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Buyer beware: The case of O.J. Atogwe

Almost every day, the Salguero inbox includes a couple of questions about the Dolphins' chase of free safety Oshiomogho "O.J." Atogwe. To which I respond, what chase?

Atogwe is property of the St. Louis Rams at the moment. The Dolphins cannot chase him without permission from the Rams because the player is an unsigned restricted free agent at a time the restricted free agency period has passed.

Yes, there is a chance Atogwe will become an unrestricted free agent at some point in the next month if he and the Rams cannot come to contract terms after June 1 when his restricted tender expires. The NFL Network has reported Atogwe will not sign his tender which is obvious at this point. But what is not often said is that the Rams probably aren't going to go quietly into the night without trying to keep Atogwe by signing him to a long-term contract.

Let's assume for a minute, however, that Atogwe's days with the Rams are over. If that is the case, the thing that needs to be said is this: Buyer beware.

Atogwe, you see, had a great season in 2008 when he had a team- and NFC-high eight interceptions. But last year was a bad one for him and it ended prematurely in December when Atogwe was placed on injured reserve with a dislocated right shoulder.

The shoulder required reconstructive surgery which is major surgery. Atogwe is still working to recover from the surgery, according to reports. He also reportedly suffered a sports hernia that he is trying to come back from as well.

So how would you feel about paying top-dollar for a player coming back from two significant injuries, particularly when one is a shoulder injury?

Obviously any Dolphins' interest will have to be tempered by how confident they are Atogwe can be 100 percent -- and not just short-term, but over the long-term.

But do you remember the last couple of times the Dolphins signed a player with shoulder troubles?

Justin Smiley was signed to a big long-term contact in 2008 and after only two seasons is on the outs because his shoulder is not well enough for him to stay on the field over a 16-game season. Chad Pennington came to the Dolphins with a history of shoulder problems, having had two operations on his throwing shoulder while with the Jets. Last year, he again required shoulder surgery because he dislocated his throwing shoulder during a game against San Diego. Pennington missed all but three games.

Do the Dolphins make the same leap with Atogwe in hopes of solving their long-term free safety issues? Will the Rams, who have reportedly scheduled talks with Atogwe in the coming weeks, even allow that to happen?

It is obviously not a certainty.


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I don't want this to be another smiley or gibril wilson deal.. Wilson had his only good year with the giants when they won the superbowl.. I'd say just let jones,culver, and clemons fight for the spot at fs.. We've had way to many misses when it came to signing free agents!!

I say sign him. W/ and uncapped year we can dump him like we did w/ Gerbil (not a typo thank you). He is not old and he has played at a high level in the past. Something none of the other guys has done in the NFL. Didn't you read the paper? Stevie Ross is No 1 among NY real estate investors! He can afford it. Also Smiley being a guard gets hit on the shoulder practically every play. There would be many plays Otogwe wouldn't even touch a player. Obviously we would have our medical staff examine him. The upside is big if he performs well here. We dumped Ginn and added Marshall to improve at WR. If we had a good S that may have meant wins against both the Colts and the Saints last season. If we get this piece of the puzzle we could go far.

I can think of one person we should have signed with a bad shoulder history....Brees anybody?

How did he play in 2009....great in 08...average to poor in 09....why??....injury??..hmmm.....warning bells on this one...RAMs may want him out if he has injury issues....maybe the RAMs are playing possum...im dubious with this guy...he seems like a mercenary...

Lets analyse this...he knows he sinjured...he knows last year was poor...yet he wants a fat pay day....hmmm...could this be his last hurrah for a life time pay day...if he was well and healthy why not sign with the RAMs and play long term..???

I dont like it

Srich, you beat me to it! I was thinking the same thing.


Well that stinks, I was really intrigued by the idea of the Dolphins adding Atogwe to cover up their hole at FS. I guess we better hope Tyrone Culver, Chris Clemons, and Reshad Jones are up to the task of handling those responsibilities, or it will be another long season of watching the Dolphins secondary getting burned with the deep ball. Bummer!

As O.J. won't have to push back bulky mammoths as Smiley, and his job only requires to move his arm a little faster at times, then his recovery is safe on long term.
Also Mando I might be wrong, but there's a guy called Chad who got shoulder repair not once, but three times and he's on the payroll.
It's clear Rams aren't likely to concrete a contract with Atogwe, but Miami isn't the front runner to hire him, as Dallas and Cleveland are better options according to some rumors.

The question is...Is he juicing? If so, snatch him up!

The Safety position on this team will not be a problem this season. Better pass rush up front. Linebackers that will cover better. 2nd year battle tested Corners. The Secodary as a whole will have to do a better job on wrapping up. I believe Nolan will have them prepared.

Go Phins!

There will be too much money chasing him and he will be over paid much like us losing Rolle to the Jints.
I believe the wise move is to develop what is already in house, and that seems to be what the FO has in mind at this point with Cluver, Clemons, Reshad Jones, and Amaya.

If a decent vet FS is cut by another team in the coming months, then this might be a low cost option as well.

However, I still see someone who is already here rising to the top of the class soon...my educated guess is Clemons and Amaya as depth. Jones will be depth for Bell...IMO.

Sign O.J. we have no one better, 8 picks in 2008 is nothing to think about. Just hurry up and sign him

Brett Favre Network...Oh my bad (clear my throat)NFL Network is reporting that O.J flew to Miami. Jeff Irelnd met him at the Airport and asked him if his Mom was a ARRRRRRRRGGGH!

Go Phins!

not to sure on atogwe??but if in house i think reshad"hit man" jones wins the fs.clemens has a chance as well?i think jones has more up side than clemens.can make more impact play's.(i hope all this is premature).

maybe s.smith moves too fs.w.allen takes his spot,n.carroll/j.allen take the slot's.smith has fs hip's but i think is a liability in run support.not that grity or great tackler either.
i think someone is going too come on strong we don't expect.ness,amaya,ivey,aj.wallace,roberto wallace,r.g.mullen,t.johnson,P.TURNER,a.spitler,c.mccoy.

Why sign him we hav jones clemons culver and amaya or whatever. Oj wil hinder the youth development! Lets give jones and clemons a shot! r we ever going 2 see the aqua jersey with aqua pants again does anyone know why we dont wear them 2gether anymore?

The Rams have won 6 games in the last 3 seasons. You don't turn things around by letting go of one of your best young players. Unless you know something. Thus the buyer beware.

And the position where the shoulder holds the most important role, the QB, just saw the Rams draft a guy 1st overall coming off shoulder surgery. Obviously, each individual is different, and medical staffs can make errors (see Brees, Drew 2006, Miami) It would just be very telling if the Rams were to let him walk,

Excuse me Mando, I see that you brought up the shoulder problems we knew about with Smiley when we signed him. Smiley was not a bust, and can be given partial credit for the fact that Jake Long is an all pro offensive tackle (training long was his ultimate purpose, job is done). However, you neglect to remember the last time we didn't sign a high profile free agent coming off of serious shoulder surgery...Mr, superbowl MVP himself, Drew Brees. Enough said.

You only need one good shoulder to play safety. He'll be fine.

If he passes a medical exam SIGN HIM ... we are desperate for help at F.S. .... and R.Jones would be a better prospect as backup Strong Safety .....

Looking ahead to 2011 draft (assuming that Odrick and Misi live up to expectations)

1st round ..... Best available RB .... wouldnt Ingrahm look great in aqua?

Trade Ronnie Brown for a 2nd round pick .... and get best available NT .... then we can move Starks back to DE, to play opposie of Odrick

3rd round ... Best available OLB ... you can never have too many

4th round ... trade to the Bears for Olsen,TE

I'd rather have the other O.J.! Let our young guys battle for the FS job. With Nolan running the D, they'll be alot better. Going up against BM in practice alone will make them better!







the FS position has been our greatest hole to fill. from the guys i've watched in 30 practices during the past 2 summers and games i have to say jason allen should be the front-runner. he is the most athletic and can cover. he was moved around way too much and didn't have a veteran mentor. saban picked him in the first round at #16. clemons cant cover a sleeping baby. culver is a back-up.

I think they should move Bell to Free Safety. He getting older and it might prolong his career if they use his speed to cover the back half of the field instead of always meeting the running backs in the whole. He should have the edge in expieience in quaterbacking the defense. Most of the other guys are built more and play more like Strong Safties.
I also think Jason Allen has never had a chance to play thourgh his mistakes.

Think OJ will be a non issue for the Dolphins
Culver will get a shot
Clemons looked very good in preseason game as a ball hawk & tackler
However when given a shot in regular season not so good
Clemons clearly needed work as seen in the Steelers game
Reshad Jones may be a great pick up and possibly earn the job
Jason Allen may look better w/Nolan in charge
DC Nolan has some good athletes here to work with and mold
Also CB should not have to be babysat as much in year 2
However Home sits in the minority camp on the abilities of sean smith
Home went back and forth w/ Omar Kool Aid Kelly
All last year as Kool Aid was force feeding this geeky out of position chump down my throat
Home NEVER bought into sean smith posing as a CB and certainly ROTFLMAO when Kool Aid went on the radio, newspaper & blog and said sean would be an "Elite Pro Bowl CB" almost daily
Home watched sean get beat by almost every WR in Dolphin Camp 2009 and watched all games and tape on this fraud player
In the end sean whiffed on EVERY INT ATTEMPT and got beat badly on many plays
If not for much luck with QBs throwing of the mark last season
Like Ryan in Game one who missed badly twice with errant throws on seans man who had him turned around and out of position by at least two steps and the Atlanta WR was all alone building a house in the end zone twice
sean cheers for himself when he leaves his man wide open and the QB misses and throws the ball out of bounds
Manning only had the ball for 15 minutes and beat us with our inability to cover TEs
Manning threw against sean twice for
Two Completions
After that sean was beat on the biggest pass play of the year to current game date for QBs
Rivers, Brady and Big Ben
Coupled with a 0 Ints after mouthing off how great he is on twitter
Poor Tackling skills (arm tackling only) and Hips and feet easily turned around and out of position
Poor ST player
U will soon find out Home was Right

Someone Please Tell sean smith
Shucking & Jiving are NOT NFL STATS

Hey Home, what are your thoughts on carlito?

Jason Allen just doesn't have the instincts to play the position or the ball skills to play cb. A position less player.

In 2011 we need to address the skill positions in the draft and not look to find unproven diamonds in the rough late in the draft.

We need stars not blue collar players that are just coachable and will work hard

We need to look at rb, wr, te, and fs for sure.

After this year every one will know hartline...turner and camirillo are not very good wr's even when a no. 1 is commanding doubles teams on the field with them. None have explosive qualities are impressive skill sets.

IMO carlito has seniority here over Home
Will treat him w/respect
Believe in freedom of speech
If Do Not Agree with his thoughts
Will skip over or debate if desired

Think carlito obv is a Real Passionate Dolphin Fan
Who Am I
To Judge

Am Just Another Forgiven Sinner
Learning & Working Daily To Improve Myself & Help Others

Home, wtf seniority in a football blog???
WE are all passionate fans as well. We have to go run off and quit just to show we are real passionate. whatever

Completely Disagree With U Str8ball on WRs
They are all Capable WRs

Hartline Will Be A Terrific #2 Guy and
How Many WRs in the NFL are Gunner Tacklers on ST
Like Hartline who has several times been first man down in his rookie season and made a stellar crunching tackle

Camarillo caught 100% of balls thrown his way in 2009 and is the way he carries his intelligent self is the epitome of a professional WR in the NFL (problem is he really is a # 2-3 WR and will Prob be odd man out)

Have seen with my own eyes play good solid football
6.5 Physical WR Catches with his body well
Puts a Lick on CBs & Safeties after the catch
Sparano admitted he dropped the ball not playing Pat Turner in 2009
Try to remember Miles Austin & Jackson took 3 years to develop as an NFL WR and If U scrapped them early
U would have made a huge mistake

Do Not Know any Bloggers here that Well
If U R Looking For Me To Hate On People

U Got The Wrong Guy



Do you expect there will be much of a market for Atogwe? I think that will affect his price. I expect most teams will have settled on their free safety position, so I'm not expecting a bidding war for this guy. I think it's apparent he wants out of St. Louis, so who can blame him. I think if we could this guy for a couple of years, we do it. I wouldn't break the bank on him and I don't think we need to give him anything close to what Smiley got. Smiley was signed in the very few first few minutes of free agency and I'm sure there was competition for his services. The Dolphins felt they had to get something done with him. I don't think this is the same situation at all.

While OJ will be a non issue
Believe this will be an issue of Biblical proportion

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The volcano's now 2,100 mile long, 1,400 mile wide ash cloud flowed southwest from Greenland to Portugal.

Pulsating is the word used at the weather channel
Did U Know HAARP makes the ground Pulsate and can trigger volcanic eruptions

Home reports there were over 40 earthquake tremors at the Icelandic volcano yesterday
Ash plume is still spewing up to 20,000 ft

Unfortunately is Expecting Katla To Erupt Probably Later this Year
This Will be At Least 10 Times As Big As "E"
Shutting Down Air Traffic in the Worlds Busiest Airport Indefinitely
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The Prophet

Home,Welcome aboard.What do you think about Jason Allen at FS? Did he get a raw deal with the regime change? Bad instinct? Too dumb to learn NFL coverages and schemes? I'm out of answers...all I know is that athletically he is a specimen.Anyways I would like to hear your opinion.Also..LOL...HAARP...chemtrails.Sammy29

Home, get hold of yourself. I was not asking you to hate. Forget I asked you. YAACM

sammy29 u know NJ hates the word chemtrails

No to Otogwe. I saw this show already.Uncapped year or not.Someone on this team needs to step up.I like him as a player but,there is a reason the lowly Rams are willing to part ways...we just don't know what it is yet.

Not trying to Insult U in any way
Do not know what U are looking for my to say about this blogger
Have seen some nice posts
Some intelligence
Some Irritability

Perhaps U & Him Have History?
Do Not Know
Am New Here

j-precize, No I wasn't aware of that.I do know about aluminum oxide though!I seldom have time to post anymore.It has taken me awhile to get used to the new format.I used to post daily before the changes.

got to agree with home on sean smith. he clearly struggled and clapped when his man (open) was missed by the qb. he played soft in coverage and missed on int.'s. he didn't tackle! hope he plays aggressive or we are toast. i like jason allen much better.

What up sammy29?

Not Sure on Jasen Allen
Gut Feeling Says
Bye Bye

Allen Got a Raw Deal Covering Randy Moss w/a cast on his broken hand

Good ST Player

Quite Candidly
Tired About Hearing about Jason Allens athleticism
Thats great
I`d want him on team for a game of pick up basketball in my backyard LOL

Question is
When the Hell R U going to be a standout go to player on the Miami Dolphins?

Probably Never

The trifecta did not pick this guy
So U know how that goes

mike nolan will help jason allen be successful in 2010! jason has had too many coaches and been moved around too much to settle in. hope he gets a chance to succeed this year. much better than clemons or culver.

Fun Facts with Home

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Hope U R right greg z
Been pulling for Jason Allen for a long time

Reshad Jones may be the new stud, though

"So how would you feel about paying top-dollar for a player coming back from two significant injuries, particularly when one is a shoulder injury?"

It's not like he's a QB with the shoulder injury, like Drew Brees had. Should definately pass on him.

sammy29, I was joking with you about NJ. It is a long story, maybe Home could tell you about it.

Aluminum oxide is used to clean out the thrusters in jets...allegedly.

Home, I have no history w/ carlito. Just curious I guess. NJ gone, now carlito, maybe cuban menace next, then aloco. Oh wait those two are the same. LOL

You and I can argue points, w/o insults or tirades like Booobyd12 or NJ, or both if you know what I mean.

Yeah lets trade our '11 1st and 3rd for him. And our 2nd in '12 for Jamarcus Russell. Then we will be set. If Daunte Culpepper is available, I wouldn't think twice about bringing him in here again for a 2nd round pick too. Sounds good! Lets go Dolphins!

I hope the fins use what they got at FS and go from there. No need to pay a vet when Miami has some decent speed. I know
That they're inexperienced but that's the best way to get experience. I've been talking J Allen up merely because I've seen him get picks and make plays when given the chance. Addressing the NT position is way more important at this point so we can control the line of scrimmage.

just say no

A lot of you guys talk about J Alen and his abilities. I dont kn ow what is holding him back. He is got potential, but probably does not have much time left. Thought?

I got Channing Crowders autograph at a charity golf tournament last weekend. I had no idea that he was so personable.I guess I assumed he was a butthole because he talked so much trash.Off the field he seemes to be pretty cool.I don't know who the woman with him was but, she was smokin' hot.I hope he plays better this season though.

Mucho gusano

Jason Allen has the tools to play at a high level...he just hasn't up to this point.I agree he hasn't been on the field enough to pick up game expierience.

Seems like every time the Dolphins have to make a decision about signing a player who has medical issues, they get it wrong. They pass on Drew Breese and he goes on to be an MVP, and the sign Smilley and now are looking to dump him after two years. Hope we improve our medical staff to the point we are actually getting accurate advice.

Gusano, I've heard that he doesn't do that well in practice and that's why his playing time is limited. And judging at how strict the trifecta is I believe it. I think some players bring it more when it's gametime though. Like Iverson said, "it's just practice".....

We need some head crackers...It's been awhile..I miss the huge hits and intimidation factor.Our secondary needs to make a name for itself.I hope the D-line and linebackers can help out or secondary..It starts there.

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