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Amaya's play draws attention to rookie

The Dolphins have already had one practice today and are headed for another in the next hour. And safety Jonathon Amaya is going into that practice with something of a streak on the line.

He has an interception in each of the last two practices this minicamp.

What does that tell coach Tony Sparano?

"Tells me the ball comes to him," the coach said. "One thing I also know off the film is unless there's someone else in that body, this guy is going to hit you."

Amaya, an undrafted rokie free agent, apparently hasn't been making too many mistakes, either. "Not many mental errors," Sparano said.

[Afternoon practice update: Amaya didn't get a pick in the afternoon work Saturday. Steak over.]

Sparano talked about Pat White during his press conference today and part of the conversation was about the quarterback's weight. The coach said White has gained 18 pounds since he was drafted by Miami while lowering his body fat. He has gained between 8-9 pounds since the end of last season.

Speaking of weight, Sparano said he's dropped 30 pounds since the end of the season. And he lost it in the orthodox fashion: Working.

The strength coach is kicking the heck out of Sparano and he's looking good.

(I remind you another AFC East coach has lost weight this offseason but decided to do it by having a lap band surgery.)

On other matters: Lionel Dotson, who has not worked in this minicamp, is nursing a tweaked shoulder ... Linebacker Brian Johnson missed this morning's practice. Sparano said he was excused.

I must share with you the highlight of the morning practice: Handoff to Ricky Williams, he sprints outside the tackle and runs stright into Koa Misi. Misi falls back on his butt. Trucked. Welcome to an NFL practice, rookie.

Finally, coach Sparano confirmed that Davone Bess, Greg Camarillo and Brian Hartline are all competing for one starting job -- the second starter job alongside Brandon Marshall. Each brings something good to the table.

My prediction: Hartline wins the job because he is the best combination of size, speed, and intelligence. He can also play all the positions. We'll see. Nothing is set in stone.

[Afternoon practice update: Phillip Merling had a sack during the team period. (Insert cynical comment here if you wish) ... Karlos Dansby impressed the heck out of me on one pass play when he ran step-for-step with Lex Hilliard down the left sideline. Dansby is 6-4 and 250 pounds. Hilliard is 5-11 and listed at 240 pounds ... Corey Procter seems very comfortable only a week or so since joining the team. He's working at left guard and is getting some snaps with the starting unit, although most are coming with the second-teamers.]


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That's it ? And you guys complain about
having access ? Try using it when you get it.

I agree about Hartline,he's only going to get better,but I also think all of the receivers will get better thanks to Marshall.Welcome to the NFL Misi.

On one draft sight I read a where Amaya was called a poor mans Earl Thomas. There always seems to be one rookie free agent that makes the roster. Perhaps Amaya is that guy.
Misi has had a couple of rough days, but a lot of players have been plowed over by the power of the Bong Pipe! Keep your head up Koa!

Welcome 2 tha NFL Misi... But that's Ricky for ya....


I have seen that man run many a great linebacker over and put them on their ass

Good stuff comming out of your keyboard today Armando. I love the competetive spirit comming from our camp. Weather its Allen fighting for his spot, Wake saying he wants "MORE", and now 3 pretty good #2 recievers fighting for the #2 spot. In the end we all win.

I'm rooting for hartline. But all these guys will may excellent 2 - 4s. So glad we finally got our number 1. Changes the whole offense.

Good for Pat White, I don't see a place on the squad for him(unless there is an injury) But if he added some strength, some muscle weight, maybe he can show something during the offseason that interests another team. He still posseses speed, and that always is an atractive trait that teams fall in love with.

Boo Yah!!! It's football time baby. Interesting thought on Fat Tony losing some weight the old fashioned way.....with hard work and discipline. Does anyone else see the irony? Tony does it the old fashioned way while Sexy Rexy uses surgery and a rubberband trying to get the quick and easy fix that requires NO discipline. Hmmmmm.....sounds like the same way they build their football teams!

I like these free agents coming in and being hungry they go all out to win a spot, and perhaps we can dump one of the under producing veterans with a lower cost free agent, time for some of these veterans to get with the program and produce. Bill

To all my Dear Dolphin Fans, please let it be known that we will win the SUPERBOWL IN 2010. Here's my reasons:(nyj vdolphin,10/12/09,mnf)here's the senerio: 4th quarter...3 & 2...10 seconds left in the game and Ronnie Brown ran right up the middle on the #1 DEFENSE IN THE WORLD to win the game 31-27. And to make things worst they had to relived the Dolphin thrill of victory the agony of defeat three weeks later 30-25. Ouch! Secondly, if you look back the Colt's and Saint's games we played you'll realized that we were winning both of these games in the 4th quarter until our defense collapse. We held the ball for 45 mins
against the Colt's and 38 mins againt the Saints. THINK LONG AND HARD ABOUT THIS DOLPHIN FANS:
(1) We beat the #1 DEFENSE IN THE WOLRD 2x's in less than 3 weeks.
(2) We were winning both of Colts and Saints games in the 4th quarter until our defense collapse.
(3) The Colts & the Saints went to the Superbowl and the Jets to the afc championship
and we wupp all three to them wickedly. WE ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL MY FRIENDS IN 2010.


I've said all along that I have had my doubts about Misi. I was critical of this draft class at the outset but grew to like it more as time went on. That said, I can't seem to like Misi. He didn't dominate at the college level so how does anyone think he willbe what the team needs at this level? He was trucked by Williams, what happens when a big back comes or a fullback hits him. The team left themselves thin at OLB by not signing JT. Big mistake.

Randy S- I love your point. While big time free agents, and high profile trades do have a use in the building of a team. I prefer to have guys that come through the system, that bleed the colors, rather then a bunch of outcasts, and players that have seen their best years pass them.


How long was JT suppose to play for us. 2030 or longer. ALso JT sucked ass against the run. Always has and always will. How many 3rd and 4 runs did he give up for a first down. Way more than i'd like to remember.

Let JT go. The Dolphins already have.


Say that last part to Jfljr2. I tried but i wasn't quite so elegant.


I think that Misi should be at Solb so that he sac utilize his pace, and athleticism to make plays outside of the tackles, and in his case the tight end too. He might see some reps at Wolb but needs some improvement, and experience rushing the passer. This is still OTA's we have 4 months untill it counts. I will put my trust in the system, and the players the staff chooses to plug into the spots. As a team, and in this league. You cannot just keep a player because of what he has done for you in the past. If the trifecta thought Taylor could still cut the mustard, he would be here. They didn't and he is gone. Now it is time to see what the new blood can do.

So that Misi can utilize his pace. sac????


Also like the part about Sporano being down 30 LB the right way. It means he is living his words. This translates well in the players eyes and ears. This is when games are won and lost, on the practice field, by winning the hearts and minds of your players. By giving the press and fans tokens like a public retirement for Zach, by not over reacting to a players indescretions (merling) and give due punishment after due process and not before, and finnally, by practicing what you preach.

We are in for something special this season ladies.

"He was trucked by Williams, what happens when a big back comes or a fullback hits him. The team left themselves thin at OLB by not signing JT. Big mistake."

Posted by: Jrljr2 | May 29, 2010 at 03:45 PM

Dude, it was a practice in shorts. Maybe you need to look up Ricky Williams highlights because hes one of the best combos of size and speed in the NFL at HB. He has run over plenty of Pro Bowlers in real games. Do you realize how dumb you make yourself look with the comments you make ?

They're not even wearing pads yet.. What's the big deal about a "trucking", i'm sure we all would have been applauding if Koa and Ricky were both going full speed and collided resulting in Ricky being injured, then we'd have been real proud of the rookie.

I think i'll wait for the pads to come on before I start questioning defensive players tackling ability.

That tells you the difference between the Dolphins' coach and the Jets' coach. When the Dolphins' coach wants to lose weight he does it with will power. When the Jets' coach wants to lose weight, he has surgery because he doesn't have the willpower. Maybe that's what makes him cry in front of the team when the Jets lose.

Maybe the Jets will get to play the other team's backups in the last 2 weeks of the season again this year. Otherwise, they're going to get burried by the coach with the willpower.


How long was JT suppose to play for us. 2030 or longer. ALso JT sucked ass against the run. Always has and always will. How many 3rd and 4 runs did he give up for a first down. Way more than i'd like to remember.

Let JT go. The Dolphins already have.

Posted by: kris | May 29, 2010 at 03:51 PM

I love JT and he was one of the best Dolphins ever, but I am still happy we have "moved on." If not, next season or the season after it would have been the same old offseason drama from JT, our media, and our "can't get over" JT fans. Careers do come to an end folks!

Maybe some of you missed it but the rap on Misi was he needed to gain strength to fight off blocks.


I was a JT fan until he jumped ship and went to the Redskins after our 1-15 season. Since then I have no love for the man. Can't wait to see him get trucked by Ricky when the season begins. If he knows whats good for him he will stay as far away from Jake Long as he can during the games.

Go Mando, get busy... What about the O line, how's that comin' brotha?

I agree with the "playing in shorts" comments,AND the comments that Ricky has done that to many a pro bowler. WELCOME to the N.F.L.! He'll learn from it and move on, I like the kid!

Parcells Jr / Sean Payton's Saints are 2010's Superbowl Champs. 2011 let's make it to the playoffs and win a game before you (phinfan61) guys start talking like jet fans. I'm pulling for 2012,2013 & 2014 Superbowl titles and Bill Parcells retiring for good after the win in Jersey's Meadowlands. ;-)

Anybody interested in the 9/19 game at Minn this year? Plenty of tickets. Warning do not buy upper deck seats there. For 1 they suck, 2 it is loud there, almost as loud as Seattle. And you cannot hear a thing in those upper seats. I'm sure by the 4th quarter it will be dead silent in there because we will be laying the wood to those hicks.

I love how clowns make assessments about players they have NEVER seen. Misi got 'trucked'? Big deal. It's May and it was Ricky.

Oh, and one last thing about Jason Taylor: 32 teams had a chance to sign him. Only two (2) offered him a contract if you count the Dolphins offer in November. He chose to leave. So exactly HOW did the Dolphins leave themselves 'thin' at linebacker?

Maybe some of you missed it but the rap on Misi was he needed to gain strength to fight off blocks.

Posted by: cocoajoe | May 29, 2010 at 04:34 PM

True, but I think the point we are trying to convey is they are still in shorts and it was Ricky. Therefore, there is no cause for concern over this "trucking"

Wassup Darryl,

Long time bud...

I liked the G John Jerry pick and I think he will pan out nicely and be a stud G at some point.

I am still not feeling it on the Odrick and Misi choices. I hope they prove me very wrong.

Until then... I still would have chosen Brandon Graham rather than the both of them. Dobbins may end up being the guy that makes that trade back better. I think Dobbins has some game and special teams prowess as well.

In releasing Torbor it can mean one of two things or both:

1.) They want to pursue Otogwe like Armando said.

2.) They simply like their stable of younger LB's. They have quite a few so Torbor could have been a numbers victim.


I'm with you Rob. One of the things I don't like about Parcells approach to talent acquisition is the scatter gun approach. Get enough pics and a couple will pan out. Why even do any research if you're going to go about it like that? Just get a dartboard.

First of all, I love this blog when it's talking Dolphin football!
Have high hopes for Misi. Better that RW is schooling him now than in a regular season game.
Henne's making great strides, but needs to step it up a little bit more to take it to the next level.
Hartline probably takes the number 2, with Bess in the slot, and BM as the number 1. But, I wouldn't be surprised if we carry an extra WR on the roster this year.
Hopefully, by Training Camp, everyone that's injured now will be well enough to really show us what we've got.
I'm excited about this year. And, barring injuries, I see no reason why we shouldn't be in the play-offs! Go Fins!


Every pick is a risk. I like that they try not to put all of their eggs in one basket.

Over time, investors that don't spread risk lose.

There's something about a player who fights his way onto the team.I just love it.It make me appreciate the spirit of competition.

HeyTracy...have you been at the field or are you just stating something that is not really fact. According to coach, Henne has made tremedous strides from last year check out his video from yesterday!

That's my Ricky! Bing-bang.. er.. oh never mind!

Witty name LBKDM.

henne is the real deal ,watch him taking the dolphins to the playoffs.sanhez WILL BE AN INTERCEPTION MACHINE .

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Hmmm Dez Bryant next to Brandon Marshall or Koa Misi and Odrick? What a lame front office.

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Tracy747 @ 8:01pm makes a very excellent observation. This post is much more enjoyable to read without the idiot posers on this blog pretending to be other people and just trying to start crap. Nice to see people talking about football on here for a change. I wouldn't put to much into Misi getting sandbagged, just OTA's at this point to see what kind of raw talent each player brings. I'm much more excitied about the Dolphins prospects for a winning season this year. Should be very entertaining to say the least.

tracy=finfan who's talking to himself .

Funny, I don't remember Palin being President? Corporate pig at the trough right now is BlowBama, Change You Can Believe In my Azzzzz

At least ALoco can come out of closet and serve in military now.

Hmmm Dez Bryant next to Brandon Marshall or Koa Misi and Odrick? What a lame front office.

Posted by: Ryan Tallerguy | May 29, 2010 at 08:40 PM

Words can not express how happy I am you are not part of the front office. When Odrick becomes the next Richard Seymour and Misi the next James Harrison, and Dez the next Charles Rogers, I hope you realize what a doosher you are.

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