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Time to open the Salguero mailbag

As this blog has been inconsistent in posting your comments the past couple of weeks days and I'm told the problem might not be totally fixed until May 6th, I figured I would share some comments readers have e-mailed me recently.

I try to answer as many e-mails as I can, even the unkind ones, but I obviously cannot get to all of them. Here are a handful of the hundreds I get daily.

The mailbag:


What a name on that Utah kid. But dude you missed an awesome opportunity to make funny reference to that volcano in Iceland. Something like, Dolfans better hope Nawa'akoa Lisiate Foti Analeseanoa Misi is just as explosive as Eyjafjallajokull lol. Go ahead dude, you can use it lol.

John Sternal


You you got quite a sense of humor there, buddy.

Armando Salguero



I think this is the Big News of 2010 Draft. Our conference is going passing happy. This is the Drew Brees Legacy.

That is the reason the Tuna had to buy into bringing in Marshall. Forget about no rest when Dolphins are planning, working.

Carlos Muina


I've been writing for years that the NFL is a pass-happy league. Thanks for reading my work so closely -- particularly my byline.



Why can't miami ever take a solid touted player and have him live up to his potential as well? As a Dolphin fan that goes back to 1971 i must say i am not impressed by the Parcells regime so far. I must say that on paper are moves this year appear to be correct (Offensive playmaker was a no brainer). But look below (from the ESPN website) typical Miami drafting:

Odrick is a unique prospect who does not have a great fit anywhere....

Misi is going to make the transition from defensive end to outside linebacker....

He doesn't have elite measurables....

Edds is a bit of a reach here...He is a bit limited as far as overall athleticism and range ...



Is it fair to think you don't like Miami's draft? I think one thing Bill Parcells does pretty well is draft defensive linemen and linebackers. Having said that, I will give him the benefit of the doubt on Odrick, Misi and Edds -- a defensive end and two LBs -- until they prove Parcells wrong.



First, I have to say I read your articles religiously.  You are right on the money in my opinion, but that may be because I happen to agree with you the majority of the time.

I started to email you yesterday to say that I think the team is going to have Will Allen, Smith and Davis on the field at the same time.  I am not sure who is going to move to safety but I think it is going to happen and then you write the same thing.

I like the first and third pick and think they will both contribute in a major way this year.  Pretty happy with the draft overall.  Thanks for all your hard work.


I appreciate you reading my stuff. We won't always agree, but two individuals rarely do. We do agree that the if the Dolphins don't find an "acorn" on the market the next couple of months, it cannot hurt to consider moving either Will Allen or Jason Allen to free safety. Why not? Obviously, Jeff Ireland said he wouldn't bet on it happening -- which, of course, means it might happen at any time.



I am a lifetime Miami Dolphins fan and avid supporter of the franchise. So it was deeply troubling when it was reported and later confirmed that GM Jeff Ireland asked a potential recruit, Dez Bryant, if his mother had ever been a prostitute. This type of question is demeaning, offensive and shows a general lack of class on the part of Mr. Ireland and the entire franchise. It is further upsetting that a question such as this may indeed have been asked based on the color of the recruit's skin. It in fact forces me to ask if Mr. Ireland feels that African-Americans deserve some level of diminished respect? I understand that posing a question of racism is serious but I am left to wonder about Mr. Ireland's commitment to diversity. Finally, Mr. Ireland's apology was only issued after he was publicly named on certain television networks and websites. It appears that Mr. Ireland does not mind treating young African-American players with disrespect and contempt. What he does mind is his actions being publicly disclosed. Thus, I believe his apology is hollow and without merit.

Jason Yoepp

I am certain the Dolphins appreciate your lifetime of support. There is no doubt the question to Bryant was off base, probably in any context. I would assume such a question will never be asked by Jeff Ireland again. Having said that, I do not believe this question had anything to do with race or racial profiling. If Dez Bryant was a white kid with a similar background as Bryant's, I believe Ireland would have asked the same question. Furthermore, if you wonder about Ireland's commitment to diversity, don't bother. The NFL is about 70 percent black and 100 percent green. Teams, including the Dolphins, don't judge players based on skin color, but rather on talent. And they do it in a color blind manner to get the best players which will bring championships, more success and thus more money to the franchise and its employees. Finally, if you question the timing of Ireland's apology, you should also question the timing of Bryant's accusation. He did not complain to anyone on the team about the question when it was asked. And it was not revealed the Dolphins were the team that asked the question, conveniently, until after the draft -- when Bryant was assured the Dolphins hadn't selected him. That was not coincidental.

Armando Salguero



Just wanted to write in about your blog. I live in NJ (same town where former Dolphins FB Darian Barnes played his high school ball) and well, all I get is crap from the hated Jets fans. Love reading your articles, but hate seeing comments that bring a negative light to you. Keep up the good work and keep informing us here in NJ like always. Great work!

Mike Dacenko

Toms River, N.J.


Thanks for the kind note. One thing that will drive your Jets fan tormentors nuts: Last year, the Dolphins swept New York. They have no comeback to that. None. Also, I didn't realize there were any comments on this blog that bring a negative light to me. All the folks who post on here love me!



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DC Dolfan:

I'm really looking forward to Turner's improvement this year. The thought of him on one side of the Red-Zone... and Marshall on the other could be terrifying.

Emails?!? Really?

Joey, I hope your right, but don't hold your breath buddy. I'm don't have a good feeling about Turner. I'm excited to see Hartline's progression (he doesn't get enough love on this blog, but I think he was pretty damned good last year). Could be the other WR we need (and hopefully with all the double-teams Marshall will get, he'll have plenty throws with which to shine).

In the end, I think me, you and Mark in Toronto can all agree that the AFC East is ours to lose this year (I don't know what these fool commentators are thinking ranking us in the bottom 1/4 of the league. But I like being the underdog, like '08).

LMAO @ Solied 8:54

F**k da PETS, DOLPHINS run this town(AFC)!!!

That's the thing...DC Dolfan;

Most positions on this team are now inhabited by good, young
'Football Players'. ...and it actually looks like they might have filled one or two holes during these past few months.

I think that their Offense is on the verge of being dominant. (...and yeah, I'm beginning to appreciate Hartline as well.)

Depending on the development of some of these kids, the defense might be in the upper half of the league this year.

So there's lots to look forward to. I cant wait till the games begin.



Jones is gonna be rookie of the year, mark my words. his ball skills was underrated because of the move to SS last season. Dude's a killer tackler and a ball hawk which are the most vital skills required to play FS.

With some good coaching plus the bonus of playing in a complex hybrid defense by mike nolan's blitz happy scheme, watch out!!!

the dolphins will win as many games that chad henne doesn't lose!!!

Hi Wann abe Rookie....your right...ive attributed what I beleive to be probablity percentiles for factors that may influence our success....Its "my guess" only...an opinion...

The reality is that we really dont know jack shyte at this early stage....but the list was my concerns and % of potential solutions....I of course could be wrong....lets see....lol

hey hey hey, fat boy REX RYAN cant coach!!!

honestly wud'nt mine if we had another average season just as long as we sweep the stinking PETS!!

Bess is gonna have a monster year as a slot reciever, with B MARSH on the outside and RONNIE n RICKIE in the back field somebody have to go unaccounted for considering every team going 3-4 reciever sets.

Progress shud come easy for CHAD HENNE this season, i mean just having B MARSH is as good as it gets compare to GINN JR. anyday. he cud practically throw the ball up for grabs and watch one of the best in the business do what he does, make plays!!!

B MARSH made KYLE freaking ORTIN look good when everyone knows he ain't. cant wait to see what he make HENNE looks like, we know HENNE had a solid year without a true #1 reciever. lets hope B MARSH stays healthy and out of trouble!


Whats up dude, seems like i'm blogging by myself here,WTF!!!


wow the letter written to u, about dez bryant is hilarious!!!!! until the full interview has been release with the back and forth of the q and a no one can clearly make a decision or comment on anything that was said.....

hi, i am going to give you company , how you doing DOLPHANKINGPETE .

Sounds more "conservative" to me!!!

For all the talk I hear we never get any love from the media (rightfully so) it was nice to hear the guys on NFL Network show us a lot of love.

OK guys The "CUBAN"has arrived, what is up in PHINLAND????????

What is hAppening dol fan nation. Going to be another great ride. Forget the wets a team of misfits has never accomplished anything in this league. Happy cinco to all of you.

Boot, What did they say??




They called Marshall and Dansby 'closers' saying we just couldn't finish last year. Had the Saints and the Colts beat, now we have guys to finish the job. Also, the one guy said Koa Misi is a future star in this league, gave him a ringing endorsement. Said we were a team, that even though we weren't in the playoffs, we are very close.

Nice, I wonder what they think of there "NEW FLAGSHIP" team the Jets???

Cuban, like everything said about miami, jets were one step higher in regards to improvement....SHOCKER!!!!

They were critical of the Jets for letting Thomas Jones go to bring in LT, and not paying Leon Washington. Said Joe McKnight will also struggle with pass protection skills. Said the defense got stronger. So they weren't completely Jets homers.

Aloco, What movies look good tonite LiL' friend....

I know I say this every year, but this year I really mean it.
Here goes: I think this team is a lot closer than a lot of people realize.
We put the NFL on notice last year, Even when our defense put us in a hole early.
When you come to play the Dolphins you better be ready for a tough, physical, DOG FIGHT!
That's the kind of players we got and that's the style of football they play.

I can't wait to see Henne lobbing the ball 60 yards down the sideline to one of our new "CLOSERS"!

I AM WATCHING seinfeld .

Seriously, the jets are a joke!

They sold themselves short to compliment their achilles heel.
They gave away their run game in Thomas, Washington and Faneca.
Now they have to count on the arm that threw the 2nd most INT's in the NFL last year.

Rex is really helping out in the Hard Knocks Dept. I think they're going to have to cancel the series.



Bloggers Poll

Who's the better base 3-4 Defensive End?

Kendall Langford or Phillip Merling?

With Odrick being penciled in as the starter at RDE, These two will battle it out to see who gets the nod at LDE.


Hey jets fans, ready to be swept again?



Posted by: ALoco | May 05, 2010 at 08:04 PM

I do the same thing. Try listening to Pantera during the fight scenes. It Rocks!

at least ,we were that tiny bit short to play for a ring .your stingy fins ,not even playoff for you .

go jets

Jet troller alert!!!! Jet troller alert!!!!!!!

at least ,we were that tiny bit short

Posted by: jet | May 05, 2010 at 08:07 PM

A tiny bit short?

You can say that again!

Manning rolled over and spread em for ya and you still couldn't get it in!

Jet You "Pricemastered" into the playoffs ROTFLMAO.........1st indy sat there starters in the second half, then Cinn. sat ALL there guys the last game of the season.... PLEASE CHILD....

we were the team of the year,you were the suck of the year .

New Blog up..... Jet you can stay here....PLEASE;;;


The better 3-4 DE is obviously Langford. Merling provides good depth, and I do think we will run some 4-3 sets with Merling and Wake as the DE's, with Odrick and Starks at DT. I think the regime understands that we have an abundance of good down linemen, and will capitolize on this.

The only rings you guys are going to get close to, are the ones your boyfriends give you...Now get lost!

Mando, what's the team saying about Jake Grove's recovery from his ankle injury? Is he going to be ready to go once the season starts? I have to say, the running offense looked a hell of a lot better before he got hurt than afterwards.

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