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Brandon Marshall works to be part of the team

Before I start today there is some business to conduct: First, happy Mother's Day! If you are a mom, God bless you. If you have a mom, hug her, kiss her, visit with her, call her, talk to her. She is a treasure that will not be around forever. Make the best of her time here. Secondly, this is a football blog in general and a Dolphins blog in particular. If you want to keep your comments from being deleted, please do not curse, do not attack other folks in a personal manner, and try to keep the conversation somewhat on football. You are adults and I'm going to treat you as such. Thanks.

Now to the football business.

During my trip to Haiti Saturday with folks from the Dolphins, the topic of Brandon Marshall came up.

I want to report to you that Marshall, who came to the Dolphins with a reputation as something of a problem child in Denver, has worked hard to earn the respect of his new team in the first month or so in Miami.

You will remember Marshall came into town April 14 to take a physical and sign his contract. It was a long day for him. Well, he was in the weight room, working out with his teammates early the next day. Several players noticed.

In the ensuing weeks, Vernon Carey hosted a charity golf tournament. Carey asked his teammates to support the tourney. Not all of them did. Marshall did. He showed up and mixed with several current and former Miami Dolphins players. He won guys over.

Then Ricky Williams had the premier of his Run Ricky Run documentary on Miami Beach. All Dolphins players were invited. Not all were able to show up. Marshall showed up to show his support. And yes, players noticed.

The point is Marshall has made an effort to become part of his new team. He's made an effort to show his teammates there is no sense of entitlement on his part -- particularly as it applies to Davone Bess and the possible exchange of jersey No. 15.

The issue of Marshall's number is still being resolved and not completely settled last I heard. But the new guy apparently is treading carefully so as to not step on any toes. Players are noticing.

Good thing? Certainly for team harmony and chemistry. 


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I've always thougt that a change of scenery would do most people a lot of good.So far,so good with Brandon.

whats the wagering on the number ? A silver dollar says BM gets number 15 after DB generously asked for a donation to his favourite charity - deal to be done before the end of May - the Wombat has spoken

I think it is very encouraging, but I think we should remember that he is getting his money now. Wait until he is a year in and several receivers get bigger contracts and he is having a bad game. Will he be a quiet happy camper team player then? I hope so and will root for him, but his rep was not a complete fabrication.

And a very happy mother's day to all moms that read this blog.

Refreshing news... He will have some kind of number before next weekends ota's... not really worried about it

Marshal was a great signing, BUT, releasing Ginn has left a void in the "burner" category which Marshal is NOT. Other prolific passing teams have the compliment deap threat. Even the hated JETS now with Holmes! ..........

Whatever happened to last year's two favorite potential WR speadster long-shots?:

(1) Brennan Marion, Tulsa - averaged insane 28.7 yards per catch in 2008!!!!!!

(2) Chris Williams, New Mexico State - 32 career TD's. AND 4.28 speed!!!!!

Either one of these two guys would be a viable 5th WR on the team (better than any of the scrubs we now have, including Patrick Turner) not to mention, with elite spead - would also be a great returner on special teams.

ANY chance either could come back in 2010????

Happy fathers day

I agree with the lack of burner comment. Marshall is a glorified possession receiver with good YAC. He uses the spin move, which he should do less of and develop another move because that is dangerous. Currently we don't have a good 2nd receiver only gritty possession guys that, don't get me wrong, are serviceable. We need someone that can get deep fast to insure that Brandon gets space to operate where he can do damage and that is 8-15 yards. Currently that guy is not on the roster.

Three Offseason Questions:

1) We know that Misi and Ebbs are fast...But are they
tough? I'm anxious to see what happens once the
hitting starts. (Misi's arms look kind of small - so I wonder.)

2) Will Pat Turner use the advice of his coaches and the mentoring of Marshall to get better. He looked great in College. ...so its weird to see a guy who's that big...be such a dud at the Pro level.

3) What is the 'secret' that caused Reshad Jones to fall so far in the draft?

Agree with LipsinToronto that Marshall may not behave as well a couple of years in, once he is the sixth highest paid WR and/or he isn't seeing enough balls during a losing streak.

Hey Lips, you the dude from Anvil?

Hartline has deceptive speed and avg 16.3 yds per catch last year

Read your "Before I Start Conduct paragraph"
Thank U
Am New Here
As 4 This Blog was too out of control 4 my liking

Would like to address the fact that I was Impostered on my posting name on your previous blog
The very second post on your blog I was impostered in black(not signed in imposter)
At 7:14 pm yesterday a troll was able to sign under my posting name in Blue and post a half dozen times there after under my posting name pretending to be me
Exact same name
Armando I am registered with typepad under the posting name "Home"
A troll has stolen my ID or simply registered
under my posting name with facebook or twitter account
neither service which I use
Can your IT Dept or yourself please immediately rectify this disturbing ID theft problem on your site
Looking forward to a one of the greatest Dolphin Football Years in quite some time and boatloads of fun blogging on your site


The Original

Now on to football news

With Great Pleasure Home Welcomes Brandon Marshall (often I speak In the 3rd person)

Have Been Pounding the Table 4 Brandon Marshall To Become a Miami Dolphin 4 over 6 months now

Hope In some ways my hundreds of blogs mentioning the only right choice 4 the Miami Dolphins in 2010 is to trade away there draft pick and bring
Florida Native Brandon Marshall Back Home

What the Trifecta pulled off by getting
Brandon Marshall & Tim Dobbins
and getting their 2nd round pick back was
Truly Astonishing
* The Trifecta Is Pure Genius * and
***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Not only were Brandon Marshall stats very good
last year But
If U look at the details when
"BrandGetterDon" (my new nickname I created 4 Brandon)made
These big plays in crucial times or
when his team was behind
"BrandGetterDon" many times was the one who brought them back to victory
The One Handed Catches Are Amazing
As was the 21 reception game against the
2009 AFC Champion Colts

So Welcome To The Miami Dolphins and
Welcome back to Florida
"BrandGetterDon" Marshall

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Agree w/calito
Do not underestimate Brian Hartline and his speed
Hartline is was the indoor hurdle champion in college with blazing speed while jumping

Hartline should be very seriously considered for KR on the Miami Dolphins

This kid is tough
Had the opportunity to meet him the first 3 days at Dolphin Camp 2009
Brian Hartline was first to the gate (right side) last year
Have to admit
No one new who he was unless they looked up his number
Me included we all underestimated him and looking at him an passing premature judgment thought he would be a scrub
As soon as Hartline practiced & played
U could tell Immediately
This Kid Had The Right Stuff
Hartline Made Great Plays Everyday
This Kid has Just started to Bring It
BrandGetterDon Marshall will only make him better
Ginn was obv fast But never a fearless WR
Glad he is No longer With Us

It's great to hear he is fitting in well. I'm buying his jersey as soon as the number thing is figured out.

BrandGetterDon Marshall will also help make
One of my Fav Offensive Players

"Simply The Bess"

Only Better

So 4 The Miami Dolfans
Getcha popcorn ready
The Bess Is Yet To Come and

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Ok signing out
Thank U Armando

and please address me in regards to my posting name being Impostered in Blue
and what we can do to prevent this
If U look at my IP
Am In North Broward county near Palm Beach County line
If U need any further Info
Will Be Happy To Provide

The Original

It seems like Brandon's got his dream job, if hes showing it. Something seems to change inside a person when hes got it. If Parcells has taken a good calculated risk in his career, this may be one.

Ted Ginn may have had speed, but how often did he actually use it? ... OK, OK... The Jets games! I understand... but what else? I was never convinced with him! People make him look like Devin Hester on returns! He was NO Hester! Pat Cobbs is back and can be a decent returner on kickoffs! maybe a undrafted free agent! who knows?
Welcome to the Dolphins all new players!
Happy Mother's day!!!

Just a question. Why dont we wear the aqua pants with the aqua jersey anymore?

Only 5 of starting 22 were here before Parcells (Y.BELL,CROWDER,RICKY,RONNIE,CAREY) and I think that Crowder will be the next to go ... followed by Ricky, Rommie, and Bell ....


BELL, Jones, Smith, Davis
CROWDER, Dansby, Misi, Wake
Fergeson, Stark, Odrick, Langford

Polite, RICKY/RONNIE,Henne
Marshall, Hartline, Fasano
CAREY, Jerry, Grove, Incognito, Long

B. Marshall knows what time it is. He is in Miami, close to home with a team focused in getting better and in to the playoffs. It is in his and the teams best interest if he shows his commitment to the team.
It is great to hear that our mot talented player is doing all the right thngs to fit in and bond. Signs of a champion, if u ask me. Happy Mother's day. GO FINS!!


My hat's off to you on your opening comment regarding the obscenities and off football discussions on this blog. I support your position 100%. There are a lot of people who participate here for information and exchange of ideas on Fins Football.

Thank You!

As soon as Miami got marshal I wanted to keep ginn... Now he's gone we must move on. Someone said earlier bess will become the bess... I believe he will be great now.remember this, our O becomes ALOT better not Only beacause marshal, but beacause his presence makes all the rest better. Plus our Oline is becoming special... Some say nomore wildcat but we must keep it. Maybe not all games but atleast keep teams thinking of the possible use of it. It's still a weapon. Example: let's say were up on the jets 42-10 by halftime(lol) we can run the wildcat and puttem to sleep.

I keep hearing about possesion receivers all the time. I just wonder what a non-possession receiver is...a guy who doesnt possess the ball(catch it)?

yes ginn's speed is great, but hartline is close and hartline actually cathes the ball and stays in bounds to fight for yards. marshall isn't a sprinter but still get his share of long TD's. i think we should have kept ginn. not for his WR play but for his return play. with his snaps being cut so much he could have done kicks and punts this year.

Happy mothers day to all you mothers..... And to all you mutha's

Happy Mothers day to all.

I hope Brandon Marshall has turned the corner on his problems and becomes a good example vs. a problem. This guy has all the tools to be THE BEST receiver this team has ever had....

Great blog, Armando. First, thank you for that opening statement about appropriate behavior on this board. It was long overdue since the children, and childlike behavior of those who are supposed to be adults, has gotten way out of hand. It may be time to ban certain IP addresses since they often use cloned identities.

Secondly, it was great to hear that Marshall is making every effort to climb on board. This can be a fresh start for him and the prize at the end of this path is more likely to be fame and fortune than the path that Lawrence Taylor and so many others (Vick, Burris, Pacman Jones, ... I can run out of server space listing the names) have chosen. It isn't rocket science, but the difference between a potential Hall of Fame enshrinement and a certain Hall of Shame enshrinement.


"BrandGetterDon Marshall" sorry but this is kinda dumb. A dolphin player deserves better than some redneck nickname.

Happy Mother's Day! Nice to hear Marshall is making an effort!

I hear what you're saying, kevin11c, but, how much of Marshall's issues have to do with his past inability to "fit in" with his teammates and work hard? I realize he had a high profile incident in practice - petulant to say the least...but let's be clear here on Mother's Day...his behavior towards his wife not his teammates will more accurately reflect whether he's gotten anywhere near his act together...does showing up to work out and charity/public events give any indication at all that a guy with a very recent history as a batterer has changed ro even worked on his attitude towards women?
Not to suggest that this issue isn't important enough as it relates to a person's rooting interest in a sports team, but, do Dolphin "football" fans think this issue is irrelevant to football? do we need to ask steeeler fans?
let's not be so myopic and naive about where this kid's problems reside and whether his life/behavior on the field will tell the story in the end.

Sounds to me like he actually might have manned up I recently did! Sometimes u realize talent can take u only so far! That u have got to start acting like a man let's hope marshall can keep this up. I am rootin for ya 100 percent buddy on and off the field. As far as I am concerned what he did in Denver... Stays in denver.... He's got a new slate he is a good person until he proves otherwise! Go phins so excited wish the season would start tommorow!

"Miami has the Dolphins, the greatest footbal team! We take the ball from goal to goal, like no one's ever seen!" I hate this new "fins to the left, fins to the right" gay song. Can we please go back to the original fight song?
Our passing game will improve by leaps and bounds with Brandon Marshall. Any player capable of catching 21 passes, can get receptions at will. Just get him the ball during crunch time. I hope we Henning doesn't try to get fancy with all his trick plays and double reverses; or having Ricky throw the ball on the 1 and get it picked off.

Right now it's pretty simple: You've got a QB with a cannon for an arm, a receiver who can get open and out jump anyone, and 2 very good RB's. Teams are gonna have to be honest playing us.

On defense, we've improved tremendously with the addition of Dansby , Misi, and another cover LB in Edds. Crowder better step up his game. Reshad Jones was a steal in the draft and I see him as a starting FS pretty soon. Also, expect a lot more from Vontae, and at least 3 int's from Sean Smith this year.

What's there not to be excited about? Just go out there and play football.

Good Morning & Happy Moms Day

Will Be Patiently Waiting On Your Response
Armando regarding ID theft by troll

So far today blog looks good

As for BrandGetterDon Marshall
Cannot wait Certainly think Henne is as talented as Marshalls quarterback in Denver last year - Orton
Henne has a bigger rocket arm and more upside

Letting Ginn go is a problem? Really? We need guys that can't make plays and drops balls?

I think not!

Go Brandon!

We All Remember ted ginns attempt to catch a pass that hit him in both hands in the end zone to win the game against the Colts in 2009 at Home

and then there was BrandGetterDon Marshall against the Colts in 2009

Marshall surpassed the mark San Francisco's Terrell Owens set on Dec. 17, 2000. He finished with 200 yards and two touchdowns and bettered his team record of 18 catches, set on Sept. 14, 2008 against San Diego.

He tied Owens' mark on a 5-yard touchdown pass from Kyle Orton in the fourth quarter. He set the record on Denver's final offensive play when he gained 7 yards on a fourth-down play before lateraling to lineman Chris Kuper for 7 more yards.

Marshall felt good about his chances for success against the Colts.

"I went to my receiving coach (Adam Gase) before the game and I told him, 'I think this is going to be the best game I've ever played,'" Marshall said. "Just because of the environment, the situation of playing the Colts. I believe big players step up in big games, and this was a big game for us."

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


I agree he's San fransisco problem now! Let him drop passes and fumble kicks for them! I for one will not miss this kid what so ever. All though he may one day make an ok corner cause they aren't expected to catch the ball as much... That's if singltary can make a man out of a.... Let's put it nicely cat....


Those holes in the kick off coverage... I am assuming these r the plays that u r talkin about... Cause the rest of the game he hid on the bench... Were big enough furgason of healthy could have taken it to the house!!! Lol

ted ginn had a grand total of
0 Receiving TD in Playoff Game 2008
0 Receiving TD in 4 Preseason Games 2009
1 Receiving TD in 16 Regular Season Games 2009

Thats A Grand Total of
1 Receiving TD in 21 Games as the
Miami Dolphins #1 WR

Got Real Tired Of Hearing The Boos for ginn
at the stadium last season

If we kept ted ginn and did not address the
#1 WR Issue than

Ross Would Have Been Sitting Alone In The Stands in His Underwear & Chaps
Muttering To Himself with a
Half Empty Bottle of Scotch

Ok douchbags, who just use opinions, because you dont know. WE HAVE A GREAT second wr in Hartline, who runs a 4.5 Which isnt burning, but at 6"2 Pretty quick, Also Julius Pruitt LEARN THAT NAME ANOTHER 6'2 wr we have on our team, who is 210 pounds, and runs around a 4.7, again not blazzin, but pretty fast, and 3 4 tenths of a second dont realy matter to much, when you are 6"2 instead of 5"11 or so with the smaller fast guys, he also has solid hands, and to me will make 5th wr spot on our team.

U R right
Dolfans should remember former K Feeley
Was embarrassing ginn tackling him hard twice
before ginn broke for TDs
Reason was Feeley was having so much fun as a K
Tackling his former teammate
That Feeley got Cocky & left his outside lane coming to the middle to attempt to make another tackle on ginn
and got burned
What Is rule one on KR coverage since pee wee

Great trade

Hartline was in the league's top 10 in yards per catch. He wants the ball, can get off the jam, and has amazing hands. We won't miss Ginn on offense. Not for a second.

I just couldn't believe that there coverage team blew it twice in one quarter wasn't it... Or was it the half can't remember either way anyone could have done that so it didn't impress me then he dissapeared except for the ocassional dropped ball o botched kick return directly to our sideline

I disagree with the comments that we lack speed at WR. Brian Hartline is gonna be a great slot wr that can pressure safeties. He's not the fastest in terms of speed, however he is quick and shows promise for the future. I think wr jumped the gun by dumping Ginn for a late draft pick to the 49ers. Wr's usually start to shine in their 3rd year. Marshall is a DOMINATE wr, he has the numbers to back it up. Henne is gonna have a breakout year IMO. Opponents can't stack the box now!

Not to get TOO serious about the number issue----but I'm starting to really believe what I had first felt an inkling of when Bess announced his position----it was funny at first but now I'm wondering if Bess isn't being a bit of a douche about the numeber.

I LOVE BESS, so don't get me wrong, but maybe, in view of Marshal's efforst to fit in, it's time for BESS to show HE's a part of the team & not an ego-tripper.

On the Gee we don't have a "Burner" whiners----get real. Marshal open up a WIDE variety of offensive options AND Hartline is gonna shine deep (as will Bess in the Welker/slot role) AND Eff Ginn....."burning" speed ain't everything.

The Offense is MUCH better today than it was at the end of the season.

Marshall has shown he's a stand up guy! Very happy he's a dolphin!


Armando I thank you for saying something about swearing but i think you need to provide further clarification. For example, alot of ur posters are fond of the word doooochbag to the point that it seems more of a friendly greeting sort of like how Jay-Z might greet a fellow homie with a playful " what up my n!gg@". Is this the new acceptable norm? Just wondering.

Oh come on this a football blog a curse every once in a while. If u can't deal with that I have heard that oprah has a wonderful blog you can follow. But I do agree when used to often can be childish !

The first thing I want to get off my chest is how many people were complaining about Ginn before we got Marshall and how "all we needed was a good receiver", but now that we have Marshall and Ginn's gone they all wanted to keep him...WHAAAA?? He was a terrible WR in every aspect. So what if he was fast? Speed alone doesn't equal success in this league... especially if you can't even catch. Marshall's number? Who cares? Give him #19 so we can forget about that other guy. I don't know if Hartline should be returning kicks AND starting out wide on offense, too much risk if you ask me. What's this about Crowder and Bell on their way out? Bell is a beast at SS and I can guarantee he will retire as a Dolphin with Reshad Jones possibly as his predecessor. As much as I would love to see Reshad at FS, I just don't see it. Hopefully his instincts will develop in time, but as of right now he is an ideal SS prospect. The Crowder/Dansby tandem should be one of the best around inside, with an emphasis on SHOULD. If not the blame will likely be on Crowder. I can still see us using the Wildcat in short yardage and game management situations, but with Henne off the field Marshall does lose a lot of his potential.

Oh yeah, our fight song is dumb...why do we even have one? How many other NFL teams have one?

Love you mom.

Really? Having a "burner" opens up things for the other guys, right? Let's seeeee, we HAD Ginn for a while, HE was a burner, and I don't think it made a difference. I always heard that we didn't have a quarterback with an arm big enough to get it to Teddy, well, that theroy should have gone the way of the DoDo when Henne stepped in. I think it happened a couple of times, but outside of that, Ginn was waaayyy to busy avoiding bruises to catch a ball. Funny thing is, the other side knew that and didn't worry about him. The cool thing about Marshall is, and I might be mistaken, he will actually MAKE contact with other defenders, and in some cases win the match. I don't discount the "speed" need as much as someone that can catch the ball when they KNOW they are going to get popped. I say we ALL, and this is for REAL Dolfans, buy a ticket to the game, pack the house, and SCREAM for the home team no matter WHO is on the field!! I've been cheering for Aqua since Csonka was a rookie...:) Let's hope some of those good times will come back for us.....it's been a long time for me...GO FINS!!

BrandGetterDon Marshall has had 3 consecutive over 100 reception seasons and 2 of those seasons this feat was done only 15 games
Factor in Marshall did not have an
Elite QB throwing to him
Running & Catching Footballs in the South Florida
Climate has to be easier than the climate of Denver during the NFL football season

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Thunderbolt, the word dooshbag is an insult. They can address people without using insults like Armando said.

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