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Time to open the Salguero mailbag

As this blog has been inconsistent in posting your comments the past couple of weeks days and I'm told the problem might not be totally fixed until May 6th, I figured I would share some comments readers have e-mailed me recently.

I try to answer as many e-mails as I can, even the unkind ones, but I obviously cannot get to all of them. Here are a handful of the hundreds I get daily.

The mailbag:


What a name on that Utah kid. But dude you missed an awesome opportunity to make funny reference to that volcano in Iceland. Something like, Dolfans better hope Nawa'akoa Lisiate Foti Analeseanoa Misi is just as explosive as Eyjafjallajokull lol. Go ahead dude, you can use it lol.

John Sternal


You you got quite a sense of humor there, buddy.

Armando Salguero



I think this is the Big News of 2010 Draft. Our conference is going passing happy. This is the Drew Brees Legacy.

That is the reason the Tuna had to buy into bringing in Marshall. Forget about no rest when Dolphins are planning, working.

Carlos Muina


I've been writing for years that the NFL is a pass-happy league. Thanks for reading my work so closely -- particularly my byline.



Why can't miami ever take a solid touted player and have him live up to his potential as well? As a Dolphin fan that goes back to 1971 i must say i am not impressed by the Parcells regime so far. I must say that on paper are moves this year appear to be correct (Offensive playmaker was a no brainer). But look below (from the ESPN website) typical Miami drafting:

Odrick is a unique prospect who does not have a great fit anywhere....

Misi is going to make the transition from defensive end to outside linebacker....

He doesn't have elite measurables....

Edds is a bit of a reach here...He is a bit limited as far as overall athleticism and range ...



Is it fair to think you don't like Miami's draft? I think one thing Bill Parcells does pretty well is draft defensive linemen and linebackers. Having said that, I will give him the benefit of the doubt on Odrick, Misi and Edds -- a defensive end and two LBs -- until they prove Parcells wrong.



First, I have to say I read your articles religiously.  You are right on the money in my opinion, but that may be because I happen to agree with you the majority of the time.

I started to email you yesterday to say that I think the team is going to have Will Allen, Smith and Davis on the field at the same time.  I am not sure who is going to move to safety but I think it is going to happen and then you write the same thing.

I like the first and third pick and think they will both contribute in a major way this year.  Pretty happy with the draft overall.  Thanks for all your hard work.


I appreciate you reading my stuff. We won't always agree, but two individuals rarely do. We do agree that the if the Dolphins don't find an "acorn" on the market the next couple of months, it cannot hurt to consider moving either Will Allen or Jason Allen to free safety. Why not? Obviously, Jeff Ireland said he wouldn't bet on it happening -- which, of course, means it might happen at any time.



I am a lifetime Miami Dolphins fan and avid supporter of the franchise. So it was deeply troubling when it was reported and later confirmed that GM Jeff Ireland asked a potential recruit, Dez Bryant, if his mother had ever been a prostitute. This type of question is demeaning, offensive and shows a general lack of class on the part of Mr. Ireland and the entire franchise. It is further upsetting that a question such as this may indeed have been asked based on the color of the recruit's skin. It in fact forces me to ask if Mr. Ireland feels that African-Americans deserve some level of diminished respect? I understand that posing a question of racism is serious but I am left to wonder about Mr. Ireland's commitment to diversity. Finally, Mr. Ireland's apology was only issued after he was publicly named on certain television networks and websites. It appears that Mr. Ireland does not mind treating young African-American players with disrespect and contempt. What he does mind is his actions being publicly disclosed. Thus, I believe his apology is hollow and without merit.

Jason Yoepp

I am certain the Dolphins appreciate your lifetime of support. There is no doubt the question to Bryant was off base, probably in any context. I would assume such a question will never be asked by Jeff Ireland again. Having said that, I do not believe this question had anything to do with race or racial profiling. If Dez Bryant was a white kid with a similar background as Bryant's, I believe Ireland would have asked the same question. Furthermore, if you wonder about Ireland's commitment to diversity, don't bother. The NFL is about 70 percent black and 100 percent green. Teams, including the Dolphins, don't judge players based on skin color, but rather on talent. And they do it in a color blind manner to get the best players which will bring championships, more success and thus more money to the franchise and its employees. Finally, if you question the timing of Ireland's apology, you should also question the timing of Bryant's accusation. He did not complain to anyone on the team about the question when it was asked. And it was not revealed the Dolphins were the team that asked the question, conveniently, until after the draft -- when Bryant was assured the Dolphins hadn't selected him. That was not coincidental.

Armando Salguero



Just wanted to write in about your blog. I live in NJ (same town where former Dolphins FB Darian Barnes played his high school ball) and well, all I get is crap from the hated Jets fans. Love reading your articles, but hate seeing comments that bring a negative light to you. Keep up the good work and keep informing us here in NJ like always. Great work!

Mike Dacenko

Toms River, N.J.


Thanks for the kind note. One thing that will drive your Jets fan tormentors nuts: Last year, the Dolphins swept New York. They have no comeback to that. None. Also, I didn't realize there were any comments on this blog that bring a negative light to me. All the folks who post on here love me!



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Jason Yoeep claiming racism is a tool

Dear Mr. Salguero

Time to open my mail.

I try to answer my mail as best as I can, even the unkind mail.

Unemployment check
Letter from Ed Mcmahon/publishers clearing house
Over draft notice
Final notice
Welfare check.
Late fee
Disconection notice.
Child support
Food stamps
Volume # 635 of Britannia world encyclopedia
sample of Enzyte
Letter from the city demanding I remove old cars on cinder blocks.
Subscription for Guns and Ammo
Paternity suit documents
Letter from the neighborhood crime watch with complaints
Warnings about my dogs running loose

And so on and so forth

Soiled :)


First let me say I don't know how up the GM chain Ireland would place, but he did sign the top free agent out there is Dansby. And, landed Marshall in a trade. Not too shabby in my opinion. Maybe he was overpaid as you suggest, but it is not coming from my checkbook. The fact is he is here.

The Pittsburgh player used Miami's offer to set his value and ran back home. This is not uncommon. Many free agents end up signing with their original team. (See Jason Taylor last year who left 7mil on the table to come back home)

People make decisions that they believe will benefit themselves and their family. All things being equal, most players would choose the situation that appears more comfortable to them. That really has nothing to do with the GM. It is more the particular situation of the player. Do they want to live here? Is the money a major factor? Do I feel the organization has a place for me? Do I like the position coach? Will I fit into their system? Would my wife be happy here? Will living here cause a hardship on my outside interests? Yada, yada.

Armando,you should open the mail bag every Friday so we can make fun of everyone on Saturday and Sunday.

Pricemaster is an idiot, he is trying to make assumptions on the 53 man roster that doesn't come out until september, based on the 80-man roster for training camp. Of course the numbers aren't going to add up you nincompoop.

The same people that are calling for Bill Parcells head will either be the first one's jumping back on the bandwagon and saying they were with him all along when the Phins get off to a hot start or If Parcells leaves after this season, they will be the first ones begging for him back

Pricemaster is an idiot and Parcells isn't going to be fired you dumbshyts...

Bobbyd12..... Hows it going bobby? Long time no talk too... Hope that all is well.

If you get a chance to do any background reading on Oghobasse take a peek... Hell of a D-line player that has had a bit of bad luck and had a horrible combine. He likely made a bad choice going to Duke instead of Miami or Oklahoma. I am sort of hoping he can pull it all together... very smart guy prototypical size...

Wow. Jason Yoepp and "My Name is Joe" are maybe the two biggest racists I have ever seen!

It was bad enough that Jason Yoepp assumed that the "Is your mother a prostitute" question was motivated by race, but if the conversation went down the way MyNameIsJoe ("a man of color") tells it--that is that the actual question, after asking what Bryant's father did; Bryant responding that his dad was a pimp, and then saying his mom worked for his dad (firstly,who wouldn't assume his mom was a prostitute at this point); and then the actual question was, "In what capacity", NOT "Is your mother a prostitute?"--in that context, blog commentor MyNameIsJoe is an even bigger racist than Jason Yoepp!

Don't you love when "people of color" (puke at the term) play the race card, even when totally inapplicable? Hey, we have a black president, even! Get over it! ...an Irish guy too, I hear...O'BamBam, or something like that. By the way, wasn't his mother a prostitute too? See? You don't see me slamming Irish guys now, do you?

And btw, as an aside, if your platform is "oppressed people" you need to talk about the Irish...a far more oppressed people than were the blacks.

Hey Ask Bill, everything is good!! I will check him out, from what I have read so far it seems it all comes down to attitude and work ethic with this kid...Kid has gotta want it in order to make it...nice pickup if they can get him straight

Bigafly's chances of becoming a Vegas Odds maker... 0%

Bigafly, Do you have some sort of "Percentile" machine? Can you give us the lotto numbers?

You had just made a post saying "We don't know what is going to happen"... then you place the entire team on a sliding scale of percentile ratings... What?.... seriously...What?

Get back with those lotto numbers or at least the probability that you may be able to guess what they will be....

Could not agree more... Oghabasse was rated very high early on. But like I said, he had some injuries and other set backs that hurt him.
Hard to believe this entire Jeff Ireland thing huh? Have not really spoken to you since it broke out. I believe the whole thing is unfortunate but also feel that because of her recent felony convictions, Dez would have been better served.. or should I say his MOTHER would have been better served to just have allowed it to pass without making an issue of it. He may have attempted to prove some point... but the person who was really thrown to the wind was his Mother.
It would have been better of neither man made the mistake they did. But tossing it to the media is NEVER a good idea unless you are spotless and have nothing to hide... cause they will find it eventually. I refuse to argue the issue because I have already made up my mind about it and am burn out on the whole issue... but I hope that all have leaned what happens when the media gets into your business...

The name is:
If I had to cut one of the three, I think I would indeed cut Bess rather than Camarillo or Hartline.

Wow, MaCo, so you'd cut our Wes Welker over Camarillo? I mean, Greg is a good receiver, but how many touches does he get a game 3-4? Can he be the guy to move the chains all game, I doubt it. Bess is the perfect slot receiver, good hands, quick, runs great routes. Plus he can return kicks/punts. So I think it's a no-brainer, if you have to get rid of one of those receivers (as much as I'd like to keep all of them) the easy choice is Greg Camarillo.

oops Bill.

Bigafly, hillarious! But quit it. You're taking to much space with that non-sense.

As a matter of fact everyone is going crazy with non-sense this morning.

That Reshad Jones is a beast!

Let's Go Miami Dolphins!!!!

There is absoltelt no way MIAMI would get rid of Camarillo!!!!!!! The guy us clutch and class times 10000!!!!

NJ----take a deep breath---u act like every comment i write is about ur mother or something---relax---

I was just creating a "my own rumor" from a Shefter atricle he wrote a month ago----

1. You can never have enough pass rushers, when you have the abilty to acquire 1 who is 25--- you have to weigh your contract options-----Which you dont know how much money they have to offer, and how they feel about lawson--he played very well last year at the age of 25

2. i truly feel you cant go in the year with misi and wake ---with no veteran experience or competition for them---some1 will be added

3. i was just adding another viable option that was outside the box, b/c i never heard any1 mention it before---

4. Darryl---good question its interesting to try andd figure out if Nolan is disappointed with him or understands thats a tore his acl his rookie year and last year was the first year he was completely healthy---he played at the same high level JT did last year at the same position---but at 25 his best years are ahead of him---

Hence---i said im makn my own rumor---

also dont act like we added 6 lbs to OLB---

Misi , wake
anderson Moses

we only have 5 guys and that is the biggest problemwe have on defense---if u cant apply pressure ur defense will struggle---ur putting a lot of pressure on mike nolan and his scheme---if you think u can hand him those 5 guys to the most important position on your defense

Some1 must be added who has some experience

I'm originally from N.J.( Jets territory ) but I'm a diehard and LIFELONG Dolphins fan!!!I went to the same highschool as Jim Kiick( Boonton Highschool) and cant stand the Jets..Lets get pumped up for the upcoming season...Just wanted to get that out...GO FINS!!!!!


Please do not insult my integrity. You made an assertion that has no proof. Please point out where I said something racist.

I will not tolerate any racism from anyone on this blog. It does not matter if it is against whites, blacks, or any other race/religion/ethnicity.

I want to talk football but I am not going to let obvious racism go without comment. It speaks volumes when you call me out but do not address the person who actually said something racist (justin credible). You have revealed yourself my friend.

Checkmate, you lose

Dolphin Disciple this not true, you only take offence when someone say bad things about your white people like justin credible... We need equality not preferences. I love white people and have many white friends, but your minds are warped when it come to race matter

Whats goin on? Want some crack?

Trap or die

Why do you so called Dolphin fans rely and believe so much on what the BS draft experts on ESPN say! Most, if any, have never been a coach or player personnel guy that truly understands how to evaluate talent. Those guys are hyped on the big name guys from big name schools, when over 50% of the stars in this league are seldom heard of before they enter the NFL and are from smaller schools! The draft experts or a joke......trust your team until they have failed miserably! Past 2 drafts our top picks have produced 4 starters, with other contributing!

Mel Kiper is the most "educated" IDIOT on ESPN as a draft expert.
Ha, i bet u that he loses his job in two years because he called the dolphins draft crap and miami kicks butt and blows him to kingdom come
Hes a nerdy crazy guy who is too excited.
What a joke........

he couldnt even build his own nfl team if his own life depended on it

Ireland asked if his mother was a prostitute, not if she was a BLACK HO...Stop with this racism B/S...people love to make things up to start controvery where there is NONE...An improper question, yes, a racist question NO

Bobbyd12 whats up pimpin? Want some crack?

What's next? Someone saying, "I heard that for AOL Fanhouse, Angela Bryant did the entire interview naked, on her back, with her legs in the air." Get off this crap and back to Dolphins' football! Thanks, I'm O.T.F.D.

Dana, give 'em heck!

RDOLPHIN, our 1st 2 drafts under this regime have been the best since the early Jimmy Johnson days.

in 2008, we got starters in

Jake Long
Chad Henne
Kendall Langford
Donald Thomas (although he may lose that job next year)

We also got significant contributors in

Phillip Merling (excellent shot to start in 2010 if he shows up ready to go from the start)
Lex Hilliard

We also have potential player in Lionel Dotson from that draft.

When you talk about gettting 6-7 (including 3-5 starters) players from one draft, that's an excellent haul. A+ draft

2009 draft provided:


Vontae Davis
Sean Smith

Potential Starters/Significant Contributors:

Brian Hartline
Chris Clemons

Not as bountiful as the 2008 draft but still very good. That doesn't even factor in unknowns like Patrick Turner or Pat White that may still find their place on the team or value to the organization.

Likewise the 2010 draft has several potential starters in there in Odrick, Misi, Jerry, Jones, and Edds.

This is how championship teams are built - by adding 9 or so starters in 3 years from the draft and several other significant contributors.

Compare this to the Wannstedt regime that produced Randy McMichael, Chris Chambers, and Todd Wade through all their years and you see how far we've come.

The future is extremely bright!

Good one, dish. Too funny, and yeah, I think she might be...

I agree Mark. These past two drafts have been good building drafts (except a few picks like Pat Turner). Wannstedt's terrible drafting is what got Miami so far behind. It is good to be a Dolfan right now but we need to be patient. This team needs practice and needs to develop chemistry, which CANNOT be purchased in free-agency...

Parcells and the gang should watch bangbus during the draft.. It will lighten the mood make for a more successful draft!!

I agree 100% Rodge, the Miami Dolphins had been crippled by the failures of past regimes. The way to win in football is through the draft - no doubt. You can only do so much in free agency and trading because simply teams don't allow too many good players to go free and when they do, they are very expensive. Because of the cap, you can only do so much there too.

I think the only decent draft Miami had in the last 10 years or so was Saban's first when they got Ronnie Brown, Matt Roth, and Channing Crowder.

In my personal opinion, if you can add 3 new starters every year, you've done an amazing job as a front office.

This regime has added more than 3 high level starters every year. You can't ask for anything more.

Will there ever be an updated 2010 phins updated salguero app?

I'm done with the 2009 phins!






I'd like to see the trifecta load up on NTs, and o-linemen next draft. I still have nightmares about Wannsedt drafting Jamar Fletcher over Vince Wilfork... I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit after remembering...

Why do you want an updated 2010 app? So you can pay another 2.00 dollars or whatever it was... Call me cheap, but I'd rather put 2 dollars down a strippers thong than pay 2 dollars so that my dolphins app says 2010 instead of 2009 when I open it


You get more "bang" for your buck with me

Rodge, I felt like a kid who got his toy taken away from him when I watched the draft and saw Fletcher taken over Drew Brees. Thanks for bringing it up - more therapy will be required now.

As far as next year's draft, the Dolphins are very close to being able to draft for depth and certain skill sets and not necessarily players that have to start for them. Think about it, all of a sudden this team is rather deep everywhere. Just select the best available player regardless of position. That will be a happy day.

NJFishfan, what kind of strip joints are there in NJ that 2 bucks actually gets you something? The local ones are a lot more expensive - but then again, the girls are lot more receptive to extra curricular activities.

I know what you mean about Brees, Mark. Back then our line was dismantled (remember Ricky running away) and Brees would have been set up for failure, so it was fortunate for Brees too. I'm really excited about Mike Nolan's impact on the d

A lot of people are discounting Miami but there is no doubt in my mind that we are winning the division.

I'm hoping for a year development with Miami possibly sneaking up on teams this year. I'm excited about Marshall but still worried about Dan Henning's play calling predictability. At time it seemed he was picking the six basic "Tecmo-Bowl" plays all game.

Tecmo-Bowl, LOL! That brings back memories.

SoiledBottom,you crack me up.That's some good bloggin.Keep up the good work.

Interesting stuff out of New Orleans. Vicodingate, and the Sharper story. For all the Sharper supporters out there, be happy that the Phins were smart enough to pass on him. This should give some more insight as to why there weren't many teams interested in his services. The story out of NO was the surgery that was just a minor procedure, was actually microfracture surgery. Who knows when Sharper will be ready to play, or how affective he will be when he does come back.

Credibly Stupid Justin,

Whats todays dumb "qoute" of the day from the urban dictionary???









Free Safety is still our biggest concern going into the season. Our pass defense was ranked 24th in the NFl last year. The QB of the pass defense is the Free Safety and we don't have a proven guy yet. Last year we couldn't cover tight ends, and our young corners consistently got beat deep. There was little to no free safety help over the top and the pass rush was nonexistent when needed.

Culver should be a big improvement over Wilson at free safety. Dansby and Edds will be 1000% better in coverage than last year's guys, and Will Allen should start again at corner along with Sean Smith. Vontae Davis will move into the slot during nickel and dime situations. If Misi and Wake can generate any kind of pass rush whatsoever, we should dramatically improve our weakest part (pass defense) of the team from last year.

Cridibly stupid justin,,,

alright son, take ur meds(crack) and head off to ur room(alleyway), cuz the doctors(police), i believe they all lookin for u!!!






Dolphin Disciple,

Someone posted as me. I am flattered that they used the name, go for it. I did not call you a racist. It may be true that I detest on your behavior on this blog, though. You get excited when you see justin imbecile post, that you forget it may be someone posting as him. Now you offer threats to me? The truth is I cant stand you as a person. Dont care for what race you are. Go skrew off pal

Credibly Stupid Justin,

Not at all, many different races very comfortable about my manhood, u however my ignorant friend obviously only prefer One color.....Have fun with that!!!

Dolphin Disciple, I forgot, why checkmate. I blocked it with my Knight. The BLACK knight, you know it is BLACK and your piece is WHITE, you know WHITE. WHITE always moves first because they are superior right??

You could not play chess if your life depended on it. LOL

Mark in Toronto, I agree with everything you said in your post (about the Tuna Drafts), except this line:

"That doesn't even factor in unknowns like Patrick Turner or Pat White that may still find their place on the team or value to the organization."

I don't think Turner or White are unknowns (especially not White). They ARE known, to be less than stellar (maybe saying they are busts is too soon, but by the end of this year I'll say that if things remain the same with those two). It reminds me of the Ted Ginn days, when fans kept saying "he needs another year," and "he's got too much speed to give up on." Blah, blah, blah. TRUE studs in this game make an impact in YEAR ONE (think Chris Johnson, think Randy Moss, think Jake Long). They don't need to "learn the game" or get "coached up." Patrick Turner couldn't see the field with a sub-par WR group, that should tell you something right there. Could he do something this year, sure, maybe, and maybe Santa Claus comes down my chimney and gives me a Christmas gift of $1,000,000. And, Pat White, there's another one. Ok, I can give him two years. But, my uneducated eye last year saw a guy who not only didn't deserve to be drafted in the 2nd round, he didn't deserve to be drafted (at least by Miami). He's another one that I hear people hoping against hope to succeed when he's just a college star who failed in the NFL (one of many). I really wish the guys here who are so high on White would get off it. No one is even asking him to be a star anymore, they are only asking that he be competent (that should tell you something about his skills, at least in year one). If he gets better, it surely will be a surprise to me, but my guess is that he sits on our bench another year or two and then gets cut or traded.

Otherwise, you're right, the Trifecta has done one helluva job (on everything but PR related to stars of old, i.e. Zach and JT).

NJ where is NJ? Oh yeah working at his gym, f'kin liar. College too yeah right. Please NJ stay away, you presence is rubbing off on boobyd12. You are a bad influence on him. Greek my @zzzzzzz. bwahahahahahahahahah

stick to dumb bells.

People in this country are getting dumber by the minute.

DC, I don't hold out hope that these guys will be significant contributors. But it is too early to just release them too. They can be bonus players that my develop - Dolphins don't need them too but it can prove to be a boon to the organization if they can.

We've seen it time and again with QBs. You develop a good backup QB and before long, someone will pay a ransom to have him. Hasselbeck, Brunell, Schaub, Whitehurst heck even AJ Feely provided a draft pick to the Eagles. And last I checked Rick Spielman is still in the league, haha.

Dana Rohr:

Thanks for bringing back the Memories....

We played Football against you during each of my four years in High School. (...along with Randolph, Morris Hills, Dover, Mount Olive and West Essex.) Its been a long time, but I'll never forget how much
FUN all That was!

The Dolphins R O C K !!


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