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Brandon Marshall works to be part of the team

Before I start today there is some business to conduct: First, happy Mother's Day! If you are a mom, God bless you. If you have a mom, hug her, kiss her, visit with her, call her, talk to her. She is a treasure that will not be around forever. Make the best of her time here. Secondly, this is a football blog in general and a Dolphins blog in particular. If you want to keep your comments from being deleted, please do not curse, do not attack other folks in a personal manner, and try to keep the conversation somewhat on football. You are adults and I'm going to treat you as such. Thanks.

Now to the football business.

During my trip to Haiti Saturday with folks from the Dolphins, the topic of Brandon Marshall came up.

I want to report to you that Marshall, who came to the Dolphins with a reputation as something of a problem child in Denver, has worked hard to earn the respect of his new team in the first month or so in Miami.

You will remember Marshall came into town April 14 to take a physical and sign his contract. It was a long day for him. Well, he was in the weight room, working out with his teammates early the next day. Several players noticed.

In the ensuing weeks, Vernon Carey hosted a charity golf tournament. Carey asked his teammates to support the tourney. Not all of them did. Marshall did. He showed up and mixed with several current and former Miami Dolphins players. He won guys over.

Then Ricky Williams had the premier of his Run Ricky Run documentary on Miami Beach. All Dolphins players were invited. Not all were able to show up. Marshall showed up to show his support. And yes, players noticed.

The point is Marshall has made an effort to become part of his new team. He's made an effort to show his teammates there is no sense of entitlement on his part -- particularly as it applies to Davone Bess and the possible exchange of jersey No. 15.

The issue of Marshall's number is still being resolved and not completely settled last I heard. But the new guy apparently is treading carefully so as to not step on any toes. Players are noticing.

Good thing? Certainly for team harmony and chemistry. 


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i would like to say that no matter what brandon will not be like he was in denver because he got want he wanted and that was to get paid for being a great receiever but denver didnt want to rework the deal so im glad for brandon and hope he has a great career in miami

Getting back to my point as Brian Hartline as KR

U say
U Dont know cuz "he will be starting out wide at offense"

How do U figure
Hartline will prob be on the sideline now
Unless the Offense is 3 wide or in Spread

Simply the Bess is not going anywhere as 2nd best 3rd down conversion player in the NFL to go with his 48 1st downs in 2009
and BP loves this guy

Believe BrandGetterDon has something in the neighborhood of 56 1st down in 2009

Should be Exciting

Armando, have you heard anything on how his relationship with Chad Henne is developing?

I know their lunch kept getting "delayed." ;p

Stanley32 thanks for clarifying for me. Growing up the worst i saw and heard on TV was Brooke Shields in the blue Lagoon and Bart Simpson saying Aye Caramba! Now Janet Jackson is having waredrobe malfunctions and everybody talks like a South Park character. Maybe Im getting old.

I expect Hartline to be on the field with Bess and Marshall a lot more considering the fact that the NFL is more and more becoming a pass happy league. Plus, he might have good speed in and out of routes, but does have enough to go end to end?

ted ginn was expected to take a step forward in his production in 2009, which was his third-year in the NFL, but instead he regressed with 38 catches for 454 yards (11.9 yards per catch) and one touchdown and seven carries for 48 yards. That was 14 catches, 336 yards and one touchdown less than what he had in 2008.

Adios ted

Rickjeezy i agree with everything youve said. Preach on.

Dear Armado, how are you I am fine. I know is today and I hope you are okey. I know that you did lose and I want you to be fine. You are a nice guy.
I do not know why the people who think Best and Heartline will start. Last year Greg Carmallo started every singel game at 16 games. He will start with Branson Marshells this year too. Nobody else started all 16 games last year
Juan Huron

In case your a bit foggy on the play of
a new Dolphin Reciever with a heart like a line
who did not start cuz of the continued
ted ginn WR experiment

enjoy this great footage of upcoming
Brian Hartline in his Rookie debut as a Dolphin

you tube
Universal Draft Presents Miami Dolphins WR Brian Hartline '09

Heart Like a "LION"
Brian Hartline

This is a great sign. Marshall does not have to try this hard. He got paid. Now he is out to prove he is a great person, team mate and player. If there was a need for a "burner" to make a real receiving crew - who was that in Denver when he was there? No one with an ounce oif sense would have taken Miami's recievers the last 3 years over Denver's. And Miami had the "burner" in Ginn. The only place Ginn will be missed is special teams. That is It.

Camarillo and Bess are clones of each other on the field with Bess having a step or two on Camarillo...therefore Bess>Camarillo.

Nice post

In regards to your question can Hartline go the distance as a KR?

Well my fellow Dolfan Blogger
Let Me Tell U

Emphatically YES!

Brian Hartline not only is Fast Off The Line
and Ran a 4.54 at the Combine
Brian Hartline was a Track Star at Ohio State
In the 110 M Hurdles younger Brian ran a 14.09
and Won the Gold Medal
U can find a picture of him
Standing on the High Podium
Above four black athletes who also medalled

Brian also Won state medals in the
110 meter & 300 meter track competition

Coupled with his 6.2 size
32" inch arm span
10" hand span
and Tenacious Attitude

Believe Miami Dolphins WR Brian Hartline
Will Be An Exciting Productive Playmaka
& Fan Fav
4 Years To Come

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Great job in installing discipline on here. I am sick of fans bashing each other. We are supposed to be on the "same side" right? I am also sick of being attacked by other so called dolphin fans by people named MAthew and John who have said I have a low IQ being from SC. What does that have to do with the Dolphins? Please delete any posts that from anyone who bashes anyone else. Also, The recent oil spill has no place on this post. It does not concern football. I am anxious to see Marshall play. Hartline does run in the 4.4 range and maybe Marshall can free him up more. I still think we need another speedster at WR who can return kicks also, but Ginn was not the answer. Mando, is there a free agent speed WR available an "ACORN" who we could maybe add before training camp? I am excited about the season and to see what we have GO DOLPHINS!

First of all I would like to say Happy Mother's Day to all moms. Having said that, after reading a few of these post... I am wondering if a few mothers should not have been arrested for either inbreeding or at the least child neglect. All I can say is wow.

I wouldn't mind seeing how "Heart of Lion" does at returning punts, but I still think kick returns should be handled by somebody smaller, quicker and more ellusive.


Dear Mrs. Bryant

First off...Happy Mothers day :)

Now I would like a hummer....is 20 ok ?

Some call me John

Soiled :)

Bess has GREAT hands and some nice moves but he also is slow never catches the ball in stride.

If Best and Heartline is better then Carmallo why did Carmallo start all the 16 games and they Best and Heartline did not start all 16 of the games? Is any know why?
I think Carmallo will be starter for Miami Dolphins next year. Just like Marshells will be a starter too.
Juan Huron

Armando...the bigger news od the day is Jake Scott and Don Shula ending the Fued and you missed it????

Talking about Ginn. He may do well with SF-I wish him well there. He didn't get it done here!
For this to be a championship team, it is important to get rid of guys afraid of contact,
running out of bounds and guys that can't do their job in the clutch. You have to have standards (Steelers-football that is) in which players on the team are expected to follow. This creates chemistry and confidence (swagger)-you have to eliminate the weak links--no matter what their speed.

I hear the Bears may be interested in Smiley, maybe a possible trade invoving Te. Greg Olsen who has been a disapointment in Chicago. Olsen is a U guy, Maybe a move to South Florida can help him reach the potential that the Bears thought they were getting when they drafted Olsen. What do you guys think about this?

I really hope henning puts Henne in more shot gun formation this year. especially in 2 minute offense. I hated last year with a minute left and henne would be under center. That's idiotic. Our time mananagement was terrible at the beginning of the year.

Opposition Defense Meeting for Dolphins Game...

Coach; Ok team got your work cut out for you
The Phins will run-
Ronnie Brown at you base set and "Widcat"
Ricky Williams base and "Wildcat"
Cobbs can run and catch
Polite a real head basher
All will catch passes on screens and short routes

Watch out for Marshall, I hear he will also line up at QB or in the backfield in the "WildBeast" package

Ahhh Forget it! I quit! Why can't we play the Jets every week! :(

Go Phins!

Just back in from a swim
Excellent Food For Thought

Have brought up Greg Olsen on other blogs &
What An Absolute Great Addition
Olsen would be to the Miami Dolphins

First of all
Olsen was a Stud TE at UM
Believe All Players
Would Love To Come Back to Their Home

Now Darryl
U Use the Word Disappointment
with Olsen @ Chicago

Must Disagree
Greg Olsen had 60 Receptions and 8 Touchdowns
With Da Bears in 2009

Wait 4 It .............
............................NO FUMBLES!

Dear Mom,

Thanks for never doing CRACK!

For teaching your minority sons to Work as you are still into your 60s. To wipe the word ENTITLEMENT from our vocabulary.

Happy Mother Day and thanks for cooking up some serious grub for all the Phins games here on the Left Coast.

Oh, Happy Mothers Day to all of your Moms here as well.

Go Phins!

The reason Olsen wants out
Is because Da Bears
want primarily a Blocking TE

Olsen wants to be more of a Pass Receiving TE

Olsen is 6.6 and Bout 255-260 LBs

His Smooth fluid Running and Great Hands
Have Made Him a Fav 4 Home

By Far Would Be the Dolphins Best TE!

Would Absolutely Poop Myself
If Dolphins signed Greg Olsen

and for the record
I Dont Poop myself

For everyone who says Ginn gave us two victories against the Jets, what about all the games he cost us? I remember that last Pennington throw into the end zone a couple of years back where Reavis owned Ginn and came down with the INT. Ginn gets that and we win the game. What about the no catch at the end of the Colts game? More misses that hits by far on Ginn. We are much better off without him.

6.4 WR Brandon Marshall
6.5 WR Patrick Turner
6.6 TE Greg Olsen

in the same set
All Simultaneously Going out for Passes against The Bills September 12 2010

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


How Bout the "volleyball" tip from ginn
Right In The Hands Of Sharper
For A Pick 6
Against the Saints

Brandon never did anything like TO. He was still very young when he did things that ruffled feathers. Vonnie Holliday said that the guy was a good teammate and Vonnie's a pretty trustworthy guy.

Both Camarillo and Bess are in the 4.60-4.70 range but are also both equally "quick", as Sparano would put it. So to me it comes down to production between the two:

Bess - 76 receptions / 758 yards / 2 tds
Camarillo - 50 receptions / 552 yards / 0 tds

Here's a thought, put Hartline and Marshall on the outside and Bess and Camarillo inside of them with whoever has the fresher legs between Ronnie and Ricky next to Henne at his disposal...sounds like a pretty scary offense to me

Come to memory
Greg Olsen Also Had A 3 Touchdown Game in 2009

But do not recall who against


Mike Martz perfers a Te. who can block. The Bears signed Malameuna??? this offseason, and would be interested in a lineman. Olsen is a poor blocker, one of the worst in the league. I don't know if that will fly here being that it seems that the trifecta like players that are multi dimensional. As a pure pass catcher, Olsen could be a Dallas Clark, V. Davis type of tight end. This is what I think we need to round out the offense. I don't get to make the trades, or personel decisions(which is good, I didn't think Marshall would be a phin)This is just something that I read scanning other cities papers. Another scenario that could include Smiley to the Bears, would be Daniel Manning. This one seems very unlikely because SS is set. Manning is an excellent return guy, could help fill that void.

Would Not Have A Problem
Trading Smiley & Camarillo to Da Bears
4 Greg Olsen

Do Not Think Camarillo
Would See the field much this season as a Dolphin
No Room

and after last season catching 100% of balls
Thrown to him
His Trade Value is Good Now


Hartline had almost the same yardage with just over have the catches as Camarillo PLUS 3 tds...don't think it will happen but Smiley and Camarillo for Olsen would be awesome.

olsen would be great?i just don't see them taking on a injured j.smiley.maybe smiley&pk or player(r.torbor).they might go for that.i heard the bears are waiting too see if we cut smiley first?on the ginn thing dude just is too soft for the nfl?also ps.can't catch anyway?marshall will make all of us forget about ginn.hartline and bess will be studs.fasano will break out,i think hartline can and will beat g.camarillo for the other wr spot #2.i think camarillo is the odd man out maybe??marshall,hartline,bess,g.mullen,p.turner.or maybe camarillo does enough to keep a #4 spot but other guy's are coming on too try too take that spot as well.mullen/turner.i think we might try to pull off some other trades or fa sign's.the trade down from 12 to 28 brought us in t.dobbins,k.misi(2nd recovered marshall),j.odrick(28pk)& extra 5th got us the steal of the draft(reshad "HIT MAN" jones)what a brillant managment move HERE!absolutely brillant.throw in marsahll,dansby,incognito and we've had one hell of an offseason?one of the best i can remember for a long time?hope it all adds up to a long playoff run!GO PHINS!

Was Not Happy
The Trifecta Did Not Take
6.5 265 LBs TE Anthony McCoy
In the Draft
Late day 3 Anthony McCoy was Available
and we got another LB

Anthony McCoy Prides Himself
As A blocking TE
Also Has Soft Hands
Delivers A Ferocious Stiff Arm
Hard To Tackle
reminds me of RB Brandon Jacobs

Anthony McCoy Punishes Would Be Tacklers
and Is Going To Get Even Bigger & Stronger Than 265 LBs

Think The Trifecta Let This Potential Big Fish

** half the catches, 31 for 506 yards to be exact

Nice Post
Absolutely Agree w/U

* The Trifecta Is Pure Genius *

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Miami Herald Bloggers
Those Interested
U Got 7 Minutes To Get Some Beer & Grub
and Plant It Infront of NFL Network

NFL REPLAY: 2009 WK 8 - MIA vs. NYJ

2:30 PM, Sunday

Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets (11/01/09) - Ted Ginn's special team scores in the third quarter sparked the Dolphins in their win over their division foe Jets. The benched WR returned punts for 100 and 101 yards as Miami sweeps its first season series with New York since 2003.

maybe instead of olsen we try to get vernon davis (only 1yr left on current contract)?could play with his brother?smiley,camarillo,pick?(or fasano,smiley 4 v.davis?<

That dream unfortunately will probably never come true
Big Mike would Not Let Supreme Athlete Vernon Go

Man that game was awesome...ranks right up there with the last game of the 2008 season where it was win or go home against the Jets w/ Favre IN New York.

Smiley says he is ok(obviously) Rosenhaus gets paid a bunch to make things happen for his clients. Chicago needs a guard, they only had a few picks, and didn't go this route in the draft. They have a couple of tackles that could move to that spot, but I'm sure they would rather have a vet. that has been a good player while healthy. If the Smiley, Rosenhaus camp can prove Smiley is ok, he may be worth something.

Both Camarillo and Bess are in the 4.60-4.70 range but are also both equally "quick", as Sparano would put it. So to me it comes down to production between the two:

Bess - 76 receptions / 758 yards / 2 tds
Camarillo - 50 receptions / 552 yards / 0 tds

Here's a thought, put Hartline and Marshall on the outside and Bess and Camarillo inside of them with whoever has the fresher legs between Ronnie and Ricky next to Henne at his disposal...sounds like a pretty scary offense to me

Posted by: rickjeezy | May 09, 2010 at 02:00 PM

No way with those 5 skill players does anyone NOT get open in time for Henne to find them. Sounds like a damn near unstoppable offense.

Or if you really want to reach with all this Olsen trade talk, sub him in for Bess/Camarillo in ANY formation...

The only hole I would find in your formation, is with 4 recievers, they would be spread, I think you need a pass protector in the backfield. Hilliard would be the guy I would want in this set, becasuse I think he is the best blocker of the bunc, he may be the best reciever as well, and can be affective running the draw.

Armando, Nice new font! Part of the new improved, cleaned up blog!

Hey guys, haven't been on with too much of this garbage going on this week. I love this blog, but will not partake in it if this kind of stuff continues, I know Armando said he would fix it, so I will take him at his word and hope that this blog stays what it was for the months leading up to the draft for me: a fantastic avenue to speak all things-Dolphins with a very good core group of posters. Let's hope it returns to that, for everyone's sake.

I have read a lot about RGM and his potential to make the team as our 5th wideout. I am unsure if this is the best possible thing for our WR group. The one knock on our WR group has been that Camarillo, Hartline, and Bess are all basically the same guy, with one doing something better than the others, but for the most part, the differences between them is miniscule. And from everything I have read and seen about RGM, he would basically immediately be that same type of guy.

Ted Ginn offered a different skillset (basically speed, not much else) but he is gone. The guy who I think could be the biggest difference for us is Patrick Turner. I know he didn't see the field at all, and is a big question mark. But if playing to their maximum potential, Patrick Turner would offer us more value than RGM. The red zone alone is an area where Turner offers us a great area for his skillset. In reading the biggest knocks on Turner, I couldn't help but think to myself that a lot of that sounds like things that could be said about Brandon Marshall. So I looked up each guys draft profiles before they were drafted. Pretty interesting stuff.

Brandon Marshall’s draft profile for Sports Illustrated, with a grade of 3.31

POSITIVES: King-sized possession wideout who may eventually develop into a tight end. Physical, outmuscles opponents and comes away with the reception. Consistently extends and catches the ball away from his frame. Offers the quarterback a nice target, has soft hands and plays with excellent body control. Adequate blocker downfield.

NEGATIVES: Overall game lacks quickness and speed. Marginal route-runner.

ANALYSIS: Displaying significant improvement as a senior, Marshall presents himself as a receiver used in third down or red-zone situations at the next level.

PROJECTION: Late Sixth Round

Patrick Turner’s draft profile for Sports Illustrated, with a grade of 3.52

POSITIVES: Tall possession receiver with reliable hands. Consistently extends to make the reception away from his frame, adjusts to the errant throw, and looks the ball into his hands. Exposes himself to the big hit, but comes away with the difficult catch. Sturdy receiver who takes a pounding yet holds onto the ball. Uses his size as an advantage, and grabs the high pass from defenders.

NEGATIVES: Overall game lacks quickness and speed. Cannot run to the deep throw. Struggles getting separation out of breaks.

ANALYSIS: Turner is an enticing target who should find a home at the next level as a red zone threat or third-down receiver. The lack of speed is a limiting factor, yet Turner could develop into a solid third wideout for an NFL squad.

PROJECTION: Fourth/Fifth Round

It was almost as if they cut and paste Marshall's profile and used it for Turner's. Now before anyone bashes me, I am not saying Turner will be Marshall, or even anywhere close as good. What I am saying is the little nuances of playing the WR position are tough for any young wideout, and this would hold even truer for a big WR. Of all the guys I am interested in going into this upcoming season, Patrick Turner is one of the main ones. Where we lack a great TE target, I think Turner can help take care of some of those duties in the red zone. I think if Turner had 5 TD catches this season, we would be very excited. The potential is there, I am interested to see if he starts to play to it.

And sorry for the long post, I just wanted to explain in full detail my reasoning for thinking Patrick Turner could still be a key player for us, and I also thought it funny the similarities between him and Brandon Marshall, as far as positives and negatives coming out of college.

Tiger exits The Players due to a "Buldging Disc in his Neck"?

He quit last year due to a "Buldging Di@k in his pants"!

BTW? Didn't we have a warrior named Zach Thomas that played FOOTBALL with a bad neck?

Tiger is a wussy!

Go Phins!

bootang25, Good stuff!

Bootang25, Turner will suprise some people.

Go Phins!

Was Impressed with 6.5 Physical WR Pat Turner
Since Watched Him In Dolphin Camp 2010
Was Very Disappointed
Miami Dolphin Management
Dropped The Ball On Pat Turner
and ended up with 1 Receiving TD from ted ginn
in 21 games like I pointed out earlier

Good Work On your Post bootang25

This Is Quality Miami Dolphin Football Blogging
Keep Up The Good Work

Did we really see the word Douche bag twice on this on this blog by two differnt posters. Really. You both wrote the word DOUCHE BAGS.

hI Seer/josh


I read an article a couple of weeks ago (from the hearld I think) that had Pete Carroll talking about Turner when they were both at USC. He said that even in college, it took Turner a year or two to get comfortable with his surroundings. When he finally got there though he was very productive, he also went on to predict that he would contribute greatly to an NFL team once he reached that level.

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