BIG ben
2 OJ Simpson
3 Pacman Jones
4 Lawerence Taylor

superPHIN, it's kinda funny up here, these fans are shellshocked. Half of 'em are thrilled McNabb is here. But the other half never thought Campbell was given a chance to play in a competent system. The Redskins have just been through what we went through in the Wannstadt-Cameron years, instability at the top. The GM was a shill for the owner, Dan Snyder, a Napoleon if you ever saw one, arrogant, thinks he can just buy the top FA's each year and throw them in the mix and bake a SuperBowl contender. So, more than McNabb, these fans are happy to see Bruce Allen (new GM) and Shanahan (new coach) taking the reins.

I think they look at McNabb like we did with Pennington, a veteran that gives the team a chance to win until they find the young franchise QB to lead the team long-term.


I'd rather have OJ, he's gettin' too old and crazy to hurt anyone.

I think Mcnabb will find it much tougher going now throwing to guys like moss,cooley and others then guys like Jackson,Macklin and celek....so we'll see

Oh i dont know bout that fellas---i think LT would be a HIT with the younger ladies*lol*

Great to see the Dolphins working with ShelterBox to provide aid to Haiti.

This fantastic Rotary Charity has provided over 7,000 baxes to Haiti so far. That's accomodation and essential equipment for 70,000 homeless people.

Anyone interested in finding out more can go to http://shelterbox.org

Aloco no movie tonight?

I guess I did not miss much today. Same old same old.

BobbyD12, Yanks clobbered the Sox today bro. Get the broom out, i smell a sweep. Not much in Dolphin land goin on.

Dc dolphan or any other out of state fan. if u have an iphone get the free iRadioNow App. U can listen to WQAM for up to date fin news 24/7.

Sorry to do this Armando but there is a great article on the Sun Sentinel about Shula and Jake Scott burying the hatchet. For those who dont know Jake Scott is perhaps the greatest dolphins safety ever and MVP of the perfect seasons Superbowl. These two refused to attend the same events for years. Does anyone know what the fued was about????

"We hang the petty thieves, and send the great ones to public office."


What's up guys, I took about a week off of these blogs because of those people using our names and talking about nothing at all, not even football related crap. I haven't seen too many new blogs and stories. Hope everyone is having a good weekend

You think you are funny but you're not. I bet you laugh at your own posts too. Why don't you go in the next room and wake your mom up and tell her your stupid coming out of the closet stories

Odinseye,Armando responded to an e-mail I sent him and he said they are working on it.Like I've said before,I don't mind getting off topic a little bit (especially when there's not a lot going on),but it's getting out of hand with some of these comments.

fake aloco, die till you dead and then get killed, but first get murdered

Do any of you guys follow the NHL play offs?I think it is the most exciting sport,especially when it goes to OT .


Slow news days and everybody gets off topic some. I goof around as much, if not more than anyone. I enjoy the flare ups and the comedy. It helps pass time untill training camp, pre-season, etc, etc.
I don't even really mind the topic the spammer posts, but over and over again, it just gets retardely redundant. If it was just an occassional post I wouldn't mind, but........

Anyway, I keep hearing people saying who the nickel back will be. I don't get the confusion. I might be wrong, but it seems somewhat obvious. We got Davis, Smith and Allen as our top three CB's. Seems like the odd man out, or whichever one of them doesn't start would be the obvious nickel.

What do you think?

Odinseye, I told everyone what was gonna happen when this guy Home came on this blog....This is the same bullshyt he did to the Sentinel till they finally had enough...Whoever posted the incredible racist comment today about Haiti is really a sad individual, and yes, I copied it and sent it to Mando...There is a line and it's been crossed

I agree.Allen will probably be the odd man out,but I need to see a little bit more from Smith.It will be interesting to see how Mike Nolan uses these guys.

Smith is very good in coverage, thats why you didn't see too much from him, qb's weren't throwing in his direction

Bobby who said a racist comment about Haiti? Was it cowkilla?

Odin is it really important who starts. I mean number of snaps is more important i would think. These guys rotate so much it really doesnt matter who starts. Vontae is better run support guy so I would imagine hed get more snaps against a run heavy team. Sean Smith seems to be a poorer tackler but a better cover guy. If I had to guess I would say these two will split starts depending on if they are playing a run heavy or pass heavy team.

BeerDrums and Carlito,

I agree with both of you. I think were going to see quite a bit more from smith.

Carlito your absolutely right about Smith. For a rookie he had a very good year. He makes the coverage part look easy. That means he's a natural IMO. There's a reason opposing QB's tend to go away from his side. Davis and Smith both played really well against some really good recievers.


My "line" is pretty far out there. When you cross that, you're WAY to far out there.

I've been E-mailing Armando and have gotten a response. Part of the hold up is the fact that the servers being "overhauled". At least that's the way I understand it.

My favoeite Green eyed Blonde used to "lurk" here and sometimes help me by typing my posts. Now she doesn't want any part of it.
That pisses me off because I finally found a Hottie that "tolerates" me and is actually a Dolphin Fan(I converted her). Anyway, it was just another way for us to enjoy time together. That is, up until this latest debauchery.
That's why I'm not stopping until this situation is resolved.

PS: to everyone, if I start to sound redundant, please remember it's only temporary. I apologize in advance and hopefully thanks for the understanding.

SNL is friggin hilaeious!!!!!!!

It is good to see a little football talk today. The last few days have been brutal. The hijacking of this blog by one person in particular has been grevious! It is difficult, because many of us enjoy the lively debate, and comeraderie that this blog offers. Hopefully things liven up, so there are better things to talk about besides alien spaceships, and how Fake Aloco wants to jam things in jello molds.


As far as who starts, I have my own favorites. I think you're right though. With Smith, Davis and Allen there really won't be any significant drop off regardless of who starts or how they're rotated. If Nolan Carroll pans out and becomes solid, we're set at CB for the forseeable future.
Let me rephrase that. I think we're basically set at CB anyway. What I meant to say is that if Carroll pans out we're Fing stacked at CB.

I Second what our "Norse Warrior" is saying, Though Hot Ashley has thicker skin and just doesn't read anything that homer writes, but she loves to post..(Especially if its something that can Degrade me for some sick reason)

Betty White NPR muffin skit made me cry lmao. That was a classic!



Odin, Do you think Carroll will be a practice squad guy, or do you rhink he has a shot to get in the rotation? Carroll hasn't played much football the last two years so he might be behind the curve a little bit.

..(Especially if its something that can Degrade me for some sick reason)

Posted by: Cuban Menace | May 08, 2010 at 11:46 PM

Why does this seem so familiar????

Oh yeah, My favorite Green Eyed Blonde :)

Exactly Odin, Why must they feel the need to degrade??? Dont they know (Wimper)we have(Wimper) FEELINGS??????lol

The funniest SNL ive seen in months.

You need to grow some callouses on those nuts boys, It's a Women's world now. HOT ASHLEY

You guys see what I mean??? Where's my Taser, A certain Top heavy Hawaiian needs to go night, night..............


In my opinion Carroll will be/is going to be very difficult to "gauge".

I think he's in a similar situation like Reshad Jones. He's definitely got the skillset. It just comes down to if he's wants to work hard enough to elevate his play to the next level.

It's like you said, with the missed playing time, he has a lot of ground to make up.
It's probably a big time help that he came to a team like the Dolphins. Thanks to our other CB's he won't be rushed to try and make an impact right away.

You need to grow some callouses on those nuts boys. HOT ASHLEY

Posted by: Cuban Menace | May 08, 2010 at 11:56 PM


I know a better way off developing callouses there.

I wanna see Reshad Jones KO some people.

I wanna see Reshad Jones KO some people.

Posted by: THUNDERBOLT | May 09, 2010 at 12:18 AM

Patiences my friend. I got a feeling you're going see it real soon.

I can just see him standing over Brady's crumpled body screaming "THUNDERSTRUCK"!

I live in Brentwood, a suburb south of Nashville (we had 16" of rain in 36 hours. Why not us?
Actually, I KNOW why not us, but it would be politically incorrect to say.
What a shame. Hard working people here losing everything, while unemployed on the public dole in other places get the help.
If outsiders could see in person the devastation here, you wouldn't believe it.
Just saying. Personally, we were spared pretty much.
Not so for so many others.

Good on ya, mando. You are good people. Bryant Salter...Wow that is a blast from the past, I never Knew he played for us, but I do havehis football card when he was a Charger.

I'm sure you will have some interesting and relevant things to say in your next post Armando. It will be interesting how you tie everything into something resembling the Dolphins Organization and it's players.
As a true Dolphins fan I like hearing about anything charitable that our players do outside of football. It says a lot about the players as individuals. A shame there are those here that seem to think that any charity or goodwill we offer abroad should only be associated with the hopes of recompense. That doesn't speak well of us as a people or a nation.
We have offered our help, expertise and support throughout the world and rarely get back much in the way of monetary rewards, so why should this be an issue now? Geesh, we have even fought wars and then lend the counties we defeated money to rebuild, but that's just a loan which they have to pay back, theoretically. I, for one, will be looking forward to your post next Monday.

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