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Brandon Marshall works to be part of the team

Before I start today there is some business to conduct: First, happy Mother's Day! If you are a mom, God bless you. If you have a mom, hug her, kiss her, visit with her, call her, talk to her. She is a treasure that will not be around forever. Make the best of her time here. Secondly, this is a football blog in general and a Dolphins blog in particular. If you want to keep your comments from being deleted, please do not curse, do not attack other folks in a personal manner, and try to keep the conversation somewhat on football. You are adults and I'm going to treat you as such. Thanks.

Now to the football business.

During my trip to Haiti Saturday with folks from the Dolphins, the topic of Brandon Marshall came up.

I want to report to you that Marshall, who came to the Dolphins with a reputation as something of a problem child in Denver, has worked hard to earn the respect of his new team in the first month or so in Miami.

You will remember Marshall came into town April 14 to take a physical and sign his contract. It was a long day for him. Well, he was in the weight room, working out with his teammates early the next day. Several players noticed.

In the ensuing weeks, Vernon Carey hosted a charity golf tournament. Carey asked his teammates to support the tourney. Not all of them did. Marshall did. He showed up and mixed with several current and former Miami Dolphins players. He won guys over.

Then Ricky Williams had the premier of his Run Ricky Run documentary on Miami Beach. All Dolphins players were invited. Not all were able to show up. Marshall showed up to show his support. And yes, players noticed.

The point is Marshall has made an effort to become part of his new team. He's made an effort to show his teammates there is no sense of entitlement on his part -- particularly as it applies to Davone Bess and the possible exchange of jersey No. 15.

The issue of Marshall's number is still being resolved and not completely settled last I heard. But the new guy apparently is treading carefully so as to not step on any toes. Players are noticing.

Good thing? Certainly for team harmony and chemistry. 


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Bootang, agree with ya. I think Turner has to show us what he can do or is capable of doing. I hope he will get chances/opportunities to show if he can reach his potential. Cant wait to see

1st thing I'm a season ticket holder love the phins. Can't wait for this season marshalls gonna tear it up hard but why is tedd ginns name being brought up???? Its funny to me how he drops 2 critcal possible game changin passes 1 indy. 2 new orleans and every1 wants him crucified he does good against the jets e1 loves him. The whole season ginn has done nothin for us he was horrible on kick returns horrible at receiver but now that e1 gets their wish durin the season e1 wants ginn back I'm happy we traded him he's the deffinition of bum stop talkin bout ginn 5th rnd pick much better GO PHINS

Perhaps Marshall will excel in attitude since he's surrounded by class guys like Henne, Brown, Polite, Bess, etc. I mean you r who u associate yourself with.

Just turned on Yanks-Bosux game and after seeing people bundled up in heavy coats in May reminds me why I moved to FLA so many years ago....

While I wish Ginn the best, it is with great amusement I watch N. CA fans of the 9ers exclaim their excitement to have him. Perhaps if the Dolphins had gotten him for a 5th rounder, this would have been over two seasons ago. It would have been interesting to see how he did lined up opposite of Marshall but, remember the 8 dropped passes, perhaps a couple game winners last year. Seems you want a guy like Hartline more than Ginn. Effort. Of course Bess and Camarillo are also effort guys. something about Hartline though that jumps out at you, Headiness.

Back to Ginn, was there a Bronco reciever over that last 3 years who was so fast he could free Marshall up to snag 100 catches? I think Marshall could catch 100 passes from Brown (wouldn't that be fun). He has that kind of talent. Just throw it.

I cannot wait to hear the talk radio shows in the Bay Area after a few weeks of zero YACs while Ginn gets comfortable dancing out of bounds to avoid real football.

Maybe I'm crazy, please let me know if I am. I've defended J Allen even though I was upset when he was drafted in round 1. I've watched him get a few picks and always around the ball when he gets to play (the tapes don't lie) and nobody can give me a logical reason to not give him a chance? Yet I see names like Pat Turner who still can't make it on the field) talked about like they deserve uniforms.

I just realized that the (?) doesn't belong there....too much rum I guess

I think MIAMI could win it this year as they almost beat the saints and colts last year! Nobody has yet written about it bit we could WIN IT!

I'm a big backer of Jason Allen and believe he has a role. He's actually lined up across from Moss a few times now and done well.

As for Patrick Turner, I can only speak for myself, but all my posts concerning him today centered around his 'earning' his spot and what he could be 'if he played to his potential' If he plays and makes an impact it'll be because he deserves it, nothing will be given to him.

Nice Bootang. I like J Allen at FS. He has the size and speed for it. My only concern is the broken he hip he suffered in college. Besides that, who cares if he or any youngster gets burned here and then? I hope we win it all but we are a year or two away from "powerhouse" status. Let the young raw talent develop so we CAN be a powerhouse team.

Ted never did anything with speed, every once in a while, wide open, one on one and never made the closing catches.
Marshall is fast, he can go deep as well, he plays tall, he can fight the defenders.
Brian Hartline holds a great future, Dolphins can always find a new young star, they have a few prospect in Training Camp, Turner, Roberto Wallace, Taurus Johnson which looks very dominating in training camp, Marion was injured in practice camp last year, He should beback healhy.



Heard Donald Lee may be the odd man out in GB, he'd be a good pick up until Vernon Davis becomes a FA! Also, Mando, have you heard anything about Crayton or Huard?

Bobby Yanks not doing so good tonight. No sweep I guess.

Robnoxious the last 2 years he has had Eddie royal which is mighty fine young reciever

Despacio posted you are who you associate yourself with. I think that's true. On top of that Marshall seems to be aware that he needs to make some changes in his life.
It sounds to me like he's goimg above and beyond and has made all the right moves so far.
Most importantly, I know he will paly with a chip on his shoulder this year.
He will want to prove McDaniels and the Broncos wrong. He'll want to prove all the talking heads heads wrong. Ultimately he'll want to prove the 31 other teams that didn't sign him wrong.

I don't know if everyone here is as convinced about Henne as I am. One thing I do know for sure is that he's a lot better than Orton.

Henne to Marshall will add up to a Pro Bowl year for at least one of them.

@ Odinseyes, I agree! It's going to be fun having more than just our RB's to have some fantasy football relevancy. I look for Brown or Williams to be a pro bowler too because now they won't face so many teams stacking the box, so they are bound to get more yardage. Also to have a WR that will put up some YAC, we are offensively looking great with options; and it's been a while since we've had options on O hense the creation of the Wildcat! Not certain on D though, but should be better and more aggresive than last year.

Id love to see Vernon Davis in a fins uniform. Imagine the nightmares for defenses game planning against Marshall and Davis! Also in short yardage situations we already know Davis can run the Wildcat, I bet Marshall can as well. Im excited about this year. We are going to physically dominate most teams which is something I have NEVER seen from a Dolphins team before since I missed the 70s teams.

I agree the defense is a question mark this year.
However, realistically speaking this years Offense could have carried last years defense into the Playoffs.
As much as I like and want a tough dominating Defense, I think just being average will be good enough for this offense.
I know it's not easy to completely rebuild a team in just two seasons and three off-seasons. Still, I think the Trifecta has done a great job with the offense and hopefully the Defeense won't be to far behind. I'm proud to be a Dolphin Fan again.

All these people saying that Hartline can fill the role burner are smoking some good shhh. Hartline is another possesion receiver. I thought when we got Marshall that finally Ted Ginn would get a chance to just play without the spotlight. Imagine how many times defenses would lose him concentrating on Marshall. Could've been nice but maybe he just needed a new start. Regardless, Hartline is no burner.


Don't get your feelings all hurt. You used the "N" word to make an analogy. It has no place in this blog and i took offense to it and called you on it. Period.

As far as football goes i'm not gonna insult you. and I don't hate you. If you make a good football point tommrow i will be patting you on the back. If you say something dumb, football or otherwise I will call you on it. Feel free to do the same to me. I will either defend my postion or I may be persuaded to agree with you. Thats called maturity.

Don't be so thin skinned.


I agree. We have come a long way since 1-15. and with the re-signing of pennington we have just payed for our insurance policy. The "fecta" has done an outstanding job and I feel like we may be the sleepers of this football season


You must have drank from the spring of football knowledge tonight because you are dead on @11:04pm.
I believe Henne is the best quarterback we have had since well.....Dan Marino. I know its early and I am not saying he is the next Dan Marino, I'm just saying he has the intangibles that you like to see in a QB. Plus he has that fire in his eyes.


Your right, nobody gives us a shot. They keep talking bout the jets this and the jets that. Don't seem to rember the jets were a 9-7 football team. 9-7. They will be 6-10 at best next year. It doesn't matter what washed up former NFL great they sign. I heard they have been talking with Jim Brown

Good Point Kris...

Now if you can find a way to convey that concept to 'NJ PHIN FAN',
'Rob in OC', and 2 or 3 other clueless maniacs then the rest of us might all be a lot better for it.


Seems like Hartline is becomming a fan fav on here. Maybe you can do a piece on him in the near future.

Armando doing an 'in depth' interview with a Player...

That would be SO COOL !
(if only the Dolphins would give permission.)

Joe TDT,

Its my hope that we can get this thing cleaned up. We need Armondo and the HERALD to do their part with more secure names and better monitoring, but if we call theses guys on BS then we can make this blog better


Sorry for the mis-spelling

I'm out.


I've been following Donald Lee for a couple of seasons cause he's ended up in my fantasy team bench due to poor TE drafting. The guy is not
a "field stretcher", which is what we need. My uneducated guess is that he would be no better than Fasano.


Thanks for the compliment.

I watched Henne almost every week from his first game at Michigan until now.

He's the real deal. He 's got all the physical tools and maybe more importantly the psychological make up. The guy has all the confidence in the world, tough as nails and he's truly unshakeable.

I think he's been limited by his recievers here(until now) and by playing on run oriented teams throughout his career.

Deep down inside, he'a Gunslinger at heart. This all adds up very well when you throw Marshall into the equation.

Kris where i come from (right or wrong) n!gg@ is used between friends. The other word gets you shot. I was making a sarcastic point that you didnt get. I dont apologize to you. Get over it.

I may be in the minority but I am not yet fully convinced Chad Henne is the real deal. I was at the Bucs preseason game last year, and watched Henne throw an INT right to the LB in front of him. Ironically, his INT against TB in the regular season at the end of the game was equally as bad. He seemed shaky at times, seemed to lock into his first read. Struggles with touch, also struggled with the deep ball at times. Many passes, even completed ones, were too high.

That being said, after the INT against TB, his worst throw of the season, IMO, he didn't fold the way some 7 year vets would, let alone a guy one of his first starts. He calmly led them down for the game winning FG. He was lights out in the first game against the Jets. The 3rd down throw on the sprint out at the end was money. 17 straight completions against JAX. Completed 60% of his passes with a below average set of weapons at his disposal, with many dropped passes. Just to name a few of the great things he did.

Most of the negatives i named were things young QBs have to go through, we will call them growing pains. Or mechanical issues thst are easily corrected. As he becomes more confident in how he sees what the defense is trying to do to him, that helps with that a lot as well.

So he has all the physical tools, now has most everything a young QB can ask for, in a dominant OLine, 2 stud RBs, a legit #1 WR, and great complimentary wideouts as well. If I was a betting man, I'd bet that he makes that big step this year and solidifies himself as a top 15 QB in this league. I just caution that it is not the given that most of us assume that it is.

As for our receivers. Brian Hartline impresses me. He is not blazing but hes faster than Bess and fast enough to not get caught from behind. He has a knack for the big play and is not scared to mix it up. I like the kid opposite Marshall. Camarillo is out most steady receiver which is good but not a great compliment. He does everything correct and seems very professional but he doesnt jump out in any special way. Bess, always liked him except he is strickly a slot possesion guy. Great hands but hes not outrunning anyone and he always dives for the ball as opposed to a Welker who always catches the ball in stride for some YAC. Last, The Beast, this guy dominates people. Nothing else to add. Going to be a great year.

Henne had a good completion percentage last year. He ranked 16th overall at 60.5%. This doesn't tell the whole story. His accuracy must get better this year. Most of his passes were completed between 1-10 yrds. (98-149 66%) This si a good percentage, but at this distance, the passes need to be in areas where the recievers can catch the ball, and gain yards after the catch. To many balls high, wide or low. This is a difficult skill, I'm sure Henne has worked hard to improve in this area, having a year to get comfy with the recievers should help. On passes from 11-20 yards Henne was 46-87(54%) not bad. On distances where teams "stretch the field" 21-30,31-40, and 41-50 Henne was 3-23 (13%) 0-6(0%) and 1-4(25%) not great. This is where my point of having a speedster to strech the field is overated. This offense is based on getting rid of the ball, shorter passes , screens and of course pounding the rock. If Henne can improve a little on his accuracy, he has ashot to be a top tier QB.


You Sir, are a jet fan! Ha, take that!

OK just kidding :) I agree with your assessment completely. I didn't say he was there yet. I just said he's real deal. He's going to be there soon and I would guarantee it, if my guarantee was worth anything.

Henne will thrive in this offense. It's been tailor made by the Trifecta to suit his strengths.

I didn't say he was the second coming(yet!), but I will say(again) he's the real deal!


Great post. One play we have not used enough is the bubble screen, and I have a feeling it will be a staple of our offense. Davone Bess and Brian Hartline both offers good open field ability. Anyone who has seen Brandon Marshall knows how great he is after the catch, and he is one of the best guys on bubble screens. He will catch at least 3 TDs in bubble screens (mostly caught in goal-to go situations) and where we will be really good with these plays is Marshall's ability as a blocker. Henne must improve his ability to complete the longer throws. Also, one of Ricky's most underrated areas is his ability on screens, and Ronnie isn't too shabby either.

Debating buying the Fins vs Colts and Fins vs Saints highlights from itunes. Two of the most memorable games of any NFL game the entire 2009 NFL season. Only 2 or 3 bucks to buy but i dont buy the games we lose lol. Too painful! Maybe ill buy them and only watch the first half!

Only 2 or 3 bucks to buy but i dont buy the games we lose lol. Too painful! Maybe ill buy them and only watch the first half!

Posted by: THUNDERBOLT | May 10, 2010 at 12:59 AM

Spoken like a TRUE DOLPHIN FAN.


Lol of all the hurtful names you could call me, you called me the WORST? Wow. Lol thanks man. my post wasn't directed at you, though it stemmed from reading your post. I saw throws last year that veryfew guys can make, and Henne showed me a ton. One thing you need to remember is defenses are unbelievably sophisticated, defensive coordinators know his strengths and weaknesses, and will go to work from there. He now has gametape that can be broken down and dissected. But, he has everything necessary to succeed. Great supporting cast. Pennington there to also help with things. Great coaching, Dan Henning and David Lee are both great minds and innovative. If Henne has the goods, he will have a monster season, and establish himself as an upper tier QB. And while I'm like you that i'm not ready to anoint him just yet, I would bet he does so.

Thunderbolt, I bought the Saints game a while back, but the thing that was lacking in that game was Wildcat. The Colts game we DOMINATED, and I would think would be more fun to watch. Plus Gruden gushes about the wildcat, basically telling Jaws to go to hell lol. I'd get the Colts game if I was you.

Hey Odin the Chicago blogs are saying Bears might want Smiley "if" he gets released. They are also posting links to Armandos blog "The Sad Tale of Justin Smiley". I think any chance of getting something for Smiley is out the window. I hope Ireland has something up his sleeve.

Thanks Bootang25. Im one of the few that enjoys power running. The shellshocked look of the Colts Defense was priceless.

When's the 2010 dolphins app come out. Gotta be soon since this one is currently free

Thunderbolt- did you read any of the posts from earlier today? There was the discussion about possible trades with Chi-Town, and the Phins involving Smiley, and Greg Olsen. A player who is definitley on the outs. Daniel Manning could be another possibility, We are set at SS, but he could contribute as a kick return guy. What do you think?

Darryl i read the post about Olsen. That would be a steal for us. I think the Bears would want more than Smiley. Apparently Smiley has a contract clause that states if he gets injured working out he collects 2.9 million. I assume the trifecta thinks he is that fragile enough to get hurt lifting weights. If thats true then anything for Smiley is a good thing.


I would think that if Jeff Ireland is our GM for the next 10 years, we may have just witnessed the single and only big-name, blockbuster trade we make in getting Brandon Marshall. When we make trades, it is typically for depth purposes, and at great value for us. In essence, we moved Lorenzo Booker for Fasano and Ayodele. Got Tony McDaniel for a 7th, added Tim Dobbins in a move down. I don't see any big name trades in the near future, and wouldn't be surprised if we didn't at all. We treat draft picks like Gold, and trades usually involve trading draft picks.

Hef33 Armando hasnt memtioned it.

I also read Colts like Smiley "if" he gets released. Colts signed fins discard OL Andy Alleman so Smiley is an upgrade over Alleman if the shoulder holds up.

Bootang25- These Smiley scenarios, were born from a story in the Chicago Sun Times(Bears interested in Smiley)I through out the idea that instead of a possible release, what do the Bears have that we could use(purely hypothetical) Olsen is a very good pass catching tight end, but a poor blocker. As evident by the draft, the trifecta likes players that are flexible, multi taskers if you will. So that probably eliminates Olsen. I think a good pass catching tight end will do wonders for Henne, and his future development. As for Manning, he is amulti use player, and a very good return guy. These were the two Bears that I thought if and this is a big if that could be helpful here in a phin jersey.

Darryl, Danieal Manning would be the kind of guy we trade for. Not the biggest name, a guy that wouldn't cost a high draft pick, and offers us a number of roles. Greg Olsen, being a 1st round pick, still in his first contract, would require a high draft pick. While I was completely wrong in thinking we would not do that for Brandon Marshall, I don't see us looking at Olsen. I guess if Smiley was thrown in, maybe the price would go down. My only real legitimate complaint with the draft was I'd like to have seen a pass catching TE. However, with stability on the OLine, hopefully Fasano reverts to his 08 form. Also, Marshall does many of the things you want from a TE, and opens up a lot of the field. Fasano could surprise some people this year, myself included.

Vernon Davis will be a FA next March. He wants to play with Vontae. Just sayin.

Bootang25. I'm with you on two fronts. The day before the Marshall trade was leaked, I wrote on this blog " No way in hell will Marshall be a Dolphin" Shows what I know!! I was a suprised that Te's came off the board to teams not named Miami Dolphins. The classic thing was that the Te. we signed for rookie camp (Beaudin) is another blocker, not a pass catching specialist. I've seen him play every game in college, I was suprised the Phins gave him a go.


We covet guys that can block. I've said that the most underrated part of Brandon Marshall's game is his blocking ability. No matter who we added as a #1 WR, we weren't going to be moving away from being a power football team first and foremost. Marshall's blocking ability, and the aggression he runs with once he has the ball in his hands being similar to a power back, played more in us trading for him than his route running, or matchup problems for CBs. He isn't a 'diva' on the field, he plays the game exactly the way Parcells & Co want it to be played.

To the poster who asked about Jason Allen, it is my opinion that the only reason he is still wearing a Fins uniform is because he is a beast on special teams. They have little confidence in his ability to make the proper defensive adjustments in the secondary.

As far as Brandon Marshall, guys it is May. Let's see how he reacts in the face of adversity. Great player, but we need to see if he has truly learned from his past mistakes. Only time will tell.

Justin Smiley can't be worth anymore then maybe a 7th round pick, and my bet is he'll be released. Them holding him out of practices speaks volumes about their thoughts of him and his health.

Darryl, I love the fact that this team now treats draft picks like gold. How many years did we get burned trading picks for other peoples rejects? A.J. Feely..etc. You build a team through the draft and complement it with free agents and trades. Not the other way around. It is smart, very smart. It also allows you to miss on a few picks without crippling your team. (And obviously every team misses on picks)

As far as Henne, I am one who feels the jury is still out. I will be looking forward to seeing him in the pre-season to see if he has a better feel in the pocket. He had a tendency to throw off his back foot much too often and this more then anything else caused him accuracy issues. Secondly, he needs to soften his middle short range passes so the receivers can handle them. He has a rocket, but needs to learn when not to use it. You gotta love his potential and desire. It will be fun to see what progress he makes.

Armando,find out who is using Home's name before he has a heart attack! Thank you, Home aka Big Blackie!

I can't wait to see Marshall on one side and Hartline on the other. They can't double team both of them, but if they try its run Ricky run, or what can Brown do for us today?

Howdy! Nice article. It's good to see Marshall puttin' his best foot forward. Let's hope he does it on the field, as well! Number 15 belongs to Earl Morral, the greatest back up QB what ever played the game. Without him, thar might not have been a perfect season. They oughtsta retire that thar number, or at least give to someone what will make Earl proud. All the best, - Judd Jugmonger

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