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Amaya's play draws attention to rookie

The Dolphins have already had one practice today and are headed for another in the next hour. And safety Jonathon Amaya is going into that practice with something of a streak on the line.

He has an interception in each of the last two practices this minicamp.

What does that tell coach Tony Sparano?

"Tells me the ball comes to him," the coach said. "One thing I also know off the film is unless there's someone else in that body, this guy is going to hit you."

Amaya, an undrafted rokie free agent, apparently hasn't been making too many mistakes, either. "Not many mental errors," Sparano said.

[Afternoon practice update: Amaya didn't get a pick in the afternoon work Saturday. Steak over.]

Sparano talked about Pat White during his press conference today and part of the conversation was about the quarterback's weight. The coach said White has gained 18 pounds since he was drafted by Miami while lowering his body fat. He has gained between 8-9 pounds since the end of last season.

Speaking of weight, Sparano said he's dropped 30 pounds since the end of the season. And he lost it in the orthodox fashion: Working.

The strength coach is kicking the heck out of Sparano and he's looking good.

(I remind you another AFC East coach has lost weight this offseason but decided to do it by having a lap band surgery.)

On other matters: Lionel Dotson, who has not worked in this minicamp, is nursing a tweaked shoulder ... Linebacker Brian Johnson missed this morning's practice. Sparano said he was excused.

I must share with you the highlight of the morning practice: Handoff to Ricky Williams, he sprints outside the tackle and runs stright into Koa Misi. Misi falls back on his butt. Trucked. Welcome to an NFL practice, rookie.

Finally, coach Sparano confirmed that Davone Bess, Greg Camarillo and Brian Hartline are all competing for one starting job -- the second starter job alongside Brandon Marshall. Each brings something good to the table.

My prediction: Hartline wins the job because he is the best combination of size, speed, and intelligence. He can also play all the positions. We'll see. Nothing is set in stone.

[Afternoon practice update: Phillip Merling had a sack during the team period. (Insert cynical comment here if you wish) ... Karlos Dansby impressed the heck out of me on one pass play when he ran step-for-step with Lex Hilliard down the left sideline. Dansby is 6-4 and 250 pounds. Hilliard is 5-11 and listed at 240 pounds ... Corey Procter seems very comfortable only a week or so since joining the team. He's working at left guard and is getting some snaps with the starting unit, although most are coming with the second-teamers.]


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So I wasn't on at all tonight, and wouldn't you know, great football talk. And a visit by my great pal Rob in OC. Just my luck, lol.

As for Amaya, I'd be lying if I said I knew a whole lot about him. Leading up to the draft, I seemingly read up and watched as much as I could on every S prospect, and found very little about Amaya. My games watching Nevada were more for watching the pistol offense, and I had a habit of flipping to other games when they weren't on offense. I did see the smashing of Ryan Matthews though, I remember thinking wow. Maybe we have this year's true acorn, though with his size and hitting ability, he would seem more suited for SS. Let him compete with Jones and see what happens (I still don't think Jones is a FS) Point is Yeremiah isn't getting any younger.

I would just like to take this oppurtunity to say thanks to everyone that has stepped up and fought for something they believe in.

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On to football...

Pat White got knocked the F out in the last game of the season, I'm glad he is working hard to put on some real solid weight. More muscle will make him a even more dangerous weapon when running a draw out of the WILDCAT.

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I too am glad that White put on some muscle. It can only help him. I am rooting for him, though I get a feeling he wont make the team.

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I'm doing well thanks, Thinking about going to the gym before the day gets started.

As far as White goes, I say he gets kept and we hype Thigpen to the point that we trade him for a 4th round pick.


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Sparano praised rookie strong safety Jonathan Amaya for the knack of him finding the ball. He’s had two interceptions during minicamp. One in Friday’s afternoon session, and one Saturday morning.

Sparano says Amaya made those type of playing in rookie camp too, and points out the one thing he liked about Amaya from his college film is the fact he’s “a hitter.”….


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Thanks Armando Salguero! Maybe with all the other changes at linebackers, this Jonathan Amaya can put us over the top! I feel that our offense should score points and I'm looking for a defense that will give up less than we score! Go Miami!

Seeing is believing and from what I've seen so far; I'm not believing! Nonetheless, Go Miami!

P.S. It sure would be nice if we could keep all these Jet-losers off our posts!

I saw John Offerdahl pancaked and thrown to the turf like a rag doll during one of his first practices as a rookie back at old St. Thomas University. You (few) people making a big deal about Misi taking the brunt of a good hit by Ricky are painfully and totally clueless.


Anyone else think Home is Mando?

Armando Salguero, FYI it says in the article 'Steak over', but I think you mean Streak Over'.

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